Joe Gale Explains Campaign

Joe Gale Explains Campaign

Joe Gale Explains CampaignBy Joe Gale

I am running to be the next Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania because families and taxpayers across this great state deserve a proven conservative watchdog who can be trusted to clean out the cesspool in Harrisburg.

For too long, the Commonwealth has been disgraced by criminal politicians and unethical judges who have tarnished the offices they held and embarrassed the citizens they served. In recent years alone, State Treasurer Rob McCord pleaded guilty of extortion, Attorney General Kathleen Kane was sentenced to prison, and two Supreme Court Justices were caught sending pornography on state-issued email accounts. Ending this culture of corruption demands leadership guided by common-sense and moral character: qualities which I will bring to the office of Lieutenant Governor.

In 2015, when the Montgomery County Republican Committee chose a former board member of Planned Parenthood and a tax delinquent as their endorsed candidates for County Commissioner, common-sense and moral character were the cornerstones of my successful grassroots campaign for County Commissioner. Primary voters were inspired by my courage to challenge a flawed ticket that lacked the core conservative values of protecting innocent life and practicing fiscal responsibility. Following my historic Primary Election win, resentful GOP party bosses at the county and state level colluded to spend over $100,000 in a desperate effort to smear me and defeat me in the November General Election.

That year, one of the GOP establishment insiders who funded the pro-abortion Commissioner candidate in the primary and actively opposed me in the general, was Jeff Bartos. Jeff Bartos paid for the mailing and distribution of a Republican Party fall sample ballot which excluded my name and ultimately led to the Democrat Party maintaining control of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners. See Bartos Ballot. 

 To this day, Jeff Bartos remains a self-serving political opportunist. Most recently, he abandoned his failed bid for the U.S. Senate by jumping to the Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor’s race. So, don’t believe his current campaign claims that he’s a “conservative outsider” because the facts prove Jeff Bartos is an entrenched insider who has a long history of donating to Democrats.

Despite the sabotage efforts of insider Jeff Bartos and his party boss allies, I was elected Montgomery County Commissioner – the first in history to do so without the support of either major political party establishment.

Since assuming the role of Montgomery County’s highest elected office, I am the only Commissioner – Republican or Democrat – in over a decade to vote against a tax increase. In addition, I voted ‘NO’ to the county vehicle registration fee, led the charge against onerous business regulations, and exposed sweetheart backroom deals and eyebrow-raising campaign contributions that set the agenda of a courthouse controlled by left-wing liberals.

I have also used my influence to defend conservative values outside of Montgomery County. In 2017, when Reading School District was looking to place Planned Parenthood guidance counselors in Reading High School, I was the only elected official at the county, state, or federal level to go to Berks County and join disenfranchised families and students in opposing this depraved plan. That effort made national news when the Democrat school board said ‘NO’ in a 5-4 vote.

In 2016, I was honored to be the first elected official in Pennsylvania to formally endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States at a time when many were still discrediting his chances of securing the Republican Party nomination.

Among other things, Donald Trump’s primary and general election victories taught us that the electorate is better at picking winners than establishment insiders. As such, the nominee for Lieutenant Governor was designed to be elected by Pennsylvania’s 3.2 million registered Republican voters, not selected by gubernatorial candidates or GOP dealmakers.

In truth, I am both the proven winner Republicans need on the November ticket to defeat Governor Tom Wolf and the proven conservative watchdog Pennsylvanians need to restore common-sense and moral character in Harrisburg.

Thank You & God Bless

Mr. Gale’s website can be found here and he can be followed on Facebook here.

Joe Gale Explains Campaign



Joe Gale Lieutenant Governor

Joe Gale Lieutenant GovernorJoe Gale Lieutenant Governor — Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale announced minutes ago on the Dom Giordano Show that he will be running for lieutenant governor.

Gale is a Republican. The primary election is May 15.

He says his goal is to end the culture of corruption in Pennsylvania.

He said this applies to Republicans as well. He noted that Gov. Tom Corbett had Republican majorities in the House and Senate and while they couldn’t pass voter ID or defend marriage  they did manage to give us the highest gas tax in the nation.

“The GOP establishment is worried about (my candidacy),” he said.

Jeff Bartos is the man the party bosses want. Gale says that Bartos, a well-connected businessman, has donated to Democrats and opposed him during his Commissioner race.

You can follow Gale on Facebook for updates or visit his website.

Joe Gale Lieutenant Governor


Kurt Holland In The 91st District

Kurt Holland In The 91st District
Kurt Holland with wife Janet and John Quincy Adams.

Kurt Holland In The 91st District — School teacher Kurt Holland has announced that he will take on long-time incumbent State Rep. Dan Moul in the 91st District Republican Primary, May 15.

The district is in Adams County.

Moul has represented  it  since 2007. Is he a bad guy? Don’t know, but the Pennsylvania GOP hasn’t done squat since he’s been in regarding the issues crushing its citizens (pension reform, banning school strikes, fighting union corruption) and Moul hasn’t made a lot of noise about them.

He seems to be content enjoying his $85,338.65 salary (not counting health benefits, pension and per diems) and sponsoring routine legislation such as bills that amend the Scrap Material Theft Prevention Act.

Nothing that makes us think that he’s worth $85,338.65 anyway.

Holland, a resident of Cumberland Township, served in the Army and National Guard from 1988 to 1999 as a medical specialist ending with a rank of E-5. He now teaches special education in Baltimore city schools. His wife Janet is a human resources specialist  at The Daughters Of Charity in Emmitsburg.

Holland says he has worked on farms since he was eight. He has served as an Adams County committeeman, state delegate on several occasions and was vice president of the Young Republicans.

He has a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and a master’s degree from Liberty University.

He is conservative on the important issues.

One can either fuss and fume about why legislators like Moul don’t have term limits or give guys like Holland a chance.

We say, give Holland a chance. Drain the swamp in Harrisburg.


Kurt Holland In The 91st District

Kurt Holland Seeks 91st District House Seat

Kurt Holland Seeks 91st District House Seat — We have just been introduced to Kurt Holland who is launching a GOP primary campaign against Dan Moul, who is the incumbent in Pennsylvania House District 91. The district is in Adams County and includes Gettysburg.

Kurt is among those sickened by $85,356 legislative salaries and filthy rich health and pension plans.

He is angry at the special-interest-always-win, working-people-always-lose mentality of the GOP-control General Assembly, and their incestuous relationship with special-interest-always-win Democrats.

For information about Kurt, visit his website here:

Kurt Holland Seeks 91st District House Seat

Kurt Holland Seeks 91st District House Seat Kurt Holland Seeks 91st Pennsylvania District House Seat

Wolf Unglued By Scott Wagner

Wolf Unglued By Scott Wagner — Ed. note: We find any accusation of racism that Gov. Wolf makes to be disgustingly ironic.

Wolf Unglued By Scott WagnerBy Scott Wagner

Last Sunday I attended an event in St. Louis, and I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with Steve Bannon. And oh boy, the liberals have come completely unglued, especially Tom Wolf.

The Governor was so unnerved, that he scampered right over to his computer and “cried racist” — again. This time in an email to supporters.

Let’s call this exactly what it is: a classic liberal distraction. He wants to change the focus — and who can blame him?

If I was Governor Wolf, I’d want to change the focus, too.

If I was Tom Wolf, I’d want to talk about anything other than his inability to balance a budget — which has earned him his second credit downgrade since he took office, and left local governments scrambling for the funds they need to operate.

There are many things Governor Wolf would rather not discuss.

Where does a broke, big-spending governor, with bad credit and no conscience look for more money? If you guessed your wallet, you guessed right.

Tom Wolf would prefer not to get into those details.

I’m on a mission to get rid of career politicians that attach themselves to government and drain the wallets of hard working Pennsylvanians. I see a new day for the citizens of this commonwealth and an end to epic mismanagement, waste, fraud and abuse.

My mission makes Tom Wolf extremely uncomfortable.

He sees the freight train coming. Of course he’s alarmed. Of course he cries “racist.”

Tom Wolf can call me whatever he wants — until we defeat him in November of 2018.

Sen. Wagner represents the 28th District in the Pennsylvania Senate.


Wolf Unglued By Scott Wagner

Senate Candidates Attending King Of Prussia Meet And Greet

Senate Candidates Attending King Of Prussia Meet And Greet — Candidates for Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate seat up for election in 2018 will be attending a meet and greet Oct. 4 at the King of Prussia Volunteer Fire Co., 170 Allendale Road, King of Prussia, Pa. 19406.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the event starts a half hour later. It’s sponsored by 1180Am WYFL, and organized by Citizens for Liberty and the Valley Forge Patriots.

Attending will be state 39th District Sate Rep. Rick Saccone, and businessman Jeff Bartos,  who will be competing in the Republican primary; and Dale Kerns Jr. of Delaware County, who will be running as a Libertarian.

Also committed to attend is Andrew Shecktor, a Berwick councilman who has ended his Senate bid to instead run for the 11th District congressional seat being vacated by Republican Lou Barletta.

Barletta is launching a Senate bid of his own. He is unavailable for the Oct. 4 event but has said he will address the groups at a later time.

Incumbent Democrat Bob Casey was invited to speak but declined.


Senate Candidates Attending King Of Prussia Meet And Greet

Senate Candidates Attending King Of Prussia Meet And Greet

Bobby Lawrence Explains His Side

Bobby Lawrence Explains His Side
Bobby Lawrence

Bobby Lawrence Explains His Side — An article that appeared on the left-wing, Canadian-hosted website is accusing Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Candidate Bobby Lawrence of abusing a staffer by leaving a nasty message on her answering machine.

There is another side that was omitted, however.

Lawrence notes that the person, Tania Burgess, was not a staffer or employee of his campaign but affiliated with America First Grassroots.

Lawrence and Ms. Burgess are supporters of Donald Trump, and Ms. Burgess offered to help Lawrence with his Aug. 26 Senate kickoff event in Greencastle

The event was scheduled and Ms. Burgess then claimed ownership of it, Lawrence says. He says she attempted to exert undue control and prominent persons whom Lawrence had expected to join him pulled out. He also feared Ms. Burgess’ actions would cause others  to quit the event.

So that explains the message which can be heard here.

He was not some big bully threatening some mild volunteer staffer as the article implies.

And how would a left-wing publication get the private voice mail of a proclaimed Trump supporter anyway?

Information about Lawrence, a Republican, can be found here.

Bobby Lawrence Explains His Side



Jeff Bartos Bob Asher Connection

Jeff Bartos Bob Asher Connection — Among the nine Republicans (so far) seeking the nomination to take on Sen. Bob Casey Jr. — oh has he shamed his father — is well-connected businessman Jeff Bartos.

Bartos, who was division president for Toll Brothers and ran North American operations of Mark Group’s global energy efficiency business, has the seal of approval from PA Future Fund.

That’s three strikes there.

PA Future Fund is a political action committee chaired by Bob Asher, who we will refrain from describing on the “if you can’t say anything nice” principle.

OK, we will note he backed John Kasich in a desperate last minute attempt to keep Donald Trump from getting the nomination last year.

Bartos does not seem to be the guy we want in our battle against special interests.


Jeff Bartos Bob Asher Connection

Jeff Bartos Bob Asher Connection

Tom Cotton Backs Paul Mango For Pa. Gov.

Tom Cotton Backs Paul Mango For Pa. Gov. — Noted truth-teller Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) will be appearing with Paul Mango at a July 28 light-lunch fundraiser at AmVets Post 19 in Lancaster. Mango is among the Republicans seeking to replace Gov. “Big Bad” Wolf in  2018.

Tickets are $50. For information call Savannah at 717-779-3197.

Tom Cotton is the real deal and gives Mango a lot of credibility. Others seeking the nomination might want to reconsider pushing legislation giving strange men the right to share private spaces with little girls.

Just sayin’.

Tom Cotton Backs Paul Mango For Pa. Gov.


Tom Cotton Backs Paul Mango For Pa. Gov.