Delco Pats Legislative Update

Regina Scheerer of the Delaware County Patriots has sent out this legislative bulletin:

Our US Senator Pat Toomey, along with Senator David Vitter of Louisiana, introduced legislation to create a Constitutional amendment that limits the terms of US Congressmen and Senators.
The limit would be 3 two-year terms for US Representatives and 2 six-year terms for US Senators.
If you support such legislation, please email our Senators Toomey and Casey, and our Representative Pat Meehan, to voice that support.
Senator Pat Toomey’s website, and then click “Contact”.
Representative Pat Meehan’s website, and click “Contact Me”.
Our Governor Tom Corbett will propose to the State Legislature that Pennsylvania end its running of liquor stores.
Pennsylvania is one of only 2 states that still run its own liquor stores and that is not a government function.
The money generated by the sale of the liquor stores and businesses, more that $1 billion, would go to block grants to local school districts, and the retraining and placement of any state store employees not taken on by the private sector.
The money to the school districts would make up for lack of money in recent Federal and State budgets.
The State Pension System could also use some of that money to relieve the taxpayers of the burden of funding the state pensions.
If you support such legislation, please email Governor Corbett, State Representative Bill Adolph, and State Senator Ted Erickson, to voice that support.
Governor Corbett’s Contact:
Representative Bill Adolph: and click “Contact”.
Senator Ted Erickson: and click “Contact Me”.

The Future Is The U.S?

“Foxconn City” the factory complex in Shenzhen, China famous for producing Apple products employs, by some estimates, up to 450,000 persons.

Apple is preparing to invest $100 million in a U.S. factory which will be primarily operated by robots.

No people means no health care cost and no unions, one observes.

Texas Teen Sues To Stop Forced Abortion

Reader Tom C has submitted this link about how a Texas 16-year-old is suing her parents to keep them from forcing her to have an abortion.

Hey kid, the debate was never about you or doing what is right. It was about convenience and more often than not for  someone other than you.

It’s great that you are fighting for your child’s life.

Just learn not to be stupid.

 Texas Teen Sues To Stop Forced Abortion

California Solves ObamaCare Doc Shortfall

A light has popped on in the head of California Democratic State Senator Ed Hernandez regarding Obamacare, and the long-predicted physician shortfall.

What good is it if they are going to have a health insurance card but no access to doctors?”he asks.

Wow. He’s like Sherlock Holmes or something. Hey Ed, welcome to the club.

Maybe we should be charitable. Better late than never and all that.

On the other hand, we do have to consider the solution Ed and his fellow Democrats are proposing.

They want to  allow nurse practitioners and physician assistants to set up independent practices and declare pharmacists to be  primary care providers.

OK Ed, I’ll type slow for you: What good is it if the people are going to have access to those untrained in curing their ills?

Democrats — a stupid party for stupid people (except for those at the very top who are laughing their way to soft lives).


By William W. Lawrence Sr

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Answer to yesterday’s puzzle: From your Valentine
Saint Valentine (The only quote that could be found from Saint Valentine, which was a note he signed to the daughter of his jailer shortly before he died)

Let’s Close The Cafeteria

The unexpected resignation of Pope Benedict XVI has brought forth the expected plethora of pundits expounding on exactly who should be named to replace the pontiff. This of course is not surprising. It’s analogous to what went on when Andy Reid was fired as the Eagles’ coach after a 14-year run.

Sports talk show hosts were inundated with names of once and future coaches that the fan base put forth, ad nauseam, on a daily basis. Underlying all the speculation was the certainty that the team’s ownership would name whomever it thought was the best available choice, fan approval notwithstanding.

No educated fan would dare to believe that an owner would actually poll his season ticket holders to see exactly who he should hire. Football fans—despite the widely-held rowdy stereotype—have enough sense to realize this. Not so, apparently, with many Roman Catholics, if any of the man-on-the-street interviews published in the Philadelphia Inquirer are an indication.

                Some of the remarks:
                “I think it’s time to name a pope from Latin America…they should name one of ours. They’ve only named Europeans until now.

                “If I had my way, an African should be the next pope. …we have a black president. So let’s just feel the impact of a black pope.”
                “I hope the next pope will be a little more liberal and consider allowing …women to become priests. …part of the reason the Church is losing its members (is because) they’re not listening to the people.”
Really? They’re not listening to the people? Real Catholics—those of us who have been thoroughly schooled in the faith—know from countless classes in religion, catechism, Bible history, and theology, that the pope is the vicar of Christ on Earth. He stands in the “shoes of the fisherman,” i.e. Simon-Peter, upon whom Christ established his Church.  {Matthew 16:18}.
Christ charged the Apostles with spreading his good news. He didn’t send them forth to gather opinions like a dozen survey-takers marching through a large mall, each with a clipboard in order to “listen to the people.”
Quite the opposite, if Scripture can be utilized as a guide:
                “Going therefore, teach ye all nations…teach them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. {Matthew 28:19-20}
                “If you love me, keep my commandments. {John 14:15}
Jesus of Nazareth laid down the rules very clearly. The pope, as his spiritual descendant should not—cannot—veer from those directions now, checking the latest fad in acceptable popular behavior, so he can deviate from Christ’s original intention for the sake of making the Church more “suitable” to today’s culture.
Jesus called them commandments, folks; not suggestions. And his Church has endured for 2,000 years, despite the immorality, criminality, and deviancy of some of its members. He did, after all, leave his Church in the hands of imperfect beings.
And that Church has had a line of successors to Simon-Peter that stretches through the centuries, past Constantine, Muhammad, Charlemagne, Marco Polo, Gutenberg, Columbus, Michelangelo, Luther, Calvin, Copernicus, Galileo, Bach, Jefferson, Lincoln, Marx, Einstein…

That line will continue with Benedict XVI’s successor. I hope and pray it’s a man who continues the policies of Jesus, and not someone who takes a popular referendum from his flock to see where they want him to take “their” church. I rather it be someone who steers Christ’s Church—the one he founded two millennia ago.

(Excerpted from Good Writer’s Block)

Anti-Communist Zombie Movie

Just when you think all hope is lost Verizon gives you free HBO and just when you start wondering whether they should be paying you to watch the garbage you come across a real and rare pearl: an anti-communist zombie movie. Anti-Communist Zombie Movie

Juan de Los Muertos or Juan of the Dead or John of the Dead, depending how far you want it anglicized, is set in Havana and mercilessly mocks Che and Castro’s paradise of grand but decayed buildings and ’50s technology.

Americans come off as good guys and competent, granted in a comic fashion, and the Cuban authorities not so much.

Not at all, really.

It was kind of interesting to watch people fight zombies without firearms being available. Some definite nods to Dead Island with the oars and bolo knives and hammers.

The end in which the hero takes on by himself the zombie hoards — who have the cannibalistic instincts of Obama voters along with their general IQ — with but his oar while his friends escape north in a raft made from a car is inspiring.

Anti-Communist Zombie Movie