Turzai Donors Include Stradley Ronon, Comcast

Turzai Donors Include Stradley Ronon, Comcast — Mike Turzai, the speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, is rumored to be interested in taking on incumbent Gov. Tom Wolf next year.

Turzai, who represents the Allegheny County-based 28th District, has received $22,500 from Comcast, which is legendary for its political cronyism.

He also received $20,000 from everyone’s favorite puppet master Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young. When you have had the state attorney general and the state GOP chairman, the governor’s office is just icing on the cake.

He also got $10,000 from the Chester County Republican Committee. Why back a guy from Pittsburgh, Val, especially at this point in the race? One hand washes the other it seems.

Here is a list of Turzai’s donations.

Turzai Donors Include Stradley Ronon, Comcast

Turzai Donors Include Stradley Ronon

Corrupt Hillary Or How We Really Dodged A Bullet

Corrupt Hillary Or How We Really Dodged A Bullet
We dodged a bullet

Corrupt Hillary Or How We Really Dodged A Bullet — As Democrats become ever more unhinged over President Trump’s glorious swamp draining, another revelation of Hillary Clinton’s unabashed corruption has occurred. Yes, we really dodged a bullet.

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says then Secretary of State Clinton made a personal call to to pressure her to keep Muhammed Yunus as chairman of the country’s Grameen Bank.

Bangladesh law prohibits civil servants from working beyond the age of 60. Yunus was 70 in March 2011 when the call was made.

The bank’s nonprofit Grameen America, which Yunus chairs, had given between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Global Initiative.  Grameen Research, also chaired by Yunus, donated between $25,000 and $50,000.

Why would a “nonprofit charity” donate to another “nonprofit charity”? The answer is when the “nonprofit charity” is not a “nonprofit charity” but a means of getting rich. A small bribe here can often garner greater lucre there.

By the way, have you seen where donations to the Clinton Foundation have dropped like a brick?

Corrupt Hillary Or How We Really Dodged A Bullet

Chaka Fattah Gets 10 Year Sentence

Chaka Fattah Gets 10 Year Sentence — Former Congressman Chaka Fattah was bestowed with a 10-year sentence for corrupt hackdom a.k.a traditional Pennsylvania politics.

Fattah, a Democrat, represented from 1995 until June 23 Pennsylvania’s 2nd District. This consists of large swaths of Philly along with Lower Merion in Montco.

U.S. District Judge Harvey Bartle III called Fattah actions “astonishing” which frankly deserves an LOL. Still, the sentence he passed  might be the longest ever imposed on a member of Congress for federal corruption crimes so kudos for being astonished.

Fattah got a $174,000 congressional salary and associated perks, along with his bribes.

Sentenced with Fattah was Herbert Vederman, who got two-years for offering bribes. Vederman  was a senior consultant at Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, a Philadelphia law firm.

Josh Shapiro (Democrat), the political boss of Montgomery County and Pennsylvania’s next attorney general, is counsel at Stradley Ronon. Chaka Fattah Gets 10 Year Sentence -- Former Congressman Chaka Fattah was bestowed with a 10-year sentence bestowed up for various bits

Val DiGiorgio (Republican), the political boss of Chester County and among the leading candidates for chairman of the state Republican Party, runs Stradley Ronon’s banking and public finance sections. He includes Government and Public Affairs as part of his “focus”.

No matter how many 10-year sentences our hacks get, Pennsylvania will never be clean until places like Stradley Ronon are sent to the dustbin.

Chaka Fattah Gets 10 Year Sentence



Food Stamps Corporate Greed

Food Stamps Corporate Greed — The tenderhearted souls who call themselves “progressives” and claim to want care for the poor– albeit always by someone else — are huge defenders of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which is still often referred to as “food stamps” despite the benefits now being distributed by a plastic card.

SNAP benefits for a single person in Pennsylvania are maximized at $200 and they can be used to buy  soft drinks, candy, cookies, snack crackers, and  ice cream novelties.  Any attempt to restrict this program to things like fresh veggies, bulk grain and unsweetened dairy are met with shrieks and media stridency. You ever wonder who is paying for these shrieks and media stridency, and be sure that it is being bought although many of those doing the shrieking aren’t seeing the money?

Well, who is it that makes the soft drinks, and junk food? That’s right progressives, you are simple tools of corporate greed.

Ponder this: the asset/resource limit for SNAP in Pennsylvania is $5,500 or $9,000 for homes with a disabled or elderly member. If we were to halve the maximum — which would also be to roughly $75 for additional household members — yet limit what can be purchased to the healthy stuff that one has to prepare oneself, say like rice which costs about $20 for a 50 pound bag, you can double the resource limit and make a lot of needy people a lot better off.

As PepsiCo would not approve, though, don’t expect this to happen.

Food Stamps Corporate Greed

Food Stamps Corporate Greed

Dems Picked Criminal For Civil Service Commission

Dems Picked Criminal For Civil Service Commission — Delaware County Democrats are under fire for appointing Anthony Serody — who murdered his former girlfriend last week — to Folcroft Borough’s Civil Service Commission the duties of which include overseeing testing of new police officers  despite Serody’s long criminal rap sheet.

The Democrats will have to replace Serody as he shot himself after killing the woman.

Court records show that Serody had been charged with numerous crimes including robbery, theft, aggravated assault, witness retaliation, reckless endangerment, ethnic intimidation, burglary, receiving stolen property, and obstruction of justice  over two decades in Philadelphia and Venango County albeit he was only convicted of escape in 1993,  and of trespassing last year.

So how did he get the post? It appears it was related to his membership in Laborers Local 332.

It is necessary for national unity that Democrats learn to stop accepting violent, women-hating bullies into their ranks and to recognize that there is no point to win-at-all-cost thinking.

Dems Picked Criminal For Civil Service Commission

Dems Picked Criminal For Civil Service Commission

Crony Capitalism Lives In Pa.

Taxpayer candidate Rogers Howard is giving Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi a surprisingly tough primary battle in the 9th District, and Tea Party activist Bob Guzzardi can explain why.

Guzzardi notes that Pileggi has supported legislation that has provided  millions of dollars to questionable recipients.

Among the giveaways were $10 million to Janney, Montgomery Scott for a Philadelphia office building;   $850,000 to Philadelphia Democrat Chaka Fattah’s Philadelphia House of Imoja; $1,970,000 to Philadelphia University‐Arlen Specter Library; and $10 million to John P. Murtha Center for Public Policy Cambria Contrary.

And you wonder why we have a spending problem.

Laws You Never Knew Passed Or How To Impoverish Your Children

Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi (R-9) gets credit for Act 130 which began as SB 1054 and was signed into law by Gov. Corbett on Dec. 22. It provides for the capital budget for Fiscal Year 2011-2012. Pileggi got a unanimous vote for the bill in the Senate. The House passed  it with 75 dissenters who included the more conservative Republicans and the saner Democrats.

The bill borrows $1.6 billion with $450 million of that going to 197 projects in Philadelphia.

Among the things this borrowed billion-plus will be used for are:

— $10 million for the Janney Montgomery Scott Headquarters

— $2.5 million for Mount Airy Transit Village, a vacant lot.

–$2.197 million for Comcast Towers, a portion of the $30 million appropriated for Comcast.

–$850,000 for House of Imoja which is affiliated with Philadelphia Congressman Chak Fattah.

— $3 million for the Chelten and Pulaski revitalization project which is opposed by the neighborhood residents.

Representative Rosita Youngblood (D-198) introduced HB 2030 in November in an effort to bring accountability and some timely information as to the costs and benefits of the projects.  It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Liberty Index subtracted 50 points from a legislator’s grade for a “yea” vote and added 50 points for a “nay” vote. Gov. Corbett, of course, lost 50 points.

Pileggi’s primary opponent, Rogers Howard, has been outspokenly critical of this act.

Corbett’s Gang Muscles In On DRPA

Gov. Tom Corbett has cleaned the rodent-droppings from Pennsylvania’s vermin-infested  contribution to  Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) appointing himself as chairman and replacing five board members.

But will it be the case of “meet the new rat, same as the old rat”?

Corbett’s appointments — William Sasso, Joanna Cruz, Joann Bell, Walter D’Alessio and David Simon — are all heavy political contributors to the governor each donating at least $1,500, personally or institutionally, to his attorney general and gubernatorial campaigns with Simon and Sasso kicking in $29,500 and $22,000 respectively as individuals.

DRPA is a Congressionally-approved arrangement between Pennsylvania and New Jersey charged with overseeing the maintenance and development of the Philadelphia-Camden port district and much of the Delaware River crossings including the four big toll bridges. The 16-member board is split evenly between the states. All  New Jersey members are appointed to set terms by its governor. In Pennsylvania, six members are at-will gubernatorial appointments with the state’s treasurer and auditor general being automatically given seats.

Are Corbett’s picks going to be exterminators or just more bald-tailed looters looking for their cheese? One sign will be if crossing the Delaware gets cheaper and more convenient. Look to see what happens with the 20 percent toll hike schedule for July.

Hat tip Chris Freind.

$42M Aker Bailout And Corbett

$42M Aker Bailout And Corbett  — The $42 million bailout of the Aker Philadelphia Shipyard green-lighted by Gov. Corbett might not have been received with the sneering contempt that it has if people actually trusted this state’s government.

And organized labor.

OK, that last sentence was placed to give you a belly laugh.

The money will be used to build two tankers for use between U.S. ports in compliance with the Jones Act. These will be 17th and 18th ships built at the yard since it opened as a private facility in 2000. It had been the former Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.

Aker employs about 1,000 people during construction albeit 700 have been laid off since July.

Columnist Chris Freind has noted that the market for ships is saturated and that there are no customers for these particular, expensive vessels. “Build it and they might come” is not a practice most businesses would adopt assuming, of course, they had to use their own money.

Still, Corbett could always answer that a cleanup of a large, abandoned industrial site in South Philly might very well cost $42 million if not more, unemployment compensation payouts for 1,000 workers would likely run into the eight figures, and that the deal calls for Aker’s European owners to kick in $210 million.

If he should ever give a press conference.

But how about thinking outside the box?

If Corbett’s goal is to help the shipyard weather a world-wide economic downturn, maybe rather than using crony capitalism to flood the market with unwanted ships he could have had Pa. pay for Aker to refurbish national treasures like the USS Olympia and the SS United States , now rusting at Delaware River piers.

He could have required the unions to accept the employment of 100 apprentices from Philadelphia and Delaware County vocational schools who would be paid minimum wage and could be fired at a moment’s notice without being covered by unemployment comp.

Granted something like that would require our government to show some imagination and organized labor to demonstrate reason, so let’s chalk that up to wishful thinking.

But if Corbett really wants to help Aker and save what’s left of the Philadelphia industrial base, he would put aside all central planning schemes and get back to the basics as to why entrepreneurs set up shop at certain places and only go to others if they are paid millions and millions. Can anybody say property tax breaks for everybody, not just Europeans threatening to leave?  Can anybody say “right to work”?


$42M Aker Bailout And Corbett

HB 2497 Pension Bailout Unconstitutional

HB 2497 Pension Bailout Unconstitutional  — HB 2497 aka  Gen Theft was sent to the governor’s desk for a signature Nov. 15 after a 165 to 31 vote in the Pennsylvania House. The sick thing is that 32 minutes earlier a vote to declare the bill unconstitutional passed the House on a 128-68 vote. This means that 37 legislators ended up voting for a bill they had voted to be unconstitutional.

Bob Guzzardi of LibertyIndex.Com lists the bovine 39 as:

Republicans: Matthew Baker (Tioga), Kerry Benninghoff (Centre), Martin Causer (Bradford), Jim Christina (Beaver), Paul Clymer (Bucks), Gary Day (Berks), Sheryl Delozier (Cumberland), Garth Everett (Lycoming), Will Gabig (Cumberland), Matt Gabler (Elk), Mauree Gingrich (Lebanon), Glen Grell (Cumberland), Marcia Hahn (Northampton), Ted  Harhart (Fayette), Sue Helm (Dauphin), Tim Hennessy (Chester), Rob Kauffman (Cumberland), Mark Keller (Franklin), John Maher (Allegheny), Sandra Major (Susquehanna), Ron Marsico (Dauphin), Ron Miller (York), Dan Moul (Adams), John Payne (Dauphin), Tina Pickett (Bradford), Jeffrey Pyle (Armstrong), Thomas Quigley (Montgomery), Marguerite Quinn (Berks), Kathy Rapp (Forest), Dave Reed (Indiana), Doug Reichley (Lehigh), Todd Rock (Franklin), Curtis Sonney (Erie), Katie True (Lancaster), Randy Vulakovich (Allegheny) and Katherine Watson (Bucks).

  Retiring Speaker of the House Keith McCall (Carbon), Dwight Evans (Philadelphia) and Brendan Boyle (Philadelphia).

HB 2497, which will certainly be signed by Gov. Rendell, bails out the Pennsylvania’s near bankrupt public pension system and was strongly supported by the Pennsylvania State Education Association and other public employee unions.

Is it stating the obvious to note that the very sweet legislative pensions are also saved by the bailout? What heroic public servants we have voted to represent us.

Commonwealth Foundation estimates that the bailout will cost the average homeowner $1,360 annually by 2012  in state and local taxes.

Will our state courts find the bill to be unconstitutional? People, the bill bailed out the judges’ pensions too.

HB 2497 Pension Bailout Unconstitutional

HB 2497 Pension Bailout Unconstitutional  -- HB 2497 aka  Gen Theft was sent to the governor's desk for a signature Nov. 15 after a 165 to 31