Prevailing Wage Reform Hearings Continue

Prevailing Wage Reform Hearings Continue — The Pennsylvania House Labor and Industry Committee met in Johnstown last week to conduct the third in a series of hearings to discuss updates to Pennsylvania’s outdated Prevailing Wage Act, reports State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129)

The law with its origins in racism cost Pennsylvania taxpayers $1 billion per year according to Commonwealth Foundation. Get rid of this and we can stop talking about 20 cents per gallon gas tax hikes.

Testifiers at last week’s hearings ncluded township managers, supervisors, a county commissioner, a city manager and union officials. Pennsylvania’s Prevailing Wage Act requires municipalities and school districts to pay the “prevailing minimum wage” to those individuals working on public construction projects without specifying how the wage is determined, often resulting in inflated public project costs for municipalities. The act has not been updated since 1963.

An additional hearing on the issue is scheduled for Lycoming County on Sept. 26.

Will Iran’s Charm Offensive Fool Obama?

By Keith Phucas

The real moment of truth for the Obama administration may come next week when Iranian President Hassan Rouhani flies to the U.S. in hopes of cutting a favorable deal on Iran’s nuclear program.

Will the U.S. continue to support punitive measures against Iran for its nuclear development or soften its position?

Numerous economic sanctions have been imposed on Iran since 2006 for continuing with its nuclear development and not allowing inspectors to verify all of the country’s nuclear activities. The regime insists its program is strictly for its energy needs.

The sanctions, imposed by United Nations Security Council resolutions, have significantly cut Iran’s oil exports and isolated the country from international banking systems, and the country is seeking relief from the crippling measures.

Yet, Iran continues enriching uranium in “clear contravention” of U.N. resolutions, according to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director-General Yukiyo Amano. And, if the regime is able eventually to produce highly-enriched uranium, that fissile material would be ideal for nuclear warheads.

Given Tehran’s hostility toward Israel and Iran’s insistence on forging ahead with its nuclear plans, Israel signaled several years back that it might attack Iran’s nuclear sites.

Recently it was revealed Rouhani and President Obama have exchanged letters that the new Iranian leader described as “positive and constructive.”

The U.N. Security Council meets next week. And after witnessing the U.S. president’s Syria Shuffle — first threatening to attack Syria for using chemical weapons, then backing down — the Iranian leadership sensed a fresh opportunity to negotiate with the U.S. over Iran’s nuclear program and launched a so-called “charm offensive.”

Read more about Iran’s Charm Offensive at Keith Phucas’ Delco Conservative

State House Reopens

Members of the Pennsylvania House return to the Capitol, today, Sept. 23, for fall session, says State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129).

Several important issues will be on the agenda, including pro-jobs measures and pension reform. In addition, lawmakers will continue to work to identify funding for much-needed repairs to the state’s transportation infrastructure, while also working to ensure any plan does not substantially increase the burden for taxpayers.

Autumn 2013 Starts Now

Autumn 2013 Starts Now

It is 4:44 p.m. EDT, Sept. 22  according to our post scheduler and, just as it was back on March 20, the tilt of the Earth’s axis is neither away from or towards the Sun.

In other words, autumn has begun.

“Autumn” comes from the Old French word automne which comes from the Latin word autumnus which possibly comes a Etruscan word.

Before autumn came into popular use in the 16th century to describe the season– as did the word fall  as in falling leaves — the English called it Harvest.

When fall was a popular term, immigration to America was picking up and that word was brought to this side of the Atlantic. It became the more common name for this time of year remains so. The term is now obsolete in Britain, however.

The Brits, by the way, consider autumn to be from August to October whereas we consider it from September to November — or December for those of us who are technical minded.

Autumn 2013 Starts Now

M.I.T Prof Calls Global Warming Religion

Today’s link is from The Daily Caller and features Dr. Richard Lindzen, who is an atmospherics physicist and the Alford P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, calling global warming a religion — and a destructive one at that.

“Global Warming has become a religion,” wrote Lindzen, in the fall 2013  issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. “A surprisinglylarge number of people seem to have concluded that all that gives meaning to their lives is the belief that they are saving the planet by paying attention to their carbon footprint.”

Lindzen also says “Global climate alarmism has been costly to society, and it has the potential to be vastly more costly. It has also been damaging to science, as scientists adjust both data and even theory to accommodate politically correct positions,”

Visit for another story on M.I.T. Prof Calls Global Warming Religion

Ex-ACORN Director Is County Council Candidate

The Delaware County (Pa.) Democrats have picked Chester City’s former director of ACORN  as one of its candidates for County Council, and the GOP is shouting it loud and proud, albeit the woman in question not necessarily so. Ex-ACORN Director Is County Council Candidate

It was most recently noted at tonight’s, Sept. 18, meeting of the Springfield Republicans by party Chairman Mike Puppio

Patricia Worrell has not been referring to that bit of her life in either her campaign literature or public statements. She has also not been boasting about her job with Action United, which succeeded ACORN after it was implicated in shameless vote fraud.

Chester, it should be noted, was one of the places where ACORN was caught tilting the scales.

Ms. Worrell is running — here’s  a bit of irony — with Bill Clinton, albeit this one is an Upper Providence Councilman and has never been accused of raping anyone in an Arkansas hotel, albeit he has been a strong supporter of tax hikes in his township, according to Puppio.

Their opponents are incumbents Mario Civera Jr. and David J. White, who are basing their campaign on their record of saving the Delaware River refineries and keeping the county pension plan solvent which is actually a pretty significant achievement considering what has been going on in the rest of the state.

Puppio noted tonight that apart from the natural gas counties, Delco has the best employment record in the state.

Ex-ACORN Director Is County Council Candidate

Committee Ponders Cyber Harassment Bill

Cyber Harassment Bill — Members of the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee held a public hearing last week on legislation to make it a crime to use the Internet to harass a child, reports State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129).

House Bill 1163 would define cyber harassment of a minor as a crime in which a person uses any form of electronic communication with the intent to harass a child or post information on a social media network about a child such as: statements or opinions about the child’s sexuality or sexual activity; disparaging statements or opinions about the child’s physical characteristics, mental or physical health or condition; or threats about the use of unlawful harm.

The bill would classify cyber harassment of a child as a third-degree misdemeanor and would allow a case to be prosecuted in the location where the victim of the harassment resides.

Cyber Harassment Bill

Vote Democrat, Support Tyranny, Make War

Vote Democrat, Support Tyranny, Make War

Courtesy of  Aggie95 at

The Civil War was begun by Democrats angry at the election of the very first Republican president and afraid he would remove their right to own black men women and children who  fled the union ( the very first fleebaggers ).

WW I — Democrat president

WW II — Democrat president

Korean War — Democrat president

Vietnam  — first aid sent to the French by Harry Truman. Democrat John F. Kennedy committed troops on a significant scale and Democrat Lyndon Johnson  faked the Gulf of Tonkin incident to involve us in a full-scale war.

It was a Democrat (Truman) who became the first and only man to use nuclear weapons against humans — mostly civilians — twice

It  was a Democrat (FDR) who with Special Order 9066 imprisoned tens of thousands of American citizens based on race.

The very first Republican president freed the slaves. The very first Democrat president gave us the trail of tears

In all the Democrat wars we have about 1.2 million dead American
service men and women In all Republican wars less than 20,000.

Vote Democrat, Support Tyranny, Make WarWe will certainly grant that Aggie95 is  not trying to be fair  — albeit his claims are verifiable so we can’t accuse him of hyperbole — or take into account context, but this is certainly something to print out and put in your wallet for the next time some self-proclaimed caring “progressive” starts bringing up Republican sins. Or perhaps save to a text file for a Facebook discussion.

Vote Democrat, Support Tyranny, Make War

Why We’re Losing The War On Terror

Why we’re losing the war on terror.

By Chris Freind

In the 12 years since the 9/11 attacks, thousands of Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice, and trillions have been spent fighting overseas battles. But the hard truth is that the United States has thus far lost the foreign “War on Terror.”

What makes the sin mortal is that this was eminently preventable. But the failure to learn from history, combined with a lack of foresight and common sense, have allowed true victory to slip away. And in true bipartisan spirit, both parties have been equally incompetent.

Can America turn the tide? Of course, but since Washingtonians keep coming up with “new” ideas to solve our old Middle Eastern problems — code speak for recycled policy failures — it’s more likely that history will keep repeating itself, to the detriment of the West and the delight of radical fundamentalists.


Let’s review the most pronounced failures in post-9/11 foreign policy:

No Energy Independence: The most incomprehensible mistake after 9/11 was President Bush’s failure to understand what precipitated the attack, which left him unable to solve the problem. While he should have gone after bin Laden and the Taliban, the ultimate goal should have been withdrawing troops from the volatile Middle East — there because of America’s huge dependence on foreign oil — whose presence infuriated radical Muslims.

Doing so would obviously require America to once and for all become energy independent, easily accomplished by opening up America’s vast petroleum reserves, including the ANWR in Alaska, and lifting the offshore drilling moratorium imposed by the first President Bush. With an approval rating in the ’90s and substantial Republican majorities in Congress, winning the day on these crucial issues would have been a layup for George W. Bush, had he tried.

But he didn’t.

Iraq Quagmire: So Bush and Dick Cheney, both oilmen, instead chose to invade Iraq, a country that hadn’t attacked America, nor had any involvement in 9/11. Oil prices skyrocketed — bankrupting countless American companies and throwing the economy into chaos — while Big Oil made record profits. Thousands of American soldiers lost their lives, and hundreds of billions exited the Treasury, all for a war where “victory” was never defined.

Throwing fuel on the fire, the promise of Iraqi oil revenue rebuilding Iraq was a bust, and American taxpayers forked over $60 billion for that reconstruction, while American infrastructure continued to deteriorate at home.

So how’s Iraq doing after the American “liberation?’ Almost 80 percent of its oil now flows to China, creating a powerful Baghdad-Beijing partnership. And sectarian violence is everywhere, with 3,000 Iraqis killed in just the last few months, including 1,000 in July, the deadliest month since 2008. That chaos has allowed Iraq to become a haven for America’s enemies, which it was not prior to invasion. As a comparison, when Saddam Hussein was in control, there were virtually no car bombs nor terror attacks in Iraq.

So if what we’re seeing now is “victory,” what the hell is defeat?

Afghanistan: While hitting the Taliban and hunting Osama bin Laden were appropriate, we have stayed in-country far too long with no clear objectives. Now, American troops can’t even operate alongside Afghan forces because “friendly Afghanis” have routinely opened fire on our troops. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Enabling Iran: The same neo-conservatives who led us to invade Iraq are back at it, demanding a strike on Iran to stop it from developing nuclear weapons.

The irony would be comical if not so tragic.

Any guesses why Iran didn’t have a bona fide WMD program before America engaged in Iraqi regime change? Simple. Iran and Iraq were mortal enemies, and their ongoing mutual hatred kept both countries in check; neither developed WMD’s because they were wholly consumed with killing each other.

But ignorant American leaders broke that stalemate in the name of “democracy” when they took out Hussein, destroying the critical balance of power. By taking out Iran’s archenemy, the U.S. gave Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad all the time and resources he needed to develop WMDs. Brilliant.

Democracy For Radicals: A constant in Middle Eastern countries is that large majorities view America with extreme contempt. Common sense tells us that, in a democracy, these people will always vote for fundamentalist governments reflecting that vitriolic mindset. So why do we constantly push that concept?

Democracy simply doesn’t work in many countries, and would certainly be counter-productive to American interests if it took hold in the Middle East. Yet president after president pursues that unwise goal, usually through regime change. The fact that it hasn’t worked should be a sign to change course, but instead, we continue full-steam ahead.

Iraq, Libya, Egypt and even Afghanistan have proven to be disastrous “experiments,” yet obtuse leaders like John McCain now want leadership change in Syria, despite no idea who would assume power. At least when the U.S. orchestrated the Iranian coup in 1953, it knew it was installing the Shah as leader. Since Assad is fighting al-Qaeda-affiliated Syrians, the odds of seeing a leader who doesn’t despise America? Less than zero.


In less than two decades, the United States has invaded two Middle Eastern nations and bombed seven, with plans to strike an eighth and possibly a ninth (Iran). Trillions have been spent and thousands of lives lost, yet radical fundamentalism keeps rising while America’s credibility continues to diminish.

It is not too late to right the ship, but it will take immense political will. A good starting point would be to reflect on the tragedy of 12 years ago, and remember the forgotten message. Eliminate dependence on the Middle East by becoming energy independent, stop playing policeman to the world, and start taking care of the ones who matter most: our own.

The thousands who gave their lives that day, and those who fell defending their honor, deserve no less.

Pa Transportation Priorities Input Sought

Pa Transportation Priorities Input Sought — The Commonwealth is asking for citizens transportation advice and one suspects it’s part of a ploy to set up a gas tax and toll hikes.

Pa Transportation Priorities Input Sought -- The Commonwealth is asking for citizens transportation advice and one suspects it's part of a ploy to set up a gas tax and toll hikes.

One bit of Citizen Transporation Advice would be to get rid of toll roads a.k.a traffic snarls made on purpose

As part of the Commonwealth’s 12-year transportation program, state residents are invited to visit to offer their input on transportation priorities and to register for the program’s first-ever interactive online public meeting, reports state Rep. Jim Cox (R-129).

Tell them you want to the gas tax cut and removal of toll roads. Seriously. They certainly won’t be expecting that.

The program, which serves as a blueprint of prioritized transportation projects, is updated every two years through a cooperative effort among the State Transportation Commission, PennDOT and its 23 regional planning partners.

Through Oct. 7, the public can submit feedback at their convenience through the “Tell Us What You Think” survey on the website, through a printed survey obtained by emailing or by telephone at 1-855-896-4930.

Citizens may also register to take part in an online public meeting to be held from 6-7 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 26. During the webcast, Transportation Secretary Barry Schoch will give an update on state transportation issues and answer questions from registered participants. Questions may be submitted in advance to .

Pa Transportation Priorities Input Sought