Yankee Hipster Go Home

Yankee Hipster Go Home — The man who made the Obama “hope” posters that were so cool back in 2008 found his buzz harshed in Denmark Aug. 7.

Shepard Fairey and his colleague Romeo Trinidad  were kicked and punched outside a Copenhagen nightclub after the unveiling of his exhibit commemorating the infamous “Ungdomshuset” (youth house) at Jagtvej 69, which had been the base for city’s leftwing community until it was demolished in 2007.

Fairey’s assailants accused him of being a member of the “Obama illuminati” and told him to “go back to America”.

Graffiti was later found on his artwork saying “no peace” and “go home, Yankee hipster.”

Fairey said that the hostility from the proletariat was due to a misunderstanding, and that he wished to make it clear to the masses of little people that he was not on the side of the authorities.


Yankee Hipster Go Home

Yankee Hipster Go Home

Enviro-Freaks Advocate Murdering Child Dissidents

Enviro-Freaks Advocate Murdering Child Dissidents — Proving that some things are impossible to satirize, the British environmentalist group 10:10 has produced a short propaganda film that at first glance appears to be something that Rush Limbaugh would’ve created to mock environmental extremism.

Oh, but it’s not.

10:10, which gets its name from the goal of cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 10 percent annually starting in 2010, means it for real.

The four-minute commercial, which can be found here , is called “No Pressure” and is divided into three main segments: a teacher with her class of middle schoolers, a corporate pep-talk in an office building lobby, and a soccer team being visited by a former star player.

All follow the same format. The leader, such as the teacher, gives a lecture on the need to cut CO2 emissions, and then asks the subordinates if they agree insisting that there is no pressure to do so and that dissent is quite all right.  Well, most of them happily agree and pledge to ride their bike instead of asking for a ride or convincing their parents to take a train to their next vacation. Still, there are a few ornery dissenters. The leader confirms they don’t buy the speil then pushes a button blowing them to bloody  bits in a gory explosion. In the case of the classroom segment the dead are a young boy and young girl.

The commercial was written by Richard Curtis, the  writer of such Brit lameness such as Blackadder and  Four Weddings, and according to 10:10 was meant to be funny .

Well, ho, ho, ho.

Anyway, 10:10’s propaganda has inspired me to action. Since I just took out the air conditioners I can’t  crank them up and it’s still too warm to raise the thermostat.

I guess I’ll just have to fire up the stereo and turn the volume to 10. What to play? Definitely something British. David Bowie’s “1984”, would be appropriate. Or maybe “Silent Running” by Mike & the Mechanics. The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” would be a good choice as would “Street Fighting Man” by The Rolling Stones.

I know, Led Zep’s “Immigrant Song”. Always a fine selection for matters like this.

Oh yeah, and I’m turning on all the lights.

Hat tip to Zombie at PajamasMedia.Com

 Enviro-Freaks Advocate Murdering Child Dissidents

A Broad In Asia

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner,  an anti-Sarah Palin publication in our 49th State, labeled a photograph of the governor “A broad in Asia” regarding her Hong Kong address.

Which lead to this desperate apology from Managing Editor Rod Boyce. I assume he’s going to keep his job which would likely not be the case if Hillary Clinton had been the subject.

Liberals are the biggest hypocrites. Progressives are the biggest phonies. Don’t trust any of them.

A Broad In Asia