Can Admiral Joe Be A Health Care ‘No’?

Residents of Pennsylvania’s 7th District are reportedly getting emails (aka spam) from President Obama asking them to call Congressman Joe Sestak to say  thank you for his vote last fall to socialize our health care system and “to report that OFA supporters in Pennsylvania have pledged 332,199 volunteer hours to back up member of Congress like yours who stand up for health reform”

Sestak wavering on socializing our health care system would be like Ed Rendell joining the Republican Party.

One thought on “Can Admiral Joe Be A Health Care ‘No’?”

  1. I live in the 7th district and I got an email from an Obama site urging me to call Joe Sestak to “stand firm” with his original vote for Health Care Reform.

    I called the number provided and politely told the aide that if Joe votes “yes”, I’m going to vote “no” for him for any office he seeks.

    Please call and register your outrage!!

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