Christos Voskrese 2012

Christos Voskrese 2012Father John Ciurpita  gives the traditional blessing of the baskets Easter Sunday outside Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church on Penn Street in Clifton Heights, Pa. 
Christos Voskrese 2012 — Christos voskrese, which means Christ has Risen, is the Easter greeting in Church Slavonic which brings the response Voistinu voskrese or Indeed, He has risen.
Easter, of course, celebrates the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus and the salvation of Man.
The date for Easter is the Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox, which is always reckoned, regardless of astronomical observations, to be March 21 as per the Western churches that use the Gregorian calendar, so Easter always falls between March 22 and April 25.
The dating for Easter correlates with the means the Jews once used to set the date for Passover, which correlates with Scripture since Scripture indicates that the Crucifixion of the Lord occurred as the lambs were being slaughtered for the celebration of that holiday.
In fact, in most Western languages the name for the day is a cognate of the Pesach which is the Hebrew name for Passover. In Latin it would be Pascha so Paschal lamb would be Passover lamb.
In English and German, the word comes from Eostre month, which was basically April, and which the pagans who spoke Germanic languages had named for the goddess Eostre much as our own March and April are named for the Greek god and goddess Mars and Aphrodite, respectively.
In Slavic, the holiday is called “Great Night” (Velikonoce in Slovak) or “Great Day” (Velikden in Ukrainian).
There are some caveats regarding the date. The Eastern churches that use the Julian calendar set the equinox  at April 3, and, of course, the spring equinox is based on that of the Northern Hemisphere.
So, Christos Voskrese.

Obama Catholic Solution Clueless

Obama Catholic Solution Clueless — Below is a left wing newspaper’s take on  Obama “solution”,if you care to read it.

Having the Catholic hospital or college insurance company pick up the tab for the morning after pill or contraceptives is misguided.

1)most catholic affiliated institutions are self-funded with regard to insurance.
So a Catholic institution would have to find and negotiate a price with an independent  insurance provider to provide for this cost.Talk about asking the Church to act in this overtly hypocritical  manner is an affront!

2)Where there isn’t self insurance ,to think that an insurance company isn’t going to pass along these added costs,to its other subscribers, Catholic and non-catholic is duplicious.

3)The Secular Humanist talking point is to stress this as a”woman’s health issue” is bogus whith so many Planned Parenthood offices throughout the USA.

IMO:when you think of the “compromise”,it is is 100% politically driven.
Which is to say,if Obama wins the election,he will reverse his “compromise”
Don’t forget  Obama’s  attitude on health care.NO COMPROMISE!!!
Wake up America

Obama Anti-Catholic Mandate Petition

Obama Anti-Catholic Mandate Petition — An online petition has been started at asking the Obama Administration to rescind their perversely anti-Catholic mandate requiring all Catholic employers to provide contraceptives/abortifacients to their employees.

The petition — which can be found here — has a goal of getting 25,000 names by Feb. 27. As of this post it has 22,333.


Obama Anti-Catholic Mandate Petition

Goldman Sachs Backs Mitt Gay Marriage

Goldman Sachs Backs Mitt Gay Marriage — reported, Feb. 1,  that Goldman Sachs Group  workers contributed $106,580 to Mitt Romney’s presidential bid in the fourth quarter of last year and that  Goldie is his largest source of  campaign bucks at a half-million total so far.

Goldman Sachs does like to spread its money around. It gave boatloads to Barack Obama and got Timothy Geithner as secretary of the treasury in return, along with a whole lot of bonus people.

And it gave boatloads to George W. Bush, and got Henry “TARP ’em” Paulson as secretary of the treasury along with a whole lot of bonus people. Bush, by the way, was the one who picked Geithner for  president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

In other Goldman Sachs news, its CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, became the first national corporate spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign, a homosexual advocacy group.

Blankfein made this video for them declaring his support for anal-sex marriage.


 Goldman Sachs Backs Mitt Gay Marriage

Mexicans Address Manners At Mass

Mexicans Address Manners At Mass This appeared in Sunday’s, Jan. 29, bulletin of Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church in Clifton Heights Pa.

A priest in Mexico City is recommending Catholics turn off their cell phones, dress appropriately and arrive on time in order to participate more fully in the Mass.

In an article entitled “Good Manners In God’s House,” published by the Archdiocese of Mexico City’s News Service on Jan. 16, Father Sergio Roman said Mexican Catholics should remember where they are when they attend Mass on Sundays.

“Don’t smoke, don’t eat or drink at church. Don’t chew gun or stick it under the pews. Don’t chatter with others. Don’t pray your own personal prayers out loud,” the priest wrote.

“Take a bath, remove your hats, dress properly, because the Mass is a celebration. Respect the postures called for by the liturgy,” he added. “Give up your seat for an elderly person or for a woman. If you dose off at least don’t snore. Mind your manners!”

Fr. Roman also responded to complaints about babies crying during the Mass, saying that while sometimes parents are at fault for not taking their babies out of the church, “We cannot prohibit families with children from attending Mass.”

To do so would be to betray “the love the church proclaims for the family.” However, we can teach mothers and fathers to take them outside for a few minutes until they calm down,” he said.

“My sacristan has a basket of lollipops which he discretely hands out to children who are crying,” the priest noted. “Little by little, children will understand that the Mass requires that they be on their best behavior.”

Fr. Roman underscored that in almost every parish there is a liturgy team made up of lay people who volunteer to serve the congregation, and he invited Mexican Catholics to participate as lectors, ushers and assistants at their local parishes.

The Mass is your Mass. Look at it this way so that you can experience it more deeply,” he said.

One suspects that there are a whole lot of American parishes saying, “gee I wish we had these problems.”

Mexicans Address Manners At Mass

Mexicans Address Manners At Mass

Obama Sneers Catholic Faith-Based Exemption

Obama Sneers Catholic Faith-Based Exemption — The Obama administration has turned down repeated requests from Catholic bishops, hospitals, schools and charitable organizations to revise its religious exemption to the requirement that all health plans cover contraceptives and sterilization free of charge.

This could indicate that the Obama administration is filled with anti-Catholic bigots but that may not be the case. It could very well be that its hope is that the Catholic Church is driven to end these services further strengthening the government monopoly.

Regardless of the reason Catholics better wake up and end their love affair with the Democrat Party.


Obama Sneers Catholic Faith-Based Exemption

Blame Lazy Catholicism for School Closings

Blame Lazy Catholicism for School Closings

By Chris Freind

The message from headquarters was sent to field agents worldwide:
“This is your mission, if you choose to accept it. Take one of the most
powerful institutions in the history of mankind and change it so
radically—in all the wrong ways—that in the span of 50 years, it will be
a shell of its former self, relegated to a backwater shaped only by the
sad ghosts of the past.”

Was this a Mission Impossible communiqué sent at the height
of the Cold War to implode the Soviet Union? Or a message pertaining to
another mammoth entity: the Roman Catholic Church? There is one
critical difference. The Soviets fell due to outside forces. The
Church, while admittedly having its fair share of outside “attackers,”
is falling from within, and most of its decline is entirely of its own

The above message could well have come from St. Peter’s Basilica in
1965. The “field agents?” Cardinals, bishops and priests. The objective:
Implement Vatican II.

The result? Disaster.

In the tumultuous 1960s, the world was on fire as secularism and
moral relativism were in vogue. Rather than standing its ground and
fighting those undesirable concepts, the Church went in the opposite
direction. In effect, Vatican II allowed Catholics to be “Catholic” in
pretty much any way they wanted, playing right into the hands of the
Woodstock culture. That carte-blanche decree served as a launching point
for the now-dominant “do whatever you want to do and whatever makes you
feel good without remorse” mentality.

In an instant, the things that made Roman Catholicism the world’s
dominant force vanished. To many, the “rock” upon which St. Peter built
the Church no longer seemed solid, but more “flexible.”

Some Church officials, to be sure, disagreed with the new direction,
but they were powerless to stop it. Not only were they forced to follow
orders, but in a much more practical sense, they were no longer able to
hold their flock accountable when the Church abandoned many of the
tenets that made it so attractive in the first place.

When a political party strives to become a very large “tent,” trying
to be all things to all people rather than affirming its platform—what it stands for—it
eventually becomes impotent. It’s one thing for a position to evolve as
circumstances change, so long as the basic belief structure isn’t
irreparably compromised as to make the original tenets unrecognizable.
When that occurs—and both U.S. political parties are guilty of it—no one is pleased, and people abandon the organization.

Has a football team ever won a championship when the coach told his
players to practice in “whatever way made them feel good”? Has a team
ever been successful after making mandatory team meetings optional? And
how long will a team remain a cohesive unit if players simply ignore the
coach’s play-calling and do their own thing?

Morale and pride mean everything in building a successful team or
institution, but they can only exist when sacrifice and dedication is demanded of the individuals who make up that entity. The only part of JFK’s inaugural address that people remember was when he demanded greatness of Americans by asking “what you can do for your country.”

The Church lost those things when it stopped demanding greatness from
its rank and file, instead letting folks off the hook by making things
“easier.” Holy Day of Obligation falls on a Saturday or Monday? You
don’t have to go to church that day; we’ll just make Sunday mass count
for both. Want to wear cut-off shorts, sports jerseys and flip-flops to church?
No problem. Fasting from meat on Fridays get in the way of ordering
sausage on your pizza? The hell with it. Just do it. We’ll eliminate
that rule, too.

The list goes on and on, and the more the Church gave in, the more
people stopped going to mass, and yes, the more parents stopped sending
their children to Catholic schools. Since the Church took away the
essence of Catholic identity—the very point of being a proud Roman
Catholic—what was the point of doing either?

And now, several generations later, the carnage is everywhere.

Mosques are full, as are many evangelical churches, and the Catholic churches are empty.

And in those evangelical churches, a significant percentage of the
congregation is former Catholics who left the Church not because it was
too “hard,” but because it stopped demanding.

Vocations are nonexistent; elderly out-of-touch priests have no
replacements; schools are being shuttered at a staggering rate that goes
way beyond this latest round of closings; and scandal and corruption
are rampant with no end in sight; more billion-dollar settlements loom.

And worst of all, the cover-ups continue, serving for many as the
final nail in the coffin. Why go to church to listen to a long-winded
uninsprational sermon about “morality” when your Church leaders actively stonewall investigations and protect society’s absolute worst—child predators?

So what does the Church do?

Despite all that baggage, the Church has fast-tracked Pope John Paul II to sainthood—faster
than anyone else in history. This was a man who either was asleep at
the switch during the height of the sex-abuse sandal, or chose to look
the other way. He could have aggressively rooted out the perpetrators
with a take-no-prisoners attitude, sending an unmistakable message that
the Church won’t tolerate pedophiles filling its ranks, regardless of
the dearth of priests. But he didn’t.

And recently, the Church rolled out language changes in the liturgy
that are ridiculous and inexplicable. Was it just another example of
how out-of-touch the Church has become, or a deliberate distraction, as
some theorize?

Either way, it doesn’t matter.

Until the Church implements real reforms that will start the road to recovery, the numbers will continue to dwindle.

What are they?

For starters, demand more of its followers. Don’t
cower behind the “if I demand that people dress better for Church, they
won’t come at all” mentality. Make them look presentable and act
appropriately when entering the House of God—or tell them they aren’t

Motivate the flock by relating to them, not talking in platitudes with rhetoric that puts the congregation to sleep.

Make it tougher to be a Catholic. Be the religious
equivalent of the Marines. Sure, a kid taking the forbidden cookie
wants it, but deep down, he is really looking for discipline. And sure,
we complain when we have to sacrifice, but we feel good about it.

Market the wonderful aspects of the Church (including the fact that it’s the largest provider of social services in the entire world).

Stop being a paper tiger politically. What’s the
point of having so much muscle if you’re too scared to use it? A
different approach could have prevented school closings. (See my post
for more on this tomorrow.)

Most important, eliminate the correct perception that the Church is close-minded and sexist.
Allow priests to marry. And yes, allow women to become priests. Not
only would these common-sense changes enable all priest to better relate
to their flocks, but they would also attract non-pedophile priests to
fill the ranks.

Neither change would violate Church dogma, since priests married for
at least four centuries and quite possibly much longer. The practice was
stopped not for religious reasons, but because of disputes over
property rights.

In 1911, there were 68,000 Catholic school students in the
Archdiocese of Philadelphia. That number peaked in the 1960s at 250,000.
Vatican II took hold, and the number plummeted— back to 68,000 in 2011,
despite a U.S. population explosion.

Now, 49 more schools just went on the chopping block.
The biggest irony is that the closings are not a solution, but the
symptom of a much greater illness. To save the remaining schools—and
that’s by no means a sure thing—the Church needs to solve the problem.
Check back tomorrow for my post addressing how to save Catholic
education in America.


Blame Lazy Catholicism for School Closings

Cardinal Foley R.I.P.

Cardinal Foley R.I.P.  — Cardinal John Patrick Foley died 3:15 yesterday morning at St. Joseph in Darby, a residence for retired Archdiocesan priests.

He was 76.

Cardinal , who  headed the Pontifical Commission (now Pontifical Council) for Social Communications at the Vatican from 1984 until 2007 when he was made a Cardinal grew up in Sharon Hill, Pa.

As head of the Commission, he was responsible for all the Vatican’s print
and electronic communications and ministries and was responsible for the historic NBC Today Show
week-long broadcast from the Vatican. He also served as a special
commentator for the NBC broadcasts of Christmas Midnight Mass from the
Vatican for a quarter of a century.

He was co-producer and co-host of the Philadelphia Catholic Hour on
WFIL Radio in the 1960s. He co-produced 20 television episodes of “The Making of a
Priest,” for Group W.

He was this year’s Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia “Person of the Year”, and was honored at the organization’s Hall of Fame Banquet on Nov. 18.

Frances Cabrini Female Dynamo Honored

Frances Cabrini Female Dynamo Honored — This comment is not an attempt to glorify a saint of the Catholic Church. It is an attempt to  a recognize a single immigrant  woman’s courage and achievement. This courage , despite  poor health, in a not to long ago period ,when women had little or no “voice” is remarkable!(Remember the 19th Amendment ,giving  women the right to vote, only passed less than 100 years ago  in 1920).

Frances Cabrini was an unbelievable dynamo working tirelessly to help poor Italian immigrants
in the USA.The religious order she founded ,ultimately established orphanages,hospitals, and schools all around the world.”Mother Cabrini” is how she is affectionally referred to;others recognize the name in “Cabrini College” or “Cabrini Hospital”.

Her reach ws wide:
On my annual trip to fly fish in Granby, Colorado several years ago,I accidentally took a wrong turn .Helpless lost, I stopped to ask for directions(yes, some men do ask for directions) in Golden,CO.

After looking at my map on the car hood,I glanced up to find a shrine honoring Mother Cabrini!Apparently, she went to Golden,Colorado to help minister physically ,as well as spiritually,to a group of Italian immigrants and their families working in the mines there.

Take a few minutes to  read for yourselves the story of the first naturalized US citizen to be canonized a saint .What an inspiration!!!

Tom C

Broadcast Pioneers Honor Cardinal Foley

Broadcast Pioneers Honor Cardinal Foley — Cardinal John Patrick Foley, who  headed the Pontifical Commission (now Pontifical Council) for Social Communications at the Vatican, has been named Person of the Year by the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia, and will be honored at the organization’s Hall of Fame Banquet on Nov. 18.

Foley led the Commission from 1984 until 2007 when he was made a Cardinal. He was responsible for all the Vatican’s print
and electronic communications and ministries and was responsible for the historic NBC Today Show week-long broadcast from the Vatican. He also served as a special commentator for the NBC broadcasts of Christmas Midnight Mass from the Vatican for a quarter of a century.

Foley, who is 75, retired from his ecclesiastical duties for health reasons in 2009 and left the Vatican. He now lives at Villa Saint Joseph in Darby.

Foley grew up in Sharon Hill and began his broadcasting career as a teenager as a WJMJ Radio announcer. He was co-producer and co-host of the Philadelphia Catholic Hour on WFIL Radio in the 1960s. He co-produced 20 television episodes of “The Making of a Priest,” for Group W.

Foley, who has a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University’s School of Journalism, was editor of the Catholic Standard and Times from  1970 to 1984.

The dinner is open to the public and tickets can be acquired here.

Broadcast Pioneers Honor Cardinal Foley