Michael Bloomberg Conspiracy Questions


Michael Bloomberg Conspiracy Questions

Some Michael Bloomberg conspiracy questions

Billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s magazine is warning of “radical legislators” and saying we must fear the debt ceiling debate, namely an unwillingness to raise it.

Here’s some things to ponder: why is there no call to fear deficit spending which has been chronic in the Obama administration? The U.S. budget last year was $3.8 trillion. According to the Treasury Department interest expense on outstanding debt was $359.8 billion. How much of that money does Mr. Bloomberg, who is the 13th richest person in the world, get? His friends? If deficit spending continues will they get more money?

Note that through October of this year we have spent  and $415.7 billion on interest.

Now, just suppose that due to this dispute we fail to make a payment and find ourselves in a technical default? Do you really think people would stop lending us money at a excellent rate if the reason for the missed payment was obviously that we were trying to get our house in order. Don’t let those with an interest in imposing a crushing burden on us panic you. If we can’t say no we can’t be free.


Michael Bloomberg Conspiracy Questions


Visit Rights-Right.com, for an exerpt


Michael Hastings Dies After Revealing Dem Hypocrisy

Michael Hastings Dies After Revealing Dem Hypocrisy — A journalist whose last story blasted the hypocrisy of Democratic Party leaders regarding the domestic surveillance practices of the  National Security Agency died last night (June 18) in a fiery one-car crash in Los Angeles.

Michael Hastings, most recently of Buzzfeed, broke onto the national scene when he reported in Rolling Stone magazine the scorn top-ranking military leaders had towards the Obama administration.

The article led to the resignation of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who was commanding U.S. and allied forces in Afghanistan.

Hasting’s final article was Why Democrats Love To Spy On Americans and pointedly noted the support party leaders had  for the NSA domestic spying program.

“Many of those Dems — including the sitting President Barack Obama,
Senator Carl Levin, and Sec. State John Kerry — have now become the
stewards and enhancers of programs that appear to dwarf any of the
spying scandals that broke during the Bush years, the very same scandals
they used as wedge issues to win elections in the Congressional
elections 2006 and the presidential primary of 2007-2008,” Hastings wrote.

Hasting’s was driving a brand new Mercedes when the crash occurred at 4:25 a.m. in the 600 block of North Highland Ave. in the Hancock Park section of the city.

A witness say the car jackknifed before striking a palm tree.

“It sounded like a bomb went off in the middle of the night,” resident Rochelle Frankel said. “My house shook. The windows were rattling.”

“I couldn’t have written a scene like this for a movie, where the engine flies from the car which was about 50-60 yards up right down here to this telephone pole,” said resident and producer Gary Grossman.

Hat tip Bridget Johnson of PJmedia.com

Michael Hastings Dies After Revealing Dem Hypocrisy

Michael Hastings Dies After Revealing Dem Hypocrisy
Michael Hastings Dies After Revealing Spy Hypocrisy

Star Sign From The Theorist

Today’s journey into the whackier side of the  world wide web concerns the internet film “The Theorist” which is an entry in “Operation Paul Revere” a film contest sponsored by Alex Jones’ infowars.com.

This bit of wonder manages to touch on numerous pieces of paranoia including genetically modified foods, artificial sweeteners, fluoride — yes, Mandrake fluoride — and government microphones embedded into compact fluorescent bulbs, which is frankly one we never heard of nor could we even begin to imagine it.

Some nice things to say about it concern the acting of the wife and daughters who actually are quite good.

The movie climaxes with the hero having a nightmare in which his daughters are groped by Nazi-garbed TSA highway-patrol agents after which he goes to his basement studio and lip-synchs a song after which he is shot by a government sniper apparently concerned about the impact the webcasts are having.

Pretty whacky.

So why are we embedding it? We like the song. It starts at 31.25.

Star Sign From The Theorist

Star Sign — aka Little Star –From The Theorist
Star Sign — aka Little Star –From The Theorist

John Brennan Internet Conspiracy Theory

A story is flying around the web that John Brennan, the man President Obama wants to lead the CIA, is a secret Muslim.

John Brennan joined the CIA after seeing an recruitment ad while riding a bus to classes at Fordham University in the 1970s. He rose through the ranks becoming station chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in the Clinton years and was picked by George Bush to become deputy executive director of the CIA in 2001. He then became director of the Terrorist Threat Integration Center and National Counterterrorism Center before leaving government in 2005 for private security sector.

Obama made him deputy national security adviser for homeland security and counterterrorism after taking office in 2009.

During the Bush years he supported waterboarding terrorist suspects. During the Obama years he supported the massive increase in drone attacks.

He is fluent in Arabic.

AlJazeera doesn’t like the choice.

And in other CIA news, the U.K. Daily Mail is reporting that David Petraeus, the man Brennan is tapped to replace, was brought down by his own bodyguards and high ranking CIA agents who objected to his style of management. The claims are based on a book by former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb and former Green Beret Jack Murphy.

The article notes that Peatraeus was unaware of unilateral operations in Libya orchestrated by Brennan which are believed to be the motive for the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks that killed four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens and Special Force members who were friends of the authors, and hence failed to take precautions he would have otherwise made.

Meanwhile, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the filmmaker the Obama administration claims motivated the attack, remains in prison.

John Brennan Internet Conspiracy Theory
 John Brennan Internet Conspiracy Theory

Sandy Hook Whackjob Conspiracy Theory

A telling decline in our culture, manners, necessary trust in institutions and general human decency is that a conspiracy has developed claiming that the Sandy Hook Massacre did not occur and that actors played the part of grieving parents.

Ignoring it is a bad idea. One of the good guys from the tragedy is already getting harassing phone calls for his “role” in “the conspiracy.”

The video at this link spells it out.

Sandy Hook Whackjob Conspiracy Theory

Sandy Hook Whackjob Conspiracy Theory

Arlen Specter Bill Clinton Joke Was On Us

On the Third Day of Christmas (Dec. 27), the former senator who resided in Pennsylvania but represented himself for 30 years took to the stage of the Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia to really let we Keystone Staters know what kind of cue balls we have been. Bill Clinton Portrait Arlen Specter Bill Clinton Joke Was On Us

“I’ve been in comedy for 30 years,” Arlen Specter  told the crowd. “The only difference is it’s not stand up, we all have comfortable chairs. It costs about $27 million to win a seat in the United States Senate, so when you win one you like to sit down. It’s sit-down comedy.”

Hey, it wasn’t your money Arlen and the people who spent it got what they paid for in most cases.

“Bill Clinton is a friend of mine because I was a friend of his,” he joshed. “I voted not to impeach him. And that’s a hell of a thing to do considering the evidence.”

So much for “Scottish law”.

Well, the joke was on us.

Let us know when you do a magic bullet act. I’ll pay to see that.


Post Office Closings Democrat Plot?

Post Office Closings Democrat Plot? — The Hill is reporting that the United States Postal Service consolidation is causing the closings of 2,500 post office in Republican controlled Congressional districts compared to about a thousand in Democrat ones.

This tally would include  Friday’s (Aug. 5) closing of the Springfield P.O.’s Brookside Road branch as a GOP loss as it is in Pennsylvania’s 7th District now represented by Republican Pat Meehan.

Before one starts screaming conspiracy, however, it should be remembered that when the closing was announced in 2009, Springfield was represented by Democrat Joe Sestak, a native son of the township.

An evil plot can be dismissed.


Post Office Closings Democrat Plot?

Post Office Closings Democrat Plot?

Extraterrestrials Have Infiltrated Our Government

Extraterrestrials Have Infiltrated Our Government

Extraterrestrials Have Infiltrated Our Government
Searching the world for the craziest things you can find.

By Hawthorne Tarry

At ease!

No, I’m not about to go all military on you. I just want to set your minds at ease because I am about to provide you with information that will shock, upset and terrify you to such a degree that it will likely put you in a life-long state of despair.

Extraterrestrials  have infiltrated our government.

It is well established that extraterrestrials, aliens if you will, have long been abducting Earth people — frankly I find the term “Earthling” to be quite offensive and refuse to be addressed by it — for perverse experiments. Professors at such elite schools such as Harvard University and Temple University have written extensively on this subject to such a degree that it can no longer be doubted and well-regarded news sources such as the Discovery Channel have aired documentaries about this.

Unfortunately, the American public would rather watch a Charlie Sheen rant or some cooking show than acquire the necessary knowledge to enable them to defend themselves.

For shame.

Of course, it has now gotten much worse over the last three decades. No longer are these aliens simply satisfied with sick games, they now wish to govern us.

Do you need an example? Minister Louis Abdul-Haleem Farrakhan Muhammad, Sr., one America’s most influential leaders and a clear member of our elite, openly boasts about communing with the aliens’ “mothership.” Why hasn’t he been taken into custody? Why hasn’t his skinny ass been waterboarded to wring like a dishtowel every bit of intelligence from him about this “mothership” so we can mount a defense?

People, can’t you connect the dots?

Every one of our presidents since James Earl Carter – the last honest Earthman — has been working hand in glove with these monsters. President Carter actually observed one of the alien craft. Tragically, he had neither the intelligence nor competence to do much about it.

Yes, my friends Ronald Reagan was but a genial movie actor in their employ. The Bushes, with their financial interests and dreams of a “new world order” — or perhaps “new otherworld order” — were easily co-opted. Bill Clinton was obviously a willing and joyful participant in their twisted experiments.

And that brings us to today and Barack Hussein Obama. Naive people think he is merely hiding his birth certificate because he had been born in Kenya. On no, it is not Kenya from whence he comes. People, look at those ears!! I am telling you

Ed note: Time to say goodnight, Hawthorne.

Extraterrestrials Have Infiltrated Our Government

Gold Conspiracies, Hit And Run Crashes 

Gold Conspiracies, Hit And Run Crashes 

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission was told at March 25 hearing that the price of gold was being artificially and illegally  suppressed by JPMorganChase.

The claim was made by Bill Murphy, chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, who has long said the price of gold was being held down to sustain a financial bubble.

This time Murphy unveiled the name of a whistle-blower, Andrew Maguire, a London-based metals trader, who he said had emailed investigators about looming market manipulation which came to pass.

The day after the hearing, Maguire and his wife were injured in a bizarre hit-and-run accident in London which led to a wild police chase involving patrol cars and helicopters, and the arrest of the driver of the striking car.

The name of that driver has not been reported nor have any charges. The Maguires were hospitalized with minor injuries and released on March 28.

The left-leaning firedoglake.com was among the first to report the allegations of Murphy and Maguire. It’s now starting to bubble up in more mainstream publications.

Need For A Little Leadership

Need For A Little Leadership — An email is going around regarding how the First Lady’s failure to accompany President Obama on his trips to Islamic nations is an indication that our president is a secret Muslim.

It’s actually more than an email. Conservapedia, for instance, mentions the matter in a whole section in the President’s biography entitled “Obama is likely the first Muslim President”.

Michelle Obama visited eight countries in 2009.

  1. The United Kingdom
  2. Denmark
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. The Czech Republic
  6. Italy
  7. Russia
  8. Ghana

It is true, none of these are Muslim lands. On the other hand, however, Michelle did not participate in the President’s trips to China, Japan or Mexico. Frankly, I think it’s more of an indication that Michelle is a diva, than Barack is a Muslim.

Still, Obama ought to recognize that millions of his constituents believe these stories and he ought show a little leadership and haul Michelle with him the next time he visits Arabia or Turkey.

Of course, he should have also waived any privacy rights to birth or college records when the Birther movement started, and he has yet to do so.

Need For A Little Leadership

Need For A Little Leadership