Delco Dem Refugee Resettlement Scheme Spawns Petition

Delco Dem Refugee Resettlement Scheme Spawns Petition — The new all-Democrat Delaware County Council started its term, Jan. 8, by voting 5-0 to send a letter to the Department of State, directing them to authorize “refugee resettlement consistent with the authorization provided by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

A petition is being circulated to stop the madness and you can sign it here.

What Pennsylvania’s Democrats want to stick us with is the Pennsylvania Refugee Resettlement Program (RRP) which provides federally-funded services to refugees in accordance with federal statutes and regulations and the Commonwealth’s State Plan.

So does this help starving children fleeing religious oppression? Frankly, it seems more likely to bring in MS-13.

The Pennsylvania Refugee Resettlement Program provides a continuum of employment, educational, case management, health, and financial support services to newly arrived refugees in the Commonwealth. So rather than helping newlyweds, single moms, the elderly or veterans it seems far more likely that it will make the newlyweds, single moms, the elderly and veterans help MS-13.

its services include:

  • Employment Programs
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) programs
  • Targeted Assistance
  • Interpretation and Translation
  • Citizenship Preparation courses
  • Asylee Outreach Project
  • Services to Older Refugees
  • Information Referral
  • Unaccompanied Refugee Minors Program
  • Vocational ESL for Cuban and Haitian refugees
  • TANF employment and training programs

Sign the petition. If someone in the Pennsylvania swamp — likely Democrat but not necessarily – tries to make you feel hardhearted about not wanting to give your hard-earned resources to assist those whose need is dubious and who have presented an historic danger, ask why they are not giving their far greater and not-so-hard-earned resources to you.

Update: We have been told that the Democrat-controlled Chester County Board of Commissioner has also consented to refugee resettlement.

Delco Dem Refugee Resettlement Scheme Spawns Petition
Delco Dem Refugee Resettlement Scheme Spawns Petition

Delco Refugee Resettlement Endorsed By Council

Delco Refugee Resettlement Endorsed By Council — The new all-Democrat Delaware County Council started its term, Jan. 8, by waving its middle finger at the vast majority of county residents who just want things like safe streets and reasonable taxes.

It voted 5-0 to send a letter to the Department of State, directing them to authorize “refugee resettlement consistent with the authorization provided by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

Hey Chester residents, how does this help you?

Delco Refugee Resettlement Endorsed By Council
Delco Refugee Resettlement Endorsed By Council

Stollsteimer Ignores Murder, Victims' Pain

Stollsteimer Ignores Murder, Victims’ Pain — Democrat Jack Stollsteimer was sworn in as Delaware County District Attorney, Jan. 6.

Stollsteimer Ignores Murder, Victims' Pain
Jack Stollsteimer indifferent to victims’ suffering

He bragged in Jan. 8 press release that  he is dropping a 27-year-old retail theft case against David Sheppard, a Philadelphia man whose life sentence on an unrelated case was recently commuted by Governor Thomas W. Wolf.

Unrelated Jack? Why not just say what that “unrelated case” was? Sheppard was serving a life sentence for the murder of 64-year-old Thomas Brannan who was killed during the robbery of Love’s Pharmacy in the Overbrook Section of Philadelphia in which Sheppard participated.

The retail theft charge — which stems from a shoplifting at the defunct Jeans West in Springfield — was imposed last year by then D.A. Kat Copeland. It wasn’t about keeping Sheppard in prison but about giving Brannan’s survivors a chance to speak. Wolf refused to do this as the wonderful Dom Giordano pointed out on his show yesterday (Jan. 9).

The most sickening thing about the “social justice” crowd is that they can’t get that mercy and compassion and empathy apply to victims too. Sheppard didn’t pull the trigger and clemency after 25 years is not beyond the pale, but to refuse to give the survivors a chance to look Sheppard in the eye and, more importantly, make him look in their eyes is about as heartless an act law enforcement can do.

Stollsteimer is among the prosecutors elected after receiving support and funding from billionaire one-percenter George Soros, who says “the main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”

Stollsteimer Ignores Murder, Victims’ Pain

Donny Deutsch Epstein Were Partners

Donny Deutsch Epstein Were Partners — The insightful and always entertaining Jamie Dlux found on one of his digs that leftist mouthpiece Donny Deutsch has been a partner with Jeffrey Epstein.

The New York Daily News reported on Feb. 6, 2004:

A group of high-profile New Yorkers that failed int its recent attempt to buy New York magazine is said to be pursing other projects including a possible bankrolling of edtior and publisher Maer Roshan’s Radar.
The group includews Daily News chairman and co-publisher Mortimer B. Zuckeran, Miramax Films co-chairman Harvey Weinstein, Triacarc Cos CEO Nelson Peltz, advertising exec Donny Deutsch and financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Amazing the connections Epstein had. He certainly would have had a lot to reveal if he hadn’t killed himself in that high-security federal prison while he was on suicide watch.

He did kill himself right?

Sorry, just being silly. Everyone knows the answer to that question.

Check out Jamie’s YouTube channel here. If you are new to it, the archives will keep you occupied for days. Be warned, he smokes and says the F word a lot.

Donny Deutsch Epstein Were Partners
Deutsch Epstein Were Partners

Iranian Bribe Threat Don't Forget

Iranian Bribe Threat Don’t Forget –Here are some under-reported stories to keep in mind when considering the news of the day, namely the untragic death of Gen. Qasem Soleimani, yesterday, Jan. 2, by American missiles.

Soleimani was considered the second most powerful man in Iran.

Soleimani was the guy who planned the Iranian militia attack on the Baghdad Embassy on New Year’s Eve.

He also planned the Benghazi embassy massacre on Sept. 11, 2012 along with a lot of other bad things.

The Obama Administration was using Benghazi to send weapons to rebels in Syria including al-Qaeda and what become ISIS. The policy was championed by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

When President Trump rescinded Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal — which had included giving the terrorist supporting regime $1.7 billion in CASH and freeing up to $150 billion in blocked assets — the Iranians threatened to reveal the names of Western officials who took bribes to make the deal happen.

About the time Iran was making this threat, John Kerry — Obama’s other secretary of state — was meeting with them arguably in violation of the Logan Act.

Kerry denied it at the time but later fessed up.

Badr Corps chief Hadi Ameri, who was also involved in this week’s Baghdad Embassy assault had been a guest of Obama at the White House. Ameri was among those arrested by U.S. forces yesterday.

Just some things to file in the back of your head as events unfold.

Note: The links in this article are to mainstream media sites.

Iranian Bribe Threat Don’t Forget
Iranian Bribe Threat Don't Forget

Princess Leia Twitter Ban

Princess Leia Twitter Ban — Powerful Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY10) has been making divisive comments whose dishonesty we feel literally — yeah, Rachel Maddow we know what the word means — crosses the line to sedition.

Princess Leia Twitter Ban
Why would anyone think this man should be strangled by Princess Leia?

Saying you can’t trust an election on false claims that the President is a traitor can’t be anything but a call to resist lawful authority.

Anyway, it was being discussed on Twitter as to what should happen to Congressman Nadler and we innocently suggest he “should be strangled to death by Princess Leia.”

Quick Quiz for Ms. Maddow: Should a comment about being strangled to death by Princess Leia be taken “literally”.

But dang if that didn’t get us suspended. We haven’t fixed that account yet. Don’t know if we will.

Snowflake Impeachment Makes Joke Of Government

Snowflake Impeachment Makes Joke Of Government — Yesterday’s (Dec. 18) impeachment vote of our great President Donald Trump was a disgraceful joke. The Democrat ladies of Congress color-coordinated their dresses for the “prayerful and somber” event and had a wine and cheese party.

Call it the snowflake impeachment.

Snowflake Impeachment Makes Joke Of Government
The D’s disgraceful “prayerful and somber” impeachment wine and cheese party.
Snowflake Impeachment Makes Joke Of Government

AOC Banning Eric Swalwell?

AOC Banning Eric Swalwell? -- The question of the day is when Congesswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY14)
AOC helping kill cows now!!

AOC Banning Eric Swalwell? — The question of the day is when will Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY14) introduce legislation to ban Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA15) and save the world from being destroyed in 12 years.

Below is video of the vile Swalwell destroying the world. Please, think of the children. Stop this man now!!

AOC Banning Swalwell?

Impeachment Shows Fear Desperation

Impeachment Shows Fear Desperation — Fear is the only explanation we can imagine for the Democrat Party’s bizarre attempt to impeach President Trump.

Did the President break the law by using 9/11 icon and famed mob fighter Rudy Giuliani to communicate with other nations? FDR didn’t when he bypassed career diplomats and used Harry Hopkins, so no.

Impeachment Shows Fear Desperation
Adam Schiff, Ed Buck and Eric C. Bauman

Did he break the law by asking the Ukrainians to investigate the Biden crime family’s corruption in that country? How can someone charged with enforcing the law — that would be the President — break the law by investigating lawbreaking and corruption? He can’t.

Was it a Prime Directive thing in which he interfered with the development of the Planet of Ukraine? Leaving aside that the Prime Directive is not US law, he didn’t do that as per the transcript of his call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Anyway, former Vice President Joe Biden boasted about doing exactly that and has yet to be charged.

Keep at it Rudy.

So if President Trump has been diligently doing the tasks to which the Constitution obliges and did not commit any high crimes and misdemeanors, why are the Democrats trying to impeach him? Why not merely vote him out next year as has traditionally been done by opposing parties especially when the incumbent is unpopular as they allege?

Why are the Deep State bureaucrats swarming out of hiding to help the Democrarts? Why has the establishment media taken off its false mask of objectivity and joined in?

Can you say fear? Desperation? They are the only things that make sense.

U.S. Attorney John Henry Durham and Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz are expected at any moment to release damning reports that will lead to criminal charges against high ranking Obama Administration personnel. Some think those indicted may include Obama’s FBI Director James Comey and CIA Director John Brennan.

Could it go even further? Bill? Hillary? Members of the media? Members of Congress? Is that why Adam Schiff seems afraid?

Will it go beyond violations of law enforcement standards, false swearing and wiretapping? Could it include treason? Murder?

Why was Attorney General William Barr recently in Italy? Why was Joseph Mifsud reported to have been kidnapped in that country in 2017?

Did you see what Paul Gosar (R-AZ) spelled out in tweets yesterday? Maybe today he can spell out “His name was Seth Rich.”

You explain the logic of these hearings.

Why the panic?

Impeachment Shows Fear Desperation

Fools Tools Racist Democrats, Vote Straight R

Fools Tools Racist Democrats, Vote Straight R — Richard King, who is the husband of Pennsylvania Superior Court Republican candidate Megan King, has informed us that the Democrats have resorted to the last weapon in their arsenal — the race card.

Fools Tools Racist Democrats
Vote For Megan King

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party, on its website, accuses Mrs. King and her running mate Christylee Peck of supporting the “the white supremacist ideology” –an irony we will describe in a bit –and being pro gun and “anti-women”. Anti-women? Don’t ask, it’s not supposed to make sense.

It seems, though, that it is the side that doesn’t want women to have guns to defend themselves against 6 foot 2 thugs intent on hurting them that should be the considered the anti-women side. We guess you can’t overdose on irony. See below.

Richard tells us that Megan’s father is a proud Irish American who served in the Peace Corps in Nigeria. Megan taught Sunday School and is the farthest thing in the world from a “white supremacist”. We agree. She’s not a white supremacist or a supporter of white supremacists. We will describe the real, literal supporter of white supremacists below.

Richard also noted that the George Soros’ money is letting the Dems outspend Republicans three to one in the southeast part of the state.

Richard knows we opposed Megan in the primary but fear not, we are voting for her and every other Republican on Nov. 5.

Now, regarding the supporter of white supremacists who holds an important post in Pennsylvania’s government. One of the vilest blights in Pennsylvania’s history was the York Race Riots of 1969. Lilly Belle Allen was in a car with her parents and her sister Hattie Dickinson looking for a grocery store. Hattie turned on North Newberry Street. She saw a young white man with a rifle. She started to turn the car around but it stalled at the intersection of Gay Avenue. More young white men with guns appeared. Hattie panicked. Her parents, in the back seat, started praying. Lilly Belle jumped out of the car to get to the drivers seat. “Don’t shoot,” she shouted. The men opened fire killing her.

Nobody was arrested. Nobody was charged. The crime went unsolved until the York Dispatch and York Daily Record wrote about the anniversary of the riots in 1999.

Interest was renewed. Investigators found that three of the members of a white gang known as the Newberry Street Boys committed suicide over the years. Another, suffering from terminal cancer, told investigators what he knew before he died.

Police were eventually led to the home of Donald Altland, who admitted nothing. He confessed to his wife that night though. The next day he drove his truck to the Susquehanna River and shot himself leaving a taped confession and and a message scrawled on a napkin, “Forgive Me, God.”

Police had a enough to file charges against several former members of the gang. One of them described how a police officer had passed out rifle ammunition and directed the youths “to kill as many n*****s as you can.”

Fools Tools Racist Democrats, Vote Straight R
Literally supports white supremacists

That officer was identified as Charlie Robertson. Robertson, a Democrat, would go on to become York’s mayor. His campaign manager? Future Governor Tom Wolf.

Yeah Pennsylvania Democrat Party, put that in your racist, hypocritical pipe and smoke it.

Superior Court is the intermediate appellate court for most matters in the state. Terms are for 10 years.

Only fools, tools and racists are Democrats. Vote straight R.

Fools Tools Racist Democrats, Vote Straight R