Jody Tarbutton Reunited With Family After Alabama Trip

Jody Tarbutton of Boothwyn, Pa. meant to go for quick trip to the hardware store but ended up 900 miles away in Haleyville, Ala.

He learned where he was on Monday — two days after he had been reported missing by his family — when he asked two police officers eating in a restaurant.

The officers ran his drivers license and found he had reported missing. His daugahter, Cindy Gatta, of Wilimington had also posted a plea on Facebook.

The officers got him to a hospital where he was treated for high blood pressure and dehydration.

Mrs. Gatta says her father has never been diagnosed with dementia and attributed his journey to old age. Officials noted he would have almost certainly had to have driven through severe weather.

Tarubrton’s family flew to Birmingham were they were met by residents of Haleyville who drove them for a reunion with their father in the hospital.Jody Tarbutton  Reunited With Family After Alabama Trip

Mrs. Gatta described the return as a Christmas miracle.

Jody Tarbutton  Reunited With Family After Alabama Trip

Delco Sanctuary City Nope

Delco Sanctuary City Nope — County Councilman John McBlain appears to have won the debate as to whether Delaware County, Pa. is a “sanctuary city” as claimed by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

Delco Sanctuary City NopeThe Philadelphia Field Office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)  has sent us the below comment:

Delaware County, Pa and all police departments within Delaware County fully participate with PEP.
With the implementation of the Priority Enforcement Program (PEP) in July 2015, many law enforcement agencies, including some large jurisdictions, are now once again cooperating with ICE.  DHS continues to make significant strides in building partnerships with local law enforcement and community leaders through PEP to ensure a common-sense approach that focuses enforcement resources on convicted criminals and individuals who threaten public safety and national security while also taking into account important community policing needs.
For more information on PEP please visit

CIS defines sanctuary city/county/state as a jurisdiction that does not comply with ICE detainers for jailed or incarcerated illegal aliens.

Clearly Delco now does.

Delco Sanctuary City Nope

Delco Sanctuary City Debate Continued

Delco Sanctuary City Debate Continued  — Delaware County Councilman John McBlain made a passionate reply to yesterday’s (Dec. 1) article regarding how the respected Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) — it has been cited by the Supreme Court and members have testified before Congress — listed Delco as a sanctuary for illegal aliens.

“Our Council has not and will not approve any policy that would qualify our county as any sort of ‘sanctuary’ status that would oppose the application of federal law,” McBlain said. “There’s no parsing words or being cute here – this website is flat out wrong.”

McBlain has demanded that CIS remove Delco from the list and retract the claim.

Bryan Griffith has since replied saying the data is correct and, further, “(Delco) has policy/legislation that limits or prohibits cooperation with ICE“. He said the county should take the matter up with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) if it wants the claim removed.

Delco Sanctuary City Debate ContinuedCIS defines “sanctuary city” as a jurisdiction that does not comply with ICE detainers for jailed or incarcerated illegal aliens as opposed to the more commonly understood one of a jurisdiction that has declared that it will protect undocumented immigrants by not prosecuting them solely for violating federal immigration laws in the country in which they are now living illegally.

The CIS definition is quite useful in that it exposes non-compliance that would otherwise be unknown to the public. It is  unfair, however, to use it in a fundamentalist way. Three declined detainers over 21 months ending Sept. 30, 2015 — which is what Delco is accused of having done — does not a sanctuary city make. We would be interested in learning specifically what  policy/legislation Delco has that “limits or prohibits cooperation with ICE”. None, however, is listed on the CIS map, unlike the listing for Philadelphia.

Chester County, which is also listed, has had but one declined detainer between Jan. 1, 2014 and Sept. 30, 2015. Montgomery County has had seven. Philadelphia County has had 171 and the city itself has declared itself to be a “sanctuary” via mayoral executive order.

The difference between Delco’s alleged sins and Philly’s known ones is huge and it is kind of unfair to put them on the same list.

UPDATE: A link has submitted by Bryan Griffith of Center for Immigration Studies to a Temple University Study from March 2015 says Delaware County has a written policy not to comply. As per the study:  A privately run company, Community Education Centers (CEC), is responsible for correctional services at the George W. Hill Correctional Facility in Delaware County. Dated August 5, 2014, CEC’s policy is to not hold individuals based solely on ICE detainers. CEC was unwilling to turn over the policy because CEC considers it to be “proprietary information,” but noted that arrangements can be made for “in person” review of the policy.

Delco Sanctuary City Debate Continued

Delaware County Sanctuary City?

Delaware County Sanctuary City? — A listing of sanctuary cities, counties and states is being circulated by the influential Center for Immigration Studies and on it is Delaware County, Pa. We contacted CIS asking the reason for the inclusion of Delco but have yet to hear back.

Delaware County Sanctuary City?A “sanctuary city” or county or state is a jurisdiction that has declared that it will protect undocumented immigrants by not prosecuting them solely for violating federal immigration laws in the country in which they are now living illegally.

It rarely involves giving necessary sanctuary to true refugees. More often than not the motivation is cheap labor or the consolidation of political power through divisive identity politics.

Chester, Montgomery and Lehigh counties are also named as is, obviously, Philadelphia.

You can find the complete list here.

UPDATE — We heard back from Bryan Griffith of  Center for Immigration Studies who tell us the definition in the article is incorrect with regard to their map. They define “sanctuary city (county/state)” as a jurisdiction that does not comply with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainers for jailed or incarcerated illegal aliens. Griffith says Delco declined three detainers between January 2014 and September 2015 as per ICE.

UPDATE 2 — Bob Small has let us know that Swarthmore College President Valerie Smith has released a statement that the college is evaluating how to become a sanctuary campus after a petition signed by more than 1,100 students, faculty and alumni requesting such was presented to her.

Delaware County Sanctuary City?


Delco Higher Tax Burden Than Philly

Delco Higher Tax Burden Than Philly — Delaware County residents have a higher tax burden than those living in Philadelphia according to a study by Pew Charitable Trust.

Pew says that a middle class Delco resident paid 14 percent of his or her income — $8,557 on average — in sales, property and income taxes in 2015.

And that’s assuming one did not work in the city. For commuters, the bite was 19 percent or 11,661.

The 2015 tax burden for middle class Philly residents was 12 percent or an average of $7,704.

This is a huge change from Y2K, when the cost for a middle class Delco non-commuter was about 12 percent of income which averaged about $1,184 less than a Philadelphian. Delco Higher Tax Burden Than Philly

We suspect the main reason for the change is increasing educational expenses in the burbs.

Springfield does not need a $130 million new high school.

Hat tip Dom Giordano.

Delco Higher Tax Burden Than Philly

Half of FieldWorks Voter Applications May Be Bad

Half of FieldWorks Voter Applications May Be Bad —  Thousands of Delaware County, Pa. voter registration forms filed by a Democratic electioneering organization may be illegitimate, Delaware County Republican leaders said at a press conference, today, Nov. 3 at the Delaware County Government Center in Media.

The vote fraud scheme was found when Pennsylvania State Police raided the Norwood offices of FieldWorks LLC . A search warrant was issued, Oct. 28.

“Of the 7,000 (forms) that were jammed down the throats of the commission here, it is estimated that 3,500 have some sort of infirmity,” Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Pa7) said.  Half of FieldWorks Voter Applications May Be Bad

Meehan said these infirmities include fraudulent information and filing after the Oct. 11 deadline. He noted that 52 applicants registered at addresses that don’t exist. He said one apparent voter appeared to be registered nine times at five different addresses.

Meehan, who was joined  by Springfield Republican Chairman Mike Puppio and county GOP Chairman Andy Reilly, also questioned why so many of the registration forms purportedly collected from Delaware County voters were filed to the state, not at local offices.

“At the last second, literally thousands of these applications were not sent to Delaware County and the commission, they were sent to the state to circumvent the requirements,” he said. “Why would someone from Norwood drive to Harrisburg … and deliver them there rather than coming right up the street and deliver them in Delaware County?”

Meehan said  it was deliberately done “to gum up the works and make it more difficult for those commissioners to oversee” if they were legitimate.

The Delaware County Voter Registration Commission – a bi-partisan board – will hold a hearing Friday to determine whether the forms were timely submitted. An ongoing review by election officials has revealed problems with hundreds of applications, from addresses that don’t exist to Social Security numbers or driver’s license numbers that don’t match.

FieldWorks clients consist of Democrat and other extreme, power-driven leftist organizations.

Half of FieldWorks Voter Applications May Be Bad

Best Mulch Won’t Back Down

Best Mulch Won’t Back Down — Mike Makowski put up a large Trump/Pence sign at his business on Route 322, Best Mulch, in Concord, Pa.

Best Mulch Won't Back Down
Lock her up.

An irate, obviously well-to-do, customer called and said she would never do business with him again.

Mike responded by adding an effigy of Hillary in jail and then put a video of him building it on YouTube. He used the recording of the rich lady’s hateful threats as the sound track.

You can see it below.

And if you need mulch here is his website.

Hat tip Gateway Pundit
Mike Makowski and Best Mulch of Concordville Pa. Won’t Back Down. Hillary Clinton is now in jail on Route 322 giving joy to motorists who care about their country.

Just Vote R On November 8

Just Vote R On November 8 — The Springfield (Pa.) Republican Party pre-election newsletter contains nary a mention of certain candidate whose first name is Donald and last name starts with a T.

Just Vote R On November 8
Just Vote R

We like and respect party Chairman Mike Puppio and we are confident his vote on Election Day will be to keep a traitor from becoming President.  Mike’s the one, after all, who let author and former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne describe to the community the corruption of the Clinton Crime Couple.

Still, it’s a YUGE mistake to not promote the guy at the head of the ticket. Trump signs are popping up in the neighborhood and the vast majority of Republicans are going to vote for The Donald. We fear — and have heard –that some, however, will withhold their vote from Republicans who have come out as NeverTrumpers.

This means you especially Pat Meehan.

Party leaders should keep their message simple and say Just Vote R. It’s a win-win for everybody. Nobody who is not a fool or a thief wants Hillary Clinton in the White House.

Have you seen where South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who had been a vocal anti-Trumper, has endorsed The Donald? Did you know that Democrat consultant Doug Schoen has withdrawn his support for Hillary?

Get on the train now suburban Republicans. Let your message be just vote R on Nov. 8.

Just Vote R On November 8



Rimsky-Korsakov Opens Delco Symphony Season

Rimsky-Korsakov Opens Delco Symphony Season

By Joseph B. Dychala

New music director Joseph Caminiti leads the Delaware County Symphony this Sunday Oct 16 for the first full orchestra concert of the 2016 – 2017 season.

Rimsky-Korsakov Opens Delco Symphony SeasonThe program opens with Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s delightful Russian Easter Overture followed by the well known Carmen Suite No. 2 from Georges Bizet. After a brief intermission this afternoon of music concludes with Johannes Brahms haunting Symphony No. 1 in C Minor.

The program, entitled “Virtuosic Display” begins at 3 p.m. in Meagher Theater at Neumann University. Arrive early at 2 p.m. to enjoy a brief yet very informative talk with Dr C. Michael Kelly regarding the composers and song selections.

Individual tickets are available the day of the show for the cost of $18 each with a discounted price of $15 for Seniors as well as Students. As always one child under age 12, with an accompanying adult, admitted free. This is an excellent way to bring a new generation of listeners to the classics. The next upcoming Chamber Series performance will be held on Nov 20 and feature such diverse selections as Ludwig von Beethoven’s “Ghost” in addition to performances by Brass Ensemble, Timpani and a Cello concerto plus much more.

B&N Piano Sales and Services in Aston is a sponsor of the Delaware County Symphony.

Rimsky-Korsakov Opens Delco Symphony Season

Hillary Haverford Visit

Hillary Haverford VisitHillary Haverford Visit — Hillary Clinton will be coming to Haverford Township noon, tomorrow, Oct. 4 at the Recreation Center at Haverford Reserve, 9000 Parkview Dr, Haverford, Pennsylvania 19041. A protest rally will greet her outside of the facility.

The public is asked to avoid spilling water on her as she may melt.

Hillary Haverford Visit