Prayers For Police After Dallas

Prayers For Police After Dallas — As information comes in from Dallas — the latest is five police killed and six wounded from last night’s (July 7) sniper attack at a Black Lives Matter protest — we continue to keep all men and women in law enforcement in our prayers.

There is no liberty without law. The way our society is organized the only time the large, organized, armed mass that is the state can interfere in one’s life is when words have been put on paper with due process allowing them to do so in specific instances.  Prayers For Police After Dallas

Without law, the strong — whether it is an organized armed mass or a mob or a young, 230-pound male — can oppress one at random.

Liberty is dead when that happens.

So honor and respect and pray for all those who put on a uniform or carry a badge to risk their life and deal with unpleasant people to enforce the law and keep us safe.

The attack at the protest was well planned. While details are yet to come about the killers, who are now reported to be in custody, we are real curious as to their theology.

Prayers For Police After Dallas

Stradley Ronon Connections

Stradley Ronon Connections — Chaka Fattah has done his part to uphold the sterling reputation of Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation and the state’s 2nd Congressional District is now vacant with his resignation stemming from his convictions of RICO Act violations and other crimes.

Among those found guilty with him was Herbert Vederman, a long-time Democrat man of influence who is still listed at as senior consultant for the Government and Public Affairs Group at Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, a Philadelphia law firm.

Stradley Ronon Connections
Val DiGiorgio

Think he knew Val DiGiorgio? Val is the Chester County Republican Party chairman who chairs Stradley Ronon’s banking and public finance sections and includes Government and Public Affairs as part of his “focus”.

Val is thought to have the inside track to be the next chairman of the state Republican Party.

Stradley Ronon Connections
Josh Shapiro

Wonder if Vederman knew Josh Shapiro. Josh, who chairs the Montgomery County Democrat Party, is counsel at Stradley Ronon. He is this year’s D candidate for state Attorney General.

Josh and Val are friends. Josh got Val’s wife a $105,000 a year job with Montgomery County.

Stradley Ronon sure has a lot of interesting connections.

You really think these people are looking out for you? You really think anybody in the leadership of either party gives a rat’s tail about you?

Stradley Ronon Connections


Police Save Man From Suicide By Cop

Police Save Man From Suicide By Cop — Springfield (Pa) Police saved a man from suicide by cop, Thursday, May 26, after a tense four-hour standoff at his home on Hillview Road near Wayne Avenue.

The incident started about 6:15 p.m.

Shawn Delaney, 50, who had been drinking all day, begged police to shoot him and fired three shots out his window in their direction.

Police were called to the home for a domestic dispute and found the man’s wife and daughter from a previous marriage sitting on the curb. The wife informed officers about his condition and that he had grabbed a gun and fired two shots in the house albeit not in the women’s direction.

He told them to call 911 and said that “They are going to take me out, 0ne way or another.”

Delaney lost a daughter to a drug overdose in December and is serving weekends at county prison for a drug possession.

A man who was renting space in the house and fled told police Delaney was in the master bedroom holding a shotgun to his neck. Police Save Man From Suicide By Cop

Police said that when officers attempted to contact him via direct communication — he had no phone — Delaney fired at them, shouted obscenities and asked to be shot.

Police smashed open the front door and inserted a camera-equipped robot into the premises about 8 p.m. shortly after a second male tenant also fled.

With there being no chance for a hostage situation a decision was made to wait him out says Police Chief Joseph Daly.

The robot kept a watch on Delaney until he fell asleep at which point he was arrested.

Delaney was taken to Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. He is facing multiple counts of attempted homicide and related offenses.

Police Save Man From Suicide By Cop

Hat tip Rose Quinn at Delaware County Daily Times

FBI Pranks Pa Senate In Sting LOL

FBI Pranks Pa Senate In Sting LOL
Corrupt idiots work here.

FBI Pranks Pa Senate In Sting LOL — The FBI pranked the Pennsylvania Senate into unanimously passing a bill pushed by a fake business to limit who could dispose of used textbooks.

The vote on Oct. 14, 2010 was 49-0 to pass SB 1379. The bill never got out of the House and never became law.

It was part of a sting to catch corrupt Pennsylvania pols. It worked and is working. Good one, feds. Applause and a big LOL.

The FBI created the phony firm Textbook Bio-Solutions LLC in Florida as the bait and hired lobbyist Long and Nyquist — good choice, there — to do the fishing.

Long and Nyquist, who didn’t know they were being used, worked their magic and if the FBI wasn’t just goofing, the people of Pennsylvania would have had to deal with another stupid, corrupt, wasteful, special-interest law.

Details can be found in Jason Addy’s story at PoliticsPa.Com.

Since 2010, there have been significant, for-the-better changes in the Pennsylvania legislature including the arrival of Scott Wagner from the 28th Senatorial District. Wagner has been going after Long and Nyquist in the most beautiful fang-and-claw way.

Hat tip Bob Guzzardi.

Update: State Sen. Larry Farnese (D-1) has now been caught in the net.

FBI Pranks Pa Senate In Sting LOL


Heroin Oxy Plague In York County

Heroin Oxy Plague in York County

Heroin Oxy Plague Explained by SenatorBy Sen. Scott Wagner

This column concerns a very serious crisis that is plaguing our communities in Pennsylvania.

The crisis I am referring to is the prescription drug and heroin crisis.

In the summer of 2014 one of my Senate colleagues, Senator Gene Yaw from Lycoming County in Northern Pennsylvania who serves as Board Chairman for The Center for Rural Pennsylvania, announced to our Senate caucus that The Center was holding hearings around the state to highlight the heroin crisis.

The Center for Rural PA has held nine public hearings across Pennsylvania over the last two years.

I attended and participated in a hearing held in Reading on the heroin crisis in June of 2014.

I invited David Sunday – senior deputy prosecutor from the York County District Attorney’s office to attend the hearing with me.

What I learned that day was alarming. I learned that Baltimore is the heroin capital of the United States.

Click here for a story

York County is approximately 50 miles north of Baltimore – a short drive up Interstate 83. The majority of my Senate district borders the Maryland line.

While driving back to York from the hearing in Reading, Dave Sunday continued to educate me on just how large the heroin problem really is.

Dave Sunday discussed the interest that he and York County Coroner Pam Gay had in forming a Heroin Task Force in response to the heroin crisis in York County.

In the initial stages of the formation of the task force we received alarming York County drug death statistics from Pam Gay.

As a result of a combined effort the York County Heroin Task Force was co-founded by Senior Deputy Prosecutor Dave Sunday from the York County District Attorney’s office and York County Coroner Pam Gay in July 2014.

The mission of the York County Heroin Task Force is to form a partnership of community, medical and government agencies dedicated to reducing the abuse of heroin in our communities.

Click here to see the York County Heroin Task Force website –

I have personally known for years that prescription drug abuse was growing at an alarming rate.

As an employer, I noticed employees who experienced sprain or strain injuries being prescribed highly addictive pain killers.

The injured employees were treated at medical facilities and in many instances were given 30 day prescriptions for pain killers such as Vicodin or Oxycodone – both highly addictive drugs.

Approximately four years ago I had an informational piece printed regarding workers compensation system reforms that were needed in Pennsylvania – I sent the printed material to each and every Pennsylvania State House and Senate member to highlight changes that needed to take place within the workers compensation system, specifically the number of prescription drug pills that could be dispensed to an injured worker.

Surprisingly, only one House member contacted me to discuss ideas that I had.

I always knew that 30 day prescriptions to painkillers led to addiction, the cost to Pennsylvania businesses via the cost of the drugs, addiction treatment costs, lost work time, and absenteeism, to name a few are staggering.

In my opinion, prescription drug addiction has to easily be costing Pennsylvania businesses between $5 billion – $10billion  per year.

Statistics show that some people who become addicted to prescription drugs move on to heroin due to the lower cost and availability.

The prescription drug problem is a national epidemic.

The prescription drug industry is a multi-billion dollar industry – Drug companies pay cash inducements to doctors as an incentive to promote their drugs.

There are many articles on the internet that validate the size of the prescription drug industry and cash paid to doctors.

Many young teenagers have experimented at parties where a large bowl is passed around containing hundreds of various prescription drug pills obtained from family medicine cabinets – many teenagers become addicted to prescription drugs and due to the cost and availability they move on to heroin and become addicted.

I met with a group of York County school administrators in September of 2014 and I told them of my involvement in the Heroin Task Force and what I had learned.  I stated that drugs were available in their schools and that a fifty dollar bill could be given to most children in their school and they could go into the school and purchase heroin or prescription drugs.

I clearly remember the reaction from some of the school administrators. They were very upset with me for making these statements and they were sure that there were no drug issues in their schools.

During several conversations Dave Sunday stated to me that there are drug dealers standing on street corners or in alleys grossing $10,000 per week selling drugs.

The drug dealers have sophisticated operations and as a result drugs are everywhere – in the cities, at the malls, on street corners, convenience stores, in schools, at parties and at many places of employment.

This summer will be two years ago that the York County Heroin Task Force was formed.

We have all learned so much about the prescription drug and heroin crisis.

One of our Task Force members,  Charlene Sciaretta, shared the story of her son Danny who was taken by heroin.

Click here to view a video by Charlene about her son –

Charlene Sciaretta’s message is very clear.

Heroin does not discriminate.

Heroin does not know if you are black or white, rich or poor, young or old.

Heroin doesn’t care if you want to stop, if you’re clean and sober, rebuilding your life or have a family to take care of.

Heroin will eat you alive until you have nothing left, and then it still wants more.

Heroin is the type of drug that if you try just one time, you may be an addict forever.

Coroner Pam Gay continues to report death statistics monthly – the numbers are alarming.

We have seen an increase in heroin and prescription drug-related deaths since 2013, with a 3.5x increase in heroin-related deaths in just one year.

Below is a graph showing the increase in heroin-related deaths in York County from the 2013 – 2014 – 2015 years.

The goal of the York County Heroin Task Force is to reduce drug-related deaths and crime in our communities through public education, advocacy, media, law enforcement and legislation.

The Task Force is educating our citizens on the prevalence of the heroin problem, the signs and symptoms of addiction and the resources available.

Members of the Heroin Task Force and the York County Coroner’s Office have presented school and community heroin awareness programs approximately 70 times since July 2014 to church groups, middle and high schools (public and parochial), rotaries, lions clubs, police departments, fire departments, mayors groups, senior groups, township managers groups, borough supervisor groups, physicians, nurses and many more entities.

Since its formation, the Heroin Task Force has many notable accomplishments.

Members of the Heroin Task Force, in particular the District Attorney’s Office, were instrumental in obtaining Narcan / Naxolone for our local law enforcement in every police jurisdiction and the Pennsylvania State Police. Since implementing  the use of Narcan by York County Law Enforcement in April 2015 it has resulted in saving 99 lives by Law Enforcement personnel last year. Unfortunately not everyone who is saved by Narcan is grateful someone just saved their life – in many cases they can not wait to get their next dose of heroin.

It has partnered with the Byrnes Education Center to bring heroin and prescription drug education into middle schools and high schools. The Program is called, “Heroin: The Wake-up Call.” It is being funded by grant money. The program has been presented multiple times since January in York County and others.

The Task Force has and implemented use of prescription drug drop boxes in every York County Police Department and began a mobile program in Delta, PA in 2014 – in 2015, 4,460 pounds or 2.3 tons of prescription drugs were turned into the drop boxes and disposed of.

It has made recommendations to York-Adams Drug and Alcohol regarding treatment needs in 2014-15. As a result, additional funding obtained and detox/rehab and medication assisted treatment capacity has increased and is continuing to increase.

Members of the Heroin Task Force participated in several days of programming over a week-long prescription drug and heroin-related educational series that Central York High School offered to its students in April 2016, the first such series offered by any school in York County.
For a long time many people wanted to deny that their community, friend, child, spouse, co-worker, or family member was addicted to either prescription drugs or heroin.

Times have changed. People are dying in record numbers. Crime is up. Drug treatment facilities are overflowing with people that are addicted and need treatment.

The reality contains really bad news. People who are addicted to heroin only stand a 20 percent success rate of overcoming their addiction.

If you go to Google and search “prescription drug crisis America – heroin crisis – heroin needles in parking lots” story after story pops up.

I applaud Senior Deputy Prosecutor Dave Sunday, Coroner Pam Gay, and all the members of the York County Heroin Task Force for their involvement and participation to educate everyone in our community to address the prescription drug and heroin crisis.

I encourage you to learn more by visiting the York County Heroin Task Force website and Facebook page to see how you can get involved and what you need to do to help.

Click here to visit the Heroin Task Force website.

Sen. Wagner represents the 28th District in the Pennsylvania Senate.

Heroin Oxy Plague In York County

Operation Bennett Trifecta Kudos

Operation Bennett Trifecta Kudos — Kudos to the Chester Police Department, Pennsylvania State Police Troop K Vice Unit, and the Delaware County Criminal Investigation Division for busting up a long-running cocaine ring in the city’s Ruth L. Bennett Homes housing project.

Fifteen were arrested and city life got just a little bit better.Operation Bennett Trifecta Kudos

The investigation was named Operation Bennett Trifecta.

A list of those arrested can be found here.

Operation Bennett Trifecta Kudos


Bill Cosby Charged Says Biz Journal

Bill Cosby Charged Says Biz JournalBill Cosby Charged Says Biz Journal — The Philadelphia Business Journal has just reported that Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman has charged disgraced celebrity Bill Cosby with aggravated indecent assault for  a 2004 incident in which he allegedly sexually attacked  Andrea Constand at his Cheltenham home after drugging her with wine and pills. Ms. Constand was then the director of operations for Temple University’s women’s basketball team.

The charge is a first degree felony which means that if convicted the Cos theoretically faces a 20 year sentence in a state prison.

This is a racial thing. If Cosby was a white guy like Bill Clinton, his wife would be running for president and he’d still be going hey, hey, hey.

Bill Cosby Charged Says Biz Journal

Kathleen Kane And Media Failure

Kathleen Kane And Media FailureKathleen Kane And Media Failure — Kathleen Kane is an historic figure. She is the first woman and the first Democrat to be elected Pennsylvania’s attorney general. She is also the first Pennsylvania attorney general to have her law license suspended.

Truly a unique legacy.

The law license suspension came after she was charged with multiple counts of obstructing administration of law  and official oppression, along with perjury and false swearing relating to leaks from the grand jury investigation  the Jerry Sandusky child abuse matter.  She had been implying that then Gov. Tom Corbett had handled it inappropriately, something for which Corbett has since been conclusively exonerated it should be noted.

Leaking grand jury information is a big no-no in our judicial system and rightfully so, but it’s not as though that was the only questionable thing she did in her short career as the person responsible for enforcing Pennsylvania’s laws. She refused to refused to defend Pennsylvania’s gay-marriage prohibition in court declaring it unconstitutional — a declaration that was not in her purview to make — and shut down a corruption investigation into Philadelphia politicians which was subsequently re-opened by Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams who managed to obtain several guilty pleas.

With all this grief falling on her head, our princess fought back. She said it was all a conspiracy by powerful men who spent their days sending pornography and racist jokes to each other via email. Quick quiz: did any of you gentle readers ever send or receive something a tad inappropriate via email? Of course not. However, it now appears that Ms. Kane certainly received them herself and her twin sister, Ellen Granahan, who heads her child predator unit, not only got them but passed them on.

So what was this woman thinking when she made her counter-charges and  hurt the lives of others who were just trying to do their jobs? How can a person of such character end up with such a powerful and important job?

Well, she was sort of pretty and that’s not to be discounted, but so is Sarah Palin.

The real reason is that Ms. Kane’s claims and character were never questioned by the media gate-keepers who we trust to do such things. Maybe they were afraid of being called sexist. Maybe they actually supported her philosophy that traditions are foolish and government is the greater good. Maybe both. Regardless, they  took her at her word when she said that she cared, and would look out for children and the little guy, and fight corruption.

It should be noted that the same thing dynamics were in play with Barack Obama and are in play with Hillary Clinton.

That should make us all afraid.

Kathleen Kane And Media Failure

Conservatives Blast Colorado Killer

Conservatives Blast Colorado Killer
Planned Parenthood shooter Richard Dear identified himself as a woman.

Bob Small sent me a note regarding comments made by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee this morning (Nov. 29) on CNN’s “State of the Union” concerning Friday’s shootings at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs.

“What he did is domestic terrorism, and what he did is absolutely abominable, especially to us in the pro-life movement, because there’s nothing about any of us that would condone or in any way look the other way on something like this,” Huckabee said.

Megadittos Governor. No decent person can defend this sickness.

We are still not quite willing to give the incident the T label until more information comes out as we may find that the shooter, 57-year-old Richard Dear, might fall into the “I hear voices” category rather than someone with a religious or political agenda.

It has been learned to the dismay of some that Dear, an ugly bearded man, identified himself as a woman on his voter registration  form and did not affiliate with a political party.

He also has a long history of violence and petty violations.

It seems wiser  to have the taxonomy of evil  categorize “terrorism” as something requiring more planning than whim else just about every act of violence could be labeled such.

And the police have been careful about speculating about Dear’s motive.

Regardless, Dear is scum and as he was taken alive we will soon learn his motives and the amount of thought he put into the attack.

And here’s a quite inappropriate but rather important question for those of us concerned about the integrity of the voting process to ask: Was Dear, who identified himself as a female voter, allowed to vote?

Conservatives Blast Colorado Killer




Chester Makes Top 10 List

Chester Makes Top 10 List Kudos to Chester, Pa. as it has made's list of the top 10 places to avoid in the U.S.
Chester, Pa. A place to avoid.

Kudos to Chester, Pa. as it has made’s list of the top 10 places to avoid in the U.S.

Also, making the list is Camden, N.J. so if you live in the Philadelphia area there are two places to avoid that are but  a short drive away.

Michigan is the top state with three places to avoid as Saginaw, Flint and, everybody’s favorite, Detroit, have placements.

Chester Makes Top 10 List