Burying Bill Adolph, Not Praising Him

Burying Bill Adolph, Not Praising Him By Rocco Polidoro The political career of retiring State Representative William F. Adolph,165th District is a clear case of why Pennsylvania needs a State Constitutional amendment to install term limits and to lower the number of legislators. The 165th state house district covers parts of Morton, Springfield, Marple and … Continue reading “Burying Bill Adolph, Not Praising Him”

Bill Adolph Tribute

Bill Adolph Tribute –Bill Adolph has announced that he will not seek re-election which will mean that come 2017 the 165th District in the Pennsylvania State House will have a new face for the first time since 1989. The 165 District consists of all of Morton Borough, most of Springfield and Marple Townships and a … Continue reading “Bill Adolph Tribute”

Bill Adolph’s Campaign Donations

Does one wonder why the reforms that have taken place in Wisconsin and Indiana have not occurred in Pennsylvania despite the Republicans controlling all three branches of state government? Montco Tea Party activist Bob Guzzardi notes that Springfield’s own  Bill Adolph who has represented the 165th District since 1988 with such knob-polishing diligence that his … Continue reading “Bill Adolph’s Campaign Donations”

Bill Adolph Votes To Save His Pension

Bill Adolph and the rest of Delaware County’s contingent to the State House with the honorable exception of Steve Barrar (R-160) joined 165 “public servants” yesterday to vote to bail out the state’s public pension systems on the backs of the taxpayer. Thirty-one — all Republicans — voted against HB 2497. Commonwealth Foundation estimates the … Continue reading “Bill Adolph Votes To Save His Pension”

Adolph Says Vote Likely On Pa. NoBamaCare Bill

The man accused of bottling up a bill that would make much of Obamacare hard to enforce in Pennsylvania told the Delaware County Patriots, Thursday, May 19, that it will likely come up for a vote this year. State Rep. Bill Adolph (R-165), who chairs the House Appropriations Committee has been accused of sitting on … Continue reading “Adolph Says Vote Likely On Pa. NoBamaCare Bill”

Adolph Stays Strong On Budget

State Rep. Bill Adolph (R-165), Sept. 16, told the Springfield Republican Party that Gov. Tom Wolf has not budged on the state budget since March and he won’t either. The Pennsylvania Legislature passed a $30.179 billion budget on June 30 which was a 3.6 increase over the previous year. Wolf vetoed it as it did … Continue reading “Adolph Stays Strong On Budget”

Wolf Launches Stealth Attack Against Adolph

A flyer has been mailed to homes in Pennsylvania’s 165th Legislative District accusing its representative,  Bill Adolph, of all sorts of vile things like keeping $183,650 i.e. chump change from the Marple Newtown School District and keeping $268,807 from the Springfield School District. Yes it is chump change.  The Marple Newtown money would not  cover … Continue reading “Wolf Launches Stealth Attack Against Adolph”

Is Adolph In Tea Party’s Sights?

Tea Party activist Bob Guzzardi who helped give state Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi the grief he got this primary season has now turned his sights on Springfield’s own Bill Adolph  who represents the 165th District in the State House and chairs the House Appropriations Committee. “Routinely, Appropriations Committee Chair Republican Bill Adolph and the … Continue reading “Is Adolph In Tea Party’s Sights?”

No-To-Ocare Bill Before The PA. House

No-To-Ocare Bill Before The PA. House — A bill that would prevent significant parts of ObamaCare from being enforced in Pennsylvania has been laid on the table of the State House. The bill, HB 42,  was released from House Appropriations Committee on Oct. 26 fulfilling a pledge made by Appropriations Committee Chairman Bill Adolph (R-165) … Continue reading “No-To-Ocare Bill Before The PA. House”