Carrier Deal Crony Capitalism Not

Carrier Deal Crony Capitalism Not
Tax cuts coming for all.

Carrier Deal Crony Capitalism Not — Some — including some conservatives —are calling Donald Trump’s Carrier deal that kept about a thousand jobs from moving from Indiana to Mexico “crony capitalism.”

The deal gives Carrier about $6 million in tax credits over 10 years along with a $1 million training grant.

Since when do tax cuts upset conservatives? You say it is unfair to other businesses? We suspect any business willing to spend  $16 million-plus to save a facility can drive a similar bargain.

What Trump did to save Carrier is not the cronyism that has poisoned our economy. The Carrier deal is not the same as spending $400 million in tax money to save an obsolete shipyard. It is not giving $188 million in tax money so Jeff Lurie can preen on TV.  It isn’t this garbage passed by the Pennsylvania Legislature back in 2012 that bestowed millions in public subsidies on chosen favorites.

High taxes, health care costs and regulation are why businesses flee the U.S. Any tax cut is a good thing. We fully expect that what Carrier and its employees got is what all U.S. businesses and their employees are going to get when The Donald is inaugurated.

Carrier Deal Crony Capitalism Not

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  1. It’s amazing how many supposedly knowledgeable people don’t know what Crony Capitalism is. Who is rhe “crony” involved in the deal? Politicians hyperventilate at the thought of a company or person keeping their own money. The job loss was imminent. Future tax reform would not have helped here. Anybody with any thinking would understand this is an example of true capitalism. Government and business executing plans, people supplying labor and benefgiting from efficiency and expanding markets. Why would this be different from any other tax deduction, or horror of horrors, kickback by foreign entities to politicians? Is the F-35 a military project or a bribe generating project? Same for the Gerald Ford aircraft carrier. I’m furious that idiot talking heads spew their garbage and ignorance. THANK YOU FOR YOYR ARTICLE! Excuse typos. I’m on an iPhone!

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