Demonizing Toomey On Guns Is Shooting Blanks

And what produced such vitriol from a loud but
ultimately small segment of the Republican base? What did Toomey do that
saw him decried as another “Benedict Arlen” — an unflattering reference
to longtime liberal GOP Sen. Arlen Specter?

He thinks background checks for gun buyers are a good idea.

That’s it, lock, stock and barrel. Pat Toomey’s smoking gun “sin” was
advocating a bipartisan compromise on the contentious gun issue, whereby
all people buying firearms at gun shows and via the Internet would be
subjected to a tortuous 60-second background check. Rather than thanking
him for his common-sense approach, however, many Republicans came after
him with both guns blazing, calling him a “traitor.”

Sadly, the
“cause” for which many of these critics fight has morphed from
reasonable positions to ones of stupidity and, ultimately,
self-destruction. The GOP’s results in last year’s presidential and U.S.
Senate elections proved that in spades.

Toomey seems to
genuinely believe he’s doing the right thing, and there is no reason to
think his efforts are politically motivated. The irony, though, is that
his position will clearly help him in what will be a challenging
re-election in 2016. But instead of embracing Toomey as one of their
own, the hard Right continues to pound him — despite his being one of
the staunchest defenders of the Second Amendment.

Talk about shooting blanks.

primer is typically an explanation to the uninitiated as to how
something works. In the case of background checks, however, it has
become obvious that many of the so-called experts — the “initiated” —
are nothing of the kind. So for their benefit as much as anyone’s, let’s
set the record straight:

1. Most significantly, background
checks are not federal gun registries. Neither do they lead to them.
Period. Conspiracy theories notwithstanding, the federal government does
not have a registry of who owns guns, much less how many and what kinds
people possess (neither should it). Likening background checks to gun
registries is comparing apples to school buses — they are unequivocally
different (you can have a background check but decide not to buy the
gun). So when entertainer Ann Coulter inflames the Right (and sells more books) by saying that background checks lead to registration … to confiscation … to extermination, just consider the source. Oh, this is the same Ann Coulter whose column last month was pulled by Fox News after opining (she says joking — does it matter?) about John McCain’s daughter, Meghan, getting murdered. Enough said.

Here’s what’s
puzzling. For people who believe that expanding background checks will
lead to gun registries, where have they been for the last decade?
Background checks aren’t new, so, by definition, if we are simply
expanding an existing system — without changing it — then under the
critics’ rationale, wouldn’t we already have such a registry? They can’t
have it both ways.

2. Here’s the process for buying a
gun in many states: After selecting your firearm, the dealer conducts a
background check through the FBI’s NICS criminal database, which usually
takes less than a minute. If you are cleared, you fill out the required
paperwork, which the dealer is mandated to keep for 20 years, and
you’re a gun owner. Should that gun be used in a crime, the serial
number will be traced to the manufacturer, distributor, dealer, and
ultimately to you. Not exactly the Big Brother database some claim it to
be, huh?

3. Background checks are not a conservative/liberal,
Republican/Democrat issue. Since they do not impede or infringe upon a
law-abiding citizen’s right to own a firearm, it’s not “gun control” at
all. It’s criminal control.

4. The checks work: There have been
1.8 million denials since 1998. In 2010, half of those denied had felony
convictions or indictments, almost 20 percent were fugitives, and 11
percent violated state laws. Put another way, would we be better off
with almost 2 million people walking around with guns who shouldn’t have

5. The proposed expansion of checks has an exception for
family-to-family purchases, focusing instead on closing loopholes for
sales over the Internet and gun shows. Currently, federally licensed gun
dealers, even at gun shows, are required to perform checks, but private
sellers are not.

Two points here: A). Critics contend that the
private sellers account for a relatively small amount of gun show
purchases. So what? By that logic, not many more people will be
“inconvenienced” for the one-minute check, so what’s the hang-up? B.)
What’s the alternative? To allow convicted felons to buy a gun with
quasi-legal impunity? Granted, felons (and the mentally disturbed)
aren’t allowed to possess firearms, but any criminal with half a brain
will get his gun via this loophole rather than risk getting caught in an
undercover sting. If not background checks for these high-risk folks,
then what? Just hope and pray they don’t take advantage of the system?
Good luck.

6. While idiocy is not illegal, it would behoove some
gun-rights people to get a shot of common sense. Here’s an idea: Don’t
show up at a gun rally or counter-protest with AK-47s on full display,
as some routinely do. And don’t blame the “liberal media” when they post
that shot on the front page. Do you want to look cool (newsflash: you
don’t) by touting guns in public, or do you really care about protecting
gun rights? Because I’ve got news for you: The two never, ever go
hand-in-hand. Leave the guns at home, wear something that isn’t
camouflage, and articulate a reasonable message with a calm demeanor.
You’d be surprised how much more effective you’d be at convincing the
Great American Middle of your side — and it will be them, not you, who
will ultimately decide this issue.

7. Background checks are
useful, but not a panacea. The FBI database is only as good as the
information it receives from states. If criminal and mental health
records aren’t routinely sent and/or updated, it won’t be as effective
as it could be. It’s not perfect, but that’s not a reason to scrap
expanding it. Nothing can or will ever fully prevent lunatics from
engaging in a shooting spree, but a background check system is a solid
first line of defense. Again, the question stands: If not, then what?

expanding checks a slippery slope, opening the door for more
regulations? Like anything, diligence is required, but the short answer
is “no,” since the system already exists. Those fiercely opposed are
actually doing themselves a disservice, for their position will be
blasted away when a convicted felon engages in mass murder using a gun
purchased via the Internet or gun show loophole.

It’s time to
shoot straight with the hard core and demand they employ reason rather
than emotion. If not, when the smoke clears after the next tragedy,
those gunning for major restrictions will get there faster than a
speeding bullet.

Chris Freind is an independent columnist and commentator. He can be reached at

Dem Dirty Tricks In Delco Judicial Primary

Dem Dirty Tricks In Delco Judicial Primary
By Craig Williams

As you may know, William “Chip” Mackrides (A-3) and Richard M. Cappelli (A-6) are the endorsed Republican candidates for Judge of the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas. With the Primary election less than a week away, the Democratic candidates for judge have launched a dirty-tricks campaign to deceive Republican primary voters into thinking they are actually the Republican candidates.

Candidates can cross file in judicial races.

· Push buttons A-3 and A-6 to support Mackrides and Cappelli, the ONLY Republican candidates for Court of Common Pleas on the ballot. The other two candidates are longtime registered Democrats.

· Mackrides and Cappelli are the ONLY candidates for Judge voted “Well Qualified” by the Delaware County Bar Association to serve as judge. This is the Bar Association’s highest possible rating. The Democratic candidates were deemed not recommended/no opinion.

· Mackrides and Cappelli are supported by local law enforcement and are the ONLY candidates endorsed by the Delaware County Fraternal Order of Police.

· Mackrides and Cappelli have the support of the men and women of our local trade unions. They are the ONLY candidates endorsed by the Delaware County Council of the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades, with more than 25,000 members from 14 unions.


Dem Dirty Tricks In Delco Judicial Primary

Penn Prof Says Murderers Are Born

Penn Prof Says Murderers Are Born — Adrian Raine is a man who fled Britain for the University of Pennsylvania so he could better pursue his theory that murderers are murderers because of their genes. Raine claims to have scanned the brains of killers and have found them to be different those those who haven’t taken a life.

Wonder if it has occurred to him that it is the act of murder that causes the brain to change.

Penn Prof Says Murderers Are Born

Nixon IRS — Today’s History Lesson

Nixon IRS — Today’s History Lesson —
“He has, acting personally and through his subordinated and agents, endeavored to obtain from the Internal Revenue Service, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, confidential information contained in income tax returns for purposes not authorized by law, and to cause, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigation to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.”

— articles of impeachment drawn up against Richard Nixon, 1973


Hat tip Michael King

Delaware Loophole End Passed By Pa. House

Delaware Loophole End Passed By Pa. House — The State House passed legislation last week to close the Delaware Loophole and implement comprehensive business tax reforms for Pennsylvania job creators, reports  Rep. Jim Cox (R-129).

House Bill 440 would close the loophole by targeting specific transactions that some businesses use for the sole purpose of avoiding taxation in the Commonwealth.

The bill also includes several additional tax reforms, including reducing the Corporate Net Income (CNI) Tax rate to 6.99 percent and uncapping the Net Operating Loss (NOL) deductions businesses may take. In addition, the bill would support Pennsylvania’s small businesses, encourage new investments in existing businesses and promote the development of new start-up companies.

All of these reforms seek to make Pennsylvania a more competitive and attractive place to do business.

The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.

Delaware Loophole End Passed By Pa. House

Beaver Valley Applications Withdrawn But Return Expected

Beaver Valley Applications Withdrawn But Return Expected
The festival outside the meeting hall.

Beaver Valley Applications Withdrawn But Return Expected — A crowd of a thousand packed into the Garnet Valley Middle School auditorium, May 14, to hear the Concord Supervisors announce that the applications for a zoning change to allow three developers to put a big box store, and various residences on 324 acres belonging to
Woodlawn Trustees has been withdrawn.

It was pointedly noted, though, that new applications are expected.

The meeting scheduled to start at 7 p.m. began five minutes late and was officially closed at 7:15 although Woodlawn Chief Operating Officer Vernon Green gave an off-the-record statement afterwards noting that Woodlawn founder William Bancroft started the trust to provide parkland and inexpensive housing for workers with the expectation that some land would be sold to fund these goals.

Cameras for all the local television stations were present. The
supervisors noted that they had received a petition of 5,500 names
against the development.

Supervisor Dominic J. Cappelli said that it will be at least
60 days before  any new applications would be received and hearings
will be  announced well in advance on the township website.

Cappelli during the hearing noted that Supervisor Chairman Dominic
Pileggi had recused himself from the matter in October due to a conflict
of interest.

A note to Republicans: among those attending were Democrat County Council candidate Bill Clinton and Democrat Register of Wills candidate Frank Daly. Expect a fight this year.

Beaver Valley Applications Withdrawn But Return Expected
A plea to save the bridle trails


Beaver Valley Applications Withdrawn But Return Expected

Progressive Nazis At Swarthmore

Progressive Nazis At Swarthmore — Delaware County has got itself in the national spotlight due the actions of progressives who crashed a Swarthmore College’s Board of Managers demanding the college divest from fossil-fuel businesses.

The activists took over the microphone, shouted down those who objected and completely violated the rules of order.

Who needs laws if your cause is just? Or at least if you convince yourself that it is.

Once suspects this crowd could easily rationalize serious violations of the rights of others — siccing the IRS on them if they should object to their policies perhaps or wiretapping their phones– if they should ever obtain the power to do so.


Progressive Nazis At Swarthmore

Why “Non-Profits” Are Lies

For those who believe in the inherent goodness of academia and trust the altruism of those who run “non-profits” we are here to bust your bubble and remove the scales from eyes which can be done by simply pointing out that Graham Spanier, the enabler of child abuse who ran Penn State for 16 years, was the highest paid college administrator in the nation when he was forced out in November 2011.

Spanier received $2.9 million in 2011-12, including $1.2 million in severance pay and $1.2 million in deferred compensation.

And how can we seriously call an institution that pays it top dog nearly $3 million a “non-profit”.

People have got to wake up and understand that our institutions are abusing our trust.

Why "Non-Profits" Are Lies

 Why “Non-Profits” Are Lies