Richard Rowe Named Arkema Inc CEO

Kudos to Richard Rowe who has been named CEO of Arkema Inc., a U.S. affiliate of the French chemical giant ArkemaRichard Rowe Named Arkema Inc CEO -- Arkema Inc. is headquarted in King of Prussia and includes 28 manufacturing and distribution sites and three research and development centers.  The company has five sites in Pennsylvania

He succeeds Bernard Roche who has held the position since 2008 and is retiring.

” I intend to build on his successes, continue his emphasis on safety and competitiveness, and further strengthen the organization,” said Rowe.

Arkema Inc. has its headquarters in King of Prussia and includes 28 manufacturing and distribution sites and three research and development centers.  The company has five sites in Pennsylvania

Gloria Gellman Gets Crest Award

Kudos to Chester County’s Gloria Seeburger Gellman who has received the Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women’s prestigious Carolyn Helman Lichtenberg Crest Award in honor of her community service. Gloria Gellman Gets Crest Award

The award is presented annually to distinguished alumnae of Pi Beta Phi who exhibit excellence and outstanding leadership in their career or volunteer service to their communities. It is named for past Pi Beta Phi President Carolyn Helman Lichtenberg, who was instrumental in forming Pi Beta Phi Foundation during her term from 1985 to 1991.

Gloria is among the founders of the Humanities Associates, the annual giving society for the School of Humanities at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), and has played a major role in fundraising for Opera Pacific, which operated for 22 seasons in Orange County, California, before closing in 2008.

She was also a longtime board member for Orange County’s Pacific Symphony, helping organize fundraising groups such as the Symphony Supper Club and the Symphony 100, an exclusive group offering adult music education classes and unique field trips.

Gloria now lives in Chesco and serves on the Chester County Women’s Commission.  She is also a leader for the Mainline-Pennsylvania Alumnae Club of Pi Beta Phi and the Jeptha Abbott Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the largest chapter in the state of Pennsylvania.

“When I was widowed at the age of 32, my dear mother encouraged me to go out and do something for my community,” she said. “That led to an active career as a volunteer. It brought me joy and satisfaction. It feels good to have done work that is providing ongoing support for many groups.”

Gloria Gellman Gets Crest Award

Joan Mills Receiving Vision Of Hope Award

The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape will present its 2015 Vision of Hope Award to Joan Mills of A Child’s Place at Mercy in Pittsburgh, PA, March 28 at the Vision of Hope Gala & Auction at the Hershey Lodge in Hershey. Joan Mills Receiving Vision Of Hope Award

The Vision of Hope Award is presented annually to recognize those who show a commitment to protecting children through violence prevention and intervention and ensures the safety of children through increasing awareness, strengthening policies or creating campaigns that promote healthy families and communities.

“Joan’s heart and soul is dedicated to improving the lives of children who have been impacted by child sexual abuse” PCAR CEO Delilah Rumburg said. “She’s gracefully led A Child’s Place at Mercy where thousands of children have received help, worked to change state laws and established community partnerships to help prevent sexual abuse.”

For nearly three decades Ms. Mills has worked to establish child-centered and trauma-informed interventions and treatment services at A Child’s Place at Mercy while promoting collaboration between organizations such as children advocacy centers and rape crisis centers.

“I am honored and humbled to receive this award, especially after seeing all the past recipients,” Ms. Mills said. “The Vision of Hope Award to me represents recognition of the thousands of victims’ cases I have been involved with over the past several decades; I see their eyes still. I accept this award for them—all of them. Being part of the systemic changes in the response to evaluating and investigating child abuse cases that have taken place in our Commonwealth over 27 years has been quite dramatic and awe inspiring.”

One example is the use of filmed forensic interviews of child victims. Mills argued that this would reduce the trauma for a child during trial while providing evidence to the jury in the child’s own words. While this doesn’t preclude the child from testifying during the trial, the child’s exposure to trauma and court room tactics may be limited by the opportunity to rely on a high quality forensic interview.

In a child sexual abuse case last July in Westmoreland County assistant district attorney cited the use of the forensic interview as the difference in the jury returning a guilty verdict.

Joan Mills Receiving Vision Of Hope Award

Philly Biz Journal Takes PPA Website Honors

Philly Biz Journal Takes PPA Website Honors — The Philadelphia Business Journal won top honors in this year’s Philadelphia Press Association contest.

Awards were presented tonight, June 21, at the Bala Golf Club on Belmont Avenue.

Taking second place was the Jewish Exponent. BillLawrenceOnline took third and South Philly Review received honorable mention.

Jim Vanore won first place for website feature writing with “Whose Abusing Children Now” regarding the Penn State Scandal. Chris Freind writing for BillLawrenceOnline took second place for “Why Mitt Romney” while Bill Lawrence writing for the same website took third with “Shots From Sandy”.

For website news writing, Amanda Snyder of South Philly Review took first place for “Domestic Dispute”. Pattie Price writing for BillLawrenceOnline took second for “He Allegedly”; Bill Lawrence took third for “DNC Head Gets Heckled At Synagogue Rally”and Hillel Zaremba writing for BillLawrenceOnline took third for Pennsylvania “HRC’s CAIR Connection.”

The Grand Award for Public Service went to John George of the Philadelphia Business Journal for “Labor Pains” which documented the impact of the closing of the large number of maternity wards in the region.

A complete list of winners can be found here.

Philly Biz Journal Takes PPA Website Honors

E For Exporter

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) has announced that Gary Carver, CEO of Carver International, Inc., has received a 2013 President’s “E” Award which recognizes companies for making a “significant contribution to increasing American exports.”

Carver International, an international freight forwarder based in Erie, is one of 57 U.S. companies being honored this year.

Gary Carver E For Exporter

BillLawrenceOnline Wins Franklin Award

BillLawrenceOnline Wins Franklin Award — BillLawrenceOnline.Com and Matt Rooney of are the 2012 winners of the Independence Hall Tea Party Association’s (IHTPA) Benjamin Franklin Award for Courageous Journalism.

The awards were presented this afternoon, Jan. 5, in a ceremony outside Independence Hall that followed a re-enactment of the Philadelphia Tea Party of  1773 starting with the readings of resolutions writing by Dr. Benjamin Rush and passed in Philadelphia on Oct. 16.  WPHT talk show host Dom Giordano played the role of Dr. Rush in reading the resolutions with the crowd supplying the assenting votes. The Bostonians used the resolutions as justification for their more famous tea party on Dec. 16.

John Peteraf of the IHTPA’s board played the role of Captain Ayers who sailed his ship the Polly back to England on Dec. 27, 1773 after being warned what would befall him if he should attempt to unload his tea in Chester as planned.

The narrator was Tory McClintock, a senior at Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School, who  recently served an internship with Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ).

Also receiving awards from the IHTPA were U.S. Congressman Allen West, 2012 Federal Legislator of the Year; Sen. Dave Lawson, 2012 Delaware State Legislator of the Year; Alison McHose, 2012 New Jersey State Legislator of the Year; and Rep. Daryl Metcalfe and Rep. Tom Quigley, 2012 Pennsylvania State Legislators of the Year.

Also a check was presented to Broad Street Ministry on behalf of the work they do for homeless veterans. Accepting the check was Joe Eastman, the retired naval officer who directs veterans service for the ministry. Eastman said more women are availing themselves of this service. He said they are learning that many women have been traumatized by sexual assault during their military service. He said Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) has been instrumental in investigating the problem and seeking ways to address it.

A panel discussion featuring Rooney, Bill Lawrence and former Highland New Jersey Mayor Anna C. Little was held following a hoagie brunch in the National Constitution Center upstairs banquet hall.

One very good reason to attend an IHTPA function is the music. The excellent Whitehall Fife and Drum Corp entertained the crowd before re-enactment and provided the appropriate backing during it.

During the  brunch they put down the fifes and drums and used a guitar for some nice background music.

Right after the re-enactment, Mayor Little, who has a professional quality voice, led the crowd in God Bless America making sure to include the song’s rarely sung introduction.

The awards were presented by IHTPA President Teri Adams. Don Adams provided the panel questions.

BillLawrenceOnline Wins Franklin Award

BillLawrenceOnline Wins Franklin Award