Hillary Honduras Coup And Private Email Server

Hillary Honduras Coup And Private Email Server — On June 28, 2009, about 100 soldiers stormed the residence of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya  and put him on a plane to Costa Rica.

Barack Obama, the newly inaugurated U.S. president, condemned the removal of this progressive leftist man of the people.

His Secretary of State? According to claims recorded on the website of the FBI, Hillary Clinton communicated with the American ambassador to that nation using her private email system with full knowledge of the White House and in violation of rules and common sense. What were the instructions?  We don’t know. The server was not a public one.

Here are some screen shots of a letter sent to then FBI Director James Comey on Jan. 10, 2016 from a career employee of the State Department with high ranking clearance expressing concern about the action.

The document can be found on the FBI website starting with page 121.

Hillary Honduras Coup And Private Email Server

Hillary Honduras Coup And Private Email Server




Stop Rape Activist Arrested On Pedo Rap

Stop Rape Activist Arrested On Pedo RapThe Daily Mail is reporting today (June 27) that Joel Davis, 22,  who chairs the International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence has been arrested for trying to set up sexual encounters between himself and children as young as two years old, among other things.

Remember what Jesus said about wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The ones who most loudly proclaim their virtue are the least likely to have any.

Here’s a test for those who still read the dying dailies and watch the network news: See how deeply this is covered if at all.

Stop Rape Chairman Arrested On Pedo Rap

Stop Rape Activist Arrested On Pedo Rap

Pain Coming For Democrats?

Pain Coming For Democrats? — Michael Horowitz, the inspector general of the Department of Justice, spent the last two days testifying before Congress about the behavior of FBI officials in their investigations of Hillary Clinton’s, private, poorly secured email server, with FBI director Christopher Wray joining him Monday (June 18).

They strongly hinted the matter is not over. The illustration below — click on it for a better view —  accurately describes Wray’s answers to Sen. Ted Cruz, which can be seen first hand here at about the 3:07 mark.

Pain Coming For Dems?

Pain Coming For Democrats?


Threatened Swamp Pulls Out All Stops Against The Donald

Threatened Swamp Pulls Out All Stops Against The Donald — Way back it was said that the Russians “colluded” with Donald Trump to win the presidency.

Serious stuff. An investigation was needed. So where has it led? To the claim that Trump and his lawyer violated some arcane election law to pay off a couple of women who claimed to have sexual affairs with him a decade-plus ago.

Ahhh Donald, you should have just killed her cat and threatened her kids.

But in this day and age are old liaisons really a scandal? To hear some of these morons, you’d think it was like selling missile secrets to China as Clinton buddy Bernie Schwartz did. The Justice (cough) Department, of course, investigated and exonerated Schwartz. Treason doth never prosper
after all.

Or how about selling defense tech to Iran as did billionaire Clinton-backer Marc Rich? Rich was indicted but escaped earthly justice when Slick pardoned him.

Rich had passed a lot of lucre to the corrupt couple from Arkansas. An investigation was demanded. Who was tasked with running it? Why none other than James Comey.  Good dog that he is, he found nothing and was well rewarded.

And what ever happened to former New Jersey senator and governor Jon Crozine after $1.2 billion disappeared from the the company he ran? He got fined $5 million — no big deal considering his net worth — but no jail time. The connected take care of their own.

And then there is Clinton pal Jeff Epstein, who we have been writing about since 2010.  Epstein got a slap on the wrist for molesting young girls after the feds took over the prosecution from local authorities.

Trump, by the way, banned Epstein from Mar-Al-Lago after receiving complaints about Epstein’s behavior.

The people who have spent the last four decades treating this country as their personal piggy bank while laughing at conservative mores have lined up against Trump. That’s all you need to know regarding why you should keep backing him.

Hey, has anyone seen Chappaquiddick yet?

Threatened Swamp Pulls Out All Stops Against The Donald


Threatened Swamp Pulls Out All Stops Against The Donald


Same Phrases Show News Coverage Not News

Same Phrases Show News Coverage Not News — This has popped up in the threads of some of those we follow on Facebook and should be given wider play.

Watch it, weep,  turn off the old news outlets then share. When they use the same, rather unimportant-unless-you-have-a-specific-agenda stories with the same phrases all over the country be sure the effort is organized.

We especially like “This is extremely dangerous to our democracy”.

It’s the irony.

If news coverage is organized it’s not about covering news.

Same Phrases Show News Coverage Not News

Same Phrases Show News Coverage Not News


Biden Kerry Chicom News Judgement

Biden Kerry Chicom News Judgement  — The media is making a YUGE story about a sex worker saying she shagged then businessman Donald Trump 12 years ago.

Interesting we guess. Two decades ago we’d have been real upset. Totally outraged. Callouses grow though.

Two decades ago the media would have killed the story, of course, just as they are killing another far, far, far more significant one.

Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, and Christopher Heinz, the stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry, are in business together. Their company is called Rosemont Capital. Subsidiaries include Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC, Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners, and Rosemont Realty.

Rosemont is the name of the Heinz family estate outside of Pittsburgh.

Anyway, Rosemont has made a series of great business deals with the Chinese. These deals came on the heels of diplomatic missions directed by the principles’ parents that were puzzlingly beneficial to Beijing.

Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason? Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.

Anyway, Mr. President, God bless you. We don’t care how many porn queens you shagged. You love this country and you are looking out for us, unlike the hypocrites and, yes, traitors who populate our Capital.

The Biden-Kerry corruption is described in Peter Schweizer’s new book: Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends.

Turn off CBS and the other propaganda outlets and check it.

Biden Kerry Chicom News Judgement

Biden Kerry Chicom News Judgement






Swamp Dweller Brennan Howls

Swamp Dweller Brennan Howls — Sometimes it sneaks up as to how bad it is, and maybe, how good it is going to get. We live and breath with an assumption that our establishment class has double standards when it comes to law and morality and just shrug our shoulders in acceptance.

Then something happens that at first seems just run-of-the-mill background noise when it slowly dawns that things are changing.

On Saturday, former CIA Director John Brennan tweeted to the President of the United States:

When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America…America will triumph over you.

President Trump had just fired Brennan’s fellow swamp dweller McCabe hours before he became eligible or his sweet federal pension. McCabe had been deputy director of the FBI.

The firing was upon the recommendation of the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz, who has held the post since April 2012 after being appointed by President Obama.  McCabe had leaked to the news media in serious violation of FBI standards.

After the firing, McCabe released a statement saying: It was not a secret, it took place over several days, and others, including the Director, were aware of the interaction with the reporter. . .

The Director, James Comey, had testified to Congress that he had never been involved or aware of such action. Lying to Congress is every bit as serious as Martha Stewart lying to the FBI and someone is obviously lying.

This gets us back to Brennan who is a rat. Noted truth-teller Seymour Hersh has flat out said that the wild tale about President Trump colluding with the Russians to get elected was a Brennan operation. It  was American disinformation.

Note that Brennan was instantly supported after his seditious words by fellow rat Samantha Power  who tweeted Not a good idea to piss off John Brennan.

Classy luv. If you really wanted to make your point though you could have just tweeted Dallas ’63.

Remember, that none of these people were a bit perturbed when a certain cabinet secretary had a private email server easily accessed by our adversaries and in violation of all law and protocol.

President Trump is draining the Swamp but the Swamp is fighting back. Hactivist Kim Dotcom is claiming that 25 percent of the Democratic candidates in the 2018 election are intelligence community members.

May God look after America and President Trump.

Swamp Dweller Brennan Howls

Swamp Dweller Brennan Howls



Bullies Shut Bloomsburg Bridal Boutique

Bullies Shut Bloomsburg Bridal Boutique — H8ers gonna H8. Carla Daddesi has told us that W. W. Bridal Boutique of Bloomsburg, Pa is closing March 30.

The family business was run by a Christian couple who gently declined to sell a lesbian couple two white bridal dresses in 2014. Well, you know the H8 started. The well-respected business was subject to vicious attacks on social media  and an organized boycott.

It was too much and now they’re shutting down after 22 years, putting seven people out of work. You think that’s justice? Some do but nobody decent.

Hey Scott Wagner, if you get elected governor will you defend small businesses like this? LOL.

Here is Carla’s YouTube video. Watch it quick. You never know when the H8ers are going to get it taken down.

If you are a decent person it will make your blood boil about what happened to W.W. Bridal.


Bullies Shut Bloomsburg Bridal Boutique

Bullies Shut Bloomsburg Bridal Boutique



Can’t Just Come To Canada

Can’t Just Come To Canada –– Hey Erick Lexi, we have a song subject for you.

Lexi is the Cuban singer who was deported from Columbia to Ecuador after he entered that nation no tener documentos.

Why Ecuador? Guess he didn’t want to go back to Cuba for some strange reason. It certainly must be a strange reason as all the smart norteamericano progressive types think Cuba is some kind of paradise.

But leave that aside. Here is our song idea. It’s called “Can’t just come to Canada”.

You see with the Trump Administration in power, Canada is sending emissaries to the American illegals telling them no vayas al norte.

“You can’t just come to Canada and cross the border and stay there the rest of your life,” Pablo Rodriguez, a member of parliament and a strong ally of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, said only last month. 

So Erick maybe you can take our idea and make a social justice rap with it or something. You don’t even have to give us credit.

Truthfully, Erick we don’t think you’d want to go to Canada. Did you ever notice the resemblance between Trudeau and Fidel? Just sayin’.

Stay in Miami. You are employed and  here legally, right?

Can’t Just Come To Canada


Can't Just Come To Canada
Won’t see this in the Great White North.

Women Marching Tools Bow To Islam

Women Marching Tools Bow To Islam — Dom Giordano, today, brought up the mind-blowing hypocrisy of feminists and liberal politicians regarding issues of Islam.

He noted that thousands of women in the country suffer the perverse cruelty of female genital mutilation yet attempts to outlaw it go nowhere.

He noted though that a pending bill introduced by State Rep. Thomas Murt (R-152)   to protect at least 6,000 at-risk Pennsylvania girl remains alive.

The weak-minded, stupid people who ostentatiously marched Saturday in alleged defense of the female sex avoid the real issues as if the issues were clones of Louis C.K. and Harvey Weinstein.

Culture matters. Islam is a bad culture. We better be willing to stand up to it.

Especially you pink-hat wearing ladies.

Check out the Dom Giordano Show on WPHT 1210 AM

Women Marching Tools Bow To Islam

Women Marching Tools Bow To Islam