The Men Who Seek To Rule The World

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Oscar/Nobel/Pultizer-winner, former Vice President Al Gore — the Buckaroo Banzai of the tree set — consider themselves to be decisive, assertive, purposeful men seeking to save the world. Yesterday, they were dramatically taped  at Copenhagen decisively, assertively and purposefully walking into a broom closet.

See the video here.

All that’s missing is for Brown to rap Gore on noggin and call him a knucklehead, and for Gore to start spinning on the floor.


The Men Who Seek To Rule The World

Ahmed Hashim Abed — Words Fail At The Shamefulness

Ahmed Hashim Abed was the mastermind of the March 2004 murder and mutilation of four Blackwater security guards in Fallujah, Iraq. He was finally captured Sept. 3 by Navy SEALs

So do the SEALs get medals, citations and a hero’s parade? No. Three of them are facing charges because Abed got a bloodly lip. The SEALs are refusing non-judicial punishment and are demanding a trial by court-martial.

I guess if the SEALs want sympathy from the powers-that-be they should join a radical Islamic group and counsel soldiers not to fight.

Ahmed Hashim Abed — Words Fail At The Shamefulness of the Obama Administration

Ahmed Hashim Abed -- Words Fail At The Shamefulness

Screwups Hail Obama

Screwups Hail Obama — So this is what we get for the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act? A $3,000 green sign and  a solution to a problem that should never have existed and matters worse — at least with regard to things like convenience, traffic and pollution — than it was before a certain government agency tried to fix things.

The sign, which also has an orange top depicting a man digging a ditch and the words “Putting America To Work” went up Sept. 23 at the Springfield Road stop for SEPTA’s Route 101 trolley in Springfield, Pa. SEPTA, btw, never bothered to consider PennDOT’s concerns before starting the project which involved installing traffic-safety gates, removing the traffic-safety gates and changing a decades-old scheme so commuters now must cross the busy highway at least once per round trip, at a spot, mind you, where it is illegal to do so.

And why does Obama think that Americans being forced to earn a living digging ditches is somehow progress? I’d like to see him dig ditches.\

Screwups Hail Obama