A Southern Swing

I just went due south a thousand miles to meet the lovely and wonderful Skyler Jane Lawrence who is even prettier than her picture, and who I suspect will turn out to bet every bit a pretty as older sister Kyley.

The South is an amazing place of 70 mph speed limits and clean roads. People seem to smile more south of D.C. Things happen that may seem funny to Northerners. The employees at a spotless Microtel in Walterboro, S.C. have orders to keep the lobbyTV tuned to either Fox News or the Weather Channel. The owner of a gift store on Jekyll Island — the one next to the “Rah” Bar — asks a woman she just met to watch her shop while uses the restroom.

And a billboard on I-95 a mile or so north of the Florda border asks in large letters “Who Is John Galt?”

Dixie gives you hope for the nation.

One thought on “A Southern Swing”

  1. John Galt is a fictional character in Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged and is acknowledged to be a creator and inventor who symbolizes the power of the individual capitalist. He’s not a left-wing socialist.
    He’s the good guy.

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