British Empire Rules Rio

British Empire Rules Rio — In Cold War times the Olympics were more than a sporting event and Americans would follow the medal counts almost as if they were news of a military conflict.

And sometimes the Soviets would come out on top.

Well, as of start of Aug. 15 the USA has twice the number of medals as Russia, 69 to 30, and even if one includes all the components of the former Evil Empire we are still up by nine.

British Empire Rules RioThere is a former empire, however, that if it had remained intact would overwhelmingly be in the lead. The British Empire has 98 medals as of this morning.

So, Rule Britannia

British Empire Rules Rio

9 thoughts on “British Empire Rules Rio”

  1. I have to admit that I enjoy the athletes competing against one another–it’s pure physical entertainment that’s been going on for centuries. Do you think we are ready for a brainiac olympics where the most intelligent and inivative people on this planet can compete to make the world a better place to live?
    Let’s see if they can come up with not only cures for illnesses but also for ways to keep tyrants from gaining power.
    Let’s have peace in our Olympic valley.

    1. What a wonderful suggestion! What country do you suppose, would be leading in a “brainiac” olympic competion right now?

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