Beware Christmas Fraud

Christmas season is often the most charitable. Although giving is extremely important, consumers are encouraged to be vigilant and watch out for scams aimed at taking advantage of their good will, says Pennsylvania State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129).

The Pennsylvania Department of State’s Bureau of Charitable Organizations maintains a publicly accessible online database which contains all legally established charities in Pennsylvania. Consumers are encouraged to verify the legitimacy of any charity using this database prior to donating.

If one would like to learn more about an organization prior to donating or to report suspected fraud, one can also call the bureau’s toll-free telephone hotline at 1-800-732-0999.

For more information about protecting yourself while giving, click here.

Beware Christmas Fraud

Beware Christmas Fraud

3 thoughts on “Beware Christmas Fraud”

  1. It’s a damn shame we have to live in such a world where people would call something a “charity” to benefit themselves. But then, we do have “career” welfare recipients and illegals coming to this country who collect it as well. Nothing like flushing $10,000,000,000 down the toilet…Yeah, that’s $10 Billion.

    1. Hey John, would you call our state elected officials charity recipients? Do you think they’ll ever getting around to selling the State stores?

  2. Do you think they’ll ever getting around to selling the State stores?
    No you will still be arrested if you bring in an out-of-state bottle of decent wine.

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