Gov Christie Would Defund Planned Parenthood

Gov Christie Would Defund Planned Parenthood — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie eliminates all funding for family planning services in  the budget he unveiled Tuesday. The vast majority of the money goes to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

The state allocated $7.6 million to the budget line last year.

New Jersey, like most states in the current Dempression, is experiencing massive budget shortfalls. Even if it wasn’t, though, there is not a legitimate reason why a cent of tax money should go to an abortion provider.

Good for Gov. Christie.

Gov Christie Would Defund Planned Parenthood


When The ‘Raving Fanatics’ Were Right

California approved via referendum allocating $3 billion to embryonic stem cell research in 2004. Opponents of Proposition 71 or “California Stem Cell Research and Cures Act”, objected on moral grounds since the act resulted in the destruction of human life, and on practical grounds since other avenues of research seemed far more likely to get results.

The measure was supported by Hollywood A-listers such as Brad Pitt and Silicon Valley high rollers.

The opponents concerns were dismissed as the ravings of religious fanatics who wished to inflict suffering on Michael J. Fox and Christopher Reeve.

Well the verdict is in: the effort was a waste and the The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine — the institution created with the money — is giving up embryonic stem cell research to concentrate on finding cures using adult stem cells, which was never controversial and is being studied at many other places.

And California teeters on the brink of bankruptcy.

 When The ‘Raving Fanatics’ Were Right

Record Participation In March For Life

Record Participation In March For Life — The 37th Annual March for Life held in Washington D.C. yesterday drew a record number of participants. Estimates range from 250,000 to 400,000.

The march is held on the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision which declare abortion to be a constitutional right. The first march had 20,000 participants.

Don’t expect a lot of details about it in the dinosaur media.

Record Participation In March For Life

Planned Parenthood ‘Supercenter’ To Be In A Black Neighborhood

Planned Parenthood is preparing to open a “supercenter” this spring in Houston. It will be six stories and 78,000 square feet and have a “surgical wing” for abortions.

It will be in a Black and Hispanic neighborhood.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, believed the country would be better off with fewer Blacks (and Italians, and Slavs and Jews for that matter).

Today, Blacks, who make up about 13. 5 percent of the population, have 36 percent of abortions.

 Planned Parenthood ‘Supercenter’ To Be In A Black Neighborhood

So What Does Harrisburg Know About Sex?

So What Does Harrisburg Know About Sex? —, yesterday, reported that state lawmakers were mulling mandatory sex education in public schools. While the story didn’t mention a bill number, HB 1163 was the only one found in a search for “sex education” at the website for the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

Granted we might think our elected officials are experts on the matter of sex due to their amazing skill at finding imaginative ways of, well, giving it to us taxpayers, but one is puzzled at why they think it best to place a new mandate on public schools.

Oh yeah, I forgot, silly me. They are good at finding imaginative ways etc.

Still with this one you would think that they would have figured  that we, their masters, had caught on to this game. Sex education is sold as a means of curtailing unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease, yet in  just about every place where it has been instituted those problems increase.

And with revelations of Alfred Kinsey’s motives and the rise of social conservatism which led to success being found in doing the opposite of what Kinsey crowd advocated — even the stupid bill itself recognizes that there have been state and national declines in teenage pregnancy and STDs — it is mind-boggling that this is even being talked about.

So What Does Harrisburg Know About Sex?

Why Did Kennedy Want Communion Anyway?

Why Did Kennedy Want Communion Anyway? — The controversy involving Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) and Bishop Thomas Tobin who heads the diocese in which Kennedy lives raises the question as to why the Congressman would think the matter is important.

On Feb. 21, 2007, the Bishop told the Congressman he should not receive the sacrament of Holy Communion due to Kennedy’s political positions implicitly regarding abortion.

Kennedy revealed the action in an interview with The Providence Journal published Sunday describing it as a ban.

Bishop Tobin pointed out that it was a not a political but a pastoral action he took involving the Congressman and that he had not intended for it to be made public.

Catholic clergy generally don’t take much issue with politicians reluctant to pass laws turning women who have abortions into criminals. It’s when the politicians start trying to promote the act — calling it a “right”, funding it, distorting the motivations of opponents, giving abortionist privileges not available to real healers such as acting without parental consent or withholding parental notification —  that the Church notes that a line has been crossed.

Kennedy has clearly crossed it as have many other politicians  who call themselves Catholic and who seem offended at being forbidden the sacrament.

OTOH, if it’s hard for one to understand the teaching “Thou Shalt Not Kill” it’s probably impossible for one to understand transubstantiation.

Why Did Kennedy Want Communion Anyway?

Holy Crosses In Springfield Pa

A display of crosses has been placed on Springfield Road at Holy Cross Church in Springfield, Pa. with each representing a million surgical abortions that have occurred since attempts to restrict the act were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1973. There are 45 crosses.

Sestak Is Pro-Abortion

Congressman-Admiral Joe Sestak (D-Pa7) was among the 247 House members who voted down legislation, July 24, to not give federal tax money to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

The legislation was House Amendment 389 offered by Congressman Mike Pence (R In6) and would have  prohibited the money in H.R.3293
— the bill that sets the  appropriations for the Departments of Labor,Health and Human Services, and Education, and related agencies for thefiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2010 — to be available to Planned Parenthood for any purpose under title X of the Public Health Services Act.

While the money cannot be directly used for abortion, it can pay for administrative cost and other things and is basically a subsidy for the abortion industry.

To support tax-subsidies for abortion is pro abortion regardless of the spin.

Planned Parenthood gets about a third of its income — $349.6 million in FY 2008 according to Wikipedia — from government grants and contracts albeit not all from the federal government.

For the amendment go to: and search for H.AMDT.389 via bill number.


Sestak Is Pro-Abortion