Green Energy Technology Sailing Away to China

China has moved pass Germany, Denmark, Spain, and the US to become the biggest wind turbine producer in the world.  It is expected that China will be the largest producer of solar energy technology in two years.  In the meantime, as China has been allowed to take the bull by the ring and take all of the green jobs that were proposed during the presidential race, US leaders are still arguing and posturing about whether the government should support the creation of green jobs with taxpayers money or oil companies should be allowed to lead in the production of green energy.  Probably after all the oil is gone.

 I saw a documentary where Bangladesh was even creating solar cells and getting their people to build up their infrastructure with green energy.  Something is definatley wrong with this whole discussion.  I think that a government is supposed to tax people and to spend what they collect with the taxes for the betterment of the people whom they tax.  The idea is that the government takes a little from each person and then spends it to get more than each person possibly could because of the amount of money they have collectively. I believe in big government–government of the people by the people and for the people, that works, instead of a government with no money who has to beg corporations to finance programs.  I guess that I am just old fashion though.  I think of this as I watch all of the green technology projects and jobs floating over to China where they will remain because we, like in most of the manufacturing sector, cannot afford to compete because of their low labor costs. Let’s just wave bye bye to those new jobs everyone wanted.
Green Energy Technology Sailing Away to China
Green Energy Technology Sailing Away to China

Thank You, Joe Sestak

President Obama, at a rare press conference yesterday, took full credit for stopping the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

“The American people should know that from the moment this disaster began, the federal government has been in charge of the response effort,” Obama said.

So now we know why the spill lasted over a month.

Obama then slammed shut new off-shore drilling in U.S. waters saying:

First, we will suspend the planned exploration of two locations off the coast of Alaska
Second,we will cancel the pending lease sale in the Gulf of Mexico and the proposed lease sale off the coast of Virginia.
Third, we will continue the existing moratorium and suspend the issuance of new permits to drill new deep water wells for six months.
And four, we will suspend action on 33 deep water exploratory wells currently being drilled in the Gulf of Mexico.

In other words, he will continue to do what it takes to send our money to our oil-rich adversaries so they can pay to build mosques on the hollowed grounds of the 9/11 attacks.

He also said “what’s also been made clear from this disaster is that for years, the oil and gas industry has leveraged such power that they have effectively been allowed to regulate themselves” which is something that should make you go hmmmm.

With regard to Springfield Pa.’s own contribution to the failure of this incredibly incompetent administration, Obama said:


The — there will be an official response shortly on the Sestak issue which I hope will answer your questions. You will get it from my administration, so — and it will — it will be coming out — when I say shortly, I mean shortly. I don’t mean weeks or months. With respect to the first –I can assure the public that nothing improper took place. But as I said, there will be a response shortly on that issue.


(For President Obama’s explanation see DNA Tests For Obama, Sestak Neckties? )

Dick Morris, who was President Clinton’s go-toe guy during the most successful parts of that administration, said  Congressman Sestak’s allegation of a job offer from Obama, if true, would be  an impeachable offense, and if Washington is unwilling to investigate the matter Pennsylvan Attorney General Tom Corbett, from whence Sestak is from, should empanel a grand jury to do so.

The sooner Obama is impeached and removed from office, the better for America and the world.

Thank you, Joe Sestak.


It’s Bush’s Fault

President Obama is getting some nice publicity for his promise to open up new areas to offshore drilling, a popular and sensible thing which I’m sure he hopes stops his skidding approval ratings.

Of course, what the Old Guard media is avoiding stating is that this is just a follow up on action by  President Bush in 2008 and is only a fraction of what Bush sought to open.

Judge Says Drill Baby, Drill In Allegheny National Forest

Judge Says Drill Baby, Drill In Allegheny National Forest — U.S. District Judge Sean J. McLaughlin, a Clinton appointee no less, said yesterday that drilling for oil and natural gas may resume in the Allegheny National Forest.

The U.S. Forest Service changed a long-standing practice in April to ban drilling in response to a suit by environmental groups
Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics, Sierra Club and
Allegheny Defense Project.

Judge McLaughlin said the Forest Service wrongly interpreted the National Environmental Policy Act in changing its policy which had been to receive a proposal from a driller,
review it under previously established case law, and issue a Notice to
Proceed within 60 days.

The plaintiffs were Minard Run Oil Co., Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Association, Allegheny Forest Alliance and Warren County. The economic losses of the small oil companies were in the millions with at least one laying off 40 percent of its workforce.

Thank you Judge McLaughlin for common sense.

Kudos to for the tip.

Judge Says Drill Baby, Drill In Allegheny National Forest