Carol Hatton-Holmes Taking Flight Disc Profile

Carol Hatton-Holmes Taking Flight Disc Profile

By Kate Rainey

Josephs People Central Delco (JPCD) welcomes Carol Hatton-Holmes, CSP, who will present a new assessment tool, Taking Flight Disc Profile. The program will be held from 7-8:30 p.m., March 6, at Media Presbyterian Churchs Hassler Chapel, 30 E. Baltimore Ave., Media, PA 19063. The chapel can be accessed from the Baltimore Avenue side, to the left of the main door, or around back on East Franklin Street, enter the back door and go up the stairs. All are welcome, without regard to religious affiliation.

Ms. Hatton-Holmes is a Special Project Staffing Consultant for Monarch Staffing. She has owned a business and worked for IBM, SunGard, GTE and Sprint. Carol speaks on generational topics and the Taking Flight DISC program.

The DOPE Bird Personality Test, which is an acronym for Dove, Owl, Peacock, Eagle, will assist individuals in creating more effective work relationships and understanding how to communicate among different personality styles. This 4-Bird personality test promotes self-assessment, intensifies self improvement, complements career and personal development and can be used to improve how we interact with others.

 Employees who are self-aware, are more likely to maximize their talents, recognize and manage their challenges and produce better results. Every employee is a co-creator of workplace culture. When people understand their own style and show respect for individual differences, they impact the culture in a positive way. By applying the wisdom of the styles, each person improves the culture, one interaction at a time. Theres an expression in neuroscience, what wires together fires together. This training wires DISC to existing knowledge and thus it fires at just the right time.

JPCD is a joint program of Media Presbyterian Church and St. Laurence Church in Upper Darby. The group has an active, free forum on LinkedIn, named Josephs People of Central Delaware County-Free Job Search Groupin the LinkedIn directory. To join, send a request and an email will be generated confirming membership.

JPCD is affiliated with Josephs People, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping unemployed and underemployed workers. Local, affiliated chapters provide networking opportunities, guidance and emotional support to job seekers and career changers. For more information, send a message through the LinkedIn group listed above, visit or email

Carol Hatton-Holmes Taking Flight Disc Profile

Carol Hatton-Holmes Taking Flight Disc Profile

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