Olbermann Has New TV Job

Former MSNBC personality Keith Olbermann has been named chief news officer on Current-TV, the  cable network started by Al Gore. Olbermann will host a nightly “news” and commentary show according to the network’s websitewhere he “will lead” the programming slate.

“Nothing is more vital to a free America than a free media, and nothing is more vital to my concept of a free media than news produced independently of corporate interference,” said Olbermann in  statement.

Olbermann’s compensation will include equity in Current Media, the corporate owners of Current-TV.

Olbermann left the constantly low-rated MSNBC on Jan. 21 three days after the network was acquired by Comcast along with the rest of NBC Universal.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing with regard to Current-TV is that has even fewer viewers that Olbermann’s old network.

Corporate question of the day: will Olbermann’s stake of stock cause him to stifle the spit and spite for the benefit of profits now that they are his own?

Olbermann Has New TV Job

Development Trend For Peasantization

There is set of people that has the strange desire for order in the lives of other people and that, that they have been somehow ordained to be the means to do so. Development Trend For Peasantization

One of their latest conceits is the transit-oriented development which is basically putting in a high density development of homes, apartments and offices around a 19th century commuter rail station in the middle of a successful suburb.

Peasant homes for peasants you could call it.

If done properly, the developer will be able to sip a Chablis before the gas-fire in the fireplace of his McMansion’s living room as he watches through arched windows the deer play in the snow of his two-acre backyard and think warm thoughts about his “little people” scurrying about like happy hamsters in his new community, and feel as though he has just saved the world.

An attempt is being made to put one of these in Middletown Township, Delaware County, Pa. on the old Franklin Mint property with the proposed Wawa Station on SEPTA’s Media-Elwyn rail line as the transit hub.

It would have 1,200 residences including “luxury” apartments; 798,000 square feet of office space, and 235,000 square feet of retail space.

And in Montgomery County, Abington Township has signed on to a  transit-oriented development centered on SEPTA’s Noble Station on the West Trenton Line which will allow for increasing the residential unit density from eight per acre to 300 on an 8-acre tract next to the Baederwood Shopping Mall.

Someone is going to point out that starter homes and apartments are needed, and they would be right. But rather than break things that are fixed — like low-density, affluent suburban townships — how about we try to fix things that are broken.

Like, well, Philadelphia.

In 1950, Philly had a population of 2.07 million ; a population density of 16,286 per square mile. Today, it has a population of 1.55 million and a population density of 11,457 per square mile.

Clearly, it can fit more people.

And  historic North Philadelphia Station and the Broad Street Subway line would make great hubs for transit-oriented developments.

Now, some will point out that nobody who loves their children would willingly subject them to the city’s public school system. True!

But  school vouchers would easily solve that.

Other cynics might say that these are very high crime areas. Also true! But if you really had confidence in your ability to order the lives of others you would have the faith that responsible homeowners in self-contained communities would push out the “no-snitch” crowd.

And if not, well, maybe you shouldn’t try to break things that are fixed.

Development Trend For Peasantization

Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist Spreads Hate

Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist Spreads Hate — Annette John-Hall wrote in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer that “words matter” in trying to explain the Tucson shootings and then listed a litany of word crimes committed by opponents of President Obama and the Democrat Party.

Among the examples of hate she used were  calling the President “a liar, a socialist, a racist and an alien”.  It seems this sort of stuff became hate on Jan. 20, 2009. Must have missed that memo. It certainly wasn’t called “hate” before that. Then it was called patriotism.

In the next paragraph, however, she crosses the line from simple ninnyness to become a spreader of hate herself when she writes
It wasn’t Democrats who spit on members of Congress and called them vile names during the health-care debate.

Of the myriad of recording devices on the scene whether the expensive cameras of professional news crews or simple cell phones, not one managed to capture such a thing despite a $10,000 reward offer for each use of said vile name found. 

One wonders why Annette John Hall can’t see the irony of using an unfounded allegation to demean an entire group whose protest did not in the slightest involve a race issue.

Making things up to acquire power and destroy the innocent is certainly not a thing unknown to the self-proclaimed caring progressive .

Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist Spreads Hate

Nazi Midwinter Holiday Reprise

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has repented like The Grinch and returned Christmas to the Christmas Village sign at the traditional seasonal outdoor market outside City Hall.

But why did he even consider taking it down in the first place? Should Christmas be a dirty word? Those who want to make it so should remember whose footsteps they are trying to follow.

The Nazis hated Christianity and Christmas posed a problem to them since it was Germany’s most popular holiday. Rather than ban it, they tried to replace it as described in this story at the TimesOnline, the website for the paper most of us in the U.S. know as The Times of London albeit in the U.K. it is simply the Times.

The Nazis replaced carols praising Jesus with secular songs about the season — winter wonderlands so to speak. They insisted Christmas trees be called fir trees, light trees or Jultrees.

They insisted the event, Julfest or Wintersonnenwende (Winter Solstice), be one  to remember Germanic ancestors and soldiers. Here is an example of how it was supposed to be done according to a popular women’s magazine at the time:


 Nazi Midwinter Holiday Reprise

Something like that could never happen in Pennsylvania or the United States, right?

Nazi Midwinter Holiday Reprise

HB 2497 Pension Bailout Unconstitutional

HB 2497 Pension Bailout Unconstitutional  — HB 2497 aka  Gen Theft was sent to the governor’s desk for a signature Nov. 15 after a 165 to 31 vote in the Pennsylvania House. The sick thing is that 32 minutes earlier a vote to declare the bill unconstitutional passed the House on a 128-68 vote. This means that 37 legislators ended up voting for a bill they had voted to be unconstitutional.

Bob Guzzardi of LibertyIndex.Com lists the bovine 39 as:

Republicans: Matthew Baker (Tioga), Kerry Benninghoff (Centre), Martin Causer (Bradford), Jim Christina (Beaver), Paul Clymer (Bucks), Gary Day (Berks), Sheryl Delozier (Cumberland), Garth Everett (Lycoming), Will Gabig (Cumberland), Matt Gabler (Elk), Mauree Gingrich (Lebanon), Glen Grell (Cumberland), Marcia Hahn (Northampton), Ted  Harhart (Fayette), Sue Helm (Dauphin), Tim Hennessy (Chester), Rob Kauffman (Cumberland), Mark Keller (Franklin), John Maher (Allegheny), Sandra Major (Susquehanna), Ron Marsico (Dauphin), Ron Miller (York), Dan Moul (Adams), John Payne (Dauphin), Tina Pickett (Bradford), Jeffrey Pyle (Armstrong), Thomas Quigley (Montgomery), Marguerite Quinn (Berks), Kathy Rapp (Forest), Dave Reed (Indiana), Doug Reichley (Lehigh), Todd Rock (Franklin), Curtis Sonney (Erie), Katie True (Lancaster), Randy Vulakovich (Allegheny) and Katherine Watson (Bucks).

  Retiring Speaker of the House Keith McCall (Carbon), Dwight Evans (Philadelphia) and Brendan Boyle (Philadelphia).

HB 2497, which will certainly be signed by Gov. Rendell, bails out the Pennsylvania’s near bankrupt public pension system and was strongly supported by the Pennsylvania State Education Association and other public employee unions.

Is it stating the obvious to note that the very sweet legislative pensions are also saved by the bailout? What heroic public servants we have voted to represent us.

Commonwealth Foundation estimates that the bailout will cost the average homeowner $1,360 annually by 2012  in state and local taxes.

Will our state courts find the bill to be unconstitutional? People, the bill bailed out the judges’ pensions too.

HB 2497 Pension Bailout Unconstitutional

HB 2497 Pension Bailout Unconstitutional  -- HB 2497 aka  Gen Theft was sent to the governor's desk for a signature Nov. 15 after a 165 to 31

Dem Party Guy Cops Plea Gets Break

Dem Party Guy Cops Plea Gets Break — State Rep. Paul Costa is a party leader whether it be in the Democrat caucus in Harrisburg or in the parking lot before a Pittsburgh Steelers game.

Costa, who has represented the 34th District since 1999 and who had chaired the House Subcommittee on Licensing as a member of the House Committee of Liquor Control during the just-ended Democrat majority, pleaded guilty, Nov. 24, to disorderly conduct stemming from his  Oct. 3 arrest for an incident in the parking lot of Clark Bar & Grill before the Steelers-Ravens game.

Costa was caught passing around a doobie.

In return for the guilty plea, misdemeanor drug charges were dismissed, a nice break since disorderly conduct is a no-record summary offense, whereas a record of a misdemeanor would create difficulties if he should want to do something such as, say, get a liquor license .

Costa paid a $50 fine plus $137 in court costs.

In fairness, minor marijuana arrests are more often than not handled this way in the state.

Costa is 50 years old.


Dem Party Guy Cops Plea Gets Break

Sacrifice, Leadership And Pa COLAs

Sacrifice, Leadership And Pa COLAs — Pennsylvania legislators, judges and other top officials are getting a 1.7 percent cost-of-living-allowance raise. This means that the salary for our state legislators will rise from $78,315 to $79,623, while salaries for the four legislative floor leaders increase from $113,468 to $115,364.

The cost of living allowance (COLA) raise did not require a vote. A1995 law  bestows such raises automatically based on changes in the
federal government’s Consumer Price Index for the mid-Atlantic states.

Do you think that given the economic suffering and the state’s financial difficulties they might have voted to forgo the raise this year? I know, stupid question.

For some irony the extra $1,300 a state legislator will be getting next year is about what the average Pennsylvania household will soon be paying in extra taxes due to the “Gen Theft” legislative pension bailout bill that was just passed.

Basically, we have to make allowances for the cost of their living.

Sacrifice, Leadership And Pa COLAs

1 In 3 Need Gov Permission To Work

1 In 3 Need Gov Permission To Work — About 1 in 20 Americans needed government permission to work in the 1950s. Today it’s 1 in 3, according to Commonwealth Foundation. The loss of freedom comes from requirements for training, fees, licenses and other bits of red tape magic aimed at keeping the Dolores Umbridges of the world happily sipping their tea in bureaucratic positions of power.

A Illinois man, as a remembrance to a friend killed by a drunk driver, began offering tipsy bar patrons a free ride home. He was busted for “operating without a transportation service license” in a sting orchestrated by the local taxi drivers and the police.

In Pennsylvania, an ad hoc barter system popped in where residents gave rides in return for services to the Amish who have a religious prohibition against owning or driving a car.

The state’s Public Utilities Commission pushed  police to set up stake-outs to catch these violators of the requirement to have a transportation license.

It’s for our own good, of course.

“We are trying to protect the public interest and public safety,” a PUC spokeswoman said.

An excellent and scary article by  Katrina Currie of Commonwealth Foundation points out that an attempt was made by the Pennsylvania legislature this year to require a license for interior designers. What was the public safety issue? The danger of mauve rugs clashing with orange walls?

Ms. Currie notes that in 2008 the state sued a a mom for $10 million for selling items on eBay without an auctioneers license and that Philadelphia bloggers now must have a $300 business privilege license if they want to sell ads on their site.

A third of Americans need Big Brothers permission to work. Fighting to stop the encroachment is not enough. It’s time to start being a little like Harry Potter and start fighting to roll it back.

1 In 3 Need Gov Permission To Work

Quantitative Easing Explained

Quantitative Easing Explained — The-smarter-than-us set says these teddy bears in this YouTube video   just don’t get how our monetary system works. They insist that the fed isn’t printing money — merely buying back bonds from Goldman Sachs — and that we really are in a deflationary spiral. Really.

One is starting to suspect that our wizards of finance are more like the Wizard of Oz. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Pay no attention to the price tag on the package of bagels. 

Quantitative Easing Explained

Soros Edition Or All Things Soros

Soros Edition Or All Things Soros — National Public Radio fired commentator Juan Williams last night after he said on The O’Reilly Factor two nights earlier that “. . .when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.

So much for the principle of speaking one’s mind without fear.

NPR does not, however, have to worry about funding for a replacement. The night Williams was speaking truth to power it was reported Nazi collaborator and big-time Democrat Party supporter George Soros had made a $1.8 million contribution to the organization.

NPR is non-profit membership media syndicator. Despite its non-profit status it had net income of $18.9 million last year . Public funding accounts for about 16 percent of its member stations’ income albeit some stations in rural areas get 70 percent of its revenue from taxpayers.

In Fall 2008, NPR programming reached  27.5 million people weekly with Morning Edition and the afternoon All Things Considered. Five years ago the Harris Poll showed it to be the must trusted source for news.


Soros Edition Or All Things Soros