Deep State Immigration Policy Mocks Sacrifice

Deep State Immigration Policy Mocks Sacrifice

By Joe Guzzardi

Deep State Immigration Policy Mocks Sacrifice

Of the 16 million Americans who served in World War II, about 389,000 veterans are still living, a remarkable total given that most are in their 90s or older. Among our veterans also are approximately 3.5 million Korean War vets, 610,000 Vietnam War and  hundreds of thousands more from the Gulf Wars and other conflicts.

On Veterans Day 2019, as those brave men and women reflect on their service in America’s defense, they could be forgiven for questioning whether, in light of Congress’ repeated betrayal of traditional U.S. values, putting their lives on the line was worth the risk. Congress has consistently refused to protect the homeland through border and interior enforcement. At the same time, Congress has passed legislation that subverts job opportunities for Americans. Good U.S. jobs have been offshored or given to foreign-born employment-based visa holders.

Despite President Trump’s immigration bravado, at a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Paso del Norte Port of Entry press conference, it was announced that in FY 2019 illegal immigration apprehensions hit a decade-high 1.1 million, a 68 percent increase over FY 2018. Along the southwest border, family unit apprehension set another record, 474,000. Because of the flawed catch and release policy, most of the migrants are released inside the U.S., eventually disappearing into the general population. Department of Homeland Security officials acknowledge that catch and release is, in terms of good policy, a grave failure that Congress refuses to correct. Only 1.4 percent of migrant family members from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador who crossed the border illegally in 2017 have been deported to their home countries.

Congress has cataclysmically failed to protect American workers. A job is essential to maintain dignity and provide for family. But Congress has looked the other way as U.S. companies have, over the years since the Immigration Act of 1990 which expanded employment-based visas, hired millions of foreign nationals to displace Americans. Employers addicted to cheap labor, in all areas – from tech and call center operations to manufacturing and human resources – love the lower wages that they can pay the outsourced workers. Studies found, however, that if the outsourced jobs returned, they could be numerous enough to provide opportunities for unemployed Americans. Adding to the job challenges of unemployed citizens, including veterans, is the annual 1 million or more legal immigrants who receive lifetime valid work permits.

Finally, the amnesty specter never fades from the Swamp. The latest, but certainly not the last effort, is the House of Representatives’ Farm Workers Modernization Act which would grant amnesty to 1.5 million illegally present ag workers, expand the controversial and often-abused H-2A visa, add 40,000 Green Cards to the EB-3 category and mandate E-Verify across the agriculture sector. The bill would also create a new immigration category, the Certified Agriculture Worker, and will provide a citizenship path. The sponsors, led by Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) and Mario Diaz-Balart (D-FL), are notoriously anti-American worker, and have throughout their careers consistently voted for more employment-based visas.

Despite the bill’s title, the legislation does nothing to modernize agriculture technology through time-saving, efficient mechanization. Unlike stoop labor, robots can operate 24/7 and have been adopted by forward-thinking U.S. ag businesses in Florida and California.

Getting inside vets’ heads to learn their immigration leanings, pro or con, is impossible. But likely many vets, like so many other Americans, must wonder when Congress decided to cater to illegal immigrants and lobbyists instead of passing legislation which assures that citizens come first.

Joe Guzzardi is a Progressives for Immigration Reform analyst who has written about immigration for more than 30 years. Contact him at

Borderless USA Dem Dream

Borderless USA Dem Dream

By Joe Guzzardi

Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) shocked most observers, including her New England neighbor and fellow White House hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT), when she announced the price tag of $52 trillion for her Medicare for All proposal. Sanders’ plan for essentially the same universal coverage would come in at a comparatively modest $32 trillion.
Despite the mind-numbing costs, Warren, with a straight face, said her proposal would not increase taxes on the middle class “by one penny,” a point disputed by many. But most alarming was Warren’s lack of compassion when she brushed off the large numbers of working Americans who would lose jobs under her plan.
Laying out $52 trillion on Medicare for All, however, is just the latest unsound Warren suggestion. Her promise to decriminalize illegal border crossings and defang interior enforcement would lead to endless migratory waves from all the world’s corners with major societal consequences on domestic employment, health care, education and population growth.
In recent years, erasing the border has become an increasingly popular goal among elites. In fact, Congress has repeatedly demonstrated more concern about Syria’s border than the shared U.S. border with Mexico where neglect has festered for decades. With only token resistance, the U.S. has ceded border control to criminal operations, including the Sinaloa Cartel, that wreak havoc along and inside Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California.
Last month, President Donald Trump defended the United States’ troop withdrawal from northern Syria by saying that “it’s not our border” and that “we shouldn’t be losing lives over it.” Congressional Democrats and many Republicans roundly condemned the president. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell objected forcefully to President Trump’s action. In a Washington Post op-ed, McConnell called the troop withdrawal “a grave strategic mistake.” McConnell said that pulling out of Syria leaves the U.S. homeland more dangerous and encourages our terrorist enemies.
If only McConnell and his congressional colleagues were as concerned about the U.S. Southwest border crisis where the drug war is ongoing, with powerful cartels pushing their deadly products stateside. Why Congress continues to ignore the mounting chaos at the southern border is a question Americans should be asking of their elected representatives. Acting Citizenship and Immigration Services director Ken Cuccinelli said that savvy northern Mexico cartel bosses – “the most evil, vicious, awful people in the western hemisphere” – have turned the border “into a toll booth.”
Experts on the front line describe how the cartels have taken over. Jackson County, Texas Sheriff Andy Louderback explained that every minute of every day cartel lords perpetrate human and drug trafficking, among their many criminal activities. They also are responsible for a record 33,341 murders last year alone in Mexico that are a signature method of maintaining control over their methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine and heroin distribution centers in key metroplex areas, including Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver and Chicago. Other local authorities concur. Otero County, New Mexico Sheriff David Black said that lax enforcement has given the cartels “the green light” to continue their deadly criminal behavior.
Yet Congress remains mostly mum about inadequate enforcement, especially as it applies to asylum seekers traveling with minor children, who the cartels are particularly adept at manipulating. While some border security improvements have been initiated, others have remained in limbo since the Secure Fence Act of 2006.
But even excluding the cartels’ deadly dominance, open borders is a horrible, indefensible policy. The Census Bureau predicts that if the status quo remains, by 2060 U.S. population will hit an unmanageable 404 million, up from today’s 330 million. If Warren and other candidates who champion open borders get their way, over the next five decades, today’s population of 330 million people is likely to approach a nightmarish 500 million.
Joe Guzzardi is a Progressives for Immigration Reform analyst who has written about immigration for more than 30 years. Contact him at

Borderless USA Dem Dream

Brian Fitzpatrick Carbon Tax Bill

Brian Fitzpatrick Carbon Tax Bill — Brian Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania’s 1st District Republican congressman, will be introducing a “carbon tax bill” today says the Washington Examiner. It will be similar to Market Choice Act introduced in 2018 by Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FLA26) which died in committee.

Brian Fitzpatrick Carbon Tax
Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa1)

The Curbelo bill imposed a tax of $24 per metric ton on industrial carbon-dioxide emissions, beginning in 2020 and rising annually at a rate of 2 percent above inflation.

In return, federal taxes on gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel would be repealed. The payers would mostly be operators of coal and natural gas power plants.

This means paying more for lighting, air-conditioning and heat, and maybe less for food and transportation.

And of course, coal plants (and mines and their jobs) would soon disappear as natural gas produces much less CO2.

Which would naturally mean less revenue which means someone is going to pound his fist and say we need to bring back the gasoline tax.

The claim that most of carbon tax money will be used to rebuild infrastructure also deserves a big LOL as that is what the gasoline and diesel tax is supposed to do now and obviously doesn’t.

We can’t jump on Fitzpatrick too much. Our wish is to replace all coal and NG plants with nuclear and hydro-electric ones so we give him credit for trying.

Hey Brian, if you really want to fix infrastructure repeal the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931. Studies show it adds 20 percent to the cost of federal projects. Repealing it means 20 percent more work with same amount of money. Infrastructure problem are solved. It’s almost like magic.

And on the other hand there is Pat Toomey.

Pennsylvania RINOs Roam Unchecked
Sen. Pat Toomey (RINO-Pa)

Pennsylvania’s “Republican” senator joined the Democrats in again futilely voting to repeal President Trump’s court-approved use of emergency funds to build the much-needed wall on the Mexican border.

This wall is not anti-immigration. The wall is anti-drug smuggling and anti-child trafficking. If border crossers are forced to use supervised ports of entry it becomes a whole lot harder to bring children here to be molested.

Cartel coyotes no longer abandon customers to die in the desert.

Senator, a whole lot more Pennsylvanians support this wall than KYW and the Philadelphia Inquirer will lead you to believe. This one is going to burn you.

Brian Fitzpatrick Carbon Tax Bill

Illegal Alien Murders Vs Rifles

Illegal Alien Murders Vs Rifles — Charlie Kirk makes a great point on Twitter to counter those seeking to restrict 2nd Amendment rights due to recent publicized shootings — as opposed to the far more frequent unpublicized shootings in places with strict gun control.

Illegal Alien Murders Vs Rifles

Charlie noted that there have been 403 deaths this year from being shot by rifles while ICE arrested over 2,000 illegal aliens with murder charges last year.

Why are Democrats more upset with rifles than illegals when illegals cause more deaths?

By the way, did you know that medical mistakes cause 250,000 deaths per year? Should we ban hospitals?

Our position is simple: Every sane, law abiding citizen should be encouraged to have a gun, including, no especially, an AR, and to vote. Every insane or criminally inclined person should be prevented from having a gun or voting.

Smoke that SJWs. Corrupt use of the ballot is just as destructive as corrupt use of the right to bear arms.

Illegal Alien Murders Vs Rifles

Progressivism equals domestic terrorism

Progressivism equals domestic terrorism — Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, Somilia’s hate-filled gift to the 5th District of Minnesota, tweeted this Aug. 6:

Progressivism equals domestic terrorism

Ilhan sure seems to be doing some wishful projecting. It was at white folk that Stephen Paddock was aiming when he attacked that country music concert in Las Vegas.

Dayton murderer Connor Betts was a supporter of open-border backer Elizabeth Warren. Even Snopes concedes that.

James Hodgkinson, who committed the June 14, 2017 terrorist attack on Republican congressmen, was a Bernie Sanders fan.

Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik did not target minorities when they massacred co-workers at a Christmas party in San Bernadino in 2015.

Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnev — may the death penalty come quickly — were certainly not “white nationalists”.

Democratism equals domestic terrorism, love.

For kicks, search “list of Christian terrorist attacks” on Wikipedia. Go down far enough and you might find a dry, academic article about Christian terrorism.

Now search for “list of Islamic terroristic attacks”. Hey Illhan, what’s up with that?

To make the point even stronger, go to the article and click the category for the 2010s.

Yeah, Islam is not a value system sane people want, either.

Progressivism equals domestic terrorism, Ilhan. So does Democratism

Montco Protects Illegals, Ignores Disabled

Montco Protects Illegals, Ignores Disabled

By Elaine Mickman

I disagree with Montgomery County being a sanctuary city, yet nobody asked my opinion as a 38 year- tax-paying resident.

Maybe there needs to be more transparency for residents to know just how much sanctuary cities impact everyone, whether you are rich, poor, a child, senior, or adult, or disabled. Below my summary, I attached links describing the unavoidable slum to come, but the County is cutting and denying truly disabled and seniors who are in need of assistance because dollars are being diverted and used for illegal immigrants.

I have first-hand knowledge, and one of the sources I spoke to who handles complaints carefully stated that changes are being made with the funds for disabled. Most will pass-off SSI denial as typical and requiring an appeal or an attorney, but my son’s disability is typically approved. PA Rep. Cris Dush (R-66) also indicated in his e-mail that disabled are being denied resources.

My son is autistic and sought employment assistance from Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) for the last year. OVR is under the Department of Labor and Industry, and their stated mission is to assist those with disability to obtain employment. My son met the criteria and complied with every request they made, but they never assisted him with anything they promised after he completed about 9 months of many assessments, including working two-hour time slots at sites they requested without compensation. 

“Insult to injury”, they told me twice that his disability was impeding employment ability regardless that their mission is to get disabled employment, Yet they also refused to write a letter stating that they are unable to get him employment due to his disability, therefore he can not get Social Security Disability. The state and county are diverting dollars intended for disabled for the sanctuary city.

Montgomery County has been seeking recoupment of SNAP food stamps from disabled, seniors, and children.regardless that Governor Wolf pledged 2015 to NOT target vulnerable disabled and seniors.Medicaid approval is also being delayed or withheld from destitute citizens.

The sanctuary city is being funded at the expense of tax-dollars ear-marked for disabled residents, and diverted for illegals, including those whose 1st country out of their country is Mexico.The services intended to assist US and/or Pennsylvania disabled who are making their best effort to self-support are being reserved for illegals.The excessive illegal immigration is an economic burden for the tax-payers AND undue hardship for dependent disabled.

The best of “illegals” aren’t seeking the “American Dream”, rather they’re taking our hard-earned dream.

Does anyone know if the Governor made his County or “backyard” a sanctuary city? (Ed note: York County is not listed as a sanctuary city:

Below are links regarding other problems to come from the repercussions of sanctuary city. 

San Francisco poop map: real thing or a rumor?

Black Plague Looms For Los Angeles

Black Plague Looms For Los Angeles — Dr. Drew Pinsky on last night’s (May 30) Ingraham Angle reported that Los Angeles is experiencing medieval diseases such as typhus, typhoid fever, and, notably, the bubonic plague, which killed half of Europe in the 14th century.

Black Plague Looms

“We have a complete breakdown of the basic needs of civilization in Los Angeles,” Pinsky said.

He said airborne disease like tuberculous is exploding.

He said that rat-borne disease is unchecked as L.A. is one of the country’s few major cities that doesn’t have a rodent control program.

There will be a typhus outbreak this summer, he said, and worse.

“I’m hearing from experts that bubonic plague is likely. It’s already here,” he said.

And of course, there is the disease spread by fecal filth in the street like typhoid fever.

“This is not Third World,” he said. “This is medieval. Third World countries would be insulted if they were accused of being like this,

Welcome to the Golden State. Guess that’s what happens in “sanctuary states” that consider unrestricted abortion to be the primary health objective.

Pinsky noted that L.A. is sub-optimally immunized.

“God forbid if measles gets in,” he said.

Questions for all the progressives sneering at the anti-vaxxers: Do unvaccinated illegal immigrants — who exponentially outnumber anti-vaxxers — cause any concern for you?

For laughs, the Los Angeles Times is blaming “climate change” for the looming plague outbreak. Do people really still believe the garbage the establishment media is feeding them?

Black Plague Looms For Los Angeles

Hypocrite Buttigieg And Islam

Hypocrite Buttigieg And Islam — Pete Buttigieg, the bitter, angry, outspokenly homosexual mayor of South Bend, Ind., has attacked Christians who vote Republican because of Biblical imperatives such as protecting the weak and helpless, not killing, and refraining from destructive sex acts; and that the Democrat Party not merely dismiss these commands but is offended by the very idea of God.

At least God as how Christians know Him.

Buttigieg has been notably silent regarding the hate-filled statements of militant Islamist congresswomen Ilhan Omar (D-MN5) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI13).

Something to consider: Would Buttigieg prefer to be thrown off the building or have it fall on him?

Here’s an LOL to end it: Buttigieg has accused President Trump of “Islamophobia”.

Hypocrite Buttigieg And Islam
Hypocrite Buttigieg And Islam -- Pete Buttigieg, the bitter, angry, outspokenly homosexual mayor of South Bend, Ind., has attacked

Michelle Malkin CPAC Speech

Michelle Malkin CPAC SpeechYesterday, we gave you Alex Jones. Today we return to sanity with Michelle Malkin’s wonderful and powerful speech made at CPAC 2019, yesterday (March 1).

It is being talked about.

CPAC stands for Conservative Political Action Conference.

Michelle Malkin CPAC Speech
Michelle Malkin CPAC Speech

Mexico Paying For Wall After All

Mexico Paying For Wall After All — Joel Pollack on Breitbart points out that President Trump can start building the wall now and can burn through $4.5 billion before even touching the $3.6 billion from his contested national emergency declaration.

Mexico Paying For Wall After All
Ha ha

Pollack says the money available now includes $600 million from the Treasury Forfeiture Fund (Mexican drug lords), $2.5 billion from the Department of Defense to support counterdrug activities, and the $1.4 billion from the just approved budget. Only the money in the budget has restrictions, Pollack says.

Mexico Paying For Wall After All