Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race Update

Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race — A mild medical issue last week has not caused Donna Ellingsen to quit her bid to represent Republican voters from State Committee Region 2 of Chester County on the Pennsylvania Republican Committee.  She and her running mate Tim Welsh have put real fear in the party bosses getting rich off cronyism and corruption and they are going pedal to the metal to stop citizen crusaders. We are republishing this article from April 20.

Complaints are common about cronyism and corruption; about unfair taxes and public spending with no benefit for most.

Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race
Donna Ellingsen

Most of the time the complainers only vote in major elections if at all.

We aren’t going to judge. The lazy, corrupt, cronyist media likes it like that and fails to report the issues in a way that explains their ultimate consequences.

Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race
Tim Welsh

On May 15, Republican voters in State Committee Region 2 of Chester County will have a chance to give a black eye to cronyism.

Two candidates long-sickened by the how-can-we-milk-the-cow-today attitude of the GOP leadership are in the race.

They are Donna Ellingsen and Tim Welsh.

The 351 state committeepeople are elected every four years during a primary election. They determine who the party endorses in state-wide elections and, more significantly, pick  the state party leadership.

Last year, a guy who works for a political fixer and has close ties with the state’s leading D behind Tom Wolf won the state chairmanship . It was by just two votes despite arm twisting and intimidation.

There are rarely challengers to the people put up by the party leaders.

Chesco Region 2 is a exception hence an opportunity.

It consists of Coatesville, South Coatesville, Modena, and Valley from Area 14; Atglen, East Fallowfield, West Fallowfield, Highland, Parkesburg , Sadsbury  and West Sadsburgy from Area 15; Elk, East Nottingham , Lower Oxford, Oxford Borough, Upper Oxford and West Nottingham from Area 19; and Caln and West Brandywine.

To help Donna and Tim call 610-932-2242.

Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race



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Bunny Welsh Attack Backfiring

Bunny Welsh Attack Backfiring
Sheriff Bunny Welsh

Bunny Welsh Attack Backfiring — The very decent Chesco Sheriff Bunny Welsh got grief from the usual suspects after she noted on Facebook that she bought Dinesh D’Souza’s new book The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left and attached a photo.

It was offensive after the Charlottesville riots, they said.

She also committed the mortal sin of “liking” a Facebook post by commentator Kevin Martin, who is black, in which Martin said:

The reason why the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and white supremacists are so freely called out and condemned by politicians, while Black Lives Matter, and Antifa aren’t, is because the KKK, Neo-Nazis and white supremacist pose no real imminent threat to property, and human life Antifa and BLM, Do.

And Martin is 100 percent right of course. The KKK and Nazis have today devolved into disorganized gaggles of incompetents, the smartest of which would have an IQ barely above room temperature on a cool day. They would have trouble disrupting a church picnic.

Antifa and BLM, however, are organized and funded by pros with a concise agenda. They are truly dangerous to every decent person of whatever race, gender or sexual orientation who wants to live at peace with his neighbor.

Well now, Sheriff Welsh’s name is getting out there. The Philadelphia Inquirer has written a relatively fair piece. and she has appeared on Dom Giordano and Chris Stigall.

She has told us the feedback she is getting from the public is almost 100 percent positive. There is, of course,  the usual suspects who are long-known and who no longer have a sting despite their prolific use of vicious words and their willingness to slander.

If the usual suspects are not careful they will succeed in removing her as sheriff — by putting her in Congress or Harrisburg.

Bunny Welsh Attack Backfiring

Anti-Trumper Accused Of Killing GOP Activist

Anti-Trumper Accused Of Killing GOP Activist
G. Brooks Jennings (right) with GOP gubernatorial candidate and state senator Scott Wagner at a GOP event. The photo comes from Brian Yanoviak’s Facebook page.

Anti-Trumper Accused Of Killing GOP Activist — Clayton Carter, 51, of West Goshen, Pa. has been charged with murder and related crimes in connection with the death of his neighbor G. Brooks Jennings.

Carter allegedly shot Jennings about 1 a.m. Tuesday (Aug. 8) after a dispute. Police said after Carter shot Jennings the first time he put a bullet in his head as he lay on the ground. Jennings was on his own property.

The Philadelphia Inquirer gave it a brief mention with the headline that it was a “long-running feud.”

What they didn’t mention was that the accused killer was a vocal opponent of Donald Trump and that the vicim was a Republican activist and strong Trump supporter.

This is nothing new.  Democrats lie when they talk about love and tolerance. When they accuse those who just want to be left alone of “H8” they are projecting.


Anti-Trumper Accused Of Killing GOP Activist

Lamb McErlane Penalized $4.3 Million

Lamb McErlane Penalized $4.3 Million — Lamb McErlane, a law firm inextricably bound to Chester County’s Republican bosses and state GOP movers and shakers, is in the news and not in a good way.

The firm is chaired by William H. Lamb, who served as interim state Supreme Court Justice in 2003. Its managing partner is Joel Frank who is general counsel for the state Republican Party, while remaining the county party’s general counsel. State Sen. John Rafferty (R-44) works for them, as does Alan P. Novak who chaired both the state and Chesco GOPs.

Chester County Common Pleas Court Judge Mark Tunnell ruled, May 2, that Lamb McErlane must return $4.3 million in excessive fees charged for work relating to the estates of Chesco millionaires Sir John Rupert Hunt Thouron and his son  John J. “Tiger” Thouron.

Lamb McErlane “repeatedly and willfully failed to comply with several of this court’s orders regarding their production of the Estates’ administrative files and requisite privilege logs,” Judge Tunnel said.

“The Lamb firm’s fees are extraordinary when evaluated under any analysis, the Johnson Estate guidelines or the LaRocca factors,” he said.

The upside is that Lamb McFarlane is not getting hit as hard as the executor Charles Norris. He is being surcharged $4,915,224

Donna Ellingsen, the Elk Township Republican who was just elected chair of Chesco GOP’s Area 19 despite tenacious opposition from the crowd connected to Lamb McErlane, notes that political participation is not about party loyalty.

“A political party is merely a means to providing honest, responsive government,” she said. “It is not as an end to itself and it is especially not a means to a well-paying  job.”

Or getting filthy rich some other way.

Judge Tunnel’s decision is well written but it’s long and will make your blood boil with anger and stomach churn with disgust. Here it is.


Joel Frank says Lamb McErlane is appealing Judge Tunnel’s decision to the State Superior Court. It will make your blood boil with anger and stomach churn with disgust when you realize they might prevail.

UPDATE — It has been pointed out to us that Lamb McErlane represents numerous municipalies and governmental agencies within Chester County and throughout Pennsylvania as per its website.

Wonder if its fees are also “extraordinary when evaluated under any analysis” in that arena.

Lamb McErlane Penalized $4.3 Million

Lamb McErlane Penalized $4.3 Million


Delco Sanctuary City Trump Says

Delco Sanctuary City Trump Says Sorry John McBlain, but it looks like the Center for Immigration Studies is right after all.

President Trump included Delaware County, Pa. on its list of sanctuary cities released yesterday, March 20.

The list comes from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Section II covers jurisdictions with recorded declined detainers between Jan. 28 and Feb. 3. Section III is a table of jurisdictions that have enacted policies that limit cooperation with ICE.

Delco is in Section III as being a jurisdiction that “will not hold individuals solely based on an ICE detainer.” However,”arrangements may be made for ‘in person’ review of the policy”. This has been the policy since August 2014 says ICE.

Chesco, Montco, Bucks and, of course, Philadelphia are also listed

Chesco is in Section III as “will not hold individuals solely based on an ICE detainer” but “will allow ICE agents access to the daily populations reports and other records for investigative purposes”. This has been policy since May 2014.

Bucks is in Section III as “will not hold individuals solely based on an ICE detainer but will notify ICE via email of a pending release from custody.” This has been policy since April 2014.

Montco is in Section III as “will not honor ICE detainer”; “will not accept anyone brought to it solely on an ICE detainer: and “has daily contact with ICE”. This has been policy since April 2014

Philly “will honor ICE detainer where the alien has a prior conviction for a first or second degree felony offense involving violence and the detainer is accompanied by a judicial arrest warrant.” Even more damningly, Philly “prohibits notice to ICE of the pending release of subjects of interest to ICE unless the above criteria is met.”

Section II lists Chester County as declining a detainer on Feb. 3 for an El Salvadorian sought for a probation violation; and Philadelphia as declining detainers on Feb. 1 for a Jamaican wanted for homicide and on Feb. 3 for a Dominican wanted for selling heroin.

Delco Sanctuary City Trump Says

Delco Sanctuary City Trump Says




State GOP Chairman Fight National News?

State GOP Chairman Fight National News?
A registered lobbyist with close connections to Democrat power brokers.

State GOP Chairman Fight National News? — We are hearing national media have become interested in the looming fight to chair the Pennsylvania State Republican Party.

The leading candidates are Chesco GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio — who is the pick of the business-as-usual types — and respected attorney Lawrence Tabas who is the general counsel of the state Republican Party.

The decision will be be made by members of the Republican State Committee on Feb. 4. Every county chairman is automatically a member of the committee with the rest being elected to four year terms during a municipal — i.e. low turnout — party primary.

DiGiorgio is a registered lobbyist with close connections to Democrat power brokers and the special interests who have been sucking the blood from our state. His wife was given a $105,000  a year job with Democrat-controlled Montgomery County.

He dragged his feet in supporting President-elect Donald Trump and Chesco is the only county in the state where Republicans did worse last November than they did in 2012.

Perhaps most upsetting is his claim regarding his support for the grass roots. Actually, DiGiorgio purged  citizen activists from Chesco.

State GOP Chairman Fight National News?

Dan Truitt Chesco Failure

Republican incumbent Dan Truitt was 80 votes ahead in the initial count in the race for the 156th District Pennsylvania House seat but when all the votes were counted he lost by 25.

The Democrat replacing him on Jan. 3  is West Chester Mayor Carolyn Comitta.

Dan Truitt Chesco Failure
Political organizations modeled after restrictive country clubs are doomed to failure.

Truitt’s defeat was an anomaly and a searing rebuke to the Chesco GOP leaders as Republicans did very well throughout the state.

Political organizations modeled after restrictive country clubs are doomed to failure. Good leadership does not demoralize citizen activists.

Dan Truitt Chesco Failure



Pennsylvania Elector Faces Orchestrated Pressure

Pennsylvania Elector Faces Orchestrated Pressure
Sorry spammers, Sheriff Bunny Welsh is voting for Trump/Pence.

Pennsylvania Elector Faces Orchestrated Pressure — Carolyn Bunny Welsh, who is Chester County sheriff and one of Pennsylvania’s 20 electors for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, is getting swamped with letters, emails and phone calls demanding she not vote for the victorious Republican ticket.

The demands are coming to her home and office, and to her personal and business accounts.

She has received thousands over the last three days and she no longer even bothers checking her voice mail.

“It’s harassment,” she said. She had to assign an assistant to specifically deal with the onslaught until Chester County’s I.T. staff developed new filters.

She says most of the messages asked that she vote for Hillary Clinton although many  merely wanted her to abstain or vote for another person.

She said the messages are clearly orchestrated. One sender even inadvertently included a form to follow.

She said the messages started as trickle on Wednesday and then exploded.

She said that none she received could be construed as threats and most were generally respectful. She said some implied, though, she’d be a racist or misogynist for voting for Trump.

She said many claimed to be minorities or gays and begged to be protected from Trump.

The plan is to keep Trump from getting the 270 electoral votes need to take office.

It is not going to work.

“I don’t get it,” she said. “What do they expect to accomplish?”

Pennsylvania is one of 21 states whose electors are not bound by law, so the Keystone contingent can expect the spamming to continue until Trump and Pence officially become president and vice president when the Electoral College votes on Dec. 19.

“It’s normally just a ceremonial thing and a great honor,” she said.

Pennsylvania Elector Faces Orchestrated Pressure

Gleason Replacement Battle

Gleason Replacement Battle
Chairman Va DiGiorgio, the bad choice.

Gleason Replacement Battle — That Chairman Val DiGiorgio from Chester County is on the short list to replace Rob Gleason as Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman is now in the open.

This is something about which our readers have known for months.

And they know that this would be a disaster for the taxpayers of Pennsylvania not to mention the Republican Party.

DiGiorgio has a personally beneficial relationship with extremist Democrats and, in fairness, he has treated them pretty well as well.

Gleason Replacement Battle
Respected Attorney Lawrence J. Tabas, the good choice.

Further, he is a lobbyist and place whatever spin you want, a hired gun can’t serve two masters. Either it is the client who pays him that gets the shaft or it is those who trust him to protect them from the types who hire lobbyists.

Obviously, a lobbyist will soon be out of work if he fails his clients and, well, Val still has his lobbyist job.

And let us not forget the 2015  purge of Chester County’s conservative committeepeople who had not been  marching in lockstep with DiGiorgio. The dirty deeds that were required were traced to Ray and Jennifer Zabroney’s State Street Strategies, which is starting to get a light shed on it.

Fortunately there is a good alternative for the Republicans in widely respected attorney Lawrence Tabas.

How respected is Tabas? One of his cases was mounting the ultimately successful legal challenge to Bob Guzzardi’s primary gubernatorial candidacy in 2014.

What does Guzzardi say about him?

“Lawrence Tabas Esq. is an outstanding choice for Pennsylvania State Republican chair; I have the highest regard for both is professionalism and competence,” Bob says. “Several years ago, Lawrence Tabas on behalf of the State Republican Party challenged my nominating petitions for Governor of Pennsylvania. At all times, he was professional and skilled, respectful of the Court and all witnesses. There was no snark, no sneaky tactics, no insults but straightforward, well-prepared legal representation on behalf of his client. The most excellent Commonwealth Court judge hearing the case ran a disciplined courtroom and not once did she have to admonish Mr. Tabas. His representation was first class. Even though he lost in the lower court, he, eventually, prevailed in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  Lawrence Tabas is first class.”

Gleason Replacement Battle