Health Care Basics Must Be Recognized By GOP

Health Care Basics Must Be Recognized By GOP — With the Republican health care reform in a mess, we’d like to suggest getting back to the basics with regard to principles and purpose.

Health insurance is not health care. “Insurance” does not insure your health, something that should be blindingly obvious. What it does is to insure that the doctors and other medical professionals get paid.

The purpose of public health is to minimize the need for care yet provide it when needed for those who cannot pay what medical professionals ask as going rates.

Minimizing the need includes things like sanitary sewer systems, draining swamps and discouraging pointless risky behavior such as that which spreads HIV. One of the first steps in getting back to basics is to stop being afraid to point this out.

When care is needed, an insurance policy is not the only means to do so. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet would be silly to have an insurance policy. They can easily cover anything that might happen to them out of pocket.

For those who aren’t billionaires, places like Philadelphia General Hospital existed in the last century to provide free care to the desperate. Of course there was no incentive to maintain them and a huge incentive to use them as dumping grounds so their demise was practically ordained.

Free markets cannot be mocked.

Step two concerning back to the basics is to recognize that health care is provided by people not governments, corporations or bureaucracies. Maximizing health care means maximizing the number of competent people who can provide it and giving them an incentive to do so to all comers.

Money is obviously going to be a factor even for the most saintly, but except for the most vile — and they are rare — it is not going to be the only factor. Social rewards are almost as important. Most successful people will discount services to those who can’t afford what they normally charge. Most will even do charity work — unless, of course, regulation and time available prevent them. You doubt this happens ponder that retired doctors can’t work part-time without still carrying malpractice insurance.

An OB/GYN pays about $20,000 per year for it.  Insurance companies will discount about 50 percent for part-timers. A $10,000 per year nut to cover would certainly put a damper on a doctor wanting to occasionally help out at a charity hospital for $50 per hour.

And no amount of money is going to keep someone from bailing out when the job stops being fun and they no longer need it. One of the biggest complaints doctors have is mandated paper work either by government or an insurance carrier.

And this gets us to insurance companies. An insurance company is a business that seeks to spread risk while making a profit. The top executives at these places easily surpass six figures. Do they earn it? Probably not but that’s not their fault. With government mandates for  features not necessarily wanted by all customers (substance abuse counseling, birth control) and restrictions on competition, they can do a lot of coasting. Call it the joys of cronyism.

Insurance companies have a use and they are not inherently bad. The Trump plan to open competition across state lines is excellent. We don’t have an objection either to a mandate for individuals to carry it. Public health has a cost and its better for people to be allowed to choose their coverage rather than leave the decision to government agents who will inevitably pocket as much of it as they can if funded via a traditional tax.

Regardless, it must be remembered that it is people who provide health care and not bureaucracies. Forgetting this while ignoring that bureaucracies inevitably become corrupt are the biggest failings of doomed Obamacare.

Health Care Basics Must Be Recognized By GOP

Health Care Basics Must Be Recognized By GOP Health Care Basics

Obamacare Fix Should Be Simple

Obamacare Fix Should Be Simple — Debate rages about how to fix the Obamacare disaster.

Some Republicans understandably want to keep the program’s massive Medicaid expansion. Medicaid is the “government insurance program for those whose resources are insufficient to pay for health care“. Many now have health insurance who didn’t before. Taking it away is something that would likely come back to bite.

Of course, Medicaid is a disaster in itself so hold that thought.

Then there is the employer mandate. Employer-provided health insurance had a value of $17,545 for a family in 2015. It would be a serious blow to working people if it were to disappear. Of course, company health insurance plans were widespread before the mandate. Ironically, they may become less widespread as businesses increase the use of part-timers and independent contractors and automation to avoid the mandate so hold that thought.

And then there are the mandates to guarantee insurance for those with pre-existing conditions, and for adult sons and daughters, which President Trump has promised to keep.

The knot appears impossible to unravel and it is. That, though, makes the solution simple. Cut it off entirely and re-splice the loose ends.

Switzerland has an indisputably successful health care system. It has an individual mandate as per Obamacare but limits it to accidents, illness and pregnancy. If one wants things extra, one can pay find policies beyond the mandate and pay extra.

There are subsidies for those who can’t cover the minimum.

If the U.S. were to adopt such a system, Obamacare, Medicaid and Medicare could be abolished and the swamp-filling bureaucracies that run them could be drained. As the policies would be purchased by individuals, the government wouldn’t have the chance to play with the money.

Regarding business, don’t just end the employer mandate but treat health benefits as taxable income. Cold? Does your employer pay for your home, clothes and groceries? Once people get used to buying their own health insurance just as they do their home, clothes, groceries and other insurance, the cost will drastically drop as they shop. Employment will boom as will living standards.

Obviously, insurance should be allowed to be sold across state lines.

Obamacare Fix Should Be Simple

Obamacare Fix Should Be Simple


Los Angeles STD Boom

Los Angeles STD BoomLos Angeles STD Boom — Sexually transmitted diseases are booming in Los Angeles County reports the Los Angeles Times and the blame is being placed on dating apps allowing those so inclined to connect for a quickie.

Rather than encouraging a little restraint, however, the local public health hipsters are pushing “technology” namely STD tests that can be ordered online.

You think those with the diseases really care about not spreading the joy?

In a totally unrelated matter, unhip health officials are reporting that we are on the verge of an “antibiotic apocalypse”. A new class of antibiotics has not been discovered since the 1980s and the existing stuff is rapidly losing its effectiveness due to overuse.

When antibiotics no longer work, things we take as routine such as appendectomies and hip replacements become rather dangerous.

Los Angeles STD Boom

Honest Medical Bill

This off the internet image of an honest medical bill comes courtesy of Cathy Martin who appears to have gotten it from Mint Press News. Our critique would be that the advertising costs are inflated while the lobbying, campaign gifts and CEO bonus are drastically deflated.This off the internet image of an honest medical bill comes courtesy of Cathy Martin who appears to have gotten it from Mint Press News.

Our critique would be that the advertising costs are inflated while the lobbying, campaign gifts and CEO bonus are drastically deflated.

An Honest Medical Bill is this morning’s Off the internet.

Obamacare Law? LOL

So the Supreme Court, yesterday, June 25, found by a 6-3 vote that when Congress said that  Obamacare subsidies could only be obtained via state exchanges they were just goofing. Forget the turmoil and compromises (and blatant dishonesty) when the law was passed– something that should  be everybody’s memory,  Congress put in  that clause because they were goofing. Obamacare Law? LOL

At least in the view of six Supreme Court judges — including “conservatives” John Roberts and  Anthony Kennedy.

Americans have to wake up to the reality that the nation’s political division is not between Democrats Republicans but between those who want power and wealth and those who want to live in peace with their neighbor.

Let’s not forget that corporate America was and remains a strong supporter of Obamacare.

Obamacare Law? LOL

Rand Paul Subpoena Vote

The details are in concerning Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-Ky) visit to Philly.  It’s 11 a.m. May 18, at Independence Seaport Museum. It’s part of the WPHT Speaker Series and it will be hosted by Dom Giordano. The cost is $45. Rand Paul Subpoena Vote

Paul is seeking the Republican presidential nomination for 2016 and the topic is his book  Taking a Stand: Moving Beyond Partisan Politics to Unite America.

Hopefully, however, he will be queried on the allegations made by National Review that he stifled a subpoena for the application Congress made to the District of Columbia’s health exchange to beat the Obamacare penalties.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) insisted during the debate over Obamacare that lawmakers and staff join one of the health-care exchanges set up under the bill. This meant giving up government subsidies of between $5,000 and $10,000 per person.

Did it happen? LOL. After a secret meeting with House Speaker John Boehner, President Obama agreed to allow Congress to file as a small business. The law defines a small business as having no more than 50 employees. Congress employes tens of thousands.

An application was made declaring Congress to be a small business employing just 45 people and our public servants got to keep their Cadillac health-care plans.

Sen. David Vitter (R-La.), who chairs the Senate Small Business Committee,  wanted to find out who in Congress pushed this claim and sought to file a subpoena against the D.C. health exchange for the full application.

All nine Dems on the Small Business Committee were against it, hence Vitter needed the support of all 10 Republicans.

Only five did and none of them was Paul. The other guilty parties were Mike Enzi (R-Wy), James Risch, (R-ID),  Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), and Deb Fischer (R-Nebraska).

Just one of those things that should make one go hmmm. Paul has said that his vote was because he wants a Constitutional amendment to prohibit Congress from passing laws that exempts themselves, according to N.R.

So what’s that got to do with opposing the subpoena? And that’s another thing that makes one go hmmm. Hopefully, that lame answer does not let Paul off the hook.

Rand Paul Subpoena Vote

Determinators To Air Tonight

‘The Determinators’, a chilling film that reveals the dark side of a fully implemented Obamacare will be aired 7 tonight by the West Chester Tea Party on the second floor of the East Goshen Township Building, 1580, Paoli Pike, West Chester, Pa., 19380.

If you can’t make it you can watch it here:

Determinators To Air Tonight
 Determinators To Air Tonight

Hat tip Delaware County Patriots

Turkey Takes Obamacare Credit

Matthew Smith has sent us a link to this article in which jihadist Turkish President  Recep Tayyip Erdoğan takes credit for Obamacare.  Turkey Takes Obamacare Credit

He said advised Barack Obama to undertake healthcare reforms in the United States following a request by American tourists but Obama “could only solve the issue partly” due to “a negative reflex.”

We can believe it. Jihadist aren’t known for their love of America.

Obama did call Erdoğan to congratulate him upon his re-election. He does that sort of thing for his friends.

Turkey Takes Obamacare Credit. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan says it was his idea

Colorado Cancels 190K Insurance Policies

Bridget Johnson of reports that the Colorado Division of Insurance is cancelling 190,000 health plans that don’t comply with Obamacare regulations. Colorado Cancels 190K Insurance Policies

Colorado voted for Obama twice. It was the hip thing to do.

Remember “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan”?

Hey Colorado, you want to buy the Eiffel Tower?

Colorado Cancels 190K Insurance Policies

Anti-Vaxxer Not Here

By Bill Lawrence

To eliminate all confusion, I’ll spell it out that I’m not an anti-vaxxer. Anti-Vaxxer Not Here

I think vaccinations are a good thing. I have been vaccinated up the kazoo all my life. I’ve never worried about polio or smallpox or the whooping cough. If I cut myself on a rusty car part, I hope my tetanus shot is up to date.

Anti-vaxxers, mull this around: What’s preferable, a foreign substance entering your body via the broken end of a rusty muffler  or  via a sterile needle?

Just the same, if a family wants to live a vaccine-free lifestyle, I support and defend their right to do so. The catch is that I also support and defend the rights of organizations to require vaccinations to participate in them. In fact, I think public schools should require vaccinations. Certain businesses  such as medical facilities where contact with at-risk populations is to be expected should require vaccinations.

The way to make everybody happy is to provide alternatives to those who want independent lifestyles. Examples would be cyber-schools and subsidized homeschooling for anti-vaxxer families.

Regarding conspiracies, I live in Lyme disease ground zero. A while back, I asked my doctor for the since-discontinued vaccine. He talked me out of it saying he was only recommending it for those doing outdoor labor. In other words, the risk/benefit health issues was being taken seriously by the professionals. There was no push to get me to take this substance. There is no conspiracy.

Anti-Vaxxer Not Here