AFP Explains Draining Pennsylvania Swamp Nov. 13

AFP Explains Draining Pennsylvania Swamp Nov. 13

By Kim Kennedy

We have in Pennsylvania a governor who has proved by his actions  that he is oblivious to the fact that raising taxes on a continual basis in Pennsylvania have netted disastrous results.  The Tax Foundation ranks Pa #26 out of 50 states when it comes to being a state that is competitive concerning individual taxes, business taxes, sales tax, business tax and unemployment tax.  Many of you are reading this saying, yes, I already know this to be true!

Draining the swamp, we have learned over the year, needs to happen on many levels and in many ways.  It is not just the job for the elected representative.  It is the work of citizens who care about this country and want to preserve liberty. 

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) will be presenting a policy update on Monday, Nov. 13 at Champs in King of Prussia from 6 – 7:30 p.m..  The event is free and food will be served.  Come out and be informed so you can communicate effectively with your elected officials and find qualified candidates to run for office.  

Meet the new Field Director for Southeastern Pennsylvania Chris Keeney. 
Note the correct address is 330 Goddard Blvd, King of Prussia, PA 19406.
AFP Explains Draining Pennsylvania Swamp Nov. 13

AFP Explains Draining Pennsylvania Swamp Nov. 13

4 thoughts on “AFP Explains Draining Pennsylvania Swamp Nov. 13”

  1. I have found that, the Republican Committee’s espouse term limits, but yet, back the same candidate’s time and time again! I’m running against Dan Moul who has done nothing in 12 yrs for his constinuets; most dont even know him. Moreover,after neing active in tbe party for years, the dept chair conveniently reminded me that I was an outsider. He’s ran unopposed for 6 terms! I see this with our Gubintorial race. The establishment is largely backing Wagner, a sitting state senator that has only passed 1 bill in 3 Yes! Paul Mango is by far the superior candidate. We, as Republicans need to practice what we preach!!@

    1. Mango is a mountebank. He backed Jeb Bush over Trump. Wagner backed Trump early and loud. Wagner ran against the Establishment as a write-in for State Senate and he won! Don’t get it twisted

      1. Twisted? Wagner wrote 1 bill in 3 yrs and didn’t even vote on that! Wagner is part of the problem, not the solution! Wait till you see them size by side in the debates, you’ll be dancing to a different tune…gauranteed!!!

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