Donna Ellingsen Wins

Donna Ellingsen WinsDonna Ellingsen Wins — Donna Ellingsen easily won re-election to her seat as  Elks Township committeewoman.

She beat party-pick  Suzanne M. Dougherty, 195-119, according to Chester County’s election website.

Mrs. Ellingsen has been the subject since January of an attempt by the county GOP rulers to remove her from her position.

Hopefully, her win tonight puts to sleep the party-bosses’ power play.

Donna Ellingsen Wins.

WFYL Airs Chesco Controversy

WFYL Airs Chesco Controversy — Donna Ellingsen and Jaime Cox discussed Chester County matters on April 12 on Kim Kennedy’s excellent It’s A New Day program on WFYL 1180 AM.

Other guests included, John Haenn of the Delaware County Patriots, and Calvin Tucker of the Philadelphia Black Republican Council. Tucker is on the ballot in Pennsylvania’s 2nd District as a presidential delegate and explained the process at which he will use to make a decision on which candidate to pick as the nominee. WFYL Airs Chesco Controversy

National hosts carried by WFYL include Laura Ingraham, Sam Rohrer, Dana Loesch and Phil Valentine.

Here is the podcast:

WFYL Airs Chesco Controversy

Chesco Conservatives Reject Inquisitors’ Demands

Chesco Conservatives Reject Inquisitors’ Demands — The grassroots constitutionalists have rejected the demands of the Chester County Republican Inquisition to appear before it this evening, April 14.

The Inquisition against the grassroots leadership of Area 19 was initially convened for Jan. 11.  Committeepeople  Jane Ladley, who chairs the district, Tom Ferro, Donna Ellingsen and Steve Mobley were accused of violating party bylaws and of not backing the left-leaning, big-government, Establishment-supported picks in the last municipal election.

Well, unfortunate light began to be shed on the various connections and histories of those seeking the purge. So delays began happening.

Eventually, the charges were withdrawn against Ferro and Mrs. Ladley.

Still facing the dock, though, were Mrs. Ellingsen and Mobley, and they were told to schedule time for a hearing in March. They suggested three dates. No can do said the party bosses who set dates in late March which the grassroots constitutionalists could not attend.

Chesco Conservatives Reject Inquisitors' Demands
Donna Ellingsen

On April 10, in response to many inquiries, Mrs. Ellingsen sent an email update noting  dates had been offered but they were awaiting confirmation that the hearing would be open to the public as per their request.

Did that get a response.

The GOP bosses immediately set the date for April 14 without confirming the schedules of the accused.

Mobley is going to be out of state that day on a previously planned trip.

But the scheduling is not the big issue.

The big issue is that the hearing be open to the public.  The party says no.

The party also warned them that they be strictly limited in the matters they could raise in their case and this would be judged by Joel Frank, the lawyer to county GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio. This means that instances in which party favorites did similar things without controversy or sanction would be kept from being aired.

The directive would also prevent the grassroots people from pointing out actions by party leaders that are far more damaging to the claimed Republican agenda and supportive of the opposition.

In lieu of this, the accused do not believe the party leadership is interested in healing rifts that have developed and further don’t believe party leadership has any intention of allowing a fair hearing.

“Since no agreement has been reached and one of the parties is unavailable, it appears there is no hearing tonight,” said Mrs. Ellingsen.

Mrs. Ellingsen is on the ballot for the April 26 primary election.

“By mere coincidence, I am the only committeewoman in Area 19 with a challenger,” she said. “The challenger is someone who has been politically uninvolved until now and sympathetic to the GOP Establishment views. “

Chesco Conservatives Reject Inquisitors’ Demands



Chesco Inquisition Latest

Chesco Inquisition Latest — For those who have been wondering about the status of the Chester County Republican Inquisition, we just found this in our inbox.

Election day is April 26, and we are still awaiting a reply from the Chester County GOP for a suitable date for a “hearing” of charges leveled against the Republican Committee in East Nottingham and Elk townships.   While charges have apparently been dropped by the accusers in East Nottingham, Mark Plaugher (former GOP Area chair) and Estace Walters (Twp Supervisor) continue to pursue a case to unseat conservative Elk Township Committeepeople Donna Ellingsen and Steve Mobley.  

Donna and Steve have nothing to hide. They have asked that the hearings be open, recorded, and that Chairman Val DiGiorgio be present.  Since December 2015 when charges were filed, county leaders have not deigned to reply to these requests.  The big question is WHY?

Listen in to WFYL 1180 AM on TUESDAY, April 12 from 8  to 9  a.m., when Donna will be a guest of Kim Kennedy’s radio show, It’s a New Day.

So dial tomorrow to WFYL and get it straight from one of those directly involved.

By the way, the Chairman Val DiGirorgio and the Republican Committee of Chester County have a special guest at its spring reception at Valley Forge Casino — Ohio Gov. and no-chance Presidential candidate John Kasich, who for some strange reason insists on staying in the battle.

Chesco Inquisition LatestThe event is April 21, just five days before the Pennsylvania primary.

So for the vast multitudes –that’s sarcasm, son– of Republicans who want a guy who finished fourth in a three man race to head the ticket, know that Val and the RCCC have your back.

Actually, the relevant revelation is that DiGirorgio, who reportedly will be the next state Republican chairman, and the RCCC are out of touch and indifferent to the wishes of the vast multitudes of Republican voters.

Chesco Inquisition Latest




Chesco Inquisition Update

Chesco Inquisition Update
Donna Ellingsen

Chesco Inquisition Update — The Chester County Republican bosses appear to have dropped the matter against committeepersons Jane Ladley and Tom Ferro regarding alleged violations of party bylaws but continue their Javertesque pursuit of committeepeople Donna Ellingsen and Steve Mobley.

The county GOP sent a letter to the accused asking them to set a date in March for the hearing. The accused offered March 7, 8 or 9.

No can do said the county leaders and suggested March 29 or March 31.

The latest we hear is that those dates are problematic for the accused and new ones will have to be set.

The accused say they are looking forward to a hearing and that they will insist that it be open to the public and the press.

Chesco Inquisition Update

Val DiGiorgio Replacing Gleason?

Val DiGiorgio Replacing Gleason?
The next head of the Pennsylvania Republican Party?

Val DiGiorgio Replacing Gleason? — A little birdie told us that Chester County Republican Chairman Val DiGiorgio has the inside track to replace  Rob Gleason as chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party.

Former Congresswoman Melissa Hart, who has quite a bit of influence in state-wide GOP circles, was reportedly boosting him big at the Feb. 15  Spirit of Lincoln Dinner hosted by the Allegheny County Republican Party out there in Pittsburgh.

If our birdie is accurate, we betcha Montco Dem boss Josh Shapiro is quietly cheering.

Val DiGiorgio Replacing Gleason?

Chesco Inquisition Closed? Not So Fast

Chesco Inquisition Closed? Not So Fast — Long-time Republican and Phoenixville election worker Paul Celentano missed the note that the Chester County Republican Party inquisition scheduled for Feb. 11 at party HQ on Church Street in West Chester so he went.

He was met by the county GOP Executive Director Laura Wagoner who explained that the event was cancelled but he couldn’t have attended anyway as it would have been a closed hearing. Chesco Inquisition Closed? Not So Fast

The hearing is suspected to have been an attempt to remove committeepeople  ane Ladley, Tom Ferro, Steve Mobley and Donna Ellingsen  who are accused of violating party bylaws for supporting candidates other than the nominated ones.

Mrs. Ladley is the Area 19 chairwoman.

Mrs. Ellingsen says that those accused have not consented to a closed hearing.

“We have specifically informed the Chesco GOP solicitor that we have nothing to hide behind closed doors,” she said.

Chesco Inquisition Closed? Not So Fast

Chesco Inquisition Postponed Again

Chesco Inquisition Postponed Again
Donna Ellingsen, an anti-corruption committeewoman from Elks Township.

Chesco Inquisition Postponed Again — The inquisition  being sought by the leaders of the Chester County Republican that appears to be part of a purge of anti-corruption activists has again been postponed this time at the request of party bosses

The most recent scheduling had been for Thursday, Feb. 11.

Four committeepeople —  Jane Ladley, Tom Ferro, Steve Mobley and Donna Ellingsen — are accused of violating party bylaws for supporting candidates other than the nominated ones.

Mrs. Ladley is the Area 19 chairwoman.

A new date is being sought.

Chesco Inquisition Postponed Again

Alex Rahn Likes Dems Too

Alex Rahn Likes Dems TooAlex Rahn Likes Dems Too — We reported, yesterday, that Republican-controlled Chester County’s new $86,470 per year director of voter services has been a strong supporter of liberal Democrats.

What we missed, though, is that Kara Rahn’s husband, the GOP chairman for Area 1, had also been giving to the Ds as well. It’s because William Alex Rahn wrote the checks with his rarely used first name.

Why does someone use different names to make political donations? Rahn has made donations as “William A. Rahn Jr.” “William Rahn” and as “Alex Rahn.” And why would someone sympathetic to Democrat causes become a Republican Party leader? And why would those whom he is leading tolerate it?

Anyway, under the name Alex, Rahn donated $3,100 to Citizens for Arlen Specter in 2010 after Specter crossed to the other side of the aisle. Under the name William, Rahn that same year gave $2,400 to Sestak for Senate.

You really must not like Pat Toomey, Alex. Or is it William? You know Toomey’s running for re-election this year, right? You think you can back him this time?

As Willliam, Rahn chipped in $1,880 in 2012 for the campaign of Democrat New Jersey Congressman Rob Andrews.

Since then he’s been a party boy, giving $250 to Congressman Pat Meehan’s campaign in 2014 as William — seriously cheap William — and $1,000 to Congressman Ryan Costello as Alex.

Costello is no Rob Andrews it seems.

Rahn also that year as William kicked in a grand for embattled, scandal-plagued RINO Congressman Bill Shuster on the other side of the state.

He has no donations recorded as of yet for 2016 under either name.

Rahn is reputed to be the mastermind behind the purge attempt of Republican grassroots activists from the Chester County GOP.

Which gets us to the latest. A hearing date for the planned purging of four “for the people” Area 19 committeepeople — including Chairwoman Jane Ladley — by the Lobby Lobby that controls West Chester now seems solid.

It will be 7 p.m., Feb. 11 at county Republican headquarters, 15 S. Church St. West Chester, Pa. 19382.

Alex Rahn Likes Dems Too

Kara Rahn Gets Voter Services Top Job

Kara Rahn Gets Voter Services Top JobKara Rahn Gets Voter Services Top JobCorrection. We incorrectly reported Kara Rahn’s salary in the initial story. It is not $82,000 but $86,470.

Kara Rahn, wife of Area 1 GOP Committee Chairman Alex Rahn, has officially made head of Chester County Voter Services.

Her salary is $86,470.

Kara has been a significant donor to liberal Democrats in past elections.

In other Chesco news, the county GOP will not make an endorsement in the 16th District congressional primary to replace Joe Pitts. It is giving recommendations to both candidates seeking the job — 13th District State Sen. Lloyd Schmucker and Lancaster County businessman Chet Beiler.

Kara Rahn Gets Voter Services Top Job