Common Core Makes Your Child But A Number

The children of Pennsylvania have been assigned unique, irremovable numbers that will track them from pre-k through college and career, activist and educational expert Dr. Peg Luksik told a packed house at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Newtown Square.

The assigning was part of a Common Core plan adopted by the state Board of Education in July 2010. Every teacher has also been assigned a number she said.

“They can track down who’s doing and who’s not. There are repercussions for those that don’t,” she said.

Common Core is the attempt to impose a national education standard, usurping state authority and local control. Mrs. Luksik said that despite insistent claims to the contrary by its proponents it is a federal mandate — she noted the distribution of federal money is tied to its approval — and mandates a curriculum in the fields of English, math, biology, history and civics.

She said the mandates will include teaching population control ethics and unquestioning acceptance of man-made global warming.

“If you could pull your child out of public school, do it now,” she said. “If you are a teacher stay as long as you can in the system and fight it out.”

But she pointedly noted that those in private schools and charter schools and even homeschoolers will be eventually ensnared as well, since the GEDs required by the homeschooled
will be be based on Common Core as will school accreditation and teacher

She mocked how the new policy was being marketed noting the way its proponents used the word rigorous.

“When you use rigorous over and over again, it’s not accidental.”

She said the program was pushed by corporate titans such as Bill Gates and was designed to create workers rather than thinkers.

She said, however, this rather Orwellian concept can be defeated with a simple resolution passed by the state legislature, and hearings by skeptical committees have already started.

Mrs. Luksik’s talk was sponsored by the Delaware County Patriots. Joanne Yurchak of the group began the night describing how she attended one of those state committee hearings. She said that the Democrats seemed even more hostile to the plan than the conservative Republicans.


Common Core Makes Your Child But A Number

Common Core Makes Your Child But A Number

Primary Election Day 2013

Tomorrow, May 21, is primary election day in Pennsylvania and as this is an odd-numbered year just about everything on the ballot will involve local or county races.

Remember, cross-filing is allowed for school board and judicial races so unless you are following things closely you’re probably best off following the sample ballot distributed by party workers in those races or you will wind up with someone whose philosophy is vehemently different than your own on your party’s ballot in November.

In the other races, where cross-filing is not allowed, if you are happy with what your party has been doing, well, follow the sample ballot. If not, though, maybe not.

The Springfield Patch has a summation for local and country races here:

In November, retention elections will be held for State Supreme Court
judges Ronald Castille, a Republican from Philadelphia, and Max Baer, a
Democrat from Allegheny County. Expect to see some noise made about that over the summer.

Spy Who Sketched Me

Spy Who Sketched Me — Photographer Celeste Giuliano, who specializes in pin ups, will be joining sketch artist Dr. Sketchy’s Philly for an exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, 7 p.m., June 19 entitled “The Spy Who Sketched Me.”

It’s a “pay as you wish” event.


Spy Who Sketched Me

Pa Senate Plotting Huge Tax, Fee Hikes

State Rep.Daryl Metcalfe, one of the good guys, has just reported that the Pennsylvania Senate — which is controlled by Republicans if you are not aware —   is considering a transportation funding proposal that will increase the financial burden being carried by Pennsylvania’s citizens by $2.5 billion through tax and fee increases.

“The Governor is proposing to increase our financial burden by $1.5 billion,” he noted. “Government collects enough money from us already, reprioritizing expenditures is the answer to our transportation funding problem. I oppose the tax and fee increases being proposed. If you agree, then like and share this post. Contact your state legislators and the Governor to say no more tax and fee hikes!”

Pa Senate Plotting Huge Tax, Fee Hikes

Online Impersonation Bill Passes Pa. House

Online Impersonation Bill Passes Pa. House — The Pennsylvania House, last week, sent to the Senate a measure to help prevent individuals from creating fake profiles online with the intent to maliciously harm another person, reports State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129).

House Bill 764 would make it a crime to use the name or identifying information of another person to create a web page; post messages or open an account/profile on a social networking site; send an email or text; or open an email account while engaging in any of the following underlying offenses: harassment, terroristic threats, stalking, and witness or victim intimidation or retaliation.

The offense would be graded as a second-degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to two years in prison and/or a fine of up to $5,000, or as one grade higher than the underlying offense, whichever is greater. In addition, the bill would allow a court to award actual civil damages (such as loss of money, reputation or property) or $500, whichever is greater, as well as attorney fees, court costs and restitution.

Online Impersonation Bill Passes Pa. House

4th Of July Kielbasa Sale

Orders are being taken for Saint Peter and Paul’s Catholic Church’s “Super 4th of July/Summer Barbeque Kielbasa Ring Sale.

The sausage will come from one of the area’s well-known kielbasa makers. Kielbasa is great for grilling.

The price is $11 per ring.   To place your kielbasa orders, please email us at or call Kathy at (610) 328-4731 by Monday, June 24th.  Pickup will be at noon on Sunday, June 30, at the Church, 100 S. Penn St. in Clifton Heights, Pa., 19018.

Toomey Vice Chair On Steel Caucus

Toomey Vice Chair On Steel Caucus — Sen. Pat Toomey has been named vice-chair of the bipartisan Senate Steel Caucus, a coalition of senators dedicated to promoting American manufacturing and the steel industry. It will serve as a forum for policy discussions regarding issues that affect America’s steel industry.

Toomey Vice Chair On Steel Caucus


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