Trump Extends Pell Grants; Black Colleges Benefit

Trump Extends Pell Grants; Black Colleges Benefit — Students at historically Black colleges had petitioned Barack Obama for years to make Pell Grants year-round for college students as many of them attend summer school.

Obama ignored this as was typical.

Trump approved this in less than two years and giving students fresh financial aid options, notes Deroy Murdock.

Hat tip Tom C.

Trump Extends Pell Grants

Sarah Honeychurch Attacked By The Sick And Evil

Sarah Honeychurch Attacked By The Sick And Evil — Swarthmore free speech activist Bob Small has informed us of some twisted news from the U.K.

Sarah Honeychurch, a fellow in the Adam Smith Business School at Glasgow University, has criticized an LGBT training program pushed by the rich and powerful in that country on the grounds that the claims it makes are “anti-scientific” yet are presented as an “objective fact.”

Pretty reasonable objection.

So why are there serious calls for her to lose her job?

Do sick and evil perverts predominate among the rich and powerful?

OK, silly question.

For the rest of us, let us stand up for the principle that bullies are always bad whether they are picking on a gay guy or attacking an honest dissenter speaking truth to power.

The program is run by the charity Stonewall.

Sarah Honeychurch Attacked By The Sick And Evil
Sarah Honeychurch Attacked By The Sick And Evil
And the real evil is ignored

Robert Hockett Unwillingness To Tell The Truth

Robert Hockett Unwillingness To Tell The Truth — Tucker Carlson of Fox News is one of the better interviewers and on Friday (Feb. 8), he sold pompous Cornell professor Robert Hockett enough rope to hang himself.

Hockett seems to be one of the puppet masters of new socialist darling Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY14) who is being marketed as AOC, an abbreviation of her name.

Robert Hockett Unwillingness To Tell The Truth
Click to enlarge and note the date.

Anyway, AOC released a bizarre manifesto on Feb. 5 calling for a Green New Deal in which she called for spending trillions to replace airplanes with trains, ban farting cows and provide “economic security to all who are unable or unwilling to work.”

Well Hockett sputtered she never said those thing and the phrase came from a “doctored document from someone other than us.”

It is truly amazing how easy it is for progressives to lie without shame.

The part about cow emissions. Click to enlarge.

Leaving aside the many contemporaneous reports of the phrase attributed to Ocasio-Cortez, there is an internet archive of it from her website. It can be found here.

Tucker’s interview can be seen below.

Robert Hockett Unwillingness To Tell The Truth

Paul Peters Ultra Marathons For Giving Tuesday

Paul Peters Ultra Marathons For Giving Tuesday — Giving Tuesday is a global day of philanthropy that falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (Nov. 27).

Manor College will mark the occasion by having attorney and ultra-marathoner Paul S. Peters run for 12 straight hours on treadmills.

“I decided to offer to help Manor College on Giving Tuesday due to my different connections to Manor, and love for Manor’s mission, values, and overall impact on students and Montgomery County,” says Peters. “I have the honor of serving Manor’s Board of Trustees on the Advancement Committee, which has allowed me to clearly learn the mission and values of Manor.  Manor also afforded me my first opportunity to teach, for which I am forever grateful.”

Peters will start at 7 a.m. He anticipates that he will run about at least two marathons over the course of the 12 hours, switching back and forth between two treadmills. Students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members will also participate.

“Through this somewhat quirky effort, we are going to have a fun time bringing together our entire campus community—students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends—to celebrate what makes Manor College a great place to be while supporting one another and bringing awareness to the need for student scholarship,” notes Director of Advancement, Kimberly Hamm.

Manor College, 700 Fox Chase Road, Jenkintown, has seen amazing evolution in the last three years. Despite declining trends in higher education, Manor has posted enrollment increase, financial stability, and greater philanthropic support.

Paul Peters Ultra Marathons For Giving Tuesday

Paul Peters Ultra Marathons For Giving Tuesday



Student Loan Debt $1.5 Trillion

Student Loan Debt $1.5 Trillion

By Chris Freind Student Loan Debt $1.5 Trillion

Ahh … spring. The time of year for renewal, flowers, baseball games – and sheer panic for many parents.

Why? Because May is college-decision month.

Sadly, instead of marveling about the possibilities that lay ahead, parents are left fretting about their children’s future – and their own.

While college has always been sold as a path to success, its staggering costs have resulted in a far different reality.

Truth is, the current system has outlived its usefulness, being directly responsible for increasing despair, destroying the earning capital of young people, and demoralizing an entire generation of college graduates living in their parents’ basements because of insurmountable debt – their liberty and dignity stripped away.

The numbers bear out the crisis:

• Student loan debt now stands at nearly $1.5 trillion (that’s trillion with a “T”). By the end of the next decade, that figure will be almost $3.5 trillion. The amount owed is now more than the total debt on credit cards, auto loans and mortgages.

• The average debt of 2016 graduates exceeds $37,000. And that’s not including graduate/law/medical school debts, which can easily be six figures.

• Not surprisingly, the default rate is skyrocketing. The balance defaulted on exceeds $137 billion – for which the taxpayers are on the hook, since the federal government subsidizes many of those loans. The similarities to the housing crisis are eerie.

Naturally, many are wondering if college is worth the investment. The majority believe otherwise, largely because so many college grads face a significant underemployment problem. Yet parents and students continue taking the plunge. To what end?

All their lives, children are told that they can achieve the American dream, with college playing a big part in that equation. But for so many, the truth crashes down hard after graduation, with massive debt and mediocre job prospects crushing hopes and dreams, often for decades.

It goes something like this: Work hard to impress colleges (get good grades, play three sports per season, pay for individual coaching, volunteer 30 hours a week, join 17 clubs, and open a nonprofit making flipflops for the world’s poor); graduate with a boatload of debt; discover that you need an advanced degree, which incurs more debt; realize that your expensive MBA landed you a job at a 1990s salary level; get married – but no kids until you move out of the 700-square-foot apartment; spend years paying down the debt, then several more building up equity for a house; be cash-poor for years thereafter; and end up having just one child despite wanting more – all while watching your marriage dangle precariously from the cliff (if you’re not already divorced) because of the stress trying to make ends meet.

Welcome to the generation with the dubious distinction of not doing better than their parents. And it’s only getting worse, as incomes are growing more slowly than the rate of tuition increases.

What can be done? Here are some ideas:

1. The college tuition/student debt situation, just like the nation’s $20 trillion debt, is a house of cards that will, with mathematical certainty, collapse. It’s not a question of if, but when, as the system is unsustainable. But since these problems are always pushed off to future generations, that point serves only as a harbinger of what to expect.

2. The problem lies in basic economic theory. The more something is subsidized, the more its price increases. Therefore, until the federal government’s gushing student loan spigot is turned down, colleges have no incentive to hold the line on tuition. And obviously, they haven’t. Since 1978, college tuition costs have risen 12-fold – more than 1,200 percent, compared with just 250 percent for food. Tuition even outpaced medical costs by a factor of two, which is really saying something. Between 2008-2010, public universities jacked up their rates an average of 15 percent, with some private colleges increasing even more. Time to break universities’ addition to the federal trough by restricting how much is loaned.

3. Since most colleges are nonprofit, and thus tax exempt, their lavish endowments should lose tax-free status unless two provisions are met: A) tuition costs do not increase by more than 2 percent per year, and B) the endowment does NOT grow by more than 6 percent in a given year. If either requirement is not met for that specific year, they would pay taxes on all gains and income – thereby creating an incentive to use such funds to control costs.

4. If colleges banded together to lower tuition, it would be illegal, with administrators likely prosecuted. Time to revisit that law so that collusion doesn’t apply to price reductions.

Without that reform, almost no school will reduce tuition for fear of being labeled “inferior.” Sure, applications would surge in the first year or two, but would decrease soon thereafter. How ironic. Despite our anger about college costs, we would feel that a lower-priced college wouldn’t be up to snuff. Don’t believe it? Gauge people’s reactions to the lowest-priced Mercedes or Porsche – right or wrong, many sneer (even if they can’t afford one), viewing them as a diluted “poor man’s” luxury car.

5. More college-level courses, both online and in high schools, should be offered, and colleges should be pressured to more readily accept the results. Yes, many high schools offer AP courses, but colleges, fully aware that they reduce a student’s tuition, often create needless obstacles for students to gain credit. And colleges should offer more competency tests to incoming freshmen so that they can “test out” of courses not related to their field, such as math courses for English majors. Striving for well-roundedness is one thing, but mandating pointless standards as a thinly-disguised money grab is unacceptable.

6. How about making highly compensated professors teach more than just a few hours per week? Seriously, how much “research” can they possibly be doing? It’s salt in the wound for parents paying $45,000 per year to learn that their child is being taught by a boring teaching assistant simply regurgitating slides, with students learning nothing except how to best sleep in classroom chairs.

7. Time to control the purse strings. This author is not a big advocate of federal mandates, but since virtually every college in the country accepts federal aid – in addition to federal student loans – there should be common sense stipulations. No federal loan should be used for a university’s capital projects. Dorms and salaries are one thing, but unlimited taxpayer money should not be spent on lavish, and often unnecessary, pet projects – costs that are then passed on to future students. Colleges must always improve to compete, but making them do so with non-federal money would generate a heretofore nonexistent accountability.

8. Tax breaks should be offered to companies sponsoring students specializing in fields beneficial to that business; in turn, students would commit to working for that company for a pre-determined time. Everyone wins: company, university, economy, and most of all, student.

Numerous other areas should be explored: Tuition-free community college; public universities selling assets not related to their core business; outsourcing services to the more efficient private sector; capping salaries and administrative costs; and employing graduates in public service programs to forgive debt. We could even consider a program where universities that fund students’ education would be entitled to a future cut of a graduate’s earnings – thus motivating the school to produce a superior product.

Congress has thus far earned an “F” when it comes to reining in exorbitant college tuitions. If our children, indeed our future, are going to have any shot at realizing the American dream, reforms must be implemented. And you don’t need a college degree to understand that.

Student Loan Debt $1.5 Trillion

Anti-Science Rules Academia

Anti-Science Rules Academia — A Penn prof has found that almost all papers published by scientific journals are propaganda.

Only one-tenth of 1 percent of the published works conform to the scientific method says J. Scott Armstrong, a professor of Marketing at the Wharton School. He says the criteria is well established  yet the works claiming to authoritatively reveal truths about nature blithely ignore them.

Why? Follow the money. Getting bucks in academia means telling those who control the grants what they want. Hence, bizarre claims ranging from sexual norms to falling skies are made by highly credentialed people causing policy to be emplaced impoverishing ourselves while enriching the connected.

Armstrong says there is a bright spot though.  Public Library of Science One actually follows scientific principles and has become the largest journal based on papers published.

Anti-Science Rules Academia

Anti-Science Rules Academia



Nova Prof Kills Skewed Gaming Study

Nova Prof Kills Skewed Gaming Study — A Villanova psychology professor has helped cause the retraction of a highly influential report that claimed video games caused violence.

Nova Prof Kills Skewed Gaming Study
Beware the battle cattle but don’t fear the battle cattle.

Psychology prof Dr. Patrick Markey, along with Dr. Malte Elson of Ruhr University  found that “‘Boom, headshot!?’: Effect of Video Game Play and Controller Type on Firing Aim and Accuracy” had numerous irregularities that suggested it was skewed towards a predetermined conclusion.

The paper by Dr. Brad Bushman, who teaches psychology at Ohio State, and Jodi L. Whitaker, who was his Ph.D. student, was published in Communication Research and the conclusions were repeated by establishment media.

So kudos Dr. Markey for keeping academia honest. You make us want to go out in the street and belt out a verse of Rise Rapture Rise.

Nova Prof Kills Skewed Gaming Study

George Ciccariello-Maher Self Loathing Is Not Funny

George Ciccariello-Maher Self Loathing Is Not Funny — Drexel history assistant professor George Ciccariello-Maher tweeted on Christmas Eve: “All I want for Christmas is White Genocide”.

He doubled down on the holiday itself tweeting: “To clarify: when the whites were massacred during the Haitian revolution, that was a good thing indeed.”

Now the poor little snowflake is getting all sorts of grief from the general citizenry, and his employer has scheduled a meeting with him after calling what he did “utterly reprehensible” and “deeply disturbing”.

The  consequences of Ciccariello-Maher’s actions should be handled in a business-like and impersonal way, much as a plumbing firm would if it became known that one of its employees didn’t know how to change a washer.

Does this guy being on the faculty make it more or less likely for parents to shell out $52,037 per year — not counting room and board — to send their kid to this private institution in West Philadelphia?

George Ciccariello-Maher Self Loathing Is Not Funny

Just business, Georgie. You  would find a better way of assuaging your white guilt anyway. How about getting a job with the city school district and teaching 10th graders at MLK?  OK, bad idea as it would be very unfair to the kids. How, about getting a janitorial job there and cleaning the toilets? There you go, guilt problem solved and you don’t screw up any lives by professing garbage.

By the way, the Haitian genocide of 1804 and Nat Turner’s Rebellion in 1831 did a pretty good job of squelching abolitionist movements in states with large slave populations and leading to misery that could have been ended decades earlier than it was.

Of course, as a history professor you knew that right? LOL.

George Ciccariello-Maher Self Loathing Is Not Funny

Professor Watch List Compiled

Turning Point USA is compiling a Professor Watch List of those in academia who are more interested in propaganda than education, and squelching dissent rather than engaging those with different views.

You can find it here.

There is always a danger in the pendulum swinging too far the other way and it should be made clear that it is not liberal teachers that should be driven from the academy but bad and dishonest ones. As bad and dishonest ones, however, have been defended for more than a generation lists like this are necessary.Professor Watch List Compiled

Hat tip Donna Ellingsen.

Professor Watch List Compiled

Morgan State Professor Sows Division

Morgan State Professor Sows Division –Lawrence Brown, an assistant professor in the Public Health Department at Morgan State University in Baltimore, thinks of himself as an oppressed black man.

He says “white allies should deposit their unearned wealth into black accounts“.

Well, considering his obviously unearned salary is funded by tax dollars from “white allies”, one kind of wonders what more does he want.

Brown is a childish idiot who is looking for attention by saying shocking things with the expectation of praise from other childish idiots.

He is not fit to hold a respected title.

Hopefully, the Trump administration takes a far harder line on public funds for “higher” education and limits disbursement to fields that can show objective results, or at least not sent to people sowing division like this guy. Morgan State Professor Sows Division

By the way, the phrase “white privilege’ so beloved by those who want to banish thought should be banished itself and replaced with “father privilege”.  Children raised in homes where a loving father is present are far more likely to to have success i.e. become “privileged” than those who are not. When 70 percent of human beings who describe themselves as “black” are raised in homes sans father, far fewer will end up “privileged” than from groups were most are raised in traditional families.

We don’t know much about “Professor” Brown’s background but if one had to bet, the safe bet is that he doesn’t have father privilege.

Hat tip Mary Ellen.

Morgan State Professor Sows Division