Race Relations Worse Than Ever In USA

OK, let’s get it out of the way. I wholeheartedly agree with the outcome in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman fiasco. So to those who felt entitled to a “guilty” verdict, I am undoubtedly insensitive, heartless and uncaring. Oh, I almost forgot the most important, albeit vastly overused labels: Racist and bigoted.

Spitballs off a battleship.

The real tragedy that has been lost in all the white noise surrounding the verdict is the true victim: Race relations in America, as our goal of a color-blind society now stands at its lowest point in modern American history.

Never mind that the jury did the only rational thing — find Zimmerman not guilty — and that in doing so actually followed that ever-eroding thing called the law (read the manslaughter statute — Zimmerman may have used poor judgment, but he clearly did not intentionally commit an act that caused the death of Trayvon).

It’s an indisputable fact that had this been black-on-black or white-on-white, there never would have even been a trial. And equally true, a national media starved for ratings, and advocacy groups desperately trying to affirm a relevance they never had, created this entire debacle on the false premise that it was all about “race.”

Because some Trayvon supporters thought they were entitled to a guilty verdict, regardless of facts or legal statute, anything less was a travesty of justice, racist, and a tacit endorsement for rioting and death threats against Zimmerman.

Welcome to an America that revels in its path of racial regression.

There is no better illustration of how badly we botch race relations than the differences in the Paula Deen and Trayvon Martin cases.

On the one hand, we demonize Paula Deen for words she was honest enough to admit using years ago, mainly in the context of jokes. It’s bad enough Americans have lost their sense of humor in favor of getting offended by absolutely everything, but honestly, who among us — of all colors — hasn’t used or laughed at “racial” words in jokes (including black comedians who openly use the “N” word). Does doing so make one a bigot? Of course not. Is Paula Deen by extension a racist? Based on everything we know about her, no. While some of what she said clearly isn’t defensible, the piling-on reaction of talking heads and gutless companies who know nothing of loyalty and forgiveness was disgraceful.

There is a very simple reason we took down Paula Deen in the name of “race relations.” Because it was easy. That’s it. No hard work or effort was required to put her on a dartboard and destroy such an easy target. Those who did so chalked up a “win” in their personal agenda column, lying to themselves and the public that it was done in the name of improving race relations. In reality, such actions set the whole debate backwards.

And yet, we barely mention that virtually every big- city mayor and police chief nationwide felt it necessary to urge calm, pleading with Trayvon supporters not to riot and incite bloodshed in the event of a “not guilty” verdict. All for a case, by the way, where most people, both white and black, didn’t have the foggiest idea of Florida law and how it, and nothing else, dictated the outcome.

The inconsistencies are mindboggling, but not surprising.

Race relations had a rocky road in this country, but as we look back, it was clearly a right-versus-wrong struggle, a fight where the oppressed eventually triumphed. Through their perseverance, and the support of millions of fair-minded whites, blacks ultimately achieved legal equality — a monumental feat realized more quickly than even the most optimistic could have hoped.

And yet now, by our own choosing, the pendulum has swung back. We are separate once more. And our nation is divided again — ironically, after it had come such a long way to heal the wounds of the past.

Unconscionably, too many on all sides accept that situation, and even embrace it.

In all the recent media coverage, was there any mention of the thousands of blacks killed each year in urban war zones, primarily by other blacks? Or of the staggeringly high percentage that die, or will go to prison, or be on parole or probation, while still so young? Was there a conversation about what could be done to reverse that trend?

Was there any serious debate about why our American cities are in such a tragic state, where murder, violence, drugs, homelessness, poverty, crushing taxes and horrendous education kill all hope and create a bitter divide between the haves and the have-nots? And about how, despite all the billions spent and feel-good reforms, things are only getting worse? Were the roots of these problems discussed? Any viable solutions offered?

Was there any leader willing to look at the big picture, unafraid to incur the wrath of the loudmouthed, name-calling brigades, to point out that Black Caucuses and Black Parents’ Weekends at colleges do not celebrate diversity and culture, but serve only to drive a sharp wedge between people — people who should, at this point in our history, view themselves as just “Americans” — with no hyphens?

None to all. But as long as we rally around “race cases” that serve no meaningful purpose in advancing race relations, that’s all that matters.

Too many of all colors look the other way when race is injected, fearful of being labeled if an opinion is expressed. And for good reason, as Bill Cosby knows all too well. After a speech several years ago in which he expressed blunt opinions, though with noble intent, about improving the state of young blacks, he was vilified by black leaders and called an “Uncle Tom.” Blowhards got their airtime, and the status quo remained intact.

That’s not a solution. That’s a tragedy.

Things won’t change until our leaders, the media, and most of all, ourselves, demand it. But since we keep being treated to pictures of Trayvon as a boy instead of a man, and racist phrases such as Zimmerman being a “white Hispanic” (what does that even mean?), don’t expect progress anytime soon.

So long as America chooses to look through the black and white prism while ignoring the one that eliminates color, race relations and tension among fellow countrymen will continue to erode, erasing so much of what courageous leaders of the past, both black and white, achieved.

The only colors Martin Luther King, Jr. saw were red, white and blue. It’s truly pathetic that nearly half a century later, we now have made race relations brown. And that doesn’t refer to skin color.

Race Relations Worse Than Ever In USA

Race Relations Worse Than Ever In USA

Dial 112 (Not)

Dial 112 


As seen on Facebook:

WARNING: Some knew about the red light on cars, but not Dialing 112.
An UNMARKED police
car pulled up behind her and put his lights on. Lauren’s parents have
always told her to never pull over for an unmarked car on the side of
the road, but rather to wait until they get to a gas station, etc.

Lauren had actually listened to her parents advice, and promptly
called, 112 on her cell phone to tell the police dispatcher that she
would not pull over right away. She proceeded to tell the dispatcher
that there was an unmarked police car with a flashing red light on his
rooftop behind her. The dispatcher checked to see if there were police
cars where she was and there weren’t, and he told her to keep driving,
remain calm and that he had back up already on the way.

minutes later 4 cop cars surrounded her and the unmarked car behind her.
One policeman went to her side and the others surrounded the car
behind. They pulled the guy from the car and tackled him to the ground.
The man was a convicted rapist and wanted for other crimes.
I never knew about the 112 Cell Phone feature. I tried it on my AT&T phone & it said, “Dialing Emergency Number.”
Especially for a woman alone in a car, you should not pull over for an
unmarked car. Apparently police have to respect your right to keep going
on to a safe place.

*Speaking to a service representative at
Bell Mobility confirmed that 112 was a direct link to State trooper
info. So, now it’s your turn to let your friends know about “Dialing,

You may want to send this to every Man, Woman & Youngster you know; it may well save a life.

This applies to ALL 50 states

And now that everybody has read this, nobody do it — unless you happen to be in Syria, Rwanda or the European Union where it is the equivalent to 911.

Sheriff departments throughout the nation are asking that the above post circulating throughout the web be disregarded. While the number is an emergency number — in other words, please don’t test it — dialing it merely converts the call to 911 and delays a response.

And it doesn’t work on on all devices, so when in America or Canada stick to 911.

Dial 112 (Not)

Dial 112 (Not)

Toomey Pushes Regulators On NEPA Gas Production

Toomey Pushes Regulators On NEPA Gas Production — Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa) has requested that the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC)  finalize natural gas development standards

“The DRBC, a federal-interstate compact created in 1961 to regulate water usage along the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware, has failed to establish regulations to allow for water to be used for natural gas development,” Toomey said. “This procrastination has become a de facto moratorium on natural gas production and related economic activities in northeastern Pennsylvania at a time when unemployment in the area is still well above the national average.

He notes that the moratorium is “particularly confusing” because a similar federal-interstate compact with the Susquehanna River Basin Commission issued regulations allowing for natural gas production in 2008.

Toomey Pushes Regulators On NEPA Gas Production

George Zimmerman Question Of The Day

George Zimmerman Question Of The Day — If Trayvon Martin was beating George Zimmerman because he was gay, would those who get their news from MSNBC, Comedy Central and the Philadelphia Inquirer still call Zimmerman a murderer?

George Zimmerman Question Of The Day

Hiring Ex-Cops Gives Leg-up For School Grants

Hiring Ex-Cops Gives Leg-up For School Grants — The Pennsylvania General Assembly recently approved an amendment expanding targeted grants for school safety that will give school districts priority funding if they hire retired law enforcement officers, says State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129)

School districts and municipalities that apply for grants with the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) for school police and resource officers will receive priority funding if they use personnel who have completed specialized training dealing with interaction with children and adolescents in an educational setting. The overall legislation uses the Office of Safe Schools within PDE to include programs that target school violence through emergency preparedness and all-hazard plans, drills and related activities with emergency responders.

In addition to approving this measure, the House Select Committee on School Safety and Security will hold its fourth and final hearing in Harrisburg next week to conclude its examination of best practices and recommendations to keep students, faculty, employees and others safe while balancing a quality environment for learning. A final report is due Sept. 30.

Hiring Ex-Cops Gives Leg-up For School Grants