Bob Asher Behind Chesco Purge?

Bob Asher Behind Chesco Purge? The Chester County GOP big bosses called in the candyman  when they needed some cash to try to crush the grassroots activists encroaching on their turf. Bob Asher Behind Chesco Purge?

The United Republicans of Chester County (URCC) which primaryed, mostly without success, several new committeepersons in 2014 received $5,000 — about half its income — from Pa Future Fund which is run by the  Bob Asher, owner of Asher’s Chocolates and convicted felon.

The other major donors were Bryan McElwee of Valley Forge and Richard Ireland of King of Prussia who gave $2,500 each.

The URCC was chaired by Alex Rahn and its treasurer was Bradley Vasoli. It was terminated on Jan. 15, 2015.

And where were these Chester County “Republicans” working from? According to the campaign finance report it was 241 S. 6th St., Apt. 405 Philadelphia.

Go figure.

And then go figure why the GOP’s state-wide big money guys are trying to chase away their most motivated activists.

Bob Asher Behind Chesco Purge?

5 thoughts on “Bob Asher Behind Chesco Purge?”

  1. Bob Asher’s done more to support and elect qualified, conservative Republicans than literally everyone who reads and posts on this website combined.

    1. By the way, surprised he has had the time to do so, as you claim, what with being in federal prison for mail fraud, perjury, and conspiracy to commit bribery.

      Also, I think you may have a different view of those Mr. Asher supported. When I look at the recipients of the largest amounts of money from Mr. Asher’s PAC, I see names like Tom (biggest gas-tax hike) Corbett, John (nuff said) Perzel, and Dominick (nuff said) Pileggi. Really can’t say either qualified or conservative as to any of them.

  2. It’s amazing to me that people like J. Dougherty are so entrenched and brainwashed that they actually praise a convicted felon. Say what??? Does the GOP really wonder why people would rather support Donna Ellingsen who’s never committed a crime and who always, consistently, supports conservatives than Bob Asher who spent a year in federal prison and supports quasi Republicans like Dominic Pileggi? Where is the disconnect in the GOP’s thinking? What part of the synapses aren’t firing? It is time for these party hacks to come down to earth and regroup before they totally alienate their base. They forget that the Republican committee is a very small percentage–miniscule as a matter of fact–of Republican voters and the majority is getting very fed up with the GOP’s antics.

  3. Some 411 for those of you in Chesco: Mr. Vasoli is the head of the Mongomery County Young Republicans. He worked hard against our county commissioner candidate, Joe Gale, who upset one of our endorsed candidates in the primary and went on to upset the other in the general (in a highly public contest in which Gale had to fight both party leadership at the county AND state level, and the Democrats, but won a spot as the minority county commissioner anyway). He’s also a ‘political consultant’ whose company is Hill Media Strategies.

    He ought to be ashamed of himself lending his name to, and for supporting, this effort on Asher’s behalf. I guess he thought no one would ever know.

    Keep exposing this stuff – Republican voters are paying attention and need to know that the party they think represents them, really does not.

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