America Finally Gets Left Which Is Why Left Lost

America Finally Gets Left Which Is Why Left Lost

By George Coyne

It’s been nine  months since the election and the Left seems to still not understand why they lost to Donald Trump (the lead deplorable). Actually only about half of the Left do not understand it. The rest do understand it, but can’t admit it, since that admission would contribute greatly to irreparable damage to their philosophy and agenda. So they have searched desperately for some excuse outside of the emptiness of their campaign, which pathetically promised more of the same approach of the last eight years.

First it was FBI Director Comey, who was forced to publicly disclose the criminal compromise of classified information by Clinton and her personal server, which was not under government supervision. Then it was the Russians “hacking” the election. The implication was that somehow the Russians interfered with the voting process. There has been no evidence provided that this occurred after six months and assuredly, if such evidence existed, it would have been broadcast by now. The latest reason recently provided by Clinton was misogyny.

The real reason that Clinton lost was that the American people finally began to understand the MO of the progressive Left and its relentless “progress” to socialism and the overwhelming power and control of the federal government at the expense of individual liberty. Look no further than the degree of support for avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, who may actually have gotten the Democrat nomination without the interference of the Clinton team. People began to understand the poison of “identity” politics that had been perfected under Obama, in which ethnic, racial and social groups were pitted against each other to gain government favor. Individual freedom and rights were being submerged in the process. Also look no further than the unconstrained power and growth of unelected bureaucratic (and politicized) agencies such as the IRS, EPA, DOE, CPA and SEC.

Significantly more citizens, within every artificial “identity group,” understood this long-term trend better today than they did eight years ago and realized that they again wanted to be proud of America and its values.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” — Lord Acton.

Mr. Coyne is a resident of Newtown, Pa.


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