Qanon Movement Fascinates Us

Qanon movement fascinates us — More mass shootings and more calls to put ink on paper banning guns — at least for those who respect the ink on the paper.

We will say it again and again and again. The problem isn’t access to firearms for the sane and law-abiding.

The problem is a culture that glorifies insanity — note Dayton killer Conner Betts appears to have been a patron of that site — and that encourages laws to be ignored.

The solution is not to put ink on paper banning guns but to change our culture. We have to inculcate a respect for life. Mass shootings strangely didn’t start until abortion was declared a right. We have to end the nihilism that is practically our state religion. If we are merely the results of random events fixed by a need to survive until procreation, who is to judge mass murder? Yes, we have to teach in our schools, and recognize in our art and entertainment that we are the creation of a loving God and that each of us has inherent worth.

We have to stop telling young men that masculinity is a bad thing. We have to tell them that they are important and necessary to a happy society.

And our media has to stop lying to us and covering up for the corrupt. You all saw this story right? Ha.

Until President Trump made it a campaign issue most had never heard of Juanita Broaddrick. Remember how the old media handled the matter when it would have really mattered?

The Qanon movement fascinates us. We can’t sign on to it — at least not completely — but its record of political prediction is a magnitude better than that of the old media.

And we will note that on July 31, Q cryptically posted this on

Our thoughts and prayers are that the massively corrupt, incestuous cabal of Hollywood, the media and Washington come crashing down and that we embrace a culture of unity and kindness rather than the one of selfishness, division and hate that they try to encourage.

Qanon movement fascinates us

More terrible than dying William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-8-19

More terrible than dying William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-8-19

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Answer to yesterday’s puzzle: One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying.
Joan of Arc

More terrible than dying William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-8-19
 But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying.
Joan of Arc

Abortion Healing Overlooked By Pro Life Movement

Abortion Healing Overlooked By Pro Life Movement — World Net Daily has a profound article concerning a part of the abortion debate often ignored, namely the wounds caused by those who had abortions.

For many abortion is a deep wound that must be healed, says Karen Ellison, the founder of Deeper Still Ministries in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Abortion Healing Overlooked By Pro Life Movement

“People with abortion-wounded hearts are constantly managing the stuffed pain,” she says. “If you don’t have a hope that someone will forgive you and help you heal, your response is more one of anger and defensiveness. You’re not going to let these people take you down.”

Ms. Ellison operates healing retreats for those who had abortions including in China. She notes that 98 percent of abortions happen outside the United States.

The biggest demographic segment at the retreats, she said, are women in their 50s, she said. Women in their 20s who have had an abortion tend to be in denial, but by the time they reach their 40s, “they begin to look back on life and have a lot of regrets.”

She said that when they reach their 60s and 70s, they say: “I don’t want to go to my grave with this on my conscience. Are you telling me there is a way out? Are you telling me I can have peace before I die?”

She also said men attend expressing regret for not fighting for the unborn child.

Ms. Ellison, who was motivated to start her ministry from an abortion she had as a college student, longs for the day when abortion will become not only “illegal but unthinkable.”

It’s a good article. You can read the whole thing here.

Abortion Healing Overlooked By Pro Life Movement

Christians Kept Alive To Harvest Organs

Christians Kept Alive To Harvest Organs — We posted a story a story about how Planned Parenthood was found to have been keeping aborted babies alive long enough to harvest their organs.

The depravity is world-wide.

On Feb. 5, the Wall Street Journal reported that Chinese prisoners — including prisoners of conscience such as Falun Gong members, Uighur Muslims, Tibetan Buddhists and “underground” Christians — have been apparently been subjected to medical experiments and forced removal of organs.

The author of the piece, Benedict Rogers, notes that China claims that there are 6,000 official organ donors but one hospital alone –Tianjin First Center — performs 6,000 transplants a year.

The Journal says that there are 711 other hospitals that perform organ transplants.

The US performs 40,000 transplants annually. It is believed that China will surpass that next year.

“Death-row inmates cannot account for all of these,” Rogers wrote. “China executes more people than the rest of the world combined, but still only about a few thousand a year.”

Rogers said that Chinese-speaking researchers in 2016 posed as organ buyers and directly asked if organs from Falun Gong practitioners could be arranged for transplant.

“Hospitals throughout China confirmed they had such organs available, no problem,” he wrote.

Mmany of the customers for these organs are foreigners. Yes, including Americans.

Christians Kept Alive To Harvest Organs
Christians Kept Alive To Harvest Organs

Babies Kept Alive To Harvest Organs

Babies Kept Alive To Harvest Organs — The wonderful Laura Ingraham, yesterday, Feb. 12, posted on Twitter a link to a 2015 Washington Times story about how Planned Parenthood keeps aborted babies alive to harvest organs.

Babies Kept Alive To Harvest Organs

Which they of course sell.

And now it makes clear the push for legal infanticide.

There are people who have positions of power and influence in our country who are no different than Nazis.

The sickness and evil that is being revealed makes one numb.

Planned Parenthood is an organization with about $1.4 billion in revenue with more than $500 million coming from tax dollars.

Planned Parenthood and affiliated organizations donated $30 million to the Democrat Party in 2018.

Someone explain how exactly is it acceptable for a organization that gets a half-billion in tax money be allowed to make political donations.

Planned Parenthood Kicks Tax Dollars Back To Dems

Planned Parenthood Kicks Tax Dollars Back To Dems — Charlie Kirk made the observation last week that Planned Parenthood spent $30 million to help the Democrats win back the house and yet we still give them $500 million in taxpayer funding each year.

Explain how that’s right.

And that’s leaving aside the fact they sell the body parts of the babies they kill and use the power of government to stifle real journalism.

Planned Parenthood Kicks Tax Dollars Back To Dems

Culture Of Life Fashion Statement

Culture Of Life Fashion Statement — Journalist, political pontributor and now Mommy Activist Carla D’Addesi and her daughters were tired of feeling excluded from the Fashion industry due to harmful styles, anti-life and even messaging that is anti-women.

“Many brands proudly support anti-family and anti-life organizations with their profits and we just felt guilty spending our money on apparel that went against our core values,” said Mrs. D’Addesi. “My daughters and I joked that we should either start our own Fashion Line or begin sewing our own clothes.”

COL1972 was created around the dinner table one evening. COL1972 stands for Culture of Life and the year 1972, the last year that we enjoyed a culture of life in the USA.

“1973 is the year that our Supreme Court chose that our tiniest people would not have the right to life,” Mrs. D’Addesi said.

Since 1973, 60 million people have not had the right to life.

“We dreamed of a Fashion brand that celebrated all life! Life is AMAZING would be the message on every item and reflected in every insta post and twitter tweet…because LIFE really is glamorous and is ALWAYS in STYLE,” she said.

This is a brand that is Dad approved but also kid approved! This is guilt-free shopping that is healthy for the mind, body and soul!

Interesting that Celine Dion, also launched a Fashion line about the same time as COL1972. Dion’s messaging is all black, dark and apparel is covered with horns and eyes for our children. Clearly, one Fashion brand is harmful to our youth, families and culture…while the other is encouraging! Happy! Fun!

COL1972 is filling a gap in our Fashion industry.

COL1972 Foundation is the charitable arm of the brand and gives back to organizations that Celebrate all Life. COL1972 is sponsoring the March for Life and the Students for Life annual Conference this January.

The brand has been well received. Upon launching Jan. 1, many COL1972 items are already sold out.

“We hope to create a tribe! A posse! A community! We are risk takers and readers. We are artist and thinkers. We are dreamers and influencers. All united by the belief that every LIFE is priceless,” said Mrs. D’Addesi.

COL1972 products can be found here. AlsoFollow COL1972 on twitter, FB, Insta and YouTube.

Follow Carla D’Addesi @CarlaDaddesi on FB, twitter and

Culture Of Life Fashion Statement

Mass Shootings Thoughts And Prayers

Mass Shootings Thoughts and Prayers — The wishing of “thoughts and prayers” after  mass shootings is being mocked in some circles as simplistic to the point of being meaningless.

We have come to agree.

In fact, we think it as simplistic, meaningless and ineffective to wish “thoughts and prayers” as it is to blame access to guns  for the tragedies as is done in the same knee-jerk fashion by those who mock the wishing of “thoughts and prayers.”

In the 1980s, most states made it difficult for a private citizen to carry a hand gun. Gun rights activist made it an issue and today it is relatively easy to do so. The murder rate has been halved and sometimes in dramatic fashion.

This is what the activists predicted while their opponents loudly claimed things would get much worse.

So now we have the issue of mass shootings which have become a several-times a year occurrence.

Those who desire to disarm the sane and law-abiding cynically use them to advance their political cause.

We, however, think it is far more about culture than it is about having access to immaterial objects.

We have written several times about how school shootings started after abortion was declared a right. Correlation is not causation but correlations are something worth pointing out, and this correlation makes sense.

Teach that it is up to the individual to determine whether a human life exists, and, well, who is to judge if an individual chooses in a way other than you would?

How about the manner in which our society addresses the most important philosophical question: Why are we here?

We teach our young that our existence is but due to a mere sequence of random events. Our courts, in fact, forbid teaching that we are designed, despite the quite  reasonable inference of it being so.

Imagine someone being on a moral fence and being inculcated by society that he is but an accident of nature and he should “do as thy will”. Now, imagine that someone being inculcated that he was created to love his neighbor. Which message is most likely to send him to the good side of the fence?

We grant that even the right cultural message isn’t going to completely solve the problem. Limiting access to guns (and knives and cars) for those with objective psychological problems is important. Maybe this requires bringing back mental institutions.

Still, the Vegas and synagogue murderers would have passed the filter for sanity. The wise realize that perfect safety is a chimera, and that is why the sane and law-abiding need access to guns.

Mass Shootings Thoughts and Prayers

Mass Shootings Thoughts And Prayers



Black Abortion Billboard Red Pill

Black Abortion Billboard Red PillBlack Abortion Billboard Red Pill — Every now and then some crazy rumor pops up in Black neighborhoods about a White establishment plot to wipe out the Black race and the rumor is believed without question.

Meanwhile someone rents a billboard and promotes a policy baldly declaring a goal of depopulating those with dark skin and shoulders get shrugged. Hey, social justice. The renter is progressive.

Blacks make up about 12 percent of the population of the United States but have 39 precent of abortions. If you are a Black person shouldn’t that make you go hmmmm? Did you ever see a billboard saying White women take care of your families by having an abortion?

Yes, the abortion movement was started and remains motivated by racism. It is safe to say that while not everyone who supports Planned Parenthood is a racist, all racists support Planned Parenthood and unrestricted abortion.

If you are Black, the billboard pictured above placed by the Afiya Center outside Dallas last summer should be more than enough of a “red pill” to make you understand that those Bible-clinging folk out in the sticks who think abortion is bad regardless of skin color; who defend the 2nd Amendment and understand full-well it includes Blacks; and think  parents should have the power to pull their kids out of bad schools are actually your friends.

#Walkaway please.

Black Abortion Billboard Red Pill


Pre Roe Abortion Deaths Were Rare

Pre Roe v Wade Abortion Deaths Were Rare — Sen Dianne Feinstein appeared to claim  in this morning’s (Sept. 5) question of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that between 200,000 and a million women died of illegal abortions in the 1950s and 1960s before a cynical Supreme Court declared it a right in 1973.

If we heard her right she is laughably wrong. There were about 300 deaths due to botch abortions per year in the 1950s which were brought down to less than 200 per year by 1965 due to advances in medicine.

To keep it in perspective, 658 persons died in boating accidents last year.

Pre Roe v Wade Abortion Deaths Were Rare

Pre Roe v Wade Abortion Deaths Were Rare