Doctor Shortage Is Concern

Today’s headline in USA Today concerned a doctor shortage as, for some reason, fewer people are becoming doctors. I didn’t see anything in the story which addressed either the aggravation caused by frivolous lawsuits or the crushing expense of liability insurance.

Nor did the publication remark on any concern potential doctors might have about surrendering professional freedom to political science majors who went into government.

The story can be found at:

Doctor Shortage

Doctor Shortage

Sestak To Have Town Hall Outside Of District

Congressman Joe Sestak (D-Pa7) is having a town hall, 6:30 p.m., today,  at Broad Street Ministries, 315 S. Broad St., Philadelphia regarding President Obama’s proposed national mandated-medical rationing plan.

You expect a lot of constituents Joe?

Having it outside the district is really slick but why not really throw the protesters a curve? Reschedule it for 1 a.m., Saturday at 18th & Diamond.

Another Protestor Threatened

Another Protestor Threatened — Mike Sola lodged a protest against President Obama’s proposed health care plan at an Aug. 6 town hall sponsored by Congressman John Dingell, D-Mich. He had brought his wheelchair-bound 36-year-old son who has cerebral palsy to the meeting and demanded a direct answer as to what kind of treatment his son could expect.

When an answer was not forthcoming, things became heated and Sola and his son were escorted out.

Well, Sola now says “thugs” have located his home and delivered a threat which he has reported to police.

Sola told Fox News, Aug. 10, that “I will use every means available to me, lethal force if necessary, to protect [my son] and my wife. My wife is terrified,”

Mike Sola lodged a protest against President Obama’s proposed health care plan

ObamaCare: Check The Premise

Obama seems to think that by putting ink on paper and giving a command all will have health care, and this perfectly illustrates that Obama, his advisers and pretty much everyone in the Democratic Party are clueless as to what health care is and how we get it.

Health care does not come from shuffling papers and empowering bureaucrats. It comes from people with the right aptitude who have acquired knowledge and developed skills — a taxing and time consuming process — to cure the ills of the body. They are doctors and nurses and paramedics and pharmacists and chemists in drug companies. They are engineers who improve wheelchairs, and walkers and diagnostic machines. They are hands-on people who are the farthest thing one can get from a 10-4 suit who takes two-hours for lunch.

To better our health care system the thing to do would be to increase the number of the doctors/nurses/druggists etc. and increase their efficiency so they could serve more people. Obama’s plan does not do this, however.  It will actually likely decrease the number of competent professionals, who will then be motivated to serve the bare minimum they could get away with.

You think maybe this would be pointed out in the various reporting on the matter. Why isn’t it? It not so much a conspiracy but an incompetency. The dumbest have risen to the top of the pyramid at most old media outlets.

And so idiocracy has arrived.

Obama Supporters Assault Protesters

Obama Supporters Assault Protesters — Following President Obama’s directive to “get in their faces” and “punch back twice as hard,” his supporters attacked protesters yesterday at a town hall meeting held by St. Louis Democrat Rep. Russ Carnahan.

Kenneth Gladney, 38, an African-American who had been handing out flags with the words “Don’t Tread On Me”,  was taking to St. John’s Mercy Medical Center where he wastreated for injuries to his knee, back, elbow, shoulder and face.

Six persons were arrested at the event, most if not all, of whom appeared to be Obama supporters.

Opponents of Obama’s plan were also reported roughed up at an event in Tampa.

Obama Supporters Assault Protesters

ObamaCare, Edward G. Robinson and Soylent Green

Buried on pages 425-431 of  the 1018 page ObamaCare health bill are mandates for end-of-life counseling. The wording is very reasonable but don’t kid yourself — the idea is that people dependent on government compensation are going to try sell you something and, given human nature, that something is going to be guided by their own convenience and not your or your loved ones’ benefit.

To get an idea as to what the convenience would be rent Soylent Green and imagine yourself as Edward G. Robinson on that last conveyor belt.

If you are more heroically inclined rent Logan’s Run and think of yourself as leading Jenny Agutter to freedom.

That those who provide service can’t be harmed financially if you fail to use it is the big problem with government programs that for some reason is not taught in our government-run schools, which, coincidentally I’m sure, are staffed by people who can’t be harmed financially if you don’t use the service.

The entire 1018-page bill can be found at

The Law That Could Have Helped Obama’s Mama

Care facilities in Pennsylvania – citing English Common Law — have been suing the children of parents unable to pay the debts they incurred for services they provided.

If only the health care facilities that treated the late Ann Dunham — President Obama’s mother — had been aware of this.

Ms. Dunham would not have had to fear the inability to pay her bills — as Barack “My Son, the Harvard Grad” Obama, so advertised during his campaign — and young couples in Pennsylvania and other states would not have had to feel guilt over Ms. Dunham’s plight.

Are Physician-Owned Hospitals In Danger?

Investor’s Business Daily noted that physician-owned hospitals are endangered by the various medical-care reforms being considered in D.C.

According to IBD, traditional hospital groups last week reached a deal with the Obama
administration and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus,
D-Mont., to reduce their Medicare and Medicaid payments by $155 billion
over 10 years with the stipulation that physician-owned hospitals be required to have a Medicare provider agreement — necessary to see Medicare patients — retroactive to last Jan. 1.

There are about 200 physician-owned hospitals in the country with 110 under-construction.

Traditional hospitals claim that competition from physician-owned
rivals is unfair since they don’t have to take money-losing Medicaid or
uninsured patients.

So it seems the object of health-care reform is to stop physicians from providing health care.

A Thousand Dollar 5-Mile Ride

A neighbor was charged over $1,000 for a 5-mile ambulance ride from Delaware County Memorial Hospital on Lansdowne Avenue in Drexel Hill to Harlee Manor on Sproul Road, Springfield.
Was she told the price before they chose to transport her? If they did, I suspect she might have had her daughter drive her  and just as effectively.
Someone is going to use this an example as to why we need Obamacare. What the control-everything fans fail to understand is that adding more layers of bureaucracy  is going to increase cost and decrease service. There will be more i’s to dot, t’s to cross and palms to grease. Politicians and government administrators don’t place catheters, empty bedpans or invent drugs, but politicians and government administrators and their friends will be where the money goes under whatever plan the Obama and his fellow Dems cook up.
To cut cost and save our healthcare system all that’s needed is a little more honesty and a little less fear of liability.

Riddle Memorial Hospital Emergency Room Not Staffed

A friend told me how she took her sister to Riddle Memorial Hospital’s emergency room for a severe allergic reaction, only to be told by the volunteer at the desk that there was no doctor on duty and it would be 30 minutes before she could be triaged.

They ended up taking her to Springfield Hospital where she was admitted and given an IV.


Riddle Memorial Hospital Emergency Room Not Staffed


Riddle Memorial Hospital Emergency Room Not Staffed