Internet Radio Fight Concerns Crony Capitalism

Internet Radio Fight Concerns Crony Capitalism –Internet radio promises convenience and variety unimaginable to those whose thinking is limited by the finite bands of the broadcast spectrum. One of the things that keeps it from fulfilling its potential is copyright regulation namely a government mandate that it pay a higher set of royalties than its broadcast brothers

Congressmen Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) Jared Polis (D-CO) and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) are trying to change this.

The usual powerful and greedy crony capitalists are fighting them, however. Hollywood and the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) like things as they are because it gives them more control and more money. Sensitive liberal activists Sheryl Crow, Cee Lo Green and Rihanna have signed a letter that the unfair existing structure be kept.

When are people going to realize that those who call themselves “liberal” are not. When a celebrity says he or she “cares” he or she means about himself.

Internet Radio Fight Concerns Crony Capitalism

Internet Radio Fight Concerns Crony Capitalism

Long Nyquist Liquor Incest In Pa.

Long Nyquist Liquor Incest— Long Nyquist and Associates, the Harrisburg lobbying firm representing the state liquor store clerks, earned more than $1 million last year for campaign work on behalf of Republicans, according to

The article says that its those Republicans “who are pushing privatization of liquor sales.”

Hold on there, Sunshine. Not all Republicans are pushing for this. If that were the case, the state stores would have ended two years ago as the GOP controls all of Harrisburg.

Hat tip Bob Guzzardi.


Long Nyquist Liquor Incest

Pay To Play Ban Passes Pa. House

Pay To Play Ban Passes Pa. House — The State House voted unanimously last week in support of a bill to end the practice of pay-to-play politics in the state contracting procurement process, says Rep. Jim Cox (R-129). House Bill 201 would strictly prohibit any state employee from evaluating any state contract proposal submitted by a former employer less than two years following the date of the state employee’s separation with the employer.

The bill aims to limit any undue influence a former employer could have on a state employee who is in the position of making contract decisions. House Bill 201 now heads to the Senate for consideration.


Pay To Play Ban Passes Pa. House

Pay To Play Ban Passes Pa. House

Referral Fees Supreme Court Corruption

Referral Fees Supreme Court Corruption — Activist Bob Guzzardi notes that the $821,000 referral fee paid to lawyer Lise Rapaport which stemmed from a multimillion-dollar medical malpractice settlement is more money than 99.99 percent of the people in Pennsylvania earn in a year.

Ms. Rapaport has received 17 other such fees for connecting law firms with clients.

Golly, what could make her so valuable?

That she is the wife and personal assistant to state Supreme Court Justice Seamus P. McCaffery is just a coincidence one is sure.

McCaffery is a Democrat, btw, just looking out for the little guy as usual.


Referral Fees Supreme Court Corruption

Referral Fees Supreme Court Corruption


RACP Cut Of $600 Million OK’d By House

RACP Cut Of $600 Million OK’d By House — The Pennsylvania House has passed a measure to put new controls in place to curtail levels of public debt for projects funded by the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP), reports State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129).

RACP is a Commonwealth grant program administered by the Office of the Budget for the acquisition and construction of regional economic, cultural, civic and historical improvement projects with a focus on job creation. Created in 1999 with an initial debt ceiling of $1.2 billion, the RACP debt ceiling has been raised six times since then, pushing it up to $4.05 billion.

House Bill 493 decreases the RACP debt ceiling from its current $4.05 billion to $3.45 billion, an immediate reduction of $600 million.

In addition, the bill puts in place important transparency measures. Eligible projects must meet specific criteria, including generating substantial increases in or maintaining current levels of economic activity, having substantial regional economic impacts, including at least 50 percent of non-state funding participation and having a total project cost of at least $1 million.

The bill now heads to the Senate.


RACP Cut Of $600 Million OK’d By House

RACP Cut Of $600 Million OK'd By House

Spanier Gets National Security Gig

Spanier Gets National Security Gig — Graham Spanier, the sexual adventurer who presided over Penn State for 16 years and thought it “humane” to refrain from reporting to police that one-time football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was molesting children, appears to have been rehabilitated.

At least in the eyes of Washington.
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that he was hired by the federal government in April for an “unspecified project in national security


Spanier Gets National Security Gig

Crony Capitalism Lives In Pa.

Taxpayer candidate Rogers Howard is giving Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi a surprisingly tough primary battle in the 9th District, and Tea Party activist Bob Guzzardi can explain why.

Guzzardi notes that Pileggi has supported legislation that has provided  millions of dollars to questionable recipients.

Among the giveaways were $10 million to Janney, Montgomery Scott for a Philadelphia office building;   $850,000 to Philadelphia Democrat Chaka Fattah’s Philadelphia House of Imoja; $1,970,000 to Philadelphia University‐Arlen Specter Library; and $10 million to John P. Murtha Center for Public Policy Cambria Contrary.

And you wonder why we have a spending problem.

Amy Gutmann Salary $1.367 million

Amy Gutmann salary $1.367 million — Tea Party activist Bob Guzzardi notes that in Fiscal Year 2011-2012 the Republican-controlled State House and Senate allocated $29 million to the University of Pennsylvania to which the Republican governor happily consented.

This year, Guzzardi says Gov. Corbett is proposing to give Penn zero in the way of dollars.

“The Forgotten Taxpayer is elated,” says Guzzardi.

He notes that Penn is a multi- billion dollar tax exempt corporation with an annual budget of $6 billion  and a highly paid administrative staff, including
President Amy Gutmann, who got a salary last year of $1.367 million.

Amy Gutmann salary $1.367 million

Amy Gutmann salary $1.367 million

Mortgage settlement screws people who pay on time!!

Mortgage settlement screws people who pay on time!! Sounds crazy,right?Just follow the details here and see for yourselves.

Mortgage settlement screws people who pay on time

Laws You Never Knew Passed Or How To Impoverish Your Children

Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi (R-9) gets credit for Act 130 which began as SB 1054 and was signed into law by Gov. Corbett on Dec. 22. It provides for the capital budget for Fiscal Year 2011-2012. Pileggi got a unanimous vote for the bill in the Senate. The House passed  it with 75 dissenters who included the more conservative Republicans and the saner Democrats.

The bill borrows $1.6 billion with $450 million of that going to 197 projects in Philadelphia.

Among the things this borrowed billion-plus will be used for are:

— $10 million for the Janney Montgomery Scott Headquarters

— $2.5 million for Mount Airy Transit Village, a vacant lot.

–$2.197 million for Comcast Towers, a portion of the $30 million appropriated for Comcast.

–$850,000 for House of Imoja which is affiliated with Philadelphia Congressman Chak Fattah.

— $3 million for the Chelten and Pulaski revitalization project which is opposed by the neighborhood residents.

Representative Rosita Youngblood (D-198) introduced HB 2030 in November in an effort to bring accountability and some timely information as to the costs and benefits of the projects.  It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Liberty Index subtracted 50 points from a legislator’s grade for a “yea” vote and added 50 points for a “nay” vote. Gov. Corbett, of course, lost 50 points.

Pileggi’s primary opponent, Rogers Howard, has been outspokenly critical of this act.