Election Day 2013

Today, Nov. 5, is Election Day 2013 in Pennsylvania. Mostly on the ballot are races for municipal offices such as county council, township commissioners and school board officers.

There is, however, a retention election for state Supreme Court justices Ron Castille and Max Baer, who cowardly ducked the photo voter ID issue in 2012. Vote no in it. Neither fellow will be able to complete another full-term, anyway, due to the mandatory 70-year-old retirement age.

In Castille’s case that particular milestone is reached on March 16.

Election Day 2013

Reject Pa Justices Tuesday

State Supreme Court Chief Justice Ron Castille and Justice Max Baer face retention elections Tuesday, Nov. 5, and both should be rejected.

Voters, in fact, should be willing to crawl over broken glass and dance on hot coals to hit the “no” button.

The specific reason for ire is their cowardice in failing to allow the common-sense photo voter ID law — overwhelmingly supported by the state’s citizens  — on the specious grounds that it needed more discussion before the 2012 presidential election. Note it is now November 2013 and the law remains on hold.

There is a general reason as well, namely that the state’s judiciary are almost universally far more inclined to listen to the power brokers who milk the tax cow for a lucrative living, hence throwing a few of them out might, just might, make them a tad more inclined to respect the people who their decisions most affect.

Another point, the mandatory retirement age for a Justice is 70 and neither man will be able to complete a full 10-year term as Castille hits that mark on March 16 and Baer turns 66 on Dec. 24. Why are the even seeking another term? Is it to squeeze out even more of their sweet salaries  — $205,415 in Castille’s case; $199,606 in Baer’s?

Castille is a Republican. Baer is a Democrat.

Reject Pa Justices Tuesday

Tea Party Wins In Lehigh County

Scott Ott, the Tea Party supporter  who is crusading for   fiscal sanity and against cronyism and corruption, beat the Republican establishment in Lehigh County to run as the party’s nominee for county executive.

The rank and file in Tuesday’s primary chose him over party-supported Dean Browning, a former county commissioner, 6,837 to 5,429 (unofficial results).

He faces Democrat Tom Muller in November.

Ott is the author of the satirical website Scrappleface and is a commentator on Tea Party-friendly  PJTV

Tea Party Wins In Lehigh County

Primary Election Day 2013

Tomorrow, May 21, is primary election day in Pennsylvania and as this is an odd-numbered year just about everything on the ballot will involve local or county races.

Remember, cross-filing is allowed for school board and judicial races so unless you are following things closely you’re probably best off following the sample ballot distributed by party workers in those races or you will wind up with someone whose philosophy is vehemently different than your own on your party’s ballot in November.

In the other races, where cross-filing is not allowed, if you are happy with what your party has been doing, well, follow the sample ballot. If not, though, maybe not.

The Springfield Patch has a summation for local and country races here:

In November, retention elections will be held for State Supreme Court
judges Ronald Castille, a Republican from Philadelphia, and Max Baer, a
Democrat from Allegheny County. Expect to see some noise made about that over the summer.

Wyda Quits State Judge Race

Wyda Quits State Judge Race — Allegheny County Judge Ron Wyda has withdrawn his name from the ballot in the Republican primary for Pennsylvania Superior Court, reports activist Bob Guzzardi. His departure leaves Cumberland County attorney Vic Stabile with a clear path to the nomination.

Wyda Quits State Judge Race