Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race

Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race — Complaints are common about cronyism and corruption; about unfair taxes and public spending with no benefit for most.

Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race
Donna Ellingsen

Most of the time the complainers only vote in major elections if at all.

We aren’t going to judge. The lazy, corrupt, cronyist media likes it like that and fails to report the issues in a way that explains their ultimate consequences.

Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race
Tim Welsh

On May 15, Republican voters in State Committee Region 2 of Chester County will have a chance to give a black eye to cronyism.

Two candidates long-sickened by the how-can-we-milk-the-cow-today attitude of the GOP leadership are in the race.

They are Donna Ellingsen and Tim Welsh.

The 351 state committeepeople are elected every four years during a primary election. They determine who the party endorses in state-wide elections and, more significantly, pick  the state party leadership.

Last year, a guy who works for a political fixer and has close ties with the state’s leading D behind Tom Wolf won the state chairmanship . It was by just two votes despite arm twisting and intimidation.

There are rarely challengers to the people put up by the party leaders.

Chesco Region 2 is a exception hence an opportunity.

It consists of Coatesville, South Coatesville, Modena, and Valley from Area 14; Atglen, East Fallowfield, West Fallowfield, Highland, Parkesburg , Sadsbury  and West Sadsburgy from Area 15; Elk, East Nottingham , Lower Oxford, Oxford Borough, Upper Oxford and West Nottingham from Area 19; and Caln and West Brandywine.

To help Donna and Tim call 610-932-2242.

Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race



Bathroom Bill Headache For Wagner

Bathroom Bill Headache For Wagner

By Carla D’Addesi

A simmering issue is heating up in Pennsylvania’s Gubernatorial Primary to be decided on May 15. Confusing campaign ads and ambiguous language are hiding the truth causing Pennsylvania to appear to be another corrupt swamp in need of draining!

The emerging battle has divided Conservatives and is challenging the paradigm of the Republican Party, turning them against the PA GOP itself!

Let’s simplify the situation for voters.

Current PA Governor, (D) Tom Wolf will be challenged in November by one of three  Republican primary candidates: Laura Ellsworth,  Paul Mango, or  State Senator Scott Wagner.

The divisive issue has to do with the “Bathroom Bill” otherwise known as the PA Fairness Act. Though the “Fairness Act” has a pleasant ring to it, the controversy lies within the ambiguous wording of proposed Senate Bill 974, which seeks to add “gender identity & expression and sexual orientation” to Pennsylvania’s Human Relations Act.

The confusion arises because the language in the Bathroom Bill doesn’t actually include the word “bathroom” but instead says “Public Accommodations.”

The new law would state:

State law prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, sex, ethnicity, age, religion, and handicap, among other characteristics, in the areas of employment, housing, and public accommodations.

Public accommodations are places that provide goods and services such as restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, and public schools.

If sexual orientation and gender identity were added to the anti-discrimination law, which is co-sponsored by Scott Wagner in SB 974, then public accommodations could NOT exclude transgender people from the restrooms that correspond to their gender identity!

What does that mean to your children, their schools and their safety?

Biological males and females will have the right to access bathrooms, locker rooms and showers of the opposite sex!

Biological boys who believe they have a girl’s brain, and are trapped in a boy’s body, will be allowed full access to all girl’s bathrooms, locker rooms and showers.

Biological girls who believe they have a boy’s brain, and are trapped in a boy’s body, will be allowed access to all boy’s bathrooms, locker rooms and showers.

Men who “feel” like women will be permitted to waltz into the women’s locker rooms of the YMCA where my daughters are changing for their swim classes.

My unwillingness to share my locker rooms with men isn’t a matter of mere discomfort. It’s a matter of safety.

Women don’t fear transgenders in the spaces; they fear men in their spaces. How can we distinguish between a transwoman and a predator until it’s too late?

Ironically, women’s shelters, places often sought to escape dangerous men, would be forced to admit men who “feel” like women. According to research published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as many as 57 percent of the women in shelters report domestic violence as the primary cause of their homelessness. What does it look like when those men are allowed to claim female “gender identity” and follow them in?

Paul Mango, vows to veto any “bathroom bill” legislation that violates privacy for bathrooms and public facilities, ensuring women & children our privacy, safety and protection of religious liberties.

True Conservatives in Pennsylvania plan to elect Paul Mango.

Carla D’Addesi is a well-respected author and vlogger who has appeared on Fox & Friends, OANN and CBN. She hosts ‘Your Family Matters’  which runs 7-8 a.m., Fridays  1180WFYL. She can followed on Twitter at @CarlaDaddesi and found on Facebook here.

Bathroom Bill Headache For Wagner

Bathroom Bill Headache For Wagner

Regina Scheerer Meet Greet At Bogart’s

Regina Scheerer Meet Greet At Bogart's
Mrs. Scheerer

Regina Scheerer Meet Greet At Bogart’s — Regina Scheerer, who is a candidate in the Republican Primary for the 165 District Seat in the Pennsylvania House, is holding a meet and greet , 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 11, at Bogart’s Bar & Grill in the Springfield Shopping Center.

Appetizers, desserts and soft drinks will be provided.

Mrs. Scheerer, a retired teacher, was motivated to run by the feckless indifference of the incumbent on a range of issues including out-of-control spending, cronyism and pension reform. Did you know that there is someone collecting a $477,591 public pension in this state? The incumbent certainly does and appears to find it just peachy.

He certainly hasn’t been objecting to it.

Come out and meet Regina.

Regina Scheerer Meet Greet At Bogart’s



Joe Billie Ends Run For Congress

Joe Billie Ends RunJoe Billie Ends Run For Congress — Joe Billie who threw his hat in the ring for congress when Pat Meehan was still the expected Republican candidate and most of Delaware County was in the 7th District, has tweeted that he is ending his run:

My 2018 Congressional bid has ended. I have learned so much & will keep up the fight! Our government continues to fail our Veterans! The Establishment must go! THANK YOU to everyone who supported, donated & spread the word! Let’s keep it going! 2020 will be here soon!

Good luck Joe. Stay involved.

Joe Billie Ends Run

Trump Sin Shrek And Saving America

Trump Sin Shrek And Saving America — A Democrat appears to have won yesterday (March 13) in the pro-Trump 18th Congressional District of Pennsylvania.

It’s officially still too close to call but the odds are high in Conor Lamb’s favor.

Some will blame Republican Rick Saccone. That would be not only unfair but unwise.

We are YUGE supporters of Donald Trump and think he is going to go down as one of America’s truly great presidents.  We have to admit, however, we know a lot of very decent, religious people who had to hold their noise to vote for him.  In fact, any moderate Democrat — maybe even any Democrat other than Hillary — would have won in 2016.

Playboy casino owners who have had multiple wives and a history of adultery really make a lot, most actually, Americans uncomfortable.

Recent highly touted revelations of a decade-plus old romp haven’t helped him.

Add that to the reality that the previous representative of the 18th District was a “pro life” Republican who had to resign after he knocked up his mistress and pushed her to get an abortion, well, you have a serious branding problem.

So what should the Republican Party do? We really don’t care. We are not party people. We are Shrek. We want to live at peace in our cabin and let the world solve its own problems.

Unfortunately the world has a habit of intruding on our peace.

So what should we Shrekites do? We have to recognize that political parties are not ends but mere means. Most of those who succeed at politics are motivated by a desire for wealth and power, after all. We have to be able to use them more than they use us.

We have to understand that the goal is to quash corruption. It means opposing those who seek to artificially inflate the cost of public projects. It  means condemning those who look to get rich off ostensible public service.  It means recognizing that there are “space lizards” — that’s meant metaphorically — who look to corrupt the innocent for sick sport. Graham Spanier, after all, remains a hero to this crowd. 

Most importantly, though, it means sticking up for the sinners willing to take on these lying, greedy, corrupt people. When their party leaders don’t like them you know they are on your side.

God Bless President Trump. May MAGA continue but the battle is not going to be easy.

Trump Sin Shrek And Saving America

Trump Sin Shrek And Saving America




David Medina Is Libertarian Pick For 162nd Race

David Medina Is Libertarian Pick For 162nd RaceDavid Medina Is Libertarian Pick For 162nd Race — The Delaware County Libertarian Committee has chosen W. David Medina as their candidate this November in Pennsylvania’s 162nd State House District to take on the seat currently held by incumbent Nick Miccarelli, a Republican.

Medina, of Ridley Park,  a graduate of the Wharton School of Business, is the proprietor of  Medina Kenpo Karate in Springfield.

The 162nd District consists of Tinicum Township; the 3rd, 4th and 5th wards of Darby Township; the 4th, 6th and 9th wards of Ridley Township along with the 2nd precinct of the 1st Ward; and the boroughs of Collingdale, Folcroft, Glenolden, Norwood, Prospect Park and Ridley Park.

In 2010, it had a population of 63,600.

David Medina Is Libertarian Pick For 162nd Race


Charlton Opponent Submits 900 Signatures

Charlton Opponent Submits 900 Signatures
Regina Scheerer, retired teacher

Charlton Opponent Submits 900 Signatures — Regina Scheerer, the retired teacher who is taking on incumbent State Rep. Alex Charlton, delivered nominating petitions containing nearly 900 signatures, Friday, to the  Pennsylvania Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation.

Only 300 signatures are needed.

Unless there are some bizarrely major issues (shenanigans), expect to see Mrs. Scheerer’s name on the ballot for the May 15 Republican Primary.

Charlton was elected to represent Pennsylvania’s 165th District in 2016 replacing long-time incumbent Bill Adolph.

Since then, he has time and again poked his constituents in the eye. He has opposed commonsense reforms aimed at curtailing vote fraud. He has endeavored to maintain the corrupt system that lets money be automatically deducted from the paychecks of public employees to pay for politicking. This politicking often involves supporting things that the employee opposes.

He has refused to fight for pension reform. Did you know that there is someone in this state getting a $477,591 public pension for which you are on the hook? Alex certainly should.

Alex has avoided the fight to abolish the Prevailing Wage mandate which could  shave $25 million off the price of the $125 million Springfield High School project. Why does Alex want to inflict this burden on his elderly neighbors living on fixed incomes?

The final straw for Mrs. Scheerer, though, came Dec. 12 when Alex voted against limiting abortions to the first 20 weeks of pregnancy rather than the existing 24. He was one of six Republicans to do so. Civilized people understand that failing to protect weak and helpless life lead to nihilism and despair. Most of Western Europe bans abortion — with some strict exceptions — at 12 weeks.  Note, this would be 12 weeks gestational age which would be about nine weeks after conception.

Even hip, progressive Sweden and Norway ban them at 18 weeks gestational age.

Alex, however, who ran as a pro-lifer, thinks that’s too oppressive.

The 165th District has 63, 769 residents as of 2011 and consists of Morton Borough;  Springfield Township except for the 2nd precinct of the 3rd Ward; Marple Township except for the 5th Ward; and the 4th and 6th wards of Radnor Township along with 1st Precinct of the 1st Ward, the 1st Precinct of the 3rd Ward and the 2nd Precinct of the 5th Ward.

For the record, Mrs. Scheerer says she will not take the legislative  pension.

Charlton Opponent Submits 900 Signatures




Court Created Congressional Mess

Court Created Congressional Mess

By Leo Knepper

Court Created Congressional MessThe Pennsylvania Supreme Court released its version  (see image) of the congressional districts map on Monday.  As we noted previously, the Court lacks authority under the Pennsylvania Constitution to draw districts. It is likely that Republicans will file suit in federal court to stop the Court-created Congressional districts from being used in the 2018 elections. One avenue for seeking a federal injunction is summarized by Justice Max Baer, the lone Democrat to dissent from the final opinion:

“While I have expressed my misgivings with allowing an election to proceed based upon a constitutionally-flawed map, I continue to conclude that the compressed schedule failed to provide a reasonable opportunity for the General Assembly to legislate a new map in compliance with the federal Constitution’s delegation of redistricting authority to state legislatures.[US Constitution, Article 1, Section 4]

“My skepticism regarding the time allotted the Legislature has been borne out. Democracy generally, and legislation specifically, entails elaborate and time-consuming processes. Here, regardless of culpability, the Legislature has been unable to pass a remedial map to place on the Governor’s desk for signature or veto. Under these circumstances, Pennsylvania and federal law permit the use of the existing, albeit unconstitutional, map for one final election.” [Emphasis added]

A second issue is the Court’s districts do not minimize the number of splits to local governments (i.e., townships, municipalities, counties, etc.). An analysis by Amanda Holt found that the districts adopted by the Court resulted in more splits (79) than the district maps submitted by Republicans (61) and a separate plan offered by the Senate Democrats (60). You may not recognize her name, but Ms. Holt’s research in 2011 was the primary evidence used to throw out the state House and Senate districts for constitutional reasons. Her current finding is significant because the Pennsylvania Supreme Court stated in their original decision that local governments could only be split to ensure equal population. Furthermore, as she notes on her blog, the fact that the Court’s districts are drawn with more splits could demonstrate to a federal judge a lack of “good faith effort.”

The high likelihood of another lawsuit being brought by Republicans to the federal court regarding the Congressional districts means the issue is still up in the air. We will keep you posted as the story continues to develop.

Mr. Knepper is executive director of Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania.

Court Created Congressional Mess


Mango Visiting Andy’s Diner

Mango Visiting Andy’s Diner — Republican gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango will hold a meet and greet 9-10 a.m., tomorrow, Feb. 15 at Andy’s Diner, 505 W Ridge Pike, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania 19428.

Information about Mango can be found here.

Mango Visiting Andy’s Diner

Mango Visiting Andy's Diner


Mango Vs Wagner Splits Tea Partiers

Mango Vs Wagner Splits Tea Partiers — A lot of stuff is flying at us concerning the GOP gubernatorial battle. State Sen. Scott Wagner, of course, is being savaged for his strange support of bathroom bills giving a man — among other things — by-right access to Interstate ladies rooms because he claims to feel like a woman.

That he canceled an appearance at a forum, Sunday (Feb. 11) hosted  by the Pennsylvania Family Council has not helped him.

Wagner of York County, however, ended up being a strong supporter of President Trump during his 2016 campaign and has been outspoken in his opposition to Pennsylvania’s cronyism and corruption.

And Wagner is pro life and pro Second Amendment.

His main opponent, Paul Mango from Allegheny County, is being attacked for being a senior partner of the consulting firm McKinsey & Co, which was recently contracted by Gov. Tom Wolf for a study concerning the state budget. Mango is also getting grief for having backed Jeb Bush in the last GOP presidential primary. Mango, however, got on board the Trump train when he secured the nomination.

And Mango, a graduate of West Point who served with the 82nd Airborne Division, has hired Trump strategist David Urban and obtained the endorsement of Trump ally Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton.

He also is right on the right issues.

For what it’s worth, either man is an infinite improvement over Tom Wolf. We’d back Wagner in a heartbeat but for his backing the bizarre bathroom bills. As it is, we lean towards Mango.

Mango Vs Wagner Splits Tea Partiers

Mango Vs Wagner Splits Tea Partiers