In-Q-Tel Is CIA Venture Fund back on Jan. 12 carried a fascinating article on In-Q-Tel, an influential venture fund started in 1999 that sits on many Wall Street boards. It was instrumental in starting Google and Facebook.

The Q in In-Q-Tel

It’s funded by the CIA.

Was the tax appropriation for this commercial subsidy and market involvement — wonder how MySpace and AltaVista feel — spelled out by Congress?

Doubt it. Did you know that our government has apparently spent $21 trillion off the books since 1998?

For what it’s worth, that’s about what our national debt is for which we are paying $365 billion in interest, expected to increase to $447 billion next year.

We’re just reporting this to make you feel warm and comfortable that you have a Big Brother looking out for you.

The Q in In-Q-Tel  is an intentional reference to Q, the fictional inventor who supplies technology to James Bond.

Culture Of Life Fashion Statement

Culture Of Life Fashion Statement — Journalist, political pontributor and now Mommy Activist Carla D’Addesi and her daughters were tired of feeling excluded from the Fashion industry due to harmful styles, anti-life and even messaging that is anti-women.

“Many brands proudly support anti-family and anti-life organizations with their profits and we just felt guilty spending our money on apparel that went against our core values,” said Mrs. D’Addesi. “My daughters and I joked that we should either start our own Fashion Line or begin sewing our own clothes.”

COL1972 was created around the dinner table one evening. COL1972 stands for Culture of Life and the year 1972, the last year that we enjoyed a culture of life in the USA.

“1973 is the year that our Supreme Court chose that our tiniest people would not have the right to life,” Mrs. D’Addesi said.

Since 1973, 60 million people have not had the right to life.

“We dreamed of a Fashion brand that celebrated all life! Life is AMAZING would be the message on every item and reflected in every insta post and twitter tweet…because LIFE really is glamorous and is ALWAYS in STYLE,” she said.

This is a brand that is Dad approved but also kid approved! This is guilt-free shopping that is healthy for the mind, body and soul!

Interesting that Celine Dion, also launched a Fashion line about the same time as COL1972. Dion’s messaging is all black, dark and apparel is covered with horns and eyes for our children. Clearly, one Fashion brand is harmful to our youth, families and culture…while the other is encouraging! Happy! Fun!

COL1972 is filling a gap in our Fashion industry.

COL1972 Foundation is the charitable arm of the brand and gives back to organizations that Celebrate all Life. COL1972 is sponsoring the March for Life and the Students for Life annual Conference this January.

The brand has been well received. Upon launching Jan. 1, many COL1972 items are already sold out.

“We hope to create a tribe! A posse! A community! We are risk takers and readers. We are artist and thinkers. We are dreamers and influencers. All united by the belief that every LIFE is priceless,” said Mrs. D’Addesi.

COL1972 products can be found here. AlsoFollow COL1972 on twitter, FB, Insta and YouTube.

Follow Carla D’Addesi @CarlaDaddesi on FB, twitter and

Culture Of Life Fashion Statement

Nationalist Plus Socialist Equals Nazi

Nationalist Plus Socialist Equals Nazi — Children, remember: Nationalist is only Nazi when you add Socialist.

Also remember, the old media tell lies.

Hey did you know that Abraham Lincoln supported high tariffs? He signed bills that led to placing our tariffs at 38 percent and 48 percent. This tariff scheduled remained in effect until 1913 during which time America became the greatest economic power in history.

(And we didn’t have an income tax.)

Nationalist Plus Socialist Equals Nazi

Nationalist Plus Socialist Equals Nazi
No, no podemos con el socialismo





Boeing MH-139 To Be Built In Delco, Philly

Boeing MH-139 To Be Built In Delco, Philly — Boeing has won a $2.4 billion contract to replace UH-1 N Huey helicopters that were icons in the Vietnam War and which are now tasked to guard U.S. nuclear missile bases.

The new MH-139 is derived from the Italian AW139, a commercial helicopter developed by AgustaWestland, which is now a subsidiary of Italy’s Leonard S.p.A.

It’s a big boon for the Philadelphia area.

The choppers will be assembled at Leonard’s plant in Northeast Philadelphia with the military stuff added at Boeing’s Ridley Park facility.

Boeing MH-139 To Be Built In Delco, Philly

Boeing MH-139

Prodigy And Sears’ Ironic Bankruptcy

Prodigy And Sears Ironic Bankruptcy
It’s the Willis Tower now.

Prodigy And Sears’ Ironic Bankruptcy — Sears, once the world’s largest retailer with the world’s tallest building, filed for bankruptcy today, Oct. 15, and is about to disappear.

Some are crediting Amazon and it’s use of mail order and the internet. The irony is that Sears became the Goliath of its day through mail order and catalogs, and that Sears through it’s involvement with the the online service Prodigy was an pioneer in the internet and e-commerce.

Prodigy And Sears Ironic Bankruptcy



New Balance American Made And Loving It

New Balance American Made And Loving It
Guess the shoes we choose to use.

New Balance American Made And Loving It — If you seek footwear and a conscience clean of exploiting underpaid, underage, mistreated workers, we’d like to point out that New Balance has a strong US manufacturing presence and  that we have found their comfort and quality to be far superior to Nike.

Yes, Nike is an oppressor. No, we aren’t cherry picking. You really should be ashamed if you buy their products.

We take warmth in knowing, though, that Nike will always remember murderer Gary Gilmore’s last words as it sports towards its hipster-fueled  corporate demise.

New Balance American Made And Loving It

June 5 Marks CEO Retirements

June 5 Marks CEO Retirements — June 5 has certainly been interesting in the world of business. Two politically active anti-Trump billionaire CEOs picked today to announce their retirements. David Koch is stepping down from Koch Industries and the open-border activist group Americans for Prosperity Foundation, and totally woke Howard Schultz is quitting Starbucks.

It’s a coincidence worth nothing.

June 5 Marks CEO Retirements

Pope Says Redistribute Wealth

Padula Media Art of Business

Unionville High grad Thomas Padula has started Padula Media LLC.  He works with with real estate teams, brokers, businesses, and organizations to help with their marketing needs. He has completed promotional videos, commercials, 360 tours, and standard photography.

Check out his Art of Business video below:

Padula Media Art of Business

Padula Media Art of Business


Home Contracting Costs Shaved With Springfield Man’s MyBidPortal

Home Contracting Costs Shaved With Springfield Man’s MyBidPortal

Home Contracting Costs Shaved
Brian Murphy at a customer’s.

A Springfield  man’s plan is already shaving thousands from plumbing, heating and air conditioning  costs for homeowners throughout Southeast Pennsylvania and it’s just a few months old.

Brian Murphy, a master plumber, began earlier this year. The concept is simple. A homeowner fills an online form about the kind of work desired. A MyBidPortal  representative consults with the homeowner by phone, online or via an at home visit. A system is selected  and the rep then requests bids from local rated installation professionals.

A professional seeking work sees the request on MyBidPortal and submits a bid. Once MyBidPortal gets multiple competing bids the homeowner is contacted. The homeowner compares the pricing with the latest MyBidPortal score and picks a pro.

The bidders are blind to each others offers.

Murphy says these pros are screened either by himself or one of his 11 agents before being allowed to submit bids on MyBidPortal, and their work is reviewed quarterly. The screening and reviews include interviews with their previous customers, ensuring that licenses and insurance are up to date, and observing them at job sites.

Customers are not charged for work requests. MyBidPortal takes a small percent of the fee from the contractor when the bid is accepted.

Murphy says savings for customers are often $4,000-plus for major jobs. Advantages to the contractor include far less idle time and far less expensive leads and sales commissions.

Among the ways Murphy has been promoting his business is with how-to videos YouTube which can be found here.

Murphy has been doing plumbing and HVAC work for more than three decades. With the growing success of MyBidPortal in his line, he says he is working with his wife, Holly, to expand the concept to retail.


Home Contracting Costs Shaved With Springfield Man’s MyBidPortal




Steel Mill Reopens, God Bless President Trump

Steel Mill Reopens, God Bless President Trump
MAGA is happening.

Steel Mill Reopens, God Bless President Trump — This is for all the Trump haters. It’s certainly not something you will likely hear via your local media.

The first few paragraphs of an April 24 2016 story from Crain’s Cleveland:

If there’s a city that encompasses the repercussions of the steel downturn, it’s Lorain.

The city is home to two large steel plants, one of which is currently shut down. The other is only running one of its three mills, according to the union. Both have left hundreds without jobs and will contribute to a likely budget shortfall for the city.

The issues plaguing the plants aren’t unique. The steel industry has been facing oversupply globally; domestically, producers have also been struggling with a strong dollar and low oil prices driving down demand for drilling-related products.

“It’s going to be a rough couple years,” said Brian Sealy, staff representative for the United Steelworkers.

Sealy, who worked in the Lorain plants for about 20 years before joining the USW staff, said he hasn’t seen a downturn like this since at least 2009, when the entire economy took a dive. Even then, both mills “limped along” instead of shutting down, he said.

Canton-based Republic Steel shut its Lorain plant at the end of March and is just keeping security and a few people on site to protect its assets.

Now the first few graphs from a story carried by Thursday. (March 8, 2018)

In response to President Trump signing proclamations Thursday imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, Republic Steel has announced plans to restart its Lorain facility.

The move would bring back more than 1,000 jobs to the Lorain plant, which will be positioned to restart its idled electric arc furnace, casters, and rolling mills on short notice.


Republic currently has open capacity at its Canton melt shop. Restarting the Lorain facility would provide more than a million tons of new production capacity. The company anticipates that it would take a few months to hire and train employees and restart its idled equipment.

God bless President Trump. MAGA.

Steel Mill Reopens, God Bless President Trump