Feds Call On Mr. Mellow

Agents from the FBI and IRS executed search warrants  at the home and district office of Pennsylvania Senate Democrat Leader Robert J. (Bob) Mellow yesterday.

The feds were mum on what it was about and Mellow spokeswoman Lisa Scullin said the senator is cooperating with all request.

Mellow has represented the 22nd District  since 1971. 

He announced in February that he was going to retire to spend more time with his family.

Mellow’s pension is expected to be $313,000. If, however, this matter leads to a conviction for a crime in which Mellow used his position to commit theft, bribery, forgery or perjury, Mr and Mrs. Taxpayer will be off the hook.

Most would accept that voting to give yourself a $313,000 pension is a crime.

In other Pa. corruption news, Mike Veon  the Democrat who represented the 14th District in the State House from 1985 to 2006 and achieved the rank of party whip, was sentenced, yesterday, to six to 14 years for his role in Bonusgate in which tax dollars were used by incumbents in both parties, albeit mostly by the Democrats, to fund re-election campaigns.  

Progressive Daylin Leach Praises Hackery

Progressive Daylin Leach Praises Hackery — State Sen. Daylin Leach whose 17th District includes Haverford and Radnor appears to be just peachy with  the practices that caused  Bonusgate.

In a column on his website Daylinsignts.com he takes issue with the report of the Grand Jury that investigated the crimes implying  the Grand Jury  could be just as easily called “The Doofus Patrol” and dismissing the anger expressed by those who after sitting through months of testimony indicted several lawmakers and staff members for taking taxpayer money to finance political campaigns. The indictments, btw, have already led to several convictions.

Among the objections in the report that trouble Sen. Leach are to the number of staffers employed by our legislators — there are 2,805 of them for 253 elected officials — and the pay of our legislators especially in relation to the number of days they actually work. The report notes that the base salaries for our solons is $78,314.66 excluding benefits. This package is among the highest in the nation. The report notes that the House was in session for 72 days in 2006, 115 in 2007, 72 in 20087 and 147 in 2009.

I will not insult Leach by calling him and his fellows in Harrisburg “doofuses” but I will point out that the simple change of a single letter in his name would give him the perfect moniker for the job and lifestyle for which he so strongly fights.

Leach, a Democrat, touts the “power of progressive thinking” on his website. Progressives are the most materialistic, money-worshiping people on the planet. It is their  tenet that all can be solved by the dollar. They really think that we can’t get competent, honest people to serve as our lawmakers for what New Hampshire pays , and just as delusionally think Pennsylvania is better run.

 Progressive Daylin Leach Praises Hackery

Progressive Daylin Leach Praises Hackery

Race, Libertarians And Democrats

Race, Libertarians And Democrats — Rand Paul, who is the GOP senatorial nominee for Kentucky and the son of America’s most famous libertarian, said on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show that  business should be allowed to discriminate with regard to how they serve customers which is something prohibited by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Section II ).

While he also defended the landmark law in general terms and condemned racial discrimination he was raked over the coals by the wolves who run the establishment media for the sake of the sheep.

Here is something to ponder: throughout America’s history every ethnic group faced discrimination from those on top at the time. This is true of the Irish, the Italians, the Swedes, the Eastern Europeans (upon who was bestowed the slur “honky”,  and, in fact, if you go back far enough was the inspiration for the word “slave”), Japanese, Chinese, Cubans and even the Germans.

All of course persevered and eventually prospered in the face of the bigots in business.

So what made the black experience different? The answer is government. Laws were passed to require that restaurants and hotels and buses have separate accommodations for blacks and whites. Officers of the law ignored with impunity crimes committed against blacks, and even at times joined in their commission. Agents of the state conspired to keep blacks from exercising their votes much less their rights to speak and lobby, often by sanctioning terror.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was progress in that it ended these things, but what if it stopped short of prohibiting business owners to be bigots? Maybe blacks would end up with the same stature in small business that they enjoy in professional sports and entertainment which were never really subject to civil rights legal action. Does it occur to anyone that businesses that refuse customers don’t survive?

Something else to ponder: the group that imposed the government oppression of blacks was not the libertarians.

It was the authoritarian, anti-business, big government Democrats. And don’t think those Democrats were just  disgruntled Confederates from the 19th Century.

Progressive hero Woodrow Wilson — the Democrat who gave us the income tax, the IRS and Federal Reserve Board — turned Washington D.C. from a racially integrated city in 1913 to a racially segregated, Jim Crow town.

Fitz Hollings,  the Democrat senator from South Carolina and ally of Bill Clinton, was the one who who started flying the Confederae battle flag over South Carolina’s Capitol to protest the civil rights movement in 1962.

Robert Bryd’s support was integral to the government take over of health care in March. The Democrat senator from West Virginia and one-time Senate Majority leader was once a recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan.

It was Democratic mayors, governors and police chiefs that turned firehoses and police dogs on civil rights marchers in the 1950s and 1960s.

If the Rand Pauls of the world ran things Jim Crow would never have existed, and if they ran things in 1964 Jim Crow  would have ended with a lot less turmoil and heartache, and blacks and whites today would be about as divided as Italians and WASPs are today.

Race, Libertarians And Democrats
Race, Libertarians And Democrats



Race, Libertarians And Democrats


Dems Against Local Government

Dems Against Local Government — In their holy quest to make all Pennsylvania like Philadelphia, a group of Democrats in the State House, happily assisted by a pair of tamed Republicans have introduced a bill to amend the state constitution and make the county the basic unit of government in the state.

The bill, HB 2431, would give counties jurisdiction over personnel, law enforcement, land use, sanitation, and health and safety.

The bill would also prohibit any county, municipality or incorporated district to become a stockholder in any company, association or corporation, or to obtain or appropriate money for, or to loan its credit to, any corporation, association, institution or individual.

The bill was introduced April 20 by Thomas Caltagirone, with fellow Democrat co-sponsors Peter Daley, Jaret Gibbons, Ted Harhai, Patrick Harkins, Tim Mahoney, Barbara McIlvaine Smith, Joseph Preston Jr. , and Rosita Youngblood .

The Republican sponsors are Jim Marshall of the 14th District  and RoseMarie Swanger of the 102nd District.


Dems Against Local Government

Global Warming Is No Inconvenience At Al’s Roost

Oscar-winning, Nobel prize-winning former Vice President Al Gore is ready for a little global meltdown at his new $8.875 million home in Montecito, California. It has six fireplaces, five bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

Just imagine the air conditioning bill.

Besides the swimming pool there is a spa and fountains.

Hey, it may not be eco-friendly but it is certainly echo-chamber friendly since the dino-media hasn’t reported much on it.

In other news closer to home regarding the robber barons of global warming, PennFuture feted Penn State prof Michael Mann at a “Heroes and Experts” conference in Pittsburgh, May 2.

Mann is the guy who designed up the famous hockey stick graph showing the world to be catastrophically warming. Of course, he left out data that might have showed otherwise.

The Party Of The Sky Is Falling And Guam Is Capsizing

It’s been all over the WorldWideWeb but fans have told me they have yet to see the video of a U.S. congressman expressing concern to a U.S. admiral during a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee that the island of Guam may “tip over and capsize”.

So, here is one of the many cuts of it on YouTube.

The congressman was Hank Johnson, the Democrat who represents the 4th District of Georgia. The admiral was Robert F. Willard, the commander of the U.S. Pacific Command, and who, btw, played the MiG pilot in the 1986 movie Top Gun.

The hearing happened March 25. Johnson was the first member of the Georgia congressional delegation to endorse Barack Obama for president.

Some have come to the defense of Johnson saying  that the hepatitis C from which he suffers has  diminished his mental capability. Joyous. We have someone with a significantly diminished mental capability writing and voting for the laws under which we must live.

And Democrats are OK with that.

Are we surprised?

Why Does The Left Hate Fox News?

Why Does The Left Hate Fox News? — Fox and Friends this morning featured a report that solid intelligence was obtained from the “underwear bomber” who attempted to blow up Northwest Airlines Flight 253 to Detroit on Christmas, and that he has been cooperating with investigators.

Fox indicated that the reason for the cooperation was that the rather gentle handling  Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab received during his arrest caused his Nigerian family to support the FBI in encouraging the cooperation.
The story was given good play and treated as significant and could be considered  vindication for the Obama Administration’s policy regarding the treatment of terrorists captured in these situations, a policy which was roundly criticized by conservatives.
So why does the left hate Fox News? 
It’s not because Fox is unwilling to criticize conservatives because it does.
It’s not because Fox is unwilling to give liberals a voice because it does.
It’s not because Fox is unwilling to give liberals credit for success because it does.
It’s because Fox is willing to criticize liberals — which is something no other broadcast news organization is willing to do.


Here are seven huge flaws in the way liberals think as per John Hawkins:


1) Liberals believe they can change human nature.
2) Liberals believe we can talk everything out with our enemies.
3) Liberals don’t have enough respect for our culture and traditions:
4) Liberalism is a fundamentally immoral political philosophy (i.e. they believe that those who agree with them are on the side of the angels regardless of how they behave and those who disagree with them are evil regardless of how they behave or their reasoning. This means they are willing to defend those ranging from the blatantly corrupt such as Barney Frank or Charles Rangle to the tyrannically brutal such as Che Guevera or Hugo Chavez.
5) Liberals believe merely being liberal makes them good people.
6) Liberals have too much faith in government.
7) Liberals have minimal interest in whether the programs they support work or not.


The liberals who hate Fox are no different than members of a cult. They hate Fox not because it is unfair or dishonest but because it dares criticize their comfortable religion.

Ellie Light, Obama’s BFF

Ellie Light, Obama’s BFF — The Philadelphia Daily News carried a letter to the editor from Ellie Light, Jan. 19, in which she said “It’s time for Americans to realize that governing is hard work, andthat a president can’t just wave a magic wand and fix everything.”

Ellie gave her address as Philadelphia.

The next day the San Francisco Examiner carried a letter from Ellie with the same sentence. This time, though, Ellie gave her address as Daly City, California.

Variations of the letter from Ellie defending Obama have within the two weeks also  appeared in papers in Ohio, South Carolina, Maine, Michigan, West Virginia and Iowa, and in each Ellie used a local address.

The revelation of this particular “best friend forever” for our embattled president came about when Sabrina Eaton of the Cleveland Plain Dealer received an Ellie letter via email  and did a little investigation because the name resembled that of a former co-worker..

Kudos to Sabrina.

Have the Democratic Party’s operatives really become so lame? This bodes well for the GOP this November.

Here’s the letter that appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News.

Here’s a letter that appears in today’s Lebanon Daily News in which Ellie claims to be a resident of Cornwall.

Ellie Light, Obama’s BFF