Pennsylvania Legislature Getting Taxpayer Friendly?

Pennsylvania Legislature Taxpayer Friendly? –Elizabeth Stelle and Dawn Toguchi of Commonwealth Foundation report more good news from Tuesday’s election results.

“Republicans achieved historic majorities in both chambers,” they write regarding the Pennsylvania Legislature. “In the state House, Republicans will control 60 percent of the seats for the first time in 70 years. In the Senate, Republicans will field the largest majority of any party in 68 years.”Pennsylvania Legislature Taxpayer Friendly?

But that’s not the good news. The good news is that the new Republicans are “taxpayer party” people. This means that real pension reform is more likely to be pushed and not the fake stuff to which the establishment types give lip service and still smother in the night anyway. Really, why should the working class be asked to bite the bullet even more just to save someone’s $477,591 pension?

And maybe we will get rid of the prevailing wage law that jacks up the cost of public projects by 20 percent.

Maybe we can end the automatic deduction of union dues that provide sweet lifestyles for union bosses and, more often than not, fund causes very much against the interests of those providing the bucks.

Hey, maybe we can even stop people from harming children for more money, in other words, ban teacher strikes. You agree that keeping a child from getting an education is harming that child, right?

Pennsylvania Legislature Taxpayer Friendly?


Keystone State Key In Trump Win

Keystone State Key In Trump Win

By Sen. Scott Wagner Keystone State Key In Trump Win

We did it!

What a roller coaster election.

Congratulations to the 2.9 million Pennsylvania voters who came out yesterday and cast their vote for Donald J. Trump as our next President of the United States.

We have once again earned our nickname, “The Keystone State.”

Pennsylvania was instrumental in pushing Donald Trump over the finish line, turning our state RED for the first time since 1988.

York County voters came out big to vote for Donald Trump.

Here in York County, the unofficial vote count is as follows:
Donald Trump – 126,933
Hillary Clinton – 67,428

I keep hearing the same question being asked in the media: How did this happen?

I can tell you how it happened.

Working class men and women came out in record numbers to vote for Donald Trump.

They’re tired and fed up with getting the same old excuses out of our elected officials and bureaucrats in Washington.

Our roads and bridges are crumbling; Obamacare is strangling the middle class; our economy is stagnant; and most importantly, taxpayers are tired of being overlooked and underappreciated.

Donald Trump’s victory is a huge win for taxpayers – your message and this Movement were heard loud and clear.

I’m optimistic that Donald Trump will surround himself with professionals who are experts in their fields and can help him be successful.

I am also happy to report that we have secured a veto-proof majority in the Pennsylvania State Senate.

Republicans picked up three more Pennsylvania State Senate seats, giving us the ability to override the Governor’s veto pen.

In a huge upset in Erie, Dan Laughlin was able to claim victory in the 49th Senatorial District.

My long-time friend John DiSanto was able to unseat the Democratic incumbent in Harrisburg winning the 15th Senatorial District.

Wayne Langerholc was able to claim victory in the 35th Senatorial District which covers Bedford, Cambria and Clearfield counties.

Finally, Senator Tom Killion was re-elected to serve a full four-year term in the 9th Senatorial District representing the Philadelphia suburbs.

We were unsuccessful securing the 19th Senatorial District which covers Chester County but we had a superior candidate, Jack London, who as of this past Sunday knocked on over 21,000 doors in the District.

As the Cycle Chairman for the Senate Republican Campaign Committee (SRCC), I am extremely proud of our candidates who were on the ballot this year and I look forward to working with our newest Senators to Make Pennsylvania Great Again.

A special thank you to our volunteers across the Commonwealth. You are the unsung heroes of elections. Without you, we wouldn’t be celebrating these victories today.

Sen. Wagner represents the 28th District in the Pennsylvania Senate.

Keystone State Key In Trump Win

Curt Weldon Speaks About FBI Dirty Trick

Curt Weldon Speaks
Former Congressman Curt Weldon

Curt Weldon Speaks — This CBS interview with former Congressman Curt Weldon (R-Pa7) is must watching for those who need to understand the importance of keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

Weldon was a 10-term congressman when he lost re-election in 2006 to Democrat Joe Sestak. What clinched Sestak’s victory was an FBI raid on the homes of Weldon’s daughter Karen and political ally Charlie Sexton three weeks before the election.

Neither Weldon, nor his daughter, nor Sexton were ever charged with anything.

Weldon was in line to become chairman of House Armed Services Committee which would have given him almost unlimited subpoena power to investigate matters of national security. In his cross hairs was Clinton National Security Adviser Sandy Berger whose doing included the theft of National security documents from the National Archive along with arranging a retroactive presidential waiver for Democrat mega donor and Loral CEO Bernard Schwartz who had illegally transferred  sensitive technology to China.

Weldon, in his interview, describes how it was Berger and the Clintons who arranged his take down.

In a totally unrelated matter, Wikileaks has found a email conversation between a couple of researchers at Stratfor, which is a Texas based global intelligence firm, discussing Mrs. Clinton’s involvement with the deaths of Vince Foster and Ron Brown.

Thank you Donald Trump for exposing the denizens of the swamp.

Curt Weldon Speaks

Young Lady Explains Trump Support

Young Lady Explains Trump Support — A young lady was asked how she could vote for Trump, a “misogynist, a racist and a bigot”.

Here is her answer:

Young Lady Explains Trump SupportBecause I use my head to research and find out what candidates really are, not what the media wants me to think.
Because Donald Trump has more women in executive and managerial positions than any comparable company, which tells me he is not a misogynist.
Because he pays these women the same or more than their male counterparts, which tells me looks for capacity and skills in people, not color, gender or race.
Because he fought the West Palm Beach City Council to be able to open his newly purchased club, so he could include blacks and Jews as members, who had been banned until then. This tells me he is not a racist.
Because he has raised wonderful children who have turned out to be outstanding, hard-working and compassionate adults. He must be doing something right.
Because his economic plans makes sense, are conservative in nature, and I vote based of what is best for my family, my friends and my country.
Because everybody, the left and the right are afraid of him, the media is trying to destroy his image, and even foreign governments are voicing their opinions, so he must be doing something right. Clean house maybe?
Because I want a Supreme Court that will uphold the Constitution, not behave as minions of the administration. I have had enough with judges who are more like political activists than law enforcers.
Because I fear for my family’s safety if the current trend of not confronting blatant terrorism continues – which is a threat to our way of life.
Because I am fed up with the rampant corruption of this administration. Accountability in government is paramount, and as this administration has demonstrated, it is a foreign concept to them.
Because I am fed up with the political correctness gone wild, and because Trump is not afraid to say what everybody thinks but does not dare to say. A thug is a thug, regardless of color, and that’s it.
Because it is about time someone puts America’s interests ahead of other countries.
Because I know he recognizes and embraces America’s exceptionalism, and will not tour the World apologizing for who we are. That tells me he is a patriot.
Because, unlike HRC, he has actually held a job, worked hard and achieved success.
And last, but not least, because I am more offended by what Hillary does than by what Trump says.

Young Lady Explains Trump Support

Judicial Retirement Age Should Remain 70

Judicial Retirement Age Should Remain 70 — A question to amend the Pennsylvania constitution and raise the mandatory retirement ages for judges from 70 to 75 is on today’s (Nov. 8) ballot.

Vote no.

We detailed the petty political history behind that question back in September. Feel free to read it if you should need the background.

Judicial Retirement Age Should Remain 70

President Trump?

President Trump?
President Donald Trump?

President Trump? — Gateway Pundit is passing on a D C Whispers report that the Clinton campaign is basically giving up Ohio, Florida and North Carolina, and Trump is expecting to win Virginia or Michigan or both.

If so, you will be saying President Donald J. Trump come January.

He’s also upbeat about Pennsylvania. His campaigning in Wisconsin is said to be “strategic”.

The sunshine forecast is reputedly based on internal polling figures.

The good news comes with a warning, however, in that the Establishment Media will be releasing exit polls and other information late tomorrow to discourage Republican turnout.

President Trump?

Spirit Cooking Hillary Clinton Devil Worship

Spirit Cooking Hillary Clinton Devil Worship — Wikileaks revealed Friday that Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff John Podesta had been invited to a “spirit cooking” by performance “artist” Marina Abramović.

Spirit Cooking Hillary Clinton Devil Worship
My friends spirit cook.

The email exchange indicted that Podesta and Abramović were friends.

The meal, according to Abramović, involves “fresh breast milk with fresh sperm,” and “fresh morning urine sprinkle over nightmare dreams.”

Establishment apologists were all over themselves insisting this not to be devil worship.

Spirit cooking comes from Thelema, a religion started by Aleister Crowley, who by any fair meaning of the phrase, was a devil worshiper.

One should not want these people near nuclear weapons.

Spirit Cooking Hillary Clinton Devil Worship

BleachBit Cloth Or Something

BleachBit Cloth Or Something — The gang that distributes BleachBit, the computer disk cleaner Mrs. Clinton infamously used to purge the emails from her puzzling private server, has a sense of humor. BleachBit Cloth Or Something

When asked by reporters if she “wiped” her server clean, Mrs. Clinton responded “What? Like with a cloth or something?”

Real funny that national security thing. Say goodnight Mrs. Clinton. Ha ha. You really want this twit as president Phil?

BleachBit is open source hence free to use but the distributors still need funds so they created a new product — literally a package of two cloths — and called it, wait for it, “Cloth or Somthing”.  It’s probably the only thing with Mrs. Clinton’s image that is selling.

Get it here.

BleachBit Cloth Or Something

Syrian Christians Excluded As Refugees

Syrian Christians Excluded As Refugees — Hillary Clinton wants a 500 percent increase in refugees from war-torn Syria, while dismissing claims that the existing vetting process needs to be stringently strengthened.

Syrian Christians Excluded As Refugees
Wholly owned by the Arabs.

This column by Syrian-American Tony George — who is very sensitive to the plight of those suffering in that war-torn land — crushes her claims while pointing out those pushing hardest for more Syrians to come here are the Saudis either as fifth columnists or to avoid having to take them.

And who is the candidate that is wholly owned by that oppressive land? Wiklileaks — and other sources — have revealed that Mrs. Clinton has received between $10 million and $25 million Saudi contributions and millions more from other Arabian states such as Kuwait and Oman.

Wikileaks further reveals that while the Arabians were giving money to the Clintons they were funding ISIS.

If you care about safety and security it is a no-brainer to vote against this woman.

By the way, very few of the refugees from Syria are Christian despite being the most endangered segment of that population. That’s another thing that should make anyone not brain-dead go hmmmm.

Syrian Christians Excluded As Refugees

Most Hillary Supporters Bigots, Most Trump Supporters Tolerant

Hillary Supporters Bigots, Most Trump Supporters Tolerant
Bigots back her

Most Hillary Supporters Bigots — Hillary supporters are bigots. To our friends and readers who want Mrs. Clinton as our next president, does the claim anger you?

Well don’t blame us. Blame Pew Research. The respected polling firm asked Clinton supporters whether they agreed with the statement: “I have a hard time respecting someone who supports Donald Trump for president” and 58 percent said yes.

Only 40 percent of Trump supporters said yes to the reverse.

We, who are outspoken in support of The Donald, have found this targeted hate to be true.

C’est la vie.

But we have not lost respect for our friends who back Mrs. Clinton nor do we hate them. We think what guides their choice is bad data, not bad character. If one gets one’s understanding of the world from the network news and Ellen Degeneres one is understandably going to hate and fear Trump. One is likely to change one’s mind, however, if one expands one’s horizons and finds other news sources.

It can’t be denied that Mrs. Clinton and her husband accepted millions in foreign money for personal enrichment — including money from the Saudis and the Russians. Nor can it be denied that Mrs. Clinton used a private, poorly secured computer system for matters of state in violation of the law and common sense.

These realities and the fact that she is a strident practitioner of the politics of personal destruction should be more than enough to make one vote against her no matter how much they dislike The Donald.

Most Hillary Supporters Bigots