Royal Farms Glenolden Store Is A Hit

Royal Farms Glenolden Store Is A Hit

Royal Farms Glenolden Store Is A Hit

By Kate Rainey

Today, May 16, is the First Anniversary of the opening of Royal Farms on 145 N. MacDade Blvd, Glenolden.

The Wawa competitor was was founded in 1959 by Baltimore’s Cloverland Dairy. The company, owned by third generation Kemp family, started in 1918 delivering milk by horse and wagon to Maryland homes. Today it is known for their “World Famous Chicken” and has over 170 locations in the Mid-Atlantic.

Royal Farms Glenolden Store Is A Hit
Matthew and Colin at the Royal Farms Glenolden.

Colin, a cashier who has been working at the store since March said nothing special was being done for the anniversary.

“The company is busy opening other stores,” he said.

There are 16 new stores listed on the website, along with four locations under construction, which includes their first to open in New Jersey.

The other Delaware County stores are on Stewart Avenue in Ridley Park just across from Boeing which opened in January 2015, and at 314 Market St., Aston, which opened in July.

Last week when I tried this store for the first time, I had a $5 coupon for their $13.99 eight piece chicken. Advertised as “always fresh, never frozen – lightly breaded and pressure cooked in trans fat free cooking oil,” it was moist, crisp and well seasoned. The only disappointment was there is MSG in it.

Upon arrival, the server behind the open kitchen announced they had to cook more chicken and there would be a 10 minute wait. Because I didn’t get my number, I missed that round and then had another 10 minute wait. When I went to check out,  didn’t charge me due to the long wait. He also returned the coupon to be used again.

When I returned for my second visit, I found Ray who I met the first time.

He was having an egg white and cheese biscuit sandwich ($1.69), and has been a daily customer for the last four months.

“Part of the Royal Farms experience is coming in here to relax,” said Ray of Crum Lynne. “The Royal Farms Reserve coffee is really good.”

A retired professor, Ray, became a patron for the “cheap gas,” which is $2.42 for regular. This store, which is 5,100 square feet with high ceilings, has 16 fueling stations. The kitchen also serves hand cut fried western fries, hot and cold subs, wraps and other side dishes. There is a variety of fresh brewed coffee that is served 24 hours.

According to Colin, the coupons that went out in flyers earlier this month have brought in a lot of new customers. Because of the seating area, unique menu and positive interactions with employees, I would return for this fast food. It is a different adventure than WaWa, which had it’s first store built down the street in 1964.

Royal Farms Glenolden Store Is A Hit

Dave Magrogan Flees Philly Over Regs, Taxes

Dave Magrogan Flees Philly Over Regs, Taxes
Not the best place for business.

Dave Magrogan Flees Philly Over Regs, Taxes — Noted restaurateur Dave Magrogan is saying farewell Philly with the closing of his last restaurant in the city, Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar at 40th and Walnut Streets.

He cites paid sick leave, city wage tax, the soda tax, and other city regulations.

He says he is going to stick to the suburbs.

And Florida, where he open an establishment in Delray Beach around New Year’s.

Only two types let Democrats take control of government — masochists and fools.

OK, three types. There are also soulless liars out to get rich and who know how to take advantage of masochists and fools.

Dave Magrogan Flees Philly Over Regs, Taxes



Carrier Deal Crony Capitalism Not

Carrier Deal Crony Capitalism Not
Tax cuts coming for all.

Carrier Deal Crony Capitalism Not — Some — including some conservatives —are calling Donald Trump’s Carrier deal that kept about a thousand jobs from moving from Indiana to Mexico “crony capitalism.”

The deal gives Carrier about $6 million in tax credits over 10 years along with a $1 million training grant.

Since when do tax cuts upset conservatives? You say it is unfair to other businesses? We suspect any business willing to spend  $16 million-plus to save a facility can drive a similar bargain.

What Trump did to save Carrier is not the cronyism that has poisoned our economy. The Carrier deal is not the same as spending $400 million in tax money to save an obsolete shipyard. It is not giving $188 million in tax money so Jeff Lurie can preen on TV.  It isn’t this garbage passed by the Pennsylvania Legislature back in 2012 that bestowed millions in public subsidies on chosen favorites.

High taxes, health care costs and regulation are why businesses flee the U.S. Any tax cut is a good thing. We fully expect that what Carrier and its employees got is what all U.S. businesses and their employees are going to get when The Donald is inaugurated.

Carrier Deal Crony Capitalism Not

MyPillow Settles $1 Million Lawsuit

MyPillow Settles $1 Million Lawsuit — Sad news. MyPillow has agreed to settle a civil lawsuit brought by several California consumer-protection groups for $1 million.

The groups claimed that the pillows really didn’t cure insomnia, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis.

Oh, how could they have led so many astray.

The company based in Chaska, Minn was  founded in 2004 by Michael Lindell and uses a patented open-cell, poly-foam design.

MyPillow Settles $1 Million LawsuitHopefully, this legal issue doesn’t prevent Lindell from airing his  commercials on so many different media. We know one person who would be truly heart-broken judging by the passionate commentary he provides each time he sees one.

MyPillow Settles $1 Million Lawsuit

Auto Subscribe Makes Bad Service Pay

Auto Subscribe Makes Bad Service Pay — Several years ago we accepted an offer from AOL, found the service lacking and went on with our lives. Months later we noticed their charges continued to appear on our credit card statements and tried to cancel. We found we couldn’t do it due to long waits and disconnections and such. We resorted to going to our credit card company and having them stop the automatic payments.

AOL, wouldn’t take no, however, and sent us threatening letters. It only backed off after we made a complaint to the state attorney general’s office.

What brings back these memories is a brief blurb in the December/January Popular Mechanics called “The Impossible Cancellation” in which Gary Dell’Abate describes the difficulty he had in cancelling the $7 month fee he was paying to Microsoft for his son’s Xbox Live account. He said the hold times were eternal. He eventually resorted to cancelling it through his credit card company as we did.

Corporate pigs have obviously found a way to make bad service pay.

There are legislative solutions. Auto-subscriptions could be limited by law to a year or six months, for instance, with client permission needed for each extension. Auto Subscribe Makes Bad Service Pay

Or a market solution could be pursued. Credit card companies could separate automatic payments on their bills and put them in bigger type while informing sellers than the customer will always be considered right in any auto-payment disputes.

Regardless bad service should never be rewarded.

Auto Subscribe Makes Bad Service Pay

Best Mulch Won’t Back Down

Best Mulch Won’t Back Down — Mike Makowski put up a large Trump/Pence sign at his business on Route 322, Best Mulch, in Concord, Pa.

Best Mulch Won't Back Down
Lock her up.

An irate, obviously well-to-do, customer called and said she would never do business with him again.

Mike responded by adding an effigy of Hillary in jail and then put a video of him building it on YouTube. He used the recording of the rich lady’s hateful threats as the sound track.

You can see it below.

And if you need mulch here is his website.

Hat tip Gateway Pundit
Mike Makowski and Best Mulch of Concordville Pa. Won’t Back Down. Hillary Clinton is now in jail on Route 322 giving joy to motorists who care about their country.

Trump Train Rolls Out Of Cleveland

Trump Train Rolls
Uniter not a divider.

Trump Train Rolls — With the Republican Convention over, all should be on the Trump train unless, perhaps, one is a government civil employee or otherwise milking the public cow.

Donald Trump’s acceptance speech, last night, was long, substantive, extraordinarily unifying  and consistent what he had been saying for the last 16 months. Trump has been remarkably consistent, in fact, regarding what he thinks is wrong with the country and how he plans to fix things.

The scary thing is that the simple, common-sense solutions he advocates have not merely been ignored for the last two decades but out-and-out condemned by our political and media leaders.

Also remarkable were Trump’s children. We cannot recall any candidate’s child ever giving such detailed, meaningful conventions speeches, much less three of them.

Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka are products of the first marriage so give a hand to Ivana, too.

The most significant speech, last night, apart from Trump’s, was made by Silicon Valley businessman Peter Thiel, who baldly said he was proudly gay.

Theil also baldly said that “fake culture wars only distract us from our economic decline.”

And this baldly applies to those pushing incredibly stupid and unpopular laws that would open public ladies rooms to all and make businesses unmanageable by drastically increasing the protected class  when they should have been fighting for pension reform and to keep an unbalanced budget from passing.

Are you listening Scott Wagner?

Trump Train Rolls

Free Food At Dental Open House

Free Food At Dental Open House — A Philadelphia dental practice will combine patient healthy food information with new dental procedures at a free open house Saturday, June 25, 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The event will be held in the offices of Sukoneck & Wilson P.C., 2401 Pennsylvania Ave., Suite 1A8, Phila. (215-765-5281).

Present will be Whitney Ingram, host of the weekly Philadelphia radio show, “Food Talk”.

Also present will be Dr. Rick Wilson and Dr. Shu-Zhen Kuang.

The free event will include seeing and learning of the latest pain-free dental equipment.

A free buffet, photos with Ms. Ingram and free take-home dental-related gifts will be offered.

RSVP’s to rsvp@smilephiladelphian are appreciated.

Wagner Doubles Down On Open Ladies Rooms

Wagner Doubles Down On Open Ladies Rooms — An email has been forwarded to us from Pennsylvania State Sen. Scott Wagner (R-28) in which he doubles down in support of legislation which most feel will mandate opening traditional private places for females in schools and businesses to males claiming to be women.

The bill is SB 974 i.e. The Pennsylvania Fairness Act, which has remained stuck — hopefully permanently — in The State Government committee since being introduced Sept. 8.

Sister legislation HB 1510 remains similarly and thankfully entangled in the House.

Wagner in his missive correctly notes that the bills were introduced before the open ladies room controversy happened and insists it won’t change anything with regard to state law.

That’s naive. Just because Wagner couldn’t see what was coming doesn’t mean the powerful interests who lobbied for the bill didn’t. And how, exactly, does a bill “prohibiting discrimination against LGBT individuals as it relates to . . . public accommodations” exempt public restrooms?

And school locker rooms?

Sports teams?

Most troubling, though, is that Wagner, who has generally championed the needs of business, supported SB 974 knowing full-well it expanded “protected classes“.

Being in a protected class does not help one find employment. Just consider the employment rates for those in a “protected class” verses those who aren’t.

This is not due to bigotry. This is due to self preservation. A small business-owner will bend over backwards to avoid hiring a person from a “protected class” because it is exponentially harder to fire one in that class if that person turns out to be a bad employee.

Now, if one has a company that has grown big enough to have its own HR department fully able to keep up with the latest in employment law and do the appropriate record keeping of employee failings some of the risk is mitigated but if one is part of a three-man LLC and has to do the hiring and firing face to face along with a thousand other things, this is the type of government interference that causes ulcers.

As someone who has run a business and who has hired gays knowing full well they were gay  — really, Scott where do you think gays are more inclined to seek employment, journalism/advertising or trash collection? — employee sex lives are not an issue for the vast majority of business owners. Show up on time and meet deadlines. Everyone is happy. Special protection does not help anybody yet probably hurts everyone.

Wagner Doubles Down On Open Ladies Rooms
Senator Special Snowflake?

And one more thing Senator. The “special snowflake” stuff does not become you. If you think you are being “bullied” or “intimidated” when angry constituents contact you, you probably should stick to trash collection.

Here is Sen. Wagner’s email:

Over the past several months, my office has received hundreds of phone calls and emails regarding my co-sponsorship of SB 974, The Pennsylvania Fairness Act. This legislation would add sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act, effectively prohibiting discrimination against LGBT individuals as it relates to employment, housing, and public accommodations.
I have been asked to remove my name as a co-sponsor of SB 974 because of recent events in the news related to how bathrooms are dealt with in other states, as well as President Obama’s recent directive regarding schools and Title IX funding.

Let me be very clear – I will not be removing my name from this legislation. Allow me to explain why.

As an employer and a Pennsylvanian, I believe that everyone should be treated fairly and with dignity.

As an employer, I do not care what your sexual preference is as long as you perform at or beyond the required expectations of your job. The fact remains that without this legislation there are a group of citizens that can legally be fired or overlooked because of their sexual orientation instead of their job performance. This is a step in the right direction to ensure workers are not being discriminated against.

This is why I put my name on this legislation, and this is what I will continue to work toward. The fact that attempts have been made to intimidate me and other supporters of SB 974 to try to get us to remove our co-sponsorships of this legislation and are trying to change the conversation to make it about men in women’s bathrooms should not deter us from our goal.

Cities all across Pennsylvania have had ordinances similar to SB 974 for well over 20 years without a single issue as it relates to bathrooms. From a very practical perspective, SB 974 changes absolutely nothing about the way that bathrooms are dealt with, in spite of claims to the contrary that are full of legalese and references to court decisions from states with laws that are very different from Pennsylvania’s.

I believe that it is critical that we find a way to treat LGBT people with the dignity and fairness that they deserve – that we all deserve. I am equally committed to work with concerned groups to find ways to improve the legislation. If there are valid concerns related to individuals with deeply held religious convictions, we should work to fix them. If there are real, concrete concerns with the way that bathrooms will be handled, we should listen.

What we should not do, however, is completely abandon all efforts to gain fairness for the LGBT community. What we should not do is use fear as a tool to attempt to bully legislators into just giving up on this important issue.

Those of you that know me, know this – I will not be bullied.

I encourage those of you with serious concerns about this legislation to continue to contact me so that we can continue our work on this issue. My staff and I have spent a great deal of time with interest groups on both sides of this issue attempting to find a way to accomplish everyone’s goals, and we will continue to do so.

I know that fellow Pennsylvanians share my commitment to make our great Commonwealth a state that is open and welcoming to everyone, whether that means changing our Human Relations Act or addressing our oppressive tax and regulatory systems.

I appreciate your support, and look forward to continuing the effort to create a better Pennsylvania with everyone.

Wagner Doubles Down On Open Ladies Rooms