HB 1243 Stops Local Gungrabbing

A bill is before the full Pennsylvania House that would keep local governments from implementing their own ordinances, rules or laws regarding ownership, possession or transportation of firearms, says State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129).

The bill is HB 1243.

“Such local ordinances are already prohibited by state law; however, some municipalities have enacted local laws anyway,” Cox said. “To help deter that practice, the measure also would give legal standing to any person who has been adversely affected by any regulation put forth or enforced in violation of this premise, to seek injunctive and declarative relief, as well as damages.”

HB 1243 would also  require the Pennsylvania State Police to provide existing mental health records already incorporated in the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS) to the National Instant Check System (NICS) and require ongoing submissions of this data to NICS within 72 hours of State Police receiving it. The goal is to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them, not only in Pennsylvania but across the country.

An additional amendment to require universal background checks on all firearms sales in Pennsylvania was considered but failed, Cox said. Under current Pennsylvania law, all firearms purchases are subject to background checks, with the exception of the private sales of long guns (hunting rifles).

HB 1243 Stops Local Gungrabbing
HB 1243 Stops Local Gungrabbing

Chester Drug Bust Gives City Hope

A massive sweep by federal, state, county and local authorities, yesterday, Sept. 26, snatched up 35 men who were running a ring of drug based terror that has given Chester, Pa. what may be the nation’s highest murder rate for 2014.

The men, who range in age from 20 to 52 and almost all of whom live in the blighted city on the Delaware, face all face maximum sentences of 30 years in prison with 22 facing potential life sentences.

Chester, which has a population of 34,000, has had 24 murders this year so far guaranteeing it a murder rate of at least 70.5 per 100,000 for 2014. This would have made it the 8th most dangerous city in the world last year not in a war zone, and by far the most dangerous American one.

So kudos to U.S. Attorney Zane D. Memeger, Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan, Chester Mayor John Linder, Chester Police Commissioner Joseph Bail Jr. and the rest of those responsible for this big step forward in saving the city.

And for those saying a gun ban was the solution to the problem, why not just push to make selling drugs illegal?

That was sarcasm, if you missed it.


Chester Drug Bust Gives City Hope Avenue of the States

Avenue of the States, Chester Pa.

 Chester Drug Bust Gives City Hope




Shaneen Allen Must Be Freed

Shaneen Allen

Shaneen Allen Must Be Freed


Courtesy of National Review

In October of 2013, a Pennsylvania resident named Shaneen Allen drove into New Jersey’s Atlantic County and was pulled over by police for an “unsafe lane change.” When the detaining officer arrived at her car window, Allen informed him that she was carrying a concealed firearm, and presented her Pennsylvania carry license as proof of eligibility. Unbeknownst to her at the time, however, was that New Jersey is among the 20 states that do not recognize Pennsylvania’s permit. In consequence, she was arrested. If convicted of the charges that the state has elected to bring, she will be locked in prison for up to a decade.

A single mother of two young children, Ms. Allen works more than one job and as a result leaves her home at odd times of the day. After two robberies made her aware of her vulnerability, she became convinced that she should be prepared to defend herself and her family, and resolved to do something about it. Which is to say that Ms. Allen bought her firearm, and obtained her concealed-carry permit, not to commit crimes but to prevent them. This has failed to move the prosecutor, Jim McClain, an overzealous man who has routinely declined to use the considerable latitude with which he has been entrusted by the state.

Under New Jersey’s rules, McClain could have declined to press any charges against Ms. Allen, recognizing that she was guilty of little more than an innocent mistake. He could have treated it as merely a misdemeanor and sent her to municipal court. He could have permitted her to enroll in one of the diversionary programs that New Jersey has established for peaceful first-time offenders, thereby sparing her both the prison time that will take her away from her children and the felony conviction that will almost certainly destroy her career in medical work. Instead, he has sought punishment to the fullest extent of the law: in this instance, a three-year mandatory minimum jail sentence for illegal possession of a firearm, and an extra year or more for possession of illegal ammunition. This is a travesty of justice.

The travesty can be reversed. First, McClain could drop the charges and let Ms. Allen off with a warning. If he refuses, his superiors could step in. Governor Chris Christie has a mixed record on the question of the right to bear arms, but he has at times demonstrated a commonsense streak. As he famously did for Brian Aitken — another peaceful American who fell afoul of New Jersey’s draconian rules — we hope the governor will grant Allen clemency as early in the process as is legally possible.

More generally, we would like to see the question of concealed-carry reciprocity cleared up at the national level. Allen may have been incorrect in assuming that concealed-carry permits issued by one state are, like driver’s licenses, valid in every other. But this was not an unreasonable assumption for her to make. The Second Amendment to the Constitution has been held to protect an individual right, and that right has been incorporated to the states. Under the Full Faith and Credit clause, Congress has the power to “prescribe the manner in which such Acts, Records, and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof,” and thus to mandate that all state-issued permits are valid nationwide. To prevent further miscarriages of justice, it should use it.

In the meantime, we urge friends of the Second Amendment — and of prosecutorial prudence — to contribute to Allen’s legal-defense fund, which can be found here.

Marino Press Secretary Faces Gun Charge

It’s not yet getting much notice but the press secretary of a Pennsylvania congressman is facing gun charges.

Ryan Shucard, 26, was hired by Congressman Tom Marino (R-Pa10) in late May.

He is a resident of Alexandria, Va. and is registered, trained and permitted to hold a gun in his state, which he does, a 9mm Smith and Wesson.

Well, on Friday, July 18, he brought it work, unloaded, which he is allowed to do as federal law allows employees of Congress to bring unloaded guns into the Capitol — which can even be loaded afterwards.

The gun was seen by Capitol Police screeners on the x-ray belt and stopped the process and secured the area. Washington D.C. Police were called and they arrested Shucard, who had apparently forgotten he had the gun in his bag.

While it is now legal due to the Heller decision to have a gun in one’s one and business in the District of Columbia, carrying a gun in D.C. without a D.C. gun license is a crime punishable for up to five years in prison, and the District does not recognize Virginia’s permits.

Shucard has pleaded not guilty and Marino has placed him on unpaid leave albeit has been supportive of him.

That a young man faces a criminal record and a long prison sentence for doing nothing wrong is a disgrace. The District must be made to recognize the legitimate rights of others and end its unnecessary and obtrusive policies designed to harass those who are inclined to leave others alone.

Shucard is not facing any federal charges.

Marino Press Secretary Faces Gun Charge Ryan Shucard

Marino Press Secretary Faces Gun Charge




Detroit Crime Drops As Citizens Take Arms

Detroit Crime Drops As Citizens Take Arms  Police Chief James Craig Detroit Police Chief James Craig has encouraged citizens to take up arms against the thugs.

Crime is dropping in Detroit. The city has 37 percent fewer robberies in 2014 than the year before; 22 percent fewer break-ins and 30 percent fewer carjackings.


According to Police Chief James Craig it’s because the citizens are now shooting back.

“Criminals are getting the message that good Detroiters are armed and will use that weapon,” Craig said.

Detroit Crime Drops As Citizens Take Arms

Chester Beats Detroit, Chicago

Five people were shot in Chester, Pa. early yesterday, July 1. It appears none of them are going to die hence the death toll for murders in the city with a population of 29,972 will remain at  16 or 53 per 100,000.

Chester now beats Detroit — no longer a top 10 city  ranking a mere 18th with a population of 681,000 — which had a murder rate last year of 48 per 100,000.

Philly, last year, had 246 murders for a rate of 16 per 100,000.

For those who are convinced that banning guns is the way to safety, it should be noted that murders dropped 18 percent  in Chicago, after the federal courts ruled that the State of Illinois infamous law prohibiting concealed carry of firearms was unconstitutional. One could say that is just coincidence but a similar thing happened in Philadelphia when Harrisburg forced the city to accept concealed carry in 1995 when Philly had 432 murders and in Washington D.C. after the Supreme Court overturned that city’s strict gun laws.

It should be noted that having access to guns is not a guarantee of safety though as Chester residents obviously now have the right to them.

The problem in Chester is a sick and twisted culture. The solution is stop glorifying thugs and start glorifying scholars. It’s to stop  finding excuses for single moms and baby daddies and to start honoring fathers and mothers who insist on having fathers in the home.

But Democrats do like their easy and judgement-free answers even if imposing them actually makes things worse.

Chester Beats Detroit, Chicago

Chester Beats Detroit, Chicago

Switchblades Legal In Tennessee

Switchblades Legal In Tennessee

A law making switchblade knives legal took effect in Tennessee, yesterday, July 1.

When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet.

Seriously, beyond playing pretend that one is in West Side Story, there are many times one would find it handy to have knife that can be opened automatically with one hand.

Switchblades, it should be noted, were originally marketed in this country to  farmers, hunters and even women who were told to keep one in the sewing kit.

There is nothing inherently evil about a switchblade knife. All states should repeal the stupid garbage passed during the 1950s juvenile delinquent scare.


Switchblades Legal In Tennessee

Cop Killers OWS Affiliated

Cop Killers OWS

Jerad and Amanda Miller, the couple who murdered two police officers in Las Vegas on June 8 along with a bystander who tried to intervene have dropped out of the news.

The Millers draped a “don’t tread on me” flag over the  bodies of officers Igor Soldo, 31, and Alyn Beck, 41, before entering a Wal-mart where they killed Joseph Robert Wilcox, 31.

Initial reports had these sickos as Tea Party types. Heavy coverage was expected as has become the norm in shootings with multiple deaths.

So why did the establishment media stop covering the Millers? Well, it turns out that this heartless pair were not Tea Party after all but affiliated with the anarchists in Occupy Wall Street.

So that explains that. If the facts don’t fit the narrative down the forgotten hole it goes.

It should be remembered that Soldo and Beck were shot in ambush.

Wilcox, who had a concealed carry permit and was armed, was killed from behind by Amanda after he confronted Jerad.

Betcha Wilcox was Tea Party.

The Millers retreated to the back of the store as police closed in, where Amanda shot Jerad then herself.

Cop Killers OWS

Cop Killers OWS


Reading Recommendation 4-3-14

University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds had a column in yesterday’s (April 2) USA Today concerning California State senator and political power and gun control advocate Leland Yee who has been indicted for accepting a $2 million bribe to get a shopping list of weapons for terrorists.

We give reading it our highest recommendation and here is the link. Share it with your Democrat voting friends along with this one regarding Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

When will the old media has finally learned that propaganda just doesn’t pay and people want the wrongdoings reported regardless of political party?

Visit BillLawrenceDittos.com for Reading Recommendation 4-3-14
Visit BillLawrenceOnline.com for Reading Recommendation 4-3-14



Dem Gun Grabber Gun Runner?

California Democrat State Sen. Leland Yee, a prominent San Francisco liberal and gun control advocate, has been charged with federal weapon and corruption charges after allegedly agreeing to help an undercover agent get $2.5 million worth of automatic “shoulder-fired” weapons and missiles.

Yee had apparently been facilitating the shipment of Russian arms to Islamic terrorist groups in the Philippines for much bucks.

Tough break, Yee. Not every state can have a Kathleen Kane.

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Visit BillLawrenceOnline.com for Dem Gun Grabber Gun Runner?