Supreme Court Ruling On AZ Voting Was Win For Good Guys

J. Christian Adams, the former Justice Department civil rights attorney who has made a crusade of fighting abuses by the Obama Administration, is saying the Supreme Court ruling overturning Arizona’s requirement that proof of citizenship be presented when voting is actually a huge win for the good guys despite the hand-wringing occurring in some conservative circles.

Adams says that only a insignificant technical point was overturned while allowing Arizona to continue the citizenship mandate via other means.  He said the corrupters lost big and know it.

Read his explanation here.

Toomey Praises New Fed Judges

Toomey Praises New Fed Judges — The Senate, last week,  Nitza Quiñones Alejandro and Jeffrey Schmehl as U.S. District Judges for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, reports Sen. Pat Toomey.

President Obama nominated these two judges last November upon a joint recommendation from Toomey and Sen. Bob Casey.

“Since joining the Senate, I’ve worked closely with Sen. Casey to fill Pennsylvania’s judicial vacancies with qualified, experienced judges who have unquestioned honesty, ability and integrity,” Toomey said. “I believe both of these individuals meet this high standard.”

Toomey said that in her 21 years on the bench, Nitza Quiñones Alejandro has presided over many cases incorporating different facets of the law. In addition to her extensive experience in the courtroom, she has also remained active in her community through her work with schools and mentoring summer law interns.

“She is eminently qualified and a committed public servant. Moreover, I am proud that Judge Quiñones will be the first Latina judge to serve in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania,” Toomey said.

Toomey said that Jeffrey Schmehl’s colleagues appointed him president judge of the Berks County Court of Common Pleas in 2008, a sign of his fitness for the bench. He has also helped veterans in need of legal assistance by working to establish a veterans court in Berks County.  He has a passion for the law and will be a dedicated jurist.

“I also am pleased that Judge Schmehl will be sitting in the Reading federal courthouse which has long needed a new judge,” Toomey said.

Toomey Praises New Fed Judges

End Shuster Dynasty

End Shuster Dynasty — Bill Shuster, the king of pork and earmarks who is representing Pennsylvania’s naturally conservative 9th District  and is pushing for a disgraceful $1 trillion crony capitalist farm bill, is  facing a primary challenge from Art Halvorson.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Here is what activist Bob Guzzardi gently says about Congressman Shuster and related issues:

Are the voters of US9 fiscal common sense conservatives or will they try re elect Bill Shuster?

Bill Shuster’s district no longer includes Squishy Cumberland County home of “not a registered Democrat” Pat Vance with familial ties to uber hack Mike Long.

Bill Shuster’s district now includes Indiana County and part of over-the-top hack Rob Gleason’s Cambria county.

The Shuster dynasty has ruled from1972 when national debt was ZERO. It is now $16 trillion, in part, to Shuster supported earmarks and vast expansion of ” transportation ” spending.

One Family Rule is not a Limited Government value. Sam Smith disagrees

Will challengers to Mike Fleck and Dick Hess emerge?

One minor quibble, Bob. The national debt has reached $16.87 trillion.

End Shuster Dynasty
End Shuster Dynasty

Rand Paul Defense Of Life

Rand Paul Defense Of Life — Rand Paul (R-Ky), who may be the freshest breeze to blow through Washington since Reagan, has unveiled The Life At Conception Act (S 583) which  “declares that the right to life guaranteed by the Constitution is vested in each human being beginning at the moment of fertilization, cloning, or other moment at which an individual comes into being,” and  “prohibits construing this Act to require the prosecution of any woman for the death of her unborn child.”

Paul, who has a doctorate of medicine from Duke and spent two decades in private practice, is following the evidence to where it leads and deserves only praise.

It would be adequate to simply seek to return the debate to the states — which means continuing the fight to overturn the legally and logically dubious Roe v. Wade decision — and far more safer politically. It would also be politically safer to make a stand using the traditional standard as to the existence of life which is the pulse and starts for certain four weeks after conception.

Still, if you want to be absolutely certain that another’s life is not being taken, then conception would be the starting place that you would chose.

To show support for the Senator’s bill go here.

Hat tip Regina Scheerer.

Rand Paul Defense Of Life

Senate Gets State Budget 2013

Senate Gets State Budget 2013— Members of the House voted last week to send to the Senate a $28.3 billion budget proposal for the 2013-14 fiscal year, reports State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129). The plan does not increase taxes and focuses on education, public safety, health and human services, and the environment.

House Bill 1437 would do the following: Increase funding for basic education by $100 million; allocate funding for more than 300 new state troopers; add $7.2 million to the Department of Health to restore funding for health disease line items such as diabetes programs, epilepsy support, ALS support services and bio-technology research; and allocate $4 million in funding for county conservation districts.

Lawmakers have until June 30 to adopt a final budget. For the latest budget updates, visit

Senate Gets State Budget 2013

Victims Voice Bill On Governor’s Desk

Victims Voice Bill On Governor’s Desk — A bill to give crime victims a voice during the parole process of an inmate is now on the governor’s desk, reports State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129).

House Bill 492 would change the Crime Victims’ Act to allow a victim or victim representative to appear personally before the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole and provide testimony in connection with an inmate’s application for parole. The bill would make it clear that the decision of victims or their representatives to appear and be heard by the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole is up to them, not the board. Additionally, the bill would allow victims or their representatives to appear by any electronic means made available by the board, such as video conference, if they elect to do so.

If signed by the governor, the law would take effect Sept. 1.

Victims Voice Bill On Governor’s Desk