Stan Casacio Peace Offering To Gales

Stan Casacio Peace Offering — Just heard from the great and influential Stan Casacio, who is seeking to bring peace and unity to Montco after a bitter primary battle for county commissioner.

Stan says he would like to reach out to incumbent Joe Gale who remains angry at the county GOP for dirty deeds done nine days ago.

Gale, as per election-night tallies, was the top Republican vote-getter for the two seats on the Nov. 5 ballot. He ran as a ticket, however, with his brother Sean who finished third behind Fred Conner.

The county GOP claimed it would not make an endorsement but a “green ballot” with a strong resemblance to the official one was distributed at polling places with only Conner’s name. The ballot had been paid for by paid by “Citizens for Conner.”

The Gales think that’s what led to Conner’s victory over Sean.

Stan, who had nothing to do with the ballot and holds no official position with the county party other than committeeman, notes that politics are dirty.

“Jeff (Salvino) is upset because he didn’t think of it first,” Stan says regarding the Gales’ hard-nosed campaign manager.

The three-person board now controlled by Democrats Valerie A. Arkoosh and Kenneth E. Lawrence Jr. is mandated to have one member be of the minority party.

It is a fear that Gale and Conner factions will “bullet-vote” rather than work as a team and go for all the marbles.

“A certain part of the deal has to be trust,” says Stan.

Stan is running for county controller with the party endorsement.

Stan, like Joe, is a proven corruption fighter. Stan took on the Republican establishment at much aggravation and cost to himself when it wasn’t cool to do so. He was instrumental in starting Joe’s campaign four years ago.

Stan says he will back Joe for board chairman and even further, which will become a very real possibility as Joe will get much of the credit if the GOP flips the county.

The Democrat incumbents are beatable. Stan says rank and file members of that party are telling him they are very unhappy with Arkoosh and will not be voting for her, while Lawrence is being dogged by allegations of having committed rape. Yes, we believe Pauline.

Stan Casacio Peace Offering To Gales
Stan Casacio Peace Offering To Gales

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