Pykrete William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 2-9-18

A plan to build an aircraft carrier out of ice and sawdust was seriously considered during World War II. The substance — pykrete — is as strong as concrete and has a slow melting rate. It can be repaired with seawater.

Pykrete William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 2-9-18

Pykrete William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 2-9-18

Lunch With Joe Billie

Lunch With Joe Billie
Joe Billie

Lunch With Joe Billie — We just finished a lunch with Joe Billie, who may be the only declared Republican candidate seeking to to replace out-going  Pat Meehan in Pennsylvania’s 7th District.

Billie says a Chadds Ford man has also officially declared but we can’t find much about him.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled Jan. 22 that the congressional districts established in 2010 and used for three election cycles were unconstitutional and ordered them redrawn . Today (Feb. 9) is the deadline but as of this writing the new boundaries are unknown to us. Billie is a resident of Aston, however, and it is a pretty safe bet that Aston will be included.

Billie began his campaign months ago angered by Meehan’s attitude towards veterans — Meehan was the only Republican to vote against the VA Accountability Act of 2015 — and his  hypocritical disavowal of then candidate Trump two weeks before the 2016 election.

A veteran himself, Billie left classes at Delaware County Community College in 1990 to join the Navy when Operation Desert Shield began. He was assigned to the aircraft carrier USS America eventually rising to the rank of petty officer. He was involved in numerous actions in the Persian Gulf, Bosnia and Somalia.

Leaving the service in 1994,  Billie returned to college pursing a degree in criminal justice. He became active in the community re-joining the Folcroft Fire Co. where he grew up. He rose to the position of chief and also became the borough’s fire marshal. He became an assistant fire marshal in Aston after moving to that town.

Billie re-enlisted in the Naval Reserve after 9/11.

He works at the Kimberly Clark paper mill in Chester  and is a member of the United Steelworkers.

Billie is married to a (legal) immigrant from Portugal and has two children, one of whom will be starting  college in the fall.

He describes himself as a constitutional conservative and is right on just about everything. For details see his website.

He says he understands  teamwork and that working with Dems is key in the 7th District.

Lunch With Joe Billie

Governors Run Alone Notes Gale

Governors Run Alone Notes Gale
Joe Gale

Governors Run Alone Notes Gale — Montco Commissioner Joe Gale who is among those running for the GOP lieutenant governor nomination in the May 15 primary, has observed that that gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango may be on the verge of announcing a lieutenant governor “running mate.”

“If so, this would be the same mistake gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner made when choosing RINO Jeff Bartos to be his so-called “running mate,” Gale says.

Gale notes that there is no such thing as a joint ticket in the Republican primary for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. These are two separate and distinct races.

“Don’t be fooled by fake tickets between now and the May 15th primary election,” he said. “I am the only Lieutenant Governor candidate that can help the eventual Republican gubernatorial nominee defeat Democrat Tom Wolf in November when there truly is a Republican ticket chosen by the Republican voters of Pennsylvania.”

Governors Run Alone Notes Gale

Charlton Gets Primary Opponent

Charlton Gets Primary Opponent
Regina Scheerer

Charlton Gets Primary Opponent –Regina Scheerer has announced that she will be taking on incumbent State Rep. Alex Charlton of the 165th District in the Republican Primary.

Mrs. Scheerer is a retired middle school math teacher. She has lived in Springfield for 40 years and has 12 grandchildren.

Charlton’s vote against a bill that would limit abortions in Pennsylvania to 20 weeks — the present limit is 24 weeks — was the final straw for her albeit there was much leading up to it.

Here is her statement explaining why she is running:

Dear Neighbors and Friends in Springfield—I will be challenging our State Representative Alex Charlton in the upcoming May Primary on May 15.

First I must get my name on the ballot.

In order to do that, I need 300 valid signatures of registered Republican voters in Springfield, Marple and Radnor Townships, and Morton Boro, on petitions to be circulated starting next Tuesday, February 13 and ending on Wednesday, February 28.

Since signatures on petitions may be challenged, and therefore voided, we need 600 signatures altogether.

I need volunteers to go to registered Republican voters in their neighborhoods to collect these signatures.

I will give you a list of the Republican voters in your neighborhoods along with instructions.

An alternative to going door-to-door would be to host 20 – 30 registered Republican voters at your house for an hour, I would come to speak to them and then they would sign the petition.

A combination of both may work for you also.

Why am I doing this?

The main reason is that Alex Charlton ran and was elected as a pro-life Republican. (Pro-life is a platform of the Republican Party.)

He recently voted against a bill that would have limited abortions in PA to 20 weeks (5 months) gestation, which is more than half the time of a woman’s full term pregnancy.

It would not have taken away a woman’s right to an abortion, but it would have lowered the allowable time in PA from 24 weeks to 20 weeks.

16 other states have already adopted the 20 week limit.

The bill also would have banned the barbaric practice of dismemberment abortions.

A Delaware County Republican representative has never voted against a pro-life bill.

Alex Charlton’s pro-abortion vote is incompatible with the Republican Party and incompatible with those who respect Life.

Rest assured, I will not be a one-issue candidate. There are other issues directly affecting PA taxpayers; one, that is especially impacting Springfield School District taxpayers with the building of the new high school, is the required “prevailing wage”.

Charlton Gets Primary Opponent

Charlton Gets Primary Opponent


Deribasovskaya William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 2-9-18

Deribasovskaya William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 2-9-18

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