Pennsylvania Primary Election 2019

Pennsylvania Primary Election 2019 — Today, May 21, is primary election day in Pennsylvania. Poll hours are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Pennsylvania Primary Election 2019
Rebecca Warren for Superior Court

It’s an odd numbered year so on the ballot will be races for municipal offices, school board seats, and state and local judges.

Cross-filling is allowed in school board and county judicial races so voting for party recommended persons is advised in these matters if one is unaware of the candidates.

The most relevant state-wide race is for Superior Court judge. In the Republican Primary two seats are being contested for 10-year terms on the court which is the intermediate appellate court for most matters in the state. We strongly urge bullet voting for Rebecca Warren. Bullet voting means only voting for a single person despite being eligible to vote for another. Rebecca will not be appearing on most GOP sample ballots.

Pennsylvania Primary Election 2019
Joe Gale

Concerning the Montgomery County Commissioner Republican Primary, we urge votes for Joe and Sean Gale.

Pennsylvania Primary Election 2019

Joe Gale Smears Show Establishment Fears

Joe Gale Smears Show Establishment Fears — Maybe the greatest service provided Donald Trump is exposing the mind-blowing political corruption that has been impoverishing us for decades and the extent of which we have been blissfully unaware.

Joe Gale Smears Show Establishment Fears
Joe Gale is feared by the swamp

The corruption is the same regardless of the party in power.

Montgomery County residents have been getting flyers attacking incumbent county Commissioner Joe Gale as the Republican Party primary approaches May 21.

Gale is accused of of such vile deeds as “Voting With Democrats 96 Percent Of The Time”.

Really? Montco is run by three commissioners, one of whom is required by law to be of the minority party.

The vast majority of votes concern mundane matters such as filling county jobs, allocating funds, and honoring community groups.

Joe can either be a partisan jerk and nay every vote turning himself into a joke, or he can save his ammunition for the important stuff.

Joe, a true corruption fighter, wisely chooses the latter, and does so with great effect. A case in point is the Montco Justice Center scandal.

That the team he plays for is the citizen taxpayer and not the Montgomery County Republican Committee has caused fear and panic among the party leadership.

The flyers, we understand, are being produced by something called Hometown Freedom Action Network, a political action committee dwelling deep in the Washington swamp. What’s up with that?

Also a little birdy told us that some of the trash being thrown at Joe is being fed to the GOP swampers by fellow commissioner Ken Lawrence.

Joe Gale Smears Show Establishment Fears

Rebecca Warren Outshines Debate Opponents

Rebecca Warren Outshines Debate Opponents — We have been told that Rebecca Warren was the star of the Pennsylvania Superior Court candidate’s debate held Tuesday, May 7, at the Free Public Library in Philadelphia. Only about 50 persons were in the the audience.

Rebecca Warren Outshines Debate Opponents
Rebecca Warren

Two seats are being contested for 10-year terms on the court which is the intermediate appellate court for most matters in the state. We understand it to be the busiest appellate court in the nation.

Debate participants were Democrats Daniel D. McCaffery and Beth Tarasi, and Republicans Ms. Warren, Megan McCarthy King and Christylee Peck.

The latter two Republicans are the choice of the party establishment. Ms. Warren may well be the choice of everyone else.

At least those who don’t want their judges to be the puppets of party bosses.

Anyway, here is a link to some video of the event courtesy of Susan Jane Goldner:

The entire debate will be aired on PCN at 8 tonight, May 9.

The Primary Election is Tuesday, May 21.

Rebecca Warren Outshines Debate Opponents.

Hypocrite Buttigieg And Islam

Hypocrite Buttigieg And Islam — Pete Buttigieg, the bitter, angry, outspokenly homosexual mayor of South Bend, Ind., has attacked Christians who vote Republican because of Biblical imperatives such as protecting the weak and helpless, not killing, and refraining from destructive sex acts; and that the Democrat Party not merely dismiss these commands but is offended by the very idea of God.

At least God as how Christians know Him.

Buttigieg has been notably silent regarding the hate-filled statements of militant Islamist congresswomen Ilhan Omar (D-MN5) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI13).

Something to consider: Would Buttigieg prefer to be thrown off the building or have it fall on him?

Here’s an LOL to end it: Buttigieg has accused President Trump of “Islamophobia”.

Hypocrite Buttigieg And Islam
Hypocrite Buttigieg And Islam -- Pete Buttigieg, the bitter, angry, outspokenly homosexual mayor of South Bend, Ind., has attacked

State Police Back Warren, Snub GOP Establishment

State Police Back Warren, Snub GOP Establishmentt — In a slap in the face to Pennsylvania’s feckless Republican Party establishment, the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association has endorsed former Montour County District Attorney Rebecca Warren for Superior Court Judge.

State Police Back Warren, Snubs GOP Establishment
Rebecca Warrren

State Party boss Val DiGiorgio has pulled out all stops to keep the much admired Ms. Warren from getting the nomination even orchestrating a last-minute party endorsement for Megan King, an unheralded deputy DA from Val’s diminishing Chesco kingdom.

The primary election is May 21.

Two seats are being contested for 10-year terms on the court which is the intermediate appellate court for most matters in the state. Also on the GOP ballot is Cumberland County Common Pleas Court Judge Christylee Peck.

State Police Back Warren

PaUniteGoRed Endorses Joe Billie

PaUniteGoRed Endorses Joe Billie — PaUniteGoRed has endorsed Joe Billie for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 5th District.

PaUniteGoRed Endorses Joe Billie

“He is a great MAGA candidate for PA,” the group says noting that he is a veteran, pro-life and pro-Second Amendment.

For information about Joe visit here.

PaUniteGoRed Endorses Joe Billie

Irish Smiles Rebecca Warren Means Troubles For Val

Irish Smiles Rebecca Warren — Probably most of our readers would like to tar and feather Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, the Republican who represents Pennsylvania’s 1st District in mostly Bucks County and far too often votes with Democrats.

Irish Smiles Rebecca Warren
Former Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick with Rebecca Warren

So imagine our surprise when we learn Rebecca Warren, our gal in the hot Superior Court primary, was at the Fitzpatrick Saint Patty Day’s fete, yesterday (March 10) at Spring Mill Manor in Ivyland.

About 350 people attended the event.

She’s pictured with Brian’s brother Mike who had preceded Brian as the area’s congressman. Note that the area had been part of the 8th District until the state Supreme Court’s power-grab redistricting decision last year.

Anyway, don’t get mad. This is a good thing. A very good thing. It means the powerful Fitzpatricks are not in lock-step with GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio who pulled out all stops to steal the endorsement from Rebecca.

A lot of us suspect that Val is a Democrat wolf in Republican clothing.

Hey, look at the track record. It’s not like we didn’t see it coming.

Irish Smiles Rebecca Warren

Montco Leaders Obsessed With Defeating Joe Gale

Montco Leaders Obsessed With Defeating Joe Gale — The Montgomery County Republican Party and other suburban swamp factions have recruited three candidates in hopes of taking out Joe Gale and his running-mate, Sean Gale, in the May 21 primary. In the process, the Gales are being subjected to vicious social media attacks by the flunky class and one former failed leader.

Montco Leaders Obsessed With Defeating Joe Gale
Joe Gale

This is strange because Joe Gale is a very popular incumbent Republican county commissioner.

Montco has three commissioners, one of whom must always be a member of the minority party.

Incumbents are rarely the target for party bosses, who prefer to minimize boat rocking.

Of course, when the incumbent is a boat rocker himself and is threatening to capsize the whole sweet uni-party deal, the establishment cannot help themselves.

Joe is running for reelection with his brother Sean. If both are the Republican nominees on the general election ballot this would give Republicans the best chance to win back control of the county from the spend-happy Democrats considering the Gale Brothers have strong support from not just rank-n-file Republicans, but Independent voters and old-school Democrats. 

Winning control of the county should be the goal of the party leadership you would think, but we suspect that is not the case. One can make a lot of money in second place we are learning (i.e. – ‘go along to get along’ wink-wink).

What is drawing the ire of the political class from both parties is Joe’s willingness to call attention to the bald corruption sucking the blood of the county taxpayers.

In his very first budget he pointed out the burden an 11 percent tax hike would impose.

More recently, Commissioner Gale revealed the scandalous and unnecessary cost of new justice center.

What he did most recently — see below — is what really caused the vampire to shriek.

At this month’s meeting (Feb. 7), Joe courageously declared many ugly truths. He said just defeated State Sen. John Rafferty who had represented the 44th District since 2003 had received a half-million dollars in union contributions over the course of his career including from indicted IBEW boss John Dougherty.

He pointed out that Johnny Doc actively lobbied his fellow commissioners for the project labor agreement that is adding so much to the cost of justice center.

He said that Gov. Tom Wolf and Sen. Bob Casey also lobbied for the agreement. What’s up with that? Why is a U.S. senator getting involved in a local project? Joe, of course, gives the ugly answer. Again watch the video.

Then Joe got to the really really ugly truth.

“What I’ve come to learn as commissioner is that many times it’s not about conservatism ideology and liberalism ideology, it’s a business,” he said. “And the Republican Party bosses are the best friends of the Democrat Party bosses and they collude to have power.”

And then he went there. He pointed out the county’s commerce director — a high-paid, do nothing job — when Josh Shapiro was running things was the wife of now state Republican Chairman Val DiGiorgio. At the time Val was merely head of the Chesco GOP but he like Josh who is now the state attorney general and the rising star of the Democrat Party had eyes on bigger things.

He pointed out that the former Montco GOP head, Mike Vereb, now works for Shapiro. Vereb is his Director of Government Affairs. It’s a six-figure job.

“It’s establishment collusion,” Joe said.

And he’s right. Again check the video.

By the way, Johnny Doc has given $180,000 to Shapiro.

Montco Leaders Obsessed With Defeating Joe Gale

Rebecca Warren Readying Petitions?

Rebecca Warren Readying Petitions? — Happy VALentine’s Day. Rebecca Warren, the popular ex-Montour County D.A., will be circulating petitions to get on the May 21 primary ballot we have been told.

Rebecca Warren Readying Petitions?
Rebecca Warren

Pennsylvania GOP bosses twisted themselves into pretzels to keep her from snaring the party endorsement, Feb. 2.

Their first choice, ex-state representative Kate Harper from Montco, was crushed in regional straw polls so Megan King, a deputy district attorney from Chester County — the bailiwick of state Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio — was drafted as a last minute replacement.

Ms. King participated in only the final straw poll in which she finished dead last.

The suspicion is that Ms King will take directions from the establishment whereas Ms. Warren would not.

Else why keep try to keep her off the ballot?

Two seats are being contested for 10-year terms on the court which is the intermediate appellate court for most matters in the state.

There is no controversy involving the other candidate, Cumberland County Common Pleas Court Judge Christylee Peck, who finished first in the straw polls.

Our birdie tells us that people from around the state have been contacting Ms. Warren asking her to run.

Our birdie has also told us that DiGirogio has been unsuccessfully trying to set up a meeting with Ms. Warren.

Here’s a thought. Stay out of the race and let her run. May the best gal win.

Rebecca Warren Readying Petitions?