Barack Bathroom Push Backed By Pa Bills

Barack Bathroom Push Backed By Pa BillsBarack Bathroom Push Backed By Pa Bills — Donna Ellingsen has let us know that Barack Obama’s national boys-in-the-girls-room public school policy can only become law if the Pennsylvania legislature lets it happen, which some in Harrisburg are trying to make so with HB 1510 and SB 974.

She has forwarded us a letter from Pennsylvania Family Council which notes that President Obama’s bathroom bullying directive is not an executive order. It is not an administrative regulation. This has no force of law or legal authority behind it, but asks schools to voluntarily throw away every student’s right to bodily privacy and threatens to remove Title IX funding if they do not.

Donna points out that federal funding provides about 10 percent of Pennsylvania public school budgets but that money comes with a lot of  strings attached — besides letting boys into the girls room.

The Pennsylvania taxpayer would likely be far better off rejecting all the money and the mandates that come along with it.

Kudos Donna for bringing this up.

By the way, Delaware County’s James Santora (163rd) is among the few Republicans sponsoring HB 1510.

And regarding SB 974, while it is also overwhelmingly sponsored by Democrats, the prime sponsor is Lehigh County Republican Pat Browne (16).

What’s up with that Pat?

Yes, we know Scott Wagner’s (R-28) name is on it too.

What’s up with that Scott?

Barack Bathroom Push Backed By Pa Bills

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