Stradley Ronon Boasts About Val

Stradley Ronon Boasts About Val
A screenshot of the press release.

Stradley Ronon Boasts About Val — Stradley Ronon, the Philadelphia-based octopus that can be a poster child for the Deep State, has put out a release about how one of its trusted officers now heads the Pennsylvania Republican Party.

“Stradley Ronon Partner Valentino F. DiGiorgio III was elected Chairman of Pennsylvania’s Republican Party during the state party’s convention in Hershey, Pennsylvania,” they bragged. “. . .Val is co-chair of Stradley Ronon’s public finance and banking practice groups. He handles all legal aspects of financial services, including commercial lending and tax-exempt financing for 501(c)(3) entities, governmental units and other entities.”

Before Democrat Josh Shapiro was elected Pennsylvania Attorney General last November he had been a counsel at Stradley Ronon. You think he might still be on their quick dial?

Wonder whose interests are Shapiro and DiGiorgio more inclined to consider in making policy: The law firm/lobbyist with whom they are connected or the average citizen?

OK, we don’t wonder.

The Trump voter still has work to do in taking back the country.

Stradley Ronon Boasts About Val

Pardon Edward Snowden To Help Drain The Swamp

Pardon Edward Snowden
Pardon Citizenfour

Pardon Edward Snowden — President Trump has dumped serious hate on whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Wonder if he still feels that way.

Snowden revealed in May 2013 that American intelligence services were spying on just about every American phone call and email. It turns out this includes those of cabinet members if those cabinet members aren’t part of the right club.

Two days ago, Feb. 13, 2017, Michael Flynn was forced from his job as Trump’s National Security Advisor after intelligence bureaucrats leaked to anti-Trump publications intercepted communications showing that he had discussed easing Obama-imposed sanctions on Russia with that nation’s ambassador.

The leak was a clear violation of the law, — far clearer, in fact, than the one that Snowden is accused of doing.

The scary thing, though, is that the swamp-dwellers who took down Flynn also want Snowden locked up for life.

We think The Donald is just starting to understand how deep that swamp really is. Bringing Citizenfour home and saying all is forgiven would significantly help with draining it.

Snowden, by the way, is not kissing up to either Trump or benefactor Vladimir Putin. Check out his interview with Katie Couric.


Pardon Edward Snowden To Help Drain The Swamp



Strike the King Better Kill Him, CIA

Strike the king you better kill him.

Bummer CIA. You missed.

Strike the King Better Kill Him, CIA
Hey CIA, you missed.

As did the rest of the Washington/Wall Street swamp.

The government-connected media has been filling the airwaves all week with reports that Russia “hacked” our election. It’s based on CIA claims that leave dupes with the implicit conclusion that Donald Trump is not a legitimate president.

“Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency,” according to the government (i.e. Obama Administration) report. “We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump. We have high confidence in these judgments.”

The claim has seriously underwhelmed cyber security people.

And the guy who is taking over in a couple of weeks is not happy so expect a lot of out-of-work spy types.

What should be especially disconcerting to the intelligence community is that conservatives who have had an almost knee-jerk instinct to defend it are now starting to say, well, maybe the progressives have a point about them.

Especially damning is the realization that the “intelligence” agencies tasked to understand what is going on in the world are either clueless about what is happening outside the little swamp in which they live, or they are so terrified of losing their wealth and power they are resorting to desperate measures to undermine a duly elected president.

If you are really concerned as to whether the Russians “hacked” into the Democrat National Committee database to reveal that Hillary Clinton told foreign groups that her campaign promises are lies and had squelched a primary opponent via unfair party manipulation, ask yourself if you’d rather had not known she did these things.

Ask yourself  if the intelligence community was really concerned about security why did it tolerate the Secretary of State having a private email server not subject to government oversight and in violation of every protocol imaginable, not to mention common sense.

Ask yourself why the Russians (and the Saudis and the Chinese) wouldn’t want someone to whom they siphoned millions for tangible benefits.

Ask yourself why the Democrat Party would twist arms so badly to get this person as their nominee.

Jan. 20 can’t come soon enough.

Strike the King Better Kill Him, CIA


Curt Weldon Speaks About FBI Dirty Trick

Curt Weldon Speaks
Former Congressman Curt Weldon

Curt Weldon Speaks — This CBS interview with former Congressman Curt Weldon (R-Pa7) is must watching for those who need to understand the importance of keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

Weldon was a 10-term congressman when he lost re-election in 2006 to Democrat Joe Sestak. What clinched Sestak’s victory was an FBI raid on the homes of Weldon’s daughter Karen and political ally Charlie Sexton three weeks before the election.

Neither Weldon, nor his daughter, nor Sexton were ever charged with anything.

Weldon was in line to become chairman of House Armed Services Committee which would have given him almost unlimited subpoena power to investigate matters of national security. In his cross hairs was Clinton National Security Adviser Sandy Berger whose doing included the theft of National security documents from the National Archive along with arranging a retroactive presidential waiver for Democrat mega donor and Loral CEO Bernard Schwartz who had illegally transferred  sensitive technology to China.

Weldon, in his interview, describes how it was Berger and the Clintons who arranged his take down.

In a totally unrelated matter, Wikileaks has found a email conversation between a couple of researchers at Stratfor, which is a Texas based global intelligence firm, discussing Mrs. Clinton’s involvement with the deaths of Vince Foster and Ron Brown.

Thank you Donald Trump for exposing the denizens of the swamp.

Curt Weldon Speaks

Jill Stein Gets It

Jill Stein Gets It — Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein blasted the Democratic Party in a tweet.

Jill Stein Gets It
She gets it.

“The Dems’ leaked emails reveal their mastery of corporate politics. Manipulate the process, the voters, the media, all to serve the elite,” she said.

She gets it. It’s a shame the race wasn’t between her and Trump. We may vehemently disagree with her solutions but we fully respect that she understands the problem. Our Founders rebelled against feudalism. The corporate cronyism that is being imposed on our lives is different in name only.

It’s no coincidence that Hillary Clinton is out-raising Trump 20 to 1 among one-percenters. These are types who want to supplant individual conscience and be lords of the world.

For my very religious friends who remain NeverTrump, remember the punchline: “Why didn’t you save me, God, when I prayed for deliverance?” “I sent you two boats and a helicopter.”

Jill Stein Gets It




Jason Brezler Ruling Postponed

Jason Brezler Ruling Postponed — A federal judge, Oct. 14, postponed ruling whether Jason Brezler should be drummed out of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Rules for thee but not for me. Jason Brezler Ruling Postponed
Rules for thee but not for me

Judge Joseph Bianco of the Eastern District of New York gave the Corps 10 days to submit affidavits proving that what they are trying to do is not in retaliation for Brezler contacting Congressman Peter King (R-NY2) for help.

Brezler’s travail can be traced to his deployment in Afghanistan in 2010.

Among the characters with whom Major Brezler dealt was Sarwar Jan, a corrupt, child-molesting police commander.

Sarwar was endangering his unit due to the hatred he was inspiring among the populace hence Brezler got him removed from his position.

Brezler left active duty and became a New York City fireman while remaining a Marine Corps reservist.

He learned in 2012 that Sarwar was back. He sent a sent a classified briefing about him to to the operations officer at Forward Operating Base Dehli in Afghanistan using his personal email account which was unsecured. A few days later one of the boys Sarwar was molesting killed three Marines: Staff Sgt. Scott Dickinson, 29, Cpl. Richard Rivera, 20, and Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley.

How did the Marine Corps higher ups react? They were outraged but not at those who let Sarwar back into power. Brezler was the villain. He had used his unsecured email to send a classified document. Never mind the immediacy and necessity of the warning. Brezler VIOLATED THE RULES.

The Marines gave Brezler an unfavorable fitness report in March 2013. Brezler went to King. In December of that year a board of inquiry recommended he be discharged.

Brezler appealed to federal court and that is where we stand.

Oh, if only Brezler was a Democrat running for president. Oh, if only he had a few million to “contribute” to the Clinton Foundation. All this would go away and life would be peachy.

If serfdom is your desire then vote for Hillary Clinton.

Jason Brezler Ruling Postponed

Anonymous Bill Clinton Child Molesting

Anonymous Bill Clinton Child Molesting
Sicko one.

Anonymous Bill Clinton Child Molesting — The New York Times, whose only reasons for existence are to empower globalists and murder helpless trees, has just released the bombshell that Donald Trump kissed a couple of girls.


The girls said they didn’t want to be kissed by The Donald. Here is a question for one to mull: Is it appropriate to bring forth hard to verify sexual allegations short weeks before a major election hence causing more important issues to be shunted aside? Like whether we should allow a culture that is OK with sexually abusing young girls to gain a foothold here?

Anonymous Bill Clinton Child Molesting
Sicko Two

Yes, you say?

OK, here is the hacker group Anonymous claiming Bill Clinton raped a 13-year-old on Jeff Epstein’s Pedo Island and that Hillary is OK with it.

Hat tip

By the way, the Trump campaign is calling The New York Times story complete fiction.

The Clintons have not addressed Bill’s trips to Pedo Island.

Anonymous Bill Clinton Child Molesting



GOP Orchestrated Trump Smear?

GOP Orchestrated Trump Smear? — A claim is being made by a Trump supporter that the leaked 11-year-old audio of Trump using dirty words was not done by Democrats but by Republican leaders hoping to knock out The Donald.

GOP Orchestrated Trump Smear?
Quisling Ryan

Jack Posobiec of Citizens4Trump says the mastermind was Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and that Ryan was plotting to take out Trump long before he publicly knifed his back last Friday by announcing he won’t campaign with him.

Posobiec also says Ryan tried to get an unwitting Mike Pence to join but was foiled when those with knowledge of the conspiracy reached the Indiana governor.

Pence’s refusal to appear with Ryan in Trump’s place was at the request of Trump says Posobiec and that Pence remains strongly in Trump’s court.

With bothers us most is that we suspect that this is true.

Below is an interview in which Posobiec goes into details.

GOP Orchestrated Trump Smear?

Donald Trump Rude Boy

Donald Trump Rude Boy — Donald Trump made some rude comments in 2005 that were caught on a open microphone and the establishment-media wing of the Democrat Party is going 24/7 with them.

And oh how sensitive souls are having vapors. Oh, they say, how can one look a woman in the eye and defend this brute.

OK, here is how: Stop identifying yourself as “a woman” and start identifying yourself as an American. You want serfdom for your children and Sharia law and open borders and no go zones and rape acceptable if by “migrants”? Then sit on your hands and let Hillary Clinton become president.

Yes, that is what will happen. Revelations were released yesterday (Oct. 7) by Wikileaks that show support for open borders and unrestricted immigration was exactly what Mrs. Clinton was promising the big banks and investment houses  during her private $200,000 speeches to them.

And this also explains why Trump’s rude comments hit the news yesterday rather than in early November where they would have done far more damage.

Here, by the way, is Trump’s response. It’s pretty good.

Donald Trump Rude Boy

Donald Trump Rude Boy


Soros Virus Sickening America

Soros Virus Sickening America –George Soros, a one-percenter’s one-percenter, with fantasies about a strong, central, socialist world government,  has been taking an active role in U.S. politics since 2004.

The atheist Hungarian’s “Shadow Party” was instrumental in the success of the Democrats in 2008 and continues to pervert public discourse. He has been the money guy for Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter.

Soros Virus Sickening America
This man literally helped the Nazis.


His latest act of pollution is the bankrolling of opponents to the tough-but-decent Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He objects to Arpaio’s willingness to enforce laws with which Soros disagrees especially with regard to immigration. It should be noted that Arpaio is the son of immigrants.

What’s ironic is that those who don’t want non-profit groups to be able to participate in electioneering are just peachy with Soros’ activities.

Soros Virus Sickening America