Chester Amazon Would Make A Good Match

Chester Amazon Would Make A Good Match — Chester, which not-so-long-ago was listed as one of the 10 places in America to avoid, is among the sites being pushed for Amazon’s second HQ.

And a pretty good case can be made for it.

It has under-used, under-taxed land along what could be a lovely waterfront, and easy access to I-95, the Philadelphia International Airport and numerous institutions of higher learning.

Go for it Chester and good luck.

Chester Amazon Would Make A Good Match

Chester Amazon Would Make A Good Match



Tracy Price Lochetto Delaware County Press Club President

Kudos to Tracy Price Lochetto who is the new president of the Delaware County Press Club.

Her first meeting featuring Philly Pops President Frank Giordano at Margaret Kuo’s Restaurant in Wayne was a rousing success.

Tracy day job is communications director of the Delaware County Bar Association.

Tracy Price Lochetto Delaware County Press Club President

Tracy Price Lochetto Delaware County Press Club President

Anti-Vote Fraud Bill Advances; Charlton, Bucks Reps Nays

Anti-Vote Fraud Bill Advances Or Alex Charlton, What’s Up? — A commonsense anti-vote-fraud bill overwhelming passed the Pennsylvania House, Sept. 26, and is now before the state Senate.

The bill no longer restricts poll watchers to their county of registration allowing them to monitor anywhere in the Commonwealth.

The vote was 106 to 91. Naturally, every fraud-dependent Democrat present — three weren’t there — voted against it,  but strangely so did 13 Republicans including Alex Charlton of Springfield (165), James Santora of Drexel Hill (163); and Bucks County reps Gene DiGirolamo  (18), Bernie O’Neill (29), Marguerite Quinn (143), Craig T. Staats (143),  Katharine M. Watson (144) and Scott Petri (178).

So what’s up with that Alex Charlton? More interestingly what’s up with that Bucks County? What all do you have to be afraid of?


Anti-Vote Fraud Bill Advances Or Alex Charlton, What’s Up?

Anti-Vote Fraud Bill Advances Or Alex Charlton, What's Up?



Flag Day Ceremony At Vet Memorial

Flag Day Ceremony At Vet Memorial — The Delaware County Veterans Memorial will host a Flag Day celebration, 11 a.m., June 14 at the memorial, 4599 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square, Pa. 19073.

U.S. Army Corporal Russell “Rusty” Carter of Springfield will be speaker.

Entertainment will be provided by Coopertown Elementary School from the Haverford Township School District.

Flag Day Ceremony At Vet Memorial

Flag Day Ceremony At Vet Memorial

Women Veterans Honored In Delco

Women Veterans Honored In Delco — The public is invited to a flying of Women Veterans Casket Flags, 5 p.m., Sunday, May 21 at the Delaware County Veterans Memorial, 4599 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square, Pa. 19073.

Women Veterans Honored In Delco
Margaret Jane Lawrence

To be honored are Elizabeth McGrath of Broomall who served as a U.S. Navy radioman during World War II and Margaret Jane Lozinak Lawrence of Springfield who served a U.S. Army Nurse during the Korean War.

Vocals will be by Theresa Flanagan Murtagh.

Women Veterans Honored In Delco


Royal Farms Glenolden Store Is A Hit

Royal Farms Glenolden Store Is A Hit

Royal Farms Glenolden Store Is A Hit

By Kate Rainey

Today, May 16, is the First Anniversary of the opening of Royal Farms on 145 N. MacDade Blvd, Glenolden.

The Wawa competitor was was founded in 1959 by Baltimore’s Cloverland Dairy. The company, owned by third generation Kemp family, started in 1918 delivering milk by horse and wagon to Maryland homes. Today it is known for their “World Famous Chicken” and has over 170 locations in the Mid-Atlantic.

Royal Farms Glenolden Store Is A Hit
Matthew and Colin at the Royal Farms Glenolden.

Colin, a cashier who has been working at the store since March said nothing special was being done for the anniversary.

“The company is busy opening other stores,” he said.

There are 16 new stores listed on the website, along with four locations under construction, which includes their first to open in New Jersey.

The other Delaware County stores are on Stewart Avenue in Ridley Park just across from Boeing which opened in January 2015, and at 314 Market St., Aston, which opened in July.

Last week when I tried this store for the first time, I had a $5 coupon for their $13.99 eight piece chicken. Advertised as “always fresh, never frozen – lightly breaded and pressure cooked in trans fat free cooking oil,” it was moist, crisp and well seasoned. The only disappointment was there is MSG in it.

Upon arrival, the server behind the open kitchen announced they had to cook more chicken and there would be a 10 minute wait. Because I didn’t get my number, I missed that round and then had another 10 minute wait. When I went to check out,  didn’t charge me due to the long wait. He also returned the coupon to be used again.

When I returned for my second visit, I found Ray who I met the first time.

He was having an egg white and cheese biscuit sandwich ($1.69), and has been a daily customer for the last four months.

“Part of the Royal Farms experience is coming in here to relax,” said Ray of Crum Lynne. “The Royal Farms Reserve coffee is really good.”

A retired professor, Ray, became a patron for the “cheap gas,” which is $2.42 for regular. This store, which is 5,100 square feet with high ceilings, has 16 fueling stations. The kitchen also serves hand cut fried western fries, hot and cold subs, wraps and other side dishes. There is a variety of fresh brewed coffee that is served 24 hours.

According to Colin, the coupons that went out in flyers earlier this month have brought in a lot of new customers. Because of the seating area, unique menu and positive interactions with employees, I would return for this fast food. It is a different adventure than WaWa, which had it’s first store built down the street in 1964.

Royal Farms Glenolden Store Is A Hit

66th Annual NDP Draws Crowd To Rose Tree Park

66th Annual NDP Draws Crowd To Rose Tree Park

By Kate Rainey

About 100 Delaware County residents gathered Thursday, May 4, for the 66th Annual National Day of Prayer (NDP) in Rose Tree Park on Route 252, Upper Providence.

66th Annual NDP Draws Crowd to Rose Tree Park
Photo by Kate Rainey

After everyone sang “America the Beautiful,” there was a moment of silence for our fallen soldiers and emergency workers. Honorable Mario Rivera, Chairman of Delaware County Council led the Resolution for the NDP.

Topics addressed during the hour of prayer included the theme message “For Your Great Name’s Sake! Hear Us . . . Forgive Us . . . Heal Us!”

“O Lord, listen! O Lord, forgive! O Lord, hear and act! For your sake, O my God, do not delay because your city and your people bear your name,”  Daniel 9:19 was read by Mrs. Patti Bruno, who is Director of NDP and Delaware County Task Force.

Blowing of the Shofar and a call for prayer was presented by David Buffum, of Congregation Beth Yeshua, Overbook Park. Praise and worship music was led by the Rockdale Boys.

Rev. Dr. Wylie Johnson, of Springfield Baptist Church, prayed for our Veterans and Armed Forces; Pastor Perry Messick, of First Baptist Church of Collingdale, prayed for our police, fire and emergency medical teams; Pastor Bob Guaglione, of Calvary Chapel of Delaware County, prayed for our government leaders; Pastor Meredith Harper, of Quakertown Baptist Church, for revival in the land and unity in the body of Christ.

Father Rob Hagan, of Villanova University, prayed for our churches, clergy, youth leaders and service ministries; JP Berk lifted up peace of Jerusalem; retired Interboro teacher Robert Kern, schools, teachers and youth. Ed Cameron, owner of Copy Products and kindly donated all the paper products and signs for the event, prayed for our professionals and businesses. Diane Pluff, prayed for marriages and families; Monica Guaglione prayed for the arts, entertainment, Hollywood and media.

K-Love, 106.9 FM Christian radio station, was in attendance. There were red tents for those who needed personal prayer and healing.

To volunteer for next year’s National Day of Prayer, May 3, 2018, contact Mrs. Bruno at 610-416-8336.

66th Annual NDP Draws Crowd To Rose Tree Park

Delco Sanctuary City Trump Says

Delco Sanctuary City Trump Says Sorry John McBlain, but it looks like the Center for Immigration Studies is right after all.

President Trump included Delaware County, Pa. on its list of sanctuary cities released yesterday, March 20.

The list comes from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Section II covers jurisdictions with recorded declined detainers between Jan. 28 and Feb. 3. Section III is a table of jurisdictions that have enacted policies that limit cooperation with ICE.

Delco is in Section III as being a jurisdiction that “will not hold individuals solely based on an ICE detainer.” However,”arrangements may be made for ‘in person’ review of the policy”. This has been the policy since August 2014 says ICE.

Chesco, Montco, Bucks and, of course, Philadelphia are also listed

Chesco is in Section III as “will not hold individuals solely based on an ICE detainer” but “will allow ICE agents access to the daily populations reports and other records for investigative purposes”. This has been policy since May 2014.

Bucks is in Section III as “will not hold individuals solely based on an ICE detainer but will notify ICE via email of a pending release from custody.” This has been policy since April 2014.

Montco is in Section III as “will not honor ICE detainer”; “will not accept anyone brought to it solely on an ICE detainer: and “has daily contact with ICE”. This has been policy since April 2014

Philly “will honor ICE detainer where the alien has a prior conviction for a first or second degree felony offense involving violence and the detainer is accompanied by a judicial arrest warrant.” Even more damningly, Philly “prohibits notice to ICE of the pending release of subjects of interest to ICE unless the above criteria is met.”

Section II lists Chester County as declining a detainer on Feb. 3 for an El Salvadorian sought for a probation violation; and Philadelphia as declining detainers on Feb. 1 for a Jamaican wanted for homicide and on Feb. 3 for a Dominican wanted for selling heroin.

Delco Sanctuary City Trump Says

Delco Sanctuary City Trump Says




Delco Sanctuary Says Philly Mayor

Delco Sanctuary Says Philly Mayor — A bill has been introduced in the Pennsylvania Senate — albeit it appears snarled — that would ban government units from adopting “sanctuary” policies. This basically means not checking immigration status and not complying with federal detention orders.

Philadelphia’s Jim Kenney, who mayors the bill’s numero uno target, is outraged. Delco and Montco and Chesco and Bucks do the the same he says.

That was a subject of discussion here in December. 

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) claimed — and still does— that Delaware County is a “sanctuary” for illegals.

The Philadelphia Field Office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), however, sent us this: Delaware County, Pa and all police departments within Delaware County fully participate with PEP (Priority Enforcement Program).

Regarding the sanctuary city bill — SB 10 of 2017-2018–  what exactly is the problem with governments checking into someone’s immigration status and complying with federal detention orders?

By the way the CIS has added Pennsylvania counties to its list.

Delco Sanctuary Says Philly MayorDelco Sanctuary Says Philly Mayor

Jody Tarbutton Reunited With Family After Alabama Trip

Jody Tarbutton of Boothwyn, Pa. meant to go for quick trip to the hardware store but ended up 900 miles away in Haleyville, Ala.

He learned where he was on Monday — two days after he had been reported missing by his family — when he asked two police officers eating in a restaurant.

The officers ran his drivers license and found he had reported missing. His daugahter, Cindy Gatta, of Wilimington had also posted a plea on Facebook.

The officers got him to a hospital where he was treated for high blood pressure and dehydration.

Mrs. Gatta says her father has never been diagnosed with dementia and attributed his journey to old age. Officials noted he would have almost certainly had to have driven through severe weather.

Tarubrton’s family flew to Birmingham were they were met by residents of Haleyville who drove them for a reunion with their father in the hospital.Jody Tarbutton  Reunited With Family After Alabama Trip

Mrs. Gatta described the return as a Christmas miracle.

Jody Tarbutton  Reunited With Family After Alabama Trip