Off The Internet — Right Side Of The Brain

Courtesy Donna McCole

The right side of your brain. this is one of those great emails that show when you are using your Right or Left side of your brain. If you see the picture exactly as it is, you are using the left side. When you stare you will see the figure shift; and you will be using your right brain. You can switch back and forth.
Stare to go to Right brain (it sort of trances you out or puts you in an altered NON THINKING state).
Begin thinking and reasoning about it and you will move back out of the altered state into Left brain thinking. very cool. You will enjoy this if you are using the right side of your brain, I think this is very good.
Stare at this picture and you will see this man turn his face.

Rubio On Rush Explains Immigration Ideas

Florida Senator and Republican star Marco Rubio joined, Monday, Jan. 28, a group of his fellows including very liberal Democrat Chuck Schumer in unveiling a plan to deal with immigration, especially of the illegal variety. The plan includes allowing the illegals a path to citizenship. This had many, many, many conservatives outraged.

Rubio went on Rush Limbaugh, today, to explain his thinking. He was brilliant. 

One wishes, though, that Rubio and other conservative supporters of amnesty become more vocal about putting the burden on solving the issue on government agencies, where it far more belongs, than on businesses. The small restaurant owner who hires a busboy or small landscaper who hires an assistant is not the problem. What is the problem is the government bureaucrat who is prohibited from asking for proof of residency status when issuing public benefits or a school administrator forced by the courts to enroll a child at taxpayer expense.

Still, amnesty is not a bad word in itself — quick quiz if giving amnesty to one magic illegal solves the entire problem do you do it?  — and Rubio seems to get it.

Anyway, here he is on Rush:


Islam And The Walking Dead

Ex-Muslim Brotherhooder Walid Shoebat has uploaded a piece claiming that the historic and prestigious Al-Azhar University in Cario wants to teach Egyptian high schoolers that it is OK to kill and eat non-Muslims.

Provided, however, one does not “cook or grill” them. 

Shoebat, on his site, has a video of the discussion in Arabic, along with a translation and commentary. We can’t fact-check it but that’s what is out there.

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House Committee’s Child Protection Recommendations

The House Children and Youth and Judiciary committees held a joint hearing last week to review the recommendations outlined in the report offered by the Task Force on Child Protection, says State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129). The task force, established in December 2011, was charged with conducting a comprehensive review of the laws and procedures relating to the health and safety of children.

Among the top recommendations made by the task force are clarifying and furthering the definition of child abuse in the state’s child protection law. Currently, child abuse is defined differently in criminal law than in civil protection matters handled by Children and Youth caseworkers. As a result, different thresholds must be met for action by counties and/or law enforcement.

The report also recommended adding more professionals to the list of mandated reporters with a required training element and implementing more child advocacy centers (CACs), which use a multi-disciplinary approach to investigate, prosecute and treat victims of child abuse.

Both committees will hold additional informational meetings and voting meetings in February and March to further their work on the task force recommendations.

Honor Flight Beef & Beer Is Feb. 9

A beef and beer to benefit Honor Flight Philadelphia will be held 7-11 p.m., Feb. 9 at American Legion Post 667, 1112 Steel Road, Havertown, Pa. 19083.

Tickets are $25 or $40 per couple, and can be purchased by calling Marie Martinelli at 610-909-0623. The event includes music and door prizes.

Honor Flight Philadelphia is the local hub of Honor Flight which provides  all-expense-paid trips for veterans to visit their monuments in Washington D.C. Priority is given to World War II veterans and veterans who are terminally ill.

For information about the group visit