Pa House Preps Way For “Stand Your Ground” Law

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives, yesterday, voted 156-41 to pass a special motion that prevented the attachment of a large number of  anti-gun riders to a bill that would significantly expand the right to self-defense in Pennsylvania. A final vote is expected today after which the bill will go to the senate.

Five members were absent.

House Bill 40 provides that “no person should be required to surrender his or her personal safety to a criminal, nor should a person be required to needlessly retreat in the face of intrusion or attack outside the person’s home or vehicle.”

The bill declares that, with some exceptions such as the intruder being a police officer lawfully performing his duty, a person may may be presumed to have a belief in the need to use deadly force if he should find someone in his home or attempting to enter his home or vehicle.

The bill also spells out that a law-aiding citizen has “no duty to retreat” and has “right to stand his ground and use force, including deadly force if he “has a right to be in the place where he was attacked,” believes it necessary to do so “to protect himself against death, serious bodily injury, kidnapping or sexual intercourse by force or threat” and “the person against whom the force is used displays or otherwise uses: a firearm or replica . . . or any other weapon readily or apparently capable of lethal use.”

The bill also provides for civil immunity for the use of force.

Regarding Delaware County’s contingent, Republicans Stephen Barrar (160), Nick Miccarelli (162), Nick Micozzie (163), Mario Civera Jr. (164), Bill Adolph (165), and Tom Killion (168) voted aye; while Democrats Thaddeus Kirkland (159), Bryan Lentz (161),  Greg Vitali (166), Robert Donatucci (185), Vanessa Brown (190) and Ronald Waters (191) voted nay.

Education Department Wants Short-Barrel Shotguns

Education Department Wants Short-Barrel Shotguns — The federal Department of Education is soliciting bids for 27 Remington Model 870 12-gauge shotguns with 14-inch barrels.

Why does the federal Department of Education need 27 Remington Model 870 12-gauge shotguns with 14-inch barrels?

Now, someone might make a comment like “ho ho ho, maybe they might have to enter South Philadelphia High” and think they are being smart, but someone making such a comment would only show themselves to be rather stupid.

The Department of Education has absolutely no defense or law enforcement purpose. Buying guns indicates a perverse mission creep and that those running the department are not really people we want in government.

Education Department Wants Short-Barrel Shotguns

Education Department Wants Short-Barrel Shotguns

Boeing Guards Guns Stolen

Pinkerton Government Services, which is responsible for providing security at the Boeing helicopter plant in Ridley Township, Pa., reported to township police yesterday that someone stole their guns.

Missing are six .40 caliber semiautomatic handguns and eight .38-caliber revolvers. They had been in a storage locker.
The plant manufactures the CH-47 Chinook and most of the V-22 Osprey.